Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

11th Edition: Don Mitchell QBE QC


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TAAFFE, Peter – Cuba: Analysis of the Revolution. (London: Cambridge Heath P) 14 pages 28 cm pamph, ills, 1976. Politics. Revolution. Cuba. A reprint of 3 articles on Cuba in issues 390-392 of ‘Militant.’ BL, Chi.


Tabago [sic]; or, a Geographical Description, Natural and Civil History, together with a full Representation of the Produce and other Advantages Arising from the Fertility, Excellent Harbours, and Happy Situation of that Famous Island. In which Is Comprehended whatever Is to Be Met with in Spanish, Dutch, French, or English Writers Relating thereto . . . Clearly Shewing the Sovereignty thereof ever Was, and now Is in the Crown of Great Britain. (London: Printed for W Reeves) ii,89 pages 8vo, 1 folding map, [ca 1750]; (ibidem) ii,89 pages 20 cm 8vo, 1 folding map, [ca 1750] 2nd ed. Descriptive. History. Discovery. Exploration. Immigration. Tobago. Published to encourage settlement. 1st edition exceptionally scarce; 2nd edition very scarce. BL, Cu.W 1887, 1891, Ha.S, LOC, Sab 94166.


TABER, M, ed – Fidel Castro Speeches . . . [See: F Castro Ruz.]


TABER, Robert – M-26, The Biography of a Revolution. (New York: Lyle Stuart) 348 pages 21 cm hb, [1961]. Politics. Revolution. Cuba. The best general study of the struggle against Batista. Bay, BL, Chi, Gos, LOC, Stu.


TABER, Robert – The War of the Flea: A Study of Guerrilla Warfare Theory and Practice. (New York: Lyle Stuart) 192 pages, 1965. Military. Guerrilla warfare. Theory. Practice. Cuba. Chi.


TABER, Robert – [US journalist; first president of the ‘Committee for the Fair Treatment of Cuba’.]


TABER, Stephen – [US geologist (1882-?). See: HF Reid. LOC.]






TABLADA PEREZ, Carlos - Che Guevara: Economics and Politics in the Transition to Socialism. (Sydney and New York: Pathfinder P) 286 pages 22 cm hb, ills, [16] pages of plates, biblio, index, 1989 1st ed; (ibidem) 286 pages 22 cm pb, ills, [16] pages of plates, biblio, index, 1989; (ibidem) 286 pages 21 cm, ills, plates, biblio, index, 1990 2nd ed; (ibidem) 293 pages 21 cm, ills, plates, biblio, index, 1998 3rd ed. Economics. Politics. Socialism. Che Guevara. Cuba. A study of his contribution to the debate on socialist economic management. BL, LOC, Stu.


TACOMA, Jouke - American Indians from Suriname: A Physical Anthropological Study. (Utrecht: Rijksuniversiteit) 180 pages, plates, [1963]. Sociology. Anthropology. Amerindians. Suriname. BL, Bro.


TACOMA, Jouke, and DC GEIJSKES, and GJR MAAT, and GN VAN VARK - On 'Amazonidi,' Precolumbian Skeletal Remains and Associated Archaeology from Suriname. (Amsterdam: Uitgaven Natuurwetenschappelijke) 1991. Archaeology. Amerindians. Suriname. Bow.


TAFARI, Seko – From the Maroons to Marcus: A Historical Development. (Tunapuna: Research Associates School Times Publication, Caribbean Children Series, No 1) 32 pages 21 cm pamph, ills, biblio, [ca 1985]; (Chicago: Research Associates School Times Publication) 48 pages 21 cm, ills, 1990. Civil rights. Race relations. Descriptive. Marcus Garvey. Jamaica. A children’s book. LOC.


TAFT, Edna - A Puritan in Voodoo Land. (Philadelphia: Penn Publishing Co) 407 pages 24 cm hb, col frontis, plates, maps, biblio, [ca 1938] 1st ed; (Detroit: Tower Books) 407 pages 23 cm hb, ills, 1971 rep. Descriptive. Religion. Voodoo. US occupation, 1915-1934. Haiti. A description of the ‘haut monde’ in the 1930s; provided US readers a female perspective on sexual fantasies to contrast with those of the marines and white journalists who wrote on Haiti in the years after US intervention. Bay, BL, Ch.H, Gos, Lag, LOC.


TAFT, William Howard – Affairs in Porto Rico: Message from the President Inviting the Attention of the Congress to the Legislative Difficulties in Puerto Rico, with Accompanying Papers, and Recommending an Amendment to the Foraker Act. (Washington, DC: 61st Congress, 1st Session, Senate Doc No 40) 17 pages pamph, 1909. Colonial administration. Constitutional. Puerto Rico. A Congressional report. By a US jurist and politician (1857-1930); 27th president of the US, 1909-13. Scarce. RES, Viv.




TAI, Egbert A, ed - Directory of Horticultural Workers in the Caribbean, 1975. (San Juan: UNICA) 1974; (ibidem) 93 pages 1975. Agriculture. Horticulture. Caribbean area. A reference work. Lists horticultural centres and particulars of the workers in them. Ing.


TAI, Egbert A, and WB CHARLES, and EF ITON, and PH HAYNES, and KA LESLIE, ed - Proceedings of the International Symposium on Tropical Root Crops, held at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine, Trinidad, 2-8 April, 1967. (St Augustine: UWI, Dep’t of Crop Science) 2 vols, 24 cm, ills, [ca 1969]. Agriculture. Vegetables. Root crops. Caribbean area. A collection of conference papers. Com, LOC.


TAI, Egbert A, and RH PHELPS, and LB RANKINE, ed – Proceedings of the Seminar/Workshop on Horticultural Development in the Caribbean, Maturin, Venezuela, 1972. (St Augustine: UWI, Dep’t of Agriculture) ix, 273 pages 28 cm, 1976. Agriculture. Horticulture. Caribbean area. A collection of conference papers. BL.


TAJFEL, Henri, and John L DAWSON, ed – Disappointed Guests: Essays by African, Asian, and West Indian Students. (London: Oxford UP) 158 pages, 1965. Education. Sociology. Race relations. Migration. Britain. Caribbean area. BL, Com.


TALBOT, Frederick, and Jesse Jai MC NEIL, and Sylvia TALBOT – The Wanted Child: Report of 1967 Family Planning Survey of Five Islands in the Caribbean. (New York: National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA) 58 pages pamph, 1967. Family planning. Caribbean area. Com.


TALBOT, J - Cumberland Hydroelectric Project: Environmental Assessment. (Bridgetown: USAID) 1983. Environment. Energy resources. Hydroelectricity. Cumberland. St Vincent. A technical assistance report.


TALBOT, J, and D BOTTRELL - Environmental Assessment: St Lucia Agricultural Structural Adjustment. (Washington, DC: USAID) 1983. Environment. Agriculture. St Lucia. A technical assistance report.


TALBOYS, William P - West India Pickles: Diary of a Cruise through the West Indies in the Yacht Josephine. (New York: GW Carleton & Co) 209 pages 15 cm, frontis, ills, 1876. Descriptive. Yacht Josephine. Caribbean area. A cruise narrative. Scarce. BL, LOC, RES.


TALLANT, Robert – Voodoo in New Orleans. (New York: Collier Books) 1971. Religion. Voodoo. Migration. New Orleans. Haiti. Lag.


TALLEYRAND PERIGORD, Prince of – [French statesman. See: W Wilberforce.]


TAMARGO, Jose Antonio, and Alberto RIAZA – Cuba Travel Guide. (Havana: National Tourism Institute) 143 pages 26 cm, col and b&w photos, maps, 1986. Descriptive. Cuba. A guidebook for tourists. Cover title, ‘Travel Guide, Cuba.’ LOC, Stu.


TANCOCK, Catherine Bridget – A Study of Household Structure and Child Training in a Lower Class Barbadian Group. (Boston: Harvard U) 167 pages, 1961. Sociology. Household structure. Social classes. Young persons. Barbados. Com.


TANG, Peter Sheng-Hao – [US political scientist (1919-?).]


TANG, Peter Sheng-Hao, and Joan MALONEY - The Chinese Communist Impact on Cuba. (Chestnut Hill, MA: Research Institute on the Sino-Soviet Block, Monograph Series, No 12) iii,125 pages 27 cm, tables, biblio, [ca 1962]. Politics. International relations. China. Cuba. Bay, Chi, LOC.


TANNA, Laura - Jamaican Folk Tales and Oral Histories. (Kingston: IOJ, Jamaica 21 Anthology Series, No 1) x,143 pages 32 cm, many photos, [ca 1984] 1st ed; (ibidem) 1988 2nd ed. Folklore. Oral history. Jamaica. A pictorial book. Ban, BL, LOC.


TANNEHILL, Ivan Ray - Hurricanes: Their Nature and History. Particularly Those of the West Indies and the Southern Coasts of the United States. (Princeton, NJ: Princeton UP) 257 pages 24 cm, ills, maps, 1938 1st ed; (ibidem) 265 pages hb, photos, 119 figs, biblio, 1942 2nd ed; (ibidem) 1944; (ibidem) x,304 pages 8vo, ills, maps, 1950 7th ed; (ibidem) x,308 pages 8vo, ills, maps, 1956 9th ed; (New York: Greenwood P) x,257 pages 23 cm, ills, charts, 1969 rep. Meteorology. Hurricanes. Caribbean area. By a US meteorologist (1890-1959); chief of the Marine Division, US Weather Bureau. 1st edition scarce. Be.A, BL, Co.C, Com, Gos, LOC, Mol, Pot.


TANNAHILL, Reay – Flesh and Blood: A History of the Cannibal Complex. (New York: Stein & Day) 203 pages 23 cm, plates, biblio, 1975. History. Anthropology. Discovery. Religion. Amerindians. Island Caribs. Cannibalism. Caribbean area. BL, My.A.


TANNENBAUM, Dora, et al – The Puerto Rican Migration: A Report. (New York: Hudson Guild Neighborhood House, Colony House) 1955. Sociology. Migration. Puerto Rico. Cor.


TANNENBAUM, Frank - Slave and Citizen: The Negro in the Americas. (New York: Alfred A Knopf) xi,128,xi pages 19 cm hb, biblio, 1947; (Boston: Beacon P) xviii,128,xi pages 20 cm pb, biblio, index, [ca 1992]. Sociology. Slavery. Race relations. Afro-Americans. Americas. Caribbean area. A historico-legal interpretation of slavery and race relations. An influential study that argues that variant slave systems are largely responsible for contemporary patterns of race relations. By a US author (1893-1969). Bay, BL, Co.C, Com, Gri, LOC.


TANNER, Hans - Counter-revolutionary Agent: Diary of the Events which Occurred in Cuba between January and July, 1961. (London: GT Foulis & Co) xiii,161 pages 22 cm hb, plates, maps, [1962]; (New York: Universal Distributors) xiii,161 pages, plates, maps, 1962. Politics. Bay of Pigs. Cuba. Author (1927-1975). Bay, BL, Chi, LOC.


TANSILL, Charles Callan - The Purchase of the Danish West Indies. (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, Albert Shaw Lectures on Diplomatic History) xiii,548 pages 20 cm hb, 1932 1st ed; (Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing Group) 548 pages 20 cm hb, 1968 rep; (Magnolia, MA: Peter Smith Publishers) xiii,548 pages 21 cm, 1990 rep. History. International relations. St Croix. St Thomas. St John. Danish West Indies. United States Virgin Islands. Based largely on manuscript sources. The best study of the subject available in its time; a detailed and somewhat pedestrian account of the diplomatic exchanges in the period 1867-1916 leading to the purchase. The ‘Albert Shaw Lectures on Diplomatic History, 1931.’ 1st edition scarce. Bay, BL, Bow, Co.C, Com, Gos, Gri, LOC, RES.


TANSILL, Charles Callan - The United States and Santo Domingo, 1798-1873: A Chapter in Caribbean Diplomacy. (Baltimore, Md: Johns Hopkins UP, Walter Hines Page School of International Relations) viii,487 pages hb, biblio, 1938; (Gloucester, MA: P Smith) viii,487 pages 21 cm, 1967 rep. International relations. United States. Dominican Republic. With Treudley one of the best studies of the diplomatic history of the period. 1st edition scarce. Bay, BL, Gos, Gri, Hum, LOC, Tra.


TANSILL, Charles Callan - [US historian (1890-1964); professor of American history at the American U, Washington DC. LOC, RES.]


TAPLIN, Glen W, comp - Middle American Governors. (Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow P) viii,196 pages 22 cm, biblio, 1972. Descriptive. Governors. Mexico. Central America. Belize. Collective biography; a handy reference to the history of the settlement of Belize, 1638-1966. BL, LOC, Woo.


TAPSELL, Florence A - Land of the Sugar Cane, Jamaica and Cuba. (Leeds: Little People in Far-off Lands) 32 pages, ills, [ca 1924]. Descriptive. Jamaica. Cuba. A children's book. RES.




TAR, Jashina Alexandra - A Collaborative Caribbean Preservation Study. (Washington, DC: Partners for Liveable Places) 88 pages, 1982. Architecture. Conservation. Caribbean area. Gos.


TARDUCCI, Francesco - The Life of Christopher Columbus. (Detroit: HF Brownson) 2 vols, 1890; (ibidem) 2 vols in 1, 374,367 pages 24 cm hb, plates, 1891. Descriptive. Discovery. Exploration. Christopher Columbus. Caribbean area. A biography. Translated from the Italian by HF Brownson. By an Italian historian (1842-1935). LOC.


TARG, Harry R - Cuba and the USA: A New World Order? (New York: International Publishers Co) ix,120 pages 22 cm pb, 4 ills, biblio, index, [ca 1992]. International relations. United States. Cuba. By a US political scientist and author. LOC, Whi.


TARGETE, Jean – Advanced Grammar of Haitian Creole. (Washington, DC) 226 pages, 1972. Linguistics. Creole. Haiti. Lag.


Tariff Revision Committee. Report, 1906. (Port-of-Spain) 58,xii pages folio, 1909. Colonial administration. Economics. Taxation. Trinidad. Scarce. RES.


The Tariff Situation in Cuba: 1927 Tariff – 1958 Tariff. (Coral Gables: Grupo Cubano de Investigaciones Economicas, Cuban Research Project) 260 pages, 1965. Economics. Trade. Taxation. Tariffs. Cuba. Chi.


TARLETON, Banastre – Heads of the Speech, Delivered by Colonel Tarleton: On the 18th of April, 1791, in a committee of the House of Commons, on a motion made by Mr Wilberforce, for the abolition of the slave trade:  Sir William Dolben in the Chair. (London: Printed by J Bell, bookseller to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales . . .) [2],33,[1] pages 21 cm 8vo pamph, 1791. Colonial administration. Slave trade. Caribbean area. NYH.


TARLETON, Banastre - Reply to Colonel de Charmilly. By Lieut-General Tarleton. (London) 14 pages 8vo pamph, 1810. International relations. Slavery. Venault de Charmilly. Haiti. By a British general (1754-1833); served under Cornwallis in America; later an MP. Very scarce. BL, Cu.W, DNB.


TARRY, Ellen – The Other Toussaint: A Post-Revolutionary Black. (Boston: Printed by Daughters of St Paul) 377 pages hb, 1971; (ibidem) 377 pages pb, 1971. Descriptive. Religion. Haiti. A religious biography. By a US author (1906-2008); social worker and social services administrator.


Task Force on the Reorganization of the Matthew Ridge . . . [See: “Report of the Task Force on the . . .”]


TATA, Robert J - Haiti: Land of Poverty. (Washington, DC: UP of America) xi,127 pages 22 cm hb, ills, maps, biblio, index, [ca 1982]; (ibidem) xi,127 pages 22 cm pb, ills, maps, biblio, index, [ca 1982]. Economics. Politics. Haiti. Deals with the period, 1971-1986. BL, Gos, LOC, Whi.


TATA, Robert J - Structural Changes in Puerto Rico's Economy, 1947-1976. (Athens, OH: Ohio UP, Center for International Studies, Latin American Series, No 9) xiii,104 pages 28 cm hb, ills, 1 map, biblio, 1981; (ibidem) xiii,104 pages 28 cm pb, ills, 1 map, biblio, 1981. Economics. Development planning. Puerto Rico. Based on a sophisticated econometric model. BL, Cev, Gos, LOC, Whi.


TATEM, William Richardson - Turks and Caicos Islands: Report on the Hurricanes of 1926 and 1928. (London: Turks & Caicos Islands, Hurricane Relief Administration Office, Printed by Waterlow & Sons Ltd) 54 pages 34 cm folio pamph, tables, 1 map, 1929. Disasters. Meteorology. Hurricanes. Turks & Caicos Islands. By a TCI-born colonial administrator, businessman and lawyer (1877-1965); sometimes hurricane relief officer. Scarce. LOC, RES.


TATHAM, Meaburn - St Vincent: Report on the Administration of the Roads and Land Settlement Fund. (London: Colonial Reports, Misc No 77) 24 pages pamph, 1 map, 1911. Public transportation. Roads. St Vincent. Scarce. RES.


TATTERSFIELD, Nigel – The Forgotten Trade. Comprising the Log of the “Daniel and Henry” of 1700 and Accounts of the Slave Trade from the Minor Ports of England, 1698-1725. (London: Jonathan Cape) xvi,460 pages 24 cm hb, 15 plates, 2 maps, biblio, index, dj, 1991 1st ed; (ibidem) 432 pages hb, ills, 1993. Naval. Descriptive. Slavery. Slave trade. Daniel and Henry. Caribbean area. A logbook. BL, Bow, LOC, Whi.


TAUSSIG, Charles William – Rum, Romance and Rebellion. (New York: Minton, Balch) xiii,289 pages 22 cm, ills, 1928 1st ed; (London: Jarrolds) 286 pages hb, 16 woodcuts, dj, [ca 1930]. History. Rum. Caribbean area. Mainly of the US in the eighteenth century. Drawings by Philip Kappel. BL, LOC, Rag.


TAUSSIG, Charles William – Some Notes on Sugar and Molasses: Being the Story of an American Industry. (New York) 233 pages 16 cm, ills, 1940. Agriculture. Sugar. Molasses. Cuba. Scarce, a limited edition, printed for private circulation. LOC.


TAUSSIG, Charles William – [US author (1896-1948). LOC.]


Tax and Trade Guide: Puerto Rico. (San Juan and Chicago: Arthur Anderson & Co) xi,129 pages 26 cm, col maps, 1964 1st ed; (ibidem) 179 pages, 1 map, biblio, 1972 2nd ed. Colonial administration. Economics. Trade. Taxation. Puerto Rico. A guidebook for businesspersons. Covers government, business organizations, taxes, industrial incentives, employment and labour legislation, banking and finance. Bay, LOC, Viv.


Tax Guide for Individuals. (Port-of-Spain: Gov’t Printery) 51 pages pamph, 1979. Taxation. Trinidad. An official government publication. New.


Tax Havens and Financial Centres: Proceedings of a Conference Held in Bridgetown, Barbados on June 1-2, 1977. (Bridgetown: Central Bank of Barbados) 76 pages, 1979. Tax havens. Offshore finance. Barbados. A collection of conference papers. New.


Tax Havens in the Caribbean Basin. (Washington, DC: Dep't of the Treasury, GPO) 52 pages 27 cm pamph, 1984. Offshore finance. Tax havens. Caribbean area. An official government publication. LOC, W&D.


Tax Policy: Puerto Rican Economic Trends: Report to the Chairman, Committee on Finance, US Senate. (Washington, DC: United States General Accounting Office) 57 pages 28 cm, ills, [1997]. Colonial administration. Economics. Taxation. Puerto Rico. A Congressional report. LOC.


Tax Treatment of US Concerns with Puerto Rican Affiliates. Hearings. Hearings before the Select Committee on Small Business, United States Senate. 88th Congress, 2nd Session. April 16-17, 1964. (Washington, DC: Gov’t Printer) vi,395 pages 24 cm, ills, maps, 1964. Colonial administration. Economics. Taxation. Puerto Rico. A Congressional report. LOC, Viv.


Taxation and Investment Incentives in the Caribbean Region. (London: West India Committee) 22 pages pamph, 1976. Economics. Taxation. Investment incentives. Caribbean area. Car.


TAYLOR, Burchel - Free for All? A Question of Morality and Community. (Kingston: Grace, Kennedy Foundation) xii,47 pages 21 cm pamph, ills, [ca 1992]. Politics. Jamaica. A Grace, Kennedy Foundation Lecture.


TAYLOR, Burchel, ed - Looking at the Theology of Liberation Together: An Ecumenical Reflection within the Caribbean. Edited by the Rev Dr B Taylor. (Kingston: Jamaica Council of Churches) 48 pages pamph, 1994. Church. Religion. Liberation theology. Jamaica.


TAYLOR, Charles Edwin – A Few Words about St Croix, the Garden of the West Indies. (Charlotte Amalie: By the Author) 19 pages 24 cm pamph, plates, [1901]. Descriptive. St Croix. Danish West Indies. Scarce. LOC.


TAYLOR, Charles Edwin – An Island of the Sea. Descriptive of the Past and Present of St Thomas, Danish West Indies. With a Few Short Stories about Bluebeard's and Blackbeard's Castles. (Charlotte Amalie: Privately printed) iv,121,19,xvi pages 24 cm, 21 plates, 1895 1st ed; (ibidem) iv,120,19 pages 24 cm, 21 plates, 1895 2nd ed; (ibidem) iv,120,19,xvi pages, 20 plates, [1896] 2nd rev ed. Descriptive. St Thomas. Danish West Indies. 1st edition very scarce. BL, Cu.W, LOC.


TAYLOR, Charles Edwin – Leaflets from the Danish West Indies: Descriptive of the Social, Political, and Commercial Condition of these Islands. With a Portrait of the Author and a Biographical Sketch Written by P Linet. (London: William Dawson & Sons) xvi,208 pages 8vo, ills, many engravings, 1888 1st ed; (Westport, CT: Negro UP, Greenwood Publishing Group) xvi,208 pages 23 cm hb, ills, plates, 1970 facs ed. Colonial administration. St Thomas, St Croix, St John. Danish West Indies. Contains a firsthand report of the 1838 Emancipation Rebellion on St Croix. 1st edition scarce. BL, Bow, Com, Cu.W, Gos, Hig, LOC, Mol.


TAYLOR, Charles Edwin – St Thomas as a Naval and Coaling Station. (Charlotte Amalie: Printed by JN Lightbourne) 24 pages 19 cm pamph, 1891. Descriptive. Public transportation. Shipping. St Thomas. Danish West Indies. LOC.


TAYLOR, Charles Edwin – [Author (1843-?). LOC.]


TAYLOR, Clare – West Indian Planter Attitudes to the American and French Revolutions, as Seen in MSS in the National Library of Wales. (Aberystwyth: U College of Wales, Dep’t of History) 36,[12] pages 30 cm pamph, 1978. History. American Revolution. French Revolution. WI planter attitudes. Caribbean area. BL.


TAYLOR, Clare – [British historian and author (1934-). LOC.]


TAYLOR, Clare, comp - British and American Abolitionists. An Episode in Transatlantic Understanding. (Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP. Chicago: Aldine) [5],586 pages 25 cm hb, biblio, index, dj, [ca 1974]. History. Slavery. Caribbean area. Mainly concerns the US and the period of the 1840's and 1850's. Passim WI. BL, LOC.


TAYLOR, Daphne Pawan - Parang of Trinidad. Music Transcribed by George Alexander Thomas. (Port-of-Spain: National Cultural Council) 69 pages 21 cm pb, col and b&w ills, 1977. Music. Parang. George Alexander Thomas. Trinidad. A traditional Christmas music form, of Spanish origin. Gos, Her, LOC.


TAYLOR, Daphne Pawan - The Pompous Parrot and other West Indian Tales. (Toronto: Macmillan) 1947. Folklore. Caribbean area. A collection of island tales. Her.


TAYLOR, Don – Marley and Me: The Real Bob Marley Story: Told by his manager Don Taylor, with Mike Henry. (Kingston: Kingston Publishers) xxxv,226 pages 22 cm pb, [52] pages of plates, 1994; (New York: Barricade Books) 256 pages 23 cm, ills, [ca 1995]. Descriptive. Music. Reggae. Bob Marley. Jamaica. A biography. Author (1943-). BL, LOC.


[TAYLOR, Douglas C, and Joseph BOROME, and Cecil A GOODRIDGE, and Rev Fr R PROESMANS] - Aspects of Dominican History: Issued by the Government of Dominica to Commemorate Fifth Anniversary of Associated Statehood with Britain, November 3, 1972. (Roseau: Gov't Printer) 172 pages 25 cm, biblio, 1972. History. Dominica. A collection of reprinted articles. BL, My.A, My.R, Pos.


TAYLOR, Douglas MacRae – The Black Caribs of British Honduras. (New York: Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, Viking Fund Publications in Anthropology, No 17) 176 pages 26 cm 8vo, 7 plates, 2 maps, biblio, 1951 1st ed; (New York: Johnson Reprint Corp) 176 pages, 1967 rep. Anthropology. Black Caribs. Garifuna. Belize. In its time the most authoritative sociological study of the Garifuna of Belize. 1st edition scarce. Bay, BL, Co.C, Com, Gos, Jor, LOC, My.A, My.D, My.R, Woo.


TAYLOR, Douglas MacRae – The Island Caribs of Dominica. (Washington, DC: Gov’t Printer, Anthropological Papers, No 3) 159 pages, ills, photos, 1 map, 1938. Anthropology. Sociology. Ethnology. Island Caribs. Dominica. Scarce. BL.


TAYLOR, Douglas MacRae – Languages of the West Indies. (Baltimore and London: Johns Hopkins UP, Studies in Atlantic History & Culture) xix,277 pages 24 cm hb, biblio, [ca 1977]. Linguistics. Dialects. Caribbean area. Car, Gos, Jor, LOC, My.D, My.R, Pri, Whi.


TAYLOR, Elizabeth Ann – [Missionary wife in BG. See: RB Taylor.]


TAYLOR, Frank Fonda - Jamaica, The Welcoming Society: Myths and Reality. (Mona: UWI, ISER, Working Paper No 8) 48 pages 28 cm A4 pamph, biblio, 1975. Economics. Tourism. Jamaica. Ban, Bra, Car, Com, Ing, LOC, New, W&D.


TAYLOR, Frank Fonda - Race and Foreign Relations in Cuba since 1959. (Cave Hill: UWI, Dep’t of History) 28 pages pamph, 1980. International relations. Race relations. Cuba. New.


TAYLOR, Frank Fonda - To Hell with Paradise: A History of the Jamaican Tourist Industry. (Pittsburgh: U of Pittsburgh P, Pitt Latin American Series) ix,239 pages 23 cm, ills, biblio, index, [ca 1993]. Economics. Tourism. Jamaica. BL, Bow.


TAYLOR, Frank Fonda - [Author (1944-). LOC.]


TAYLOR, George Nelson, and Charles PACKER, ed - Laws of Barbados [1646-1854]. (London: Printed by W Clowes & Sons) xvi,916 pages 27 cm 8vo, 1855. Law. Statutes. Barbados. A collection of Acts and Ordinances. Replaced by the “Laws of Barbados, 1648-1874 . . .” Cited by BL as part of an anon 2 volume series, with the 2nd vol published in 1863. Very scarce. Bay, BL, Cu.W, Han, LOC, New, Pat, RES, Sab 3276.


TAYLOR, Henry Milton - Autobiography. (London) 1985. Descriptive. Politics. Bahamas. An autobiography.


TAYLOR, Henry Milton - My Political Memoirs. (Nassau: By the Author) xxxii,410 pages 22 cm, ills, plates, [ca 1987]. Descriptive. Politics. Bahamas. An autobiography. LOC.


TAYLOR, Henry Milton - My Religious Memoirs. (Nassau: By the Author) 286 pages 22 cm, ills, [ca 1987]. Descriptive. Bahamas. An autobiography. LOC.


TAYLOR, Henry Milton - [Bahamas politician (1903-1994); founder of the PLP. LOC, web page.]


TAYLOR, John - Multum in Parvo, or Taylor's Historie of his Life and Travels in America and Other Parts. [St Jago de la Vega] 1688. Descriptive. America. Caribbean area. Passim WI. Exceptionally rare. Usually cited as a manuscript, query if it was ever printed.


TAYLOR, Jeremy - Going to Ground. A Collection of 68 Essays, Articles, Etc. (Port-of-Spain) 256 pages pb, 1994. Descriptive. Trinidad. A collection of articles.


TAYLOR, Jeremy - Masquerade: The Visitor's Introduction to Trinidad and Tobago. (London: Macmillan Caribbean Guide) 135 pages pb, many col photos, 1986. Descriptive. Trinidad. Tobago. A guidebook for tourists. Photographs by Mark Lyndersay.


TAYLOR, Jeremy - Trinidad and Tobago: Introduction and Guide. (London: Macmillan) 160 pages pb, 70 ills, 1991. Descriptive. Trinidad. Tobago. A guidebook for tourists. The 2nd revised edition of "Masquerade . . ." Whi.


TAYLOR, Jeremy - Trinidad and Tobago Souvenir. (London: Macmillan) 1989. Descriptive. Trinidad. Tobago.


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Third Report from the Select Committee . . . Appointed, in 1808, to Inquire how far it may be practicable to Confine the Distilleries to the Use of Sugar . . .

[See: “Select Committee . . . Appointed . . .”]


Third Report from the Select Committee Appointed to Consider the Improvement of the Port of London . . . [See: “Select Committee Appointed to . . .”]


Third Report of the Association for the Relief of Distressed Negroes . . . [See: “Association for the Relief of Distressed Negroes . . .”]


Third Report of the Commissioner of Inquiry into the Administration of Criminal and Civil Justice . . . [See: F Dwarris.]


Third Report of the Committee of the Society for . . . [See: "Committee of the Society for . . ."]


30 Years and Onward: the Democratic Labour Party. In Celebration of the Thirtieth Anniversary. (Bridgetown: DLP) 84 pages 4to pb, photos, [nd]. Politics. Barbados.


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A Thirty Years' Resident [pseud] – [See: "Jamaica. Who is to Blame . . ."]


Thirty-Eight Years of Mission Life . . . [See: G Carlile.]


35 Years of Service to Democracy. (Philipsburg: Snow Print) 29 pages pamph, 1986. Politics. Democracy. St Maarten. Netherlands Antilles. A collection of speeches delivered by Henry Kissinger, Don Martina and other luminaries on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of Claude Wathey’s entry into the political arena. Sch.


This is Bermuda. (London: Macmillan for the Ministry of Education, Bermuda) iv,156 pages pb, 1994. Descriptive. Education. Bermuda. A secondary school textbook. BL.


This is Democracy. (Havana: Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Direccion de Informacion) 34 pages pamph, [1965]. Law. Politics. Democracy. Cuba. Chi.


This is Lago. (Oranjestad: Lago Oil & Transport) 32 pages, 1949. Economics. Petroleum. Refineries. Foreign multinational corporations. Lago Oil and Transport. Aruba. Netherlands Antilles. Scarce. Bro.


This is one of Several Things that Can Happen to Those who Trade with Communist Cuba. (Miami: Unidad Revolucionaria) 6 pages pamph, 1965. International relations. Economics. Trade. Blockades. Cuba. Chi.


THISTLEWOOD, Thomas - [Jamaican planter (ca 1721-1786); manager of Egypt Plantation near Savanna-la-Mar. See: T Burnard, “Mastery, . . .” and D Hall, "In Miserable Slavery . . ."]


Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

11th Edition: Don Mitchell QBE QC


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