Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

11th Edition: Don Mitchell QBE QC


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MASEFIELD, Geoffrey Bussell - A Short History of Agriculture in the British Colonies. (Oxford: Oxford UP) viii,178 pages 8vo hb, 1950. History. Agriculture. British colonies. Caribbean area. Includes the WI. BL, Co.C, Com.


MASEFIELD, John Edward - On the Spanish Main; or some English Forays on the Isthmus of Darien, with a Description of the Buccaneers and a Short Account of Old-time Ships and Sailors. (London and New York: Methuen & Co) xii,344 pages hb, ills, 1 map, 1906 1st ed; (ibidem) xi,273 pages 8vo, ills, 1 map, [1922] 2nd ed; (ibidem) xi,273 pages 8vo, ills, 1 map, 1924 3rd ed; (ibidem) xi,273 pages 8vo, ills, 1 map, 1925 4th ed; (Annapolis: Naval institute) ix,344 pages 22 cm hb, ills, 1 map, 1972 rep. Piracy. Buccaneering. Darien. Spanish Main. Caribbean area. 1st edition scarce. BL, Cu.W, LOC, RES.


MASEFIELD, John Edward - Sea Life in Nelson's Time. (London: Methuen & Co) x,218 pages 20 cm, ills, 16 plates, 1905 1st ed; (ibidem) x,218 pages, ills, plates, 1920 rep; (New York: The Macmillan Co) x,218 pages 20 cm, frontis, 9 plates, 1925; (London: Conway Maritime P Ltd) xii,105 pages 26 cm, 38 ills, plates, 1971 3rd ed; (Annapolis, MD: US Naval Institute) xii,108 pages 26 cm, 38 ills, plates, 1971 3rd ed; (London: Sphere Books) xii,105 pages pb, ills, plates, 1972 3rd ed; (Bernsley: Leo Cooper) 192 pages 24 cm pb, ills, plates, 2002. Naval. Admiralty. Boat design. Horatio Nelson. Caribbean area. The story of the ships that defeated Napoleon. 1st edition scarce. BL, LOC.


MASEFIELD, John Edward - [British Poet Laureate (1878-1967). RES.]


MASKELL, Ernest John, and Percival Elisha TURNER – Field Experiments on Sugar-Cane. (Port-of-Spain) 11 pages 4to pamph, 1931. Agriculture. Sugar. Field experiments. Trinidad. Reprinted from ‘Tropical Agriculture.’ Scarce. BL.


MASLIN, Simeon J, ed – Guidebook: The Historic Synagogue of the United Netherlands Portuguese Congregation ‘Mikve Israel-Emmanuel’ of Curacao. (sl [Curacao?]: sn) 32 pages 22 cm pamph, col and b&w ills, 1 map, [ca 1964]. Travel. Descriptive. Religion. Judaica. Curacao. Netherlands Antilles. A guidebook for tourists. LOC.


MASON, Alfred Edward Woodley - The Life of Francis Drake. (London: Hodder & Stoughton) ix,436 pages 23 cm, 2 ills, 2 folding maps, 1941; (Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Doran) viii,349 pages 24 cm, ills, maps, 1942. Descriptive. Privateering. Francis Drake. Caribbean area. A biography. By a British author (1865-1948). BL, LOC.


MASON, Antony - Caribbean. (New York: Silver Burdett P, Simon & Schuster, People & Places Series) 48 pages 25 cm hb, ills, [ca 1989]. Descriptive. Caribbean area. A children's book. Bow, LOC.


MASON, D - Observations on the Present State and Future Prospects of the Island of Jamaica. (London) 8vo pamph, 1837. Colonial administration. Jamaica. Exceptionally scarce. Sab 45430.


MASON, Gerald Bovell - British West Indies Medical Services. (London) 8 pages pamph, 1922. Health. Medical services. Caribbean area. By a British colonial physician (?-1939); doctor in the Ministry of Health in St Vincent; director of the Medical and Health Dep't of Bermuda. Very scarce. RES.


MASON, Gregory – Remember the Maine. (New York: H Holt & Co) 312 pages 8vo, plates, [1939]. International relations. Spanish-American War. Maine. United States. Cuba. Tra.


MASON, Gregory - Pottery, and other Artefacts from Caves of British Honduras and Guatemala. (New York: Museum of the American Indian) 46 pages 17 cm pamph, 30 b&w plates, 1928. Archaeology. Mayas. Belize. By an archaeologist and author (1889-?). LOC, Woo.


MASON, Peter - Bacchanal: Carnival, Calypso and Popular Culture of Trinidad. (London: LAB. Philadelphia: Temple UP. Kingston: Ian Randle) 191 pages 23 cm hb, col photos, biblio, index, 1998; (ibidem) 191 pages 23 cm pb, col photos, biblio, index, 1998. Music. Calypso. Performing arts. Carnival. Trinidad. Covers calypso, kaiso, steel pan, mas, cock fighting, etc. BL, LOC.


MASON, Peter - Jamaica in Focus: A Guide to the People, Politics, and Culture. (New York: Interlink, In Focus Series) pb, 1999; (London: LAB) 93 pages 22 cm pb, col and b&w ills, biblio, index, 2000. Travel. Descriptive. Jamaica. A guidebook for tourists. BL, LOC.


MASON, Peter - [Author (1963-). LOC.]


MASON, Philip – Patterns of Dominance. (London: Oxford UP) xii,377 pages 23 cm, ills, biblio, 1970. Sociology. Race relations. Migration. Britain. Caribbean area. By the director of the Race Relations Institute. BL, Com.


Massachusetts' Soldiers in the West Indies: Accounts of the Expedition under Admiral Vernon in 1740 and the Siege of Havana in 1762. (Boston: Society of Colonial Wars) 1900. History. War of Jenkin’s Ear, 1739-43. British Siege of Havana, 1762. Edward Vernon. Massachusetts. Cuba. Scarce. Cu.W.


MASSARA, Emily Bradley - Que Gordita! A Study of Weight among Women in a Puerto Rican Community. (New York: AMS Press, Immigrant Communities & Ethnic Minorities in the US & Canada Series, No 46) xvii,319 pages 24 cm, ills, [ca 1989]. Sociology. Gender studies. Women. Health. Weight. Migration. Puerto Rico. BL, Bow, LOC.


MASSÉ, Armand – [See: MASSE]


MASSE, Armand - The Diaries of Abbe Armand Masse, 1878-1883. (Port-of-Spain: Script-J Printers) 4 vols, 202+319+319+363 pages 22 cm pb, 1988; (ibidem) 4 vols, 202+319+319+363 pages 22 cm pb, [1996] 2nd ed. Descriptive. Church. Religion. Roman Catholics. Armand Masse. Trinidad. An autobiography. Translated by ML de Verteuil. The 1st edition is a limited edition and scarce. BL, LOC.


MASSIAH, [?] – [Barbadian litigant (fl 1890). See: GH Croney.]


MASSIAH, Joycelin - Employed Women in Barbados: A Demographic Profile, 1946-1970. (Cave Hill: UWI, Occasional Papers Series, No 8) xiii,131 pages 24 cm, ills, biblio, [ca 1984]. Demography. Gender studies. Women. Barbados. A revised and updated version of a paper prepared for the National Commission on the Status of Women. Analyses the census data. BL, LOC, New, Pot, W&D.


MASSIAH, Joycelin - Manual on the Use of Socio-Economic Indicators of Women’s Participation in Development. (Paris: UNESCO, Division of Socioeconomic Analysis, Analytical and Methodological Studies) 138 pages, 1983. Economics. Sociology. Development planning. Gender studies. Women. Caribbean area. New.


MASSIAH, Joycelin - Women as Heads of Households in the Caribbean: Family Structure and Feminine Status. (Paris: UNESCO, Women in a World Perspective Series) 69 pages 24 cm, biblio, 1983. Economics. Sociology. Gender studies. Women. Caribbean area. Profiles the female household head, her education, employment and occupation, describing her survival strategies. BL, Ch.T, Gos, LOC, New, Pot, W&D.


MASSIAH, Joycelin, ed – Conference on the Role of Women in the Caribbean, Barbados, September 12-16. Report. (Cave Hill: UWI, ISER) xvi,144 pages 28 cm, ills, [1983]. Sociology. Gender studies. Women. Caribbean area. A collection of conference papers. LOC, New.


MASSIAH, Joycelin, ed – Women and the Family. (Cave Hill: UWI, ISER, Women in the Caribbean Project, Vol 2) 162 pages, biblio, 1982. Sociology. Gender studies. Women. Caribbean area. Mom.


MASSIAH, Joycelin, and Audine WILKINSON, comp - Population of Barbados: A Select Bibliography. (Cave Hill: UWI, ISER, Occasional Bibliography Series, No 2) 8 pages pamph, 1974. Demography. Population. Barbados. A bibliography. New.


MASSIAH, Joycelin, and Audine WILKINSON, and Norma SHOREY, comp - Women in the Caribbean: An Annotated Bibliography. A Guide to Material Available in Barbados. (Cave Hill: UWI, ISER, Occasional Bibliography Series, No 5) xviii,133 pages 28 cm, 1979. Sociology. Gender studies. Women. Caribbean area. A bibliography. Contains 408 items. BL, Bob, Bro, Gos, Ing, Jor, My.R, New, Pot, W&D.


MASSIE, Joseph - A State of the British Sugar-Colony Trade, etc, . . . Most Humbly Submitted to the Consideration of the Honourable House of Commons. (London) 90 pages 4to pamph, 1759. Colonial administration. Economics. Trade. Caribbean area. An assault on the WI sugar monopoly. Exceptionally scarce. BL, Ha.S.


Master and Servant: Bhadase Maraj. (Port-of-Spain: Publications Committee, SDMS) 1991. Descriptive. Industrial relations. Trade unions. Bhadase Maraj. Trinidad. A biography.


Masterplan for Fisheries Development in Surinam: Prepared for the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries in the Surinam Republic. (Homburg: Gopa) 400 pages, 1980. Marine resources. Planning. Fisheries. Suriname. A technical assistance report. Bro.


MASTERS, Robert V [pseud] – [See: DA Boehm.]


MASUD-PILOTO, Felix Roberto - From Welcomed Exiles to Illegal Immigrants: Cuban Migration to the US, 1959-1995. (Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield) xxii,168 pages 24 cm hb, index, 1995; (ibidem) xxii,168 pages pb, index, 1995. Sociology. Refugees. Migration. Florida. Cuba. BL, Bow, LOC.


MASUD-PILOTO, Felix Roberto - With Open Arms: Cuban Migration to the United States. (Totowa, NJ: Rowman & Littlefield) xviii,148 pages 25 cm, biblio, index, 1988. Sociology. Refugees. Migration. Florida. Cuba. BL, LOC, Stu.


MATADEEN, Joyce - Beginning Geography in Trinidad and Tobago. (London: Longmans Caribbean) 48 pages 21 cm pamph, ills, 1968. Geography. Education. Trinidad. Tobago. An elementary school textbook. BL.


MATADIAL, Lennox - An Introduction to Family Planning in the Caribbean. (Mona: UWI, Faculty of Medicine) 32 pages pamph, 1980 2nd ed. Fertility. Family planning. Caribbean area. Ban.




MATEO, Olivorio – [Dominican Republic cultist. See: J Lundius.]


MATHER, George, and Charles John BLAGG - Bishop Rawle, a Memoir. (London: Kegan Paul) xii,421 pages 8vo, plate, 1890. Church. Religion. Anglicans. Bishops. Richard Rawle. Trinidad. Bar, BL, RES.


MATHER, John D - A Survey of the Groundwater Resources of Barbuda. (London: Hydrogeological Dep't, Institute of Geological Sciences) 31 pages pamph, 1 map, biblio, 1971. Geology. Public water supply. Barbuda. Be.A.


MATHESON, Donald Lloyd - Brief Guide to the Fortifications at Brimstone Hill, St Kitts, WI. (Basseterre: Society for the Restoration of Brimstone Hill) 4 pages pamph, [ca 1965]. History. Military. Fortifications. Brimstone Hill. St Kitts. A guidebook for tourists.


MATHESON, Donald Lloyd - Brimstone Hill Fortress. Brief History and Progress of Restoration, 1965-1986. (Basseterre: Offset Printery) 23 pages pamph, ills, [ca 1986]. History. Military. Conservation. Fortresses. Brimstone Hill Fortress. St Kitts.


MATHESON, Donald Lloyd - The Folklore of St Christopher Island. (Basseterre: Creole Graphics) pamph, 1985. Folklore. St Kitts.


MATHESON, Donald Lloyd - Sir Thomas Warner Story. (Basseterre: The author) 24 pages pamph, [ca 1973]. Descriptive. Settlement. History. Thomas Warner. St Kitts. A biography; a small monograph on the St Kitts pioneer.


MATHESON, Donald Lloyd - [St Kitts businessman and environmentalist (1914-1999).]


MATHEW, GB – [British colonial administrator; governor of the Bahamas. See: “Memorial from the Inhabitants of Turks . . .”]


MATHEWS, Edward Davis – British Guiana and Venezuela. (London: C Straker & Sons) 16 pages 21 cm pamph, 1 folding map, [1888]. International relations. Border disputes. Venezuela. Guyana. Very scarce. LOC.


MATHEWS, Gertrude Singleton – Treasure. (New York: Henry Holt & Co) vi,282 pages 21 cm, frontis, plates, 1917. Descriptive. Treasure hunting. Suriname. A search for a lost gold mine. By a US author (1881-?). LOC, Pri.


MATHEWS, Samuel Augustus - The Lying Hero; or an Answer to JB Moreton's "Manners and Customs in the West Indies." (St Eustatius: Edward Luther Low & Co) 160 pages 19x15 cm 4to, 1793. Caribbean area. Slavery. Slave trade. JB Moreton. EL Low. Jamaica. He labels Moreton 'an ignorant, disappointed adventurer”. The first book printed in the Netherlands Antilles. Exceptionally scarce. LOC, Rag, Sab 46847.


MATHEWS, Samuel Augustus - The Wilshire Squeeze. A Ballad . . . to which Are Added Specimens of the Negro Familiar Dialect and Proverbial Sayings, with Songs. (Georgetown: Guyana Chronicle Office) 87 pages 12mo pamph, 1822. Folklore. Proverbs. Ballads. Wilshire squeeze. Slavery. Guyana. Exceptionally scarce. BL.


MATHEWS, Samuel Augustus - [St Kitts merchant and author (fl 1792-1824) a native of St Kitts, he moved to St Eustatia in 1792 but left when the French occupied the island in 1795 moving to St Barths, then a Swedish colony, where he became a well-to-do tradesman; wrote in support of the slave trade and slavery. See: P Baker and A Bruyn.]


MATHEWS, Thomas George - Fifty Years of Change in the Caribbean. (sl: Printed for the Author) xvi,180 pages 23 cm pb, col photos, [ca 1996]. Descriptive. Caribbean area. Bilingual in Spanish and English. LOC.


MATHEWS, Thomas George - Jamaica, Trinidad and the British West Indies. (Río Piedras: U of Puerto Rico) [date?]. Politics. Jamaica. Trinidad. Caribbean area. Bay.


MATHEWS, Thomas George - Luis Munoz Marin: A Concise Biography. (New York: American RDM Corp) 61 pages 21 cm pamph, plates, biblio, [1967]. Descriptive. Politics. Luis Munoz Marin. Puerto Rico. A biography; a brief, factual work. LOC, Viv.


MATHEWS, Thomas George - Puerto Rican Politics and the New Deal. (Gainesville, FL: U of Florida P) xii,345 pages 24 cm, biblio, 1960; (New York: Da Capo P) xii,345 pages 23 cm, 1976 rep. Colonial administration. Politics. Puerto Rico. The most thorough account of PR’s relations during the Roosevelt administration; a well-documented critical interpretation of the first five years of the New Deal in PR based on wide use of sources. A revision of his PhD dissertation at Columbia U in 1957. Bay, BL, Cev, Cor, Gos, Gri, LOC, Viv.


MATHEWS, Thomas George - [US political scientist and author (1925-?). LOC.]


MATHEWS, Thomas George, and Fuat M ANDIC, ed - Politics and Economics in the Caribbean. (Río Piedras: U of Puerto Rico, ICS, Special Study, No 8) 284 pages 26 cm, 1971 2nd rev ed. Descriptive. Politics. Economics. Caribbean area. The revised edition of their 1966 work. Bro, New, Viv, W&D.


MATHEWS, Thomas George, and Gerard LATORTUE, and MS JOSHUA, and Fuat M ANDIC, and Suphan ANDIC, and Alfred P THORNE – Politics and Economics in the Caribbean: A Contemporary Analysis of the Dutch, French and British Caribbean. (Rio Piedras: U of Puerto Rico, ICS, Special Study, No 3) 301 pages, biblio, 1966 1st ed. Descriptive. Politics. Economics. Caribbean area. Bay, Bro, Com, Gos


MATHIA, Gene - Preliminary Analysis and Critique of "Guyana: Assessment of Food Crops Subsector." (Washington, DC: USAID) 27 pages pamph, 1975. Agriculture. Small farming. Vegetables. Guyana. A technical assistance report. Car.


MATHIAS, RW, comp – Shell Shield Cricket, 1966-1986. (Kingston: Phoenix Printery) 32 pages pamph, photos, [ca 1986]. Sport. Cricket. Caribbean area.


MATHIESON, Gilbert Farquhar – [An occasional mis-listing for MATHISON.]


MATHISON, Gilbert Farquhar - A Critical View of a Pamphlet Entitled "The West India Question Practically Considered" with Remarks on the Trinidad Order in Council in a letter addressed to the Right Honourable Robert Wilmot Horton. (London: Published by Smith, Elder & Co) vi,78 pages 8vo pamph, 1827. Colonial administration. Slavery. Trinidad. Robert Wilmot Horton. Caribbean area. A pro-slavery tract. Supports the slave regime, and attributes its occasional abuses to absenteeism. Critical of the pamphlet by RW Horton. Very scarce. BL, Cu.W, GL, Rag, RES, Sab 46855.


MATHISON, Gilbert Farquhar - Notices Respecting Jamaica in 1808-1809-1810. (London: Printed for John Stockdale) vii,117 pages 22 cm 8vo, 1811. Colonial administration. Slavery. Slave trade. Jamaica. A pro-slavery tract. Supports abolition of the trade. By an estate owner returning after an absence of 13 years. Very scarce. BL, Cu.J, LOC, Rag, Sab 46856.


MATHISON, Gilbert Farquhar - A Short Review of the Reports of the African Institution and of the Controversy with Dr Thorpe with Some Reasons against the Registry of Slaves in the British Colonies. (London: Printed for William Stockdale) x,78 pages 8vo pamph, 1816 1st ed; (London: William Stockdale & J Asperne) 123 pages 22 cm 8vo pamph, 1816 2nd rev ed. Colonial administration. Slavery. Robert Thorpe. Caribbean area. A pro-slavery tract. Supports R Thorpe, “A Reply Point by Point . . .” and attacks the Institution. 1st edition exceptionally scarce; 2nd edition very scarce. BL, Cu.W, GL, LOC, Rag, Sab 46857.


MATHISON, Gilbert Farquhar - [Author and Jamaican plantation owner.]


MATHIESON, William Law - British Slave Emancipation, 1838-1849. (London: Longmans, Green & Co) xi,243 pages 23 cm hb, dj, 1932; (New York: Octagon Books) xi,243 pages 21 cm, 1967 rep. History. Slavery. Caribbean area. Continues his "British Slavery and its Abolition . . ." Bay, BL, Co.C, Com, Gos, LOC, My.R, RES.


MATHIESON, William Law - British Slavery and its Abolition, 1823-1838. (London: Longmans, Green & Co) x,318 pages 8vo hb, 1926; (New York: Octagon Books) x,318 pages 21 cm, biblio, 1967 rep. History. Slavery. Caribbean area. The first serious study of slavery and emancipation in the BWI; characterised by Ragatz as a mediocre study lacking in any fundamental original research and designed for popular consumption; described by Griffin as still one of the two standard works (the other being Burn’s “Emancipation and Apprenticeship . . .”) on the subject of emancipation in the WI despite the pronounced anti-Negro bias of the author. For an electronic copy of this work see: Web page. Bay, BL, Co.C, Com, Gos, Gri, LOC, Pot, RES.


MATHIESON, William Law - Great Britain and the Slave Trade, 1839-1865. (London: Longmans, Green & Co) xi,203 pages 23 cm, 1 map, 1929 1st ed; (New York: Octagon Books) xi,203 pages 21 cm, ills, 1 map, 1967 rep. History. Slavery. Slave trade. Caribbean area. BL, LOC, RES.


MATHIESON, William Law - The Sugar Colonies and Governor Eyre, 1849-1866. (London: Longmans, Green & Co) xiv,243 pages 23 cm hb, [1936]. History. Public order. Morant Bay Rebellion, 1865. John Edward Eyre. George William Gordon. Jamaica. A fair and objective appreciation of Eyre and Gordon which although it has been supplemented by later writers has never been superseded. Bay, BL, Co.C, Com, Gri, LOC.


MATHIESON, William Law - [Scots professor of history (1868-?). LOC.]


MATHURIN, Lucille - The Rebel Woman in the British West Indies during Slavery. (Kingston: IOJ for the African-Caribbean Institute of Jamaica) [6],41 pages 20x22 cm pamph, ills, 1 map, biblio, index, 1975. History. Sociology. Gender studies. Women. Slavery. Rebels. Caribbean area. See also LM Mair. Ban, BL, Car, Com, LOC.


MATHURIN, Owen Charles - Henry Sylvester Williams and the Origins of the Pan-African Movement, 1869-1911. (Westport, CT: Greenwood P, Contributions in Afro-American & African Series, No 21) xvi,183 pages 22 cm, biblio, index, 1976. Descriptive. History. Pan-African movement. Henry Sylvester Williams. Trinidad. A biography. BL, LOC.


MATIBAG, Eugenio - Afro-Cuban Religious Experience: Cultural Reflections in Narrative. (Gainesville: UP of Florida) xviii,352 pages 24 cm, ills, biblio, index, [ca 1996]. Church. Religion. Culture. Cuba. BL, LOC.


MATILLA RIVAS, Alfredo, and Ivan SILEN, ed – The Puerto Rican Poets . . . [Poems in Spanish with English translations.]


MATIREZ ORTIZ, R – [An occasional mis-listing for MARTINEZ ORTIZ]


MATLEY, Charles Alfred - Geology and Physiography of the Kingston District, Jamaica. (London: Crown Agents of the Colonies for the IOJ) vii,139 pages 25 cm, ills, maps, 2 maps in pocket, 1951. Geology. Kingston. Jamaica. BL, Co.C, Com, LOC.


MATLEY, Charles Alfred - The Geology of the Cayman Islands. (sl: Reprint from the Journal of the Geological Society) 36 pages pamph, 1926. Geology. Cayman Islands. Very scarce.


MATLEY, Charles Alfred - Some Recent Contributions to the Geology of Jamaica, with a Bibliography. (Kingston) 7 pages pamph, biblio, 1923. Geology. Jamaica. Very scarce. RES.


MATLEY, Charles Alfred - [British colonial geologist (1866-1948); recipient of the Geological Society’s Murchison Medal, 1929. LOC. Personal communication from his niece, Sue O’Halloran.]


MATOS RODRIGUEZ, Felix V – Women and Urban Change in San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1820-1868. (Gainesville: UP of Florida) xi,80 pages 24 cm hb, biblio, index, [ca 1999]. Sociology. Gender studies. Women. Urban change. San Juan. Puerto Rico. BL.


MATOS RODRÍGUEZ, Felix V – [Puerto Rican author (1962-). See: MATOS RODRIGUEZ]


MATOS RODRIGUEZ, Felix V, and Linda C DELGADO, ed – Puerto Rican Women’s History: New Perspectives. (Armonh, NY: ME Sharpe) x,262 pages 24 cm hb, biblio, index, [ca 1998]; (ibidem) x,262 pages 24 cm pb, biblio, index, [ca 1998]. Sociology. Gender studies. Women. Puerto Rico. BL, LOC.


MATTERS, C Virginia – Meet Puerto Rico. (San Juan: Dep’t of Education) 86 pages 25 cm, ills, 1959. Descriptive. Puerto Rico. Scarce. LOC.


MATTERS, C Virginia – Riding and Roping: The Memoirs of J Will Harris. (Hato Rey: Inter American UP, U of Puerto Rico) 211 large pages hb, plates, dj, 1977; (ibidem) 211 pages pb, plates, 1977. Descriptive. J Will Harris. Puerto Rico. A biography. Bow.


MATTHES, Hubert - Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Formulation of a Fisheries Development Program. (Rome: FAO) 1984. Marine resources. Fisheries. St Vincent and the Grenadines. A technical assistance report.


MATTHEWS, Barbara M – An Ecological Guide to the Littoral Fauna and Flora of Puerto Rico. (San Juan: Dep’t of Education P) 72 pages, biblio, 1967. Ecology. Littoral. Coastal zones. Fauna. Flora. Puerto Rico. An introduction to the coastal marine environment, describes some 170 species. Illustrations by Eric G Matthews. Viv.


MATTHEWS, Basil - Crisis of the West Indian Family. A Sample Study. By Dom Basil Matthews. (St Augustine: UCWI, Extra-Mural Dep’t) 117 pages 22 cm, [1953] 1st ed; (Mona: UCWI) 117 pages 22 cm, 1954 2nd ed; (Westport, CT: Greenwood P) 117 pages 23 cm hb, [1971] rep. Sociology. Families. Trinidad. Focuses on the common law marriage among Blacks. By a Benedictine monk and sociologist. 1st edition very scarce; 2nd edition scarce. Bay, BL, Ch.T, Co.C, Com, Gos, LOC.


MATTHEWS, Cedric OJ, and KL VERSTEEG - Labour Policies in the West Indies. (Geneva: ILO) iv,377 pages 24 cm pb, 1952. Industrial relations. Trade unions. Labour policies. Caribbean area. Bar, Bay, LOC, W&D.


MATTHEWS, Franklin - The New-Born Cuba. (New York and London: Harper Brothers) xii,388 pages 21 cm, frontis, ills, plates, 1 folding plan, 1899. Descriptive. Spanish American War. Cuba. Author (1858-1917). BL, Cu.W, LOC.


MATTHEWS, Harry G – A Directory of Caribbean Studies Programs at Colleges and Universities in the United States and Canada. (Lanham, MD: North-South Publishing Co) 75 pages 28 cm, [ca 1989]. Education. Universities. United States. Canada. Caribbean area. A reference work. LOC.


MATTHEWS, Harry G – Multinational Corporations and Black Power. (Cambridge, MA: Schenkman Publishing Co, Transaction Publications) viii,124 pages 23 cm, diagrams, biblio, 1976. Economics. Sociology. Race relations. Black power. Foreign multinational corporations. Barbados. Trinidad. Analyses the social aspects of expatriate-controlled international business enterprises. BL, Car, Ch.T, Gos, LOC, Pot.


MATTHEWS, Harry G – Racial Dimensions of the United Nations Behaviour: The Commonwealth Caribbean. (Denver, CO: U of Denver, Studies in Race & Nations, 3, Study No 2) 37 pages pamph, 1971. Sociology. Race relations. Caribbean area. Com.


MATTHEWS, Harry G – [Author (1939-). LOC.]


MATTHEWS, Herbert Lionel - Castro: A Political Biography. (New York: Simon & Schuster) 329 pages, 1969; (London: Allen Lane, The Penguin P) 235 pages 24 cm, ills, 1969; (Harmondsworth: Penguin, Political Leaders of the Twentieth Century) 377 pages 19 cm pb, 1 map, 1970. Descriptive. Cuban Revolution. Politics. Fidel Castro. Cuba. A biography. BL, Chi, Gos, LOC.


MATTHEWS, Herbert Lionel - Cuba. (New York: The Macmillan Co. London: Collier-Macmillan) viii,134 pages 24 cm hb, ills, plates, 1 map, [1964]; (London: The Macmillan Co, A Nations Today Book) 134 pages, ills, b&w photos, 1 map, 1969 4th print. Descriptive. Cuba. Introduction by Frank Tannenbaum. Bay, BL, Chi, Gos, LOC, Tra.


MATTHEWS, Herbert Lionel - The Cuban Story. (New York: Georges Braziller) 318 pages hb, 1961. Politics. Cuba. An apology by the author for his earlier reporting of the Castro revolution, which had an important favourable effect on the fortunes of the movement. Bay, Chi, Gos, Gri, Tra.


MATTHEWS, Herbert Lionel - Fidel Castro. (New York: Simon & Schuster, Clarion Book) 382 pages hb, biblio, 1969. Descriptive. Cuban Revolution. Politics. Fidel Castro. Cuba. A biography. Chi, Stu.


MATTHEWS, Herbert Lionel - Return to Cuba. (Stanford, CA: Stanford U, Institute of Hispanic American & Luso-Brazilian Studies, a special issue of ‘Hispanic American Report’) 16 pages pamph, 1964; (Palo Alto: California Institute of International Studies, Special Monographs) 16 pages pamph, [ca 1979]. Descriptive. Cuba. Replied to by “An Answer to . . .” Bay, Chi.


MATTHEWS, Herbert Lionel - Revolution in Cuba: An Essay in Understandings. (New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons) 468 pages 24 cm, 1975. Politics. Cuba. BL, Chi, Gos.


MATTHEWS, Herbert Lionel - [New York Times correspondent who first publicized Castro’s activities in the Sierra Maestra.]


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Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

11th Edition: Don Mitchell QBE QC


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