Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

11th Edition: Don Mitchell QBE QC


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MALAKAI, Akhil – Development Patterns in the Commonwealth Caribbean: Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago. (Stockholm: Institute of Latin American Studies, Monographs, No 30) v,[1],141 pages 24 cm, 1996. Economics. Development planning. Patterns. Jamaica. Trinidad. Tobago. Reg.


Malaria in British Guiana. Departmental Medical Conference Held in Georgetown, April-August 1925. (Georgetown: Combined Court) vi,85 pages, 1926. Health. Malaria. Guyana. Exceptionally scarce. An official government report. RES.


Malaria Survey for 1932 . . . [See: EJ De Verteuil.]


MALCOLM, Harcourt Gladstone – Historical Memorandum Relating to the Forts in New Providence: Nassau, Montagu, Charlotte, Fincastle. (Nassau: Privately published) iii,46 pages folio pamph, 1 map, 1913. History. Military. Forts. New Providence. Bahamas. Very scarce. BL, RES.


MALCOLM, Harcourt Gladstone – A History of the Bahamas House of Assembly, Written and Presented to the House by Mr Speaker. (Nassau: Nassau Guardian for the House of Assembly) xviii,83 pages 28 cm hb, 1921. History. House of Assembly. Bahamas. Scarce. Bay, BL, Com, LOC, Pat, RES.


MALCOLM, Harcourt Gladstone – List of Documents Relating to the Bahamas Islands in the British Museum and Record Office, London. (Nassau: The Nassau Guardian) 50 pages 26 cm pamph, 1910. History. Economics. Descriptive. Colonial administration. Documents. Bahamas. A bibliography. Scarce. Jor, LOC, RES.


MALCOLM, Harcourt Gladstone – Manual of Procedure in the Business of the General Assembly. (London) xiii,246 pages, 1906; (ibidem) 1907; (Nassau) xvi,340 pages 12mo, 1934 2nd ed. Law. General Assembly. Procedure. Bahamas. The preface is signed by him. 1st edition scarce; 2nd edition scarce. BL, RES.


MALCOLM, Harcourt Gladstone – [Speaker of the Bahamas House of Assembly (1875-1936). LOC, RES.]


MALCOLM, Harcourt Gladstone, comp – Historical Documents Relating to the Bahama Islands. (Nassau: The Nassau Guardian) 231 pages 27 cm, 1910; (New York: Gordon P) 231 pages hb, 1976 rep. History. Bahamas. 1st edition very scarce. Bay, BL, Bow, Com, LOC, Pat, RES.


MALCOLM, Harcourt Gladstone, ed - Statute Law of the Bahamas Islands, 1799-1929. (London: Printed by Waterlow & Sons) 2 vols, 25 cm, 1929. Law. Statutes. Bahamas. A collection of Acts and Ordinances. Very scarce. BL, LOC, RES.


MALCOLM, Ian - The White Flag in Jamaica: The Nineteenth Century. [London?] 1907. Colonial administration. Jamaica. By a British historian (1868-1944). Very scarce.


MALCOLM, Ormond Drimmie, ed - Statute Law of the Bahamas in Force . . . 1875 . . . [A citation by Bayitch, being really the last volume of the series by GC Anderson.]


MALCOLM, Ormond Drimmie, ed - Statute Law of the Bahamas in Force to 62 Victoria, Chapter 33, Inclusive. (London: Printed by Eyre & Spottiswoode) xx,1056 pages 25 cm, 1901. Law. Statutes. Bahamas. A collection of Acts and Ordinances. Very scarce. Bay, BL, LOC, New, Pat, RES.


MALCOLM, Ormond Drimmie, ed - Statute Law of the Bahamas in Force . . . 1924. (London) 2 vols, 1929. Law. Statutes. Bahamas. A collection of Acts and Ordinances. Replaced by BH Bliss. Very scarce. Bay, Cu.W, New, Pat.


MALCOLM, Ormond Drimmie, ed - [British colonial jurist (1839-?); C-J of the Bahamas. RES.]


MALDONADO, Rita M - Role of the Financial Sector in the Economic Development of Puerto Rico. (Washington, DC: Federal Deposit Insurance Corp) xv,152 pages 23 cm, tables, graphs, biblio, 1970. Banking. Finance. Economics. Development planning. Puerto Rico. A comprehensive evaluation of the role played by public and private financial institutions in PR’s economy. Cev, Gos, LOC, Viv.


MALDONADO-CAPRILES, Jenaro - Assassin Bugs of Jamaica: Hemiptera, Reduviidae. (Kingston: IOJ) 18 pages 25 cm pamph, 1977. Entomology. Assassin bugs. Jamaica. Car, LOC.


MALDONADO-DENIS, Manuel - The Emigration Dialectic: Puerto Rico and the USA. (New York: International Publications Co) 156 pages 21 cm pb, ills, 1980. Sociology. Migration. Puerto Rico. A translation of his “Puerto Rico y Estados Unidos . . .” which won Cuba’s Casa de Las Americas Prize for the best essay of 1976. A spirited polemic explaining PR’s migration based on Marxist theory. BL, Bow, Bra, Cev, LOC.


MALDONADO-DENIS, Manuel - Puerto Rico: A Socio-Historic Interpretation. (New York: Random House, Vintage Books) xiv,336 pages 19 cm, biblio, 1972; (New York: Random House) xiv,336 pages 22 cm, [1972]. History. Politics. Economics. Puerto Rico. Presents the radical viewpoint. Translated by Elena Vialo. BL, Cev, Gos, LOC, Viv.


MALDONADO-DENIS, Manuel - [One of PR’s leading Marxist historians involved in the PR struggle (1933-); professor at the U of PR. LOC.]


Male and Female Created He Them. (Kingston: National Gallery of Art) 28 pages pb, ills, 1983. Descriptive. Visual arts. Jamaica.


MALEBSKY, Sandor – [A Bowker mis-citation for HALEBSKY.]


MALEC, Michael A, ed – The Social Roles of Sport in Caribbean Societies. (New York: Gordon & Breach) xiv,251 pages hb, ills, 1995; (ibidem) xiv,251 pages pb, ills, 1995. Sport. Caribbean area. An anthology of studies many of which are by WI scholars. Edited by a US sociologist. LOC.




MALHOTRA, Anita, and Roger S THORPE – Reptiles and Amphibians of the Eastern Caribbean. (London: Macmillan Education Ltd) ix,134 pages 22 cm pb, many col ills, 1999. Wildlife. Herpetology. Reptiles. Amphibians. Caribbean area. LOC.


MALIK, Michael Abdul - From Michael De Freitas to Michael X. (London: Andre Deutsch) 207 pages 23 cm hb, dj, 1968. Descriptive. Race relations. Trinidad. An autobiography. By a notorious Trinidadian con-man and murderer. See: W Annamunthodo; and D Humphrey; and VS Naipaul; and D Tindall. BL, Bra, Com, LOC.


MALIK, Yogendra K – The Democratic Labour Party of Trinidad: An Attempt at the Formation of a Mass Party in a Multi-ethnic Society. (Ann Arbor: University Microfilms) 431 pages, 1970. Politics. Democratic Labour Party. Trinidad. Tobago. A reissue of his 1966 U of Florida PhD dissertation. Com.


MALIK, Yogendra K – East Indians in Trinidad: A Study in Minority Politics. (London and New York: Oxford UP, Published for the Institute of Race Relations) xv,199 pages 22 cm hb, ills, 4 plates, biblio, dj, 1971. Politics. East Indians. Trinidad. Investigates them as a political, rather than as a sociological or anthropological phenomenon. BL, Ch.T, Com, Gos, Jor, LOC, New.


MALLAN, Chicki - Belize Handbook. (Chico, CA: Moon Publications) 201 pages 19 cm pb, col and b&w ills, maps, index, [ca 1991] 1st ed; (ibidem) 263 pages 19 cm pb, 8 pages of col and b&w plates, maps, index, 1993 2nd ed; (ibidem) 363 pages 19 cm pb, ills, 1995 3rd ed. Travel. Descriptive. Belize. A guidebook for tourists. Sections on how to travel, foods to try, places to visit, activities to enjoy. By a travel writer (1933-). BL, Bow, LOC, Whi, Wri.


MALLET, F - Descriptive Account of the Island of Trinidad. Made by Order of Sir Ralph Abercrombie, KB, Lieutenant-General and Commander in Chief of the British Forces in the West Indies. (London: Printed for W Faden) 15 pages 27 cm 4to pamph, 2 folding tables, 1 folding map, 1802. Descriptive. Colonial administration. Ralph Abercrombie. Trinidad. Describes the colony as of March 20, 1797. By a British naval captain. Exceptionally scarce. BL, LOC, Rag, Sab 44131.


MALLET, Philip - Remarks on a Speech Made to the National Assembly of France by the Deputies from the General Assembly of the French Part of St Domingo . . . (London) 8vo pamph, 1791 1st ed; (ibidem) 8vo pamph, 1792. Colonial administration. Slavery. Haiti. An abolitionist tract. 1st edition rare; 2nd edition exceptionally scarce. Rag, Sab 44134.


MALLIN, Jay, Sr - Caribbean Crisis: Subversion Fails in the Dominican Republic. (Garden City, NY) 101 pages hb, 1965; (ibidem) 101 pages pb, 1965. International relations. US intervention, 1965. Dominican Republic. A defence of the US reaction to the 1965 revolution. Bay, Chi, Tra.


MALLIN, Jay, Sr - "Che" Guevara on Revolution . . . [See: E Guevara.]


MALLIN, Jay, Sr - Covering Castro: The Rise and Fall of Cuba's Communist Dictator. (Washington, DC: Selous Foundation, US Cuba Institute) 250 pages, 1992; (New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publications. Washington, DC: US Cuba Institute P) xii,201 pages 24 cm, [ca 1994]. Politics. Fidel Castro. Cuba. BL, Bow, LOC.


MALLIN, Jay, Sr - Cuba in Angola. (Coral Gables: U of Miami) 24 pages 28 cm pamph, [ca 1987]. International relations. Angola. Cuba. LOC.


MALLIN, Jay, Sr - Cuba’s Armed Forces: From Colony to Castro. (Reston, VA: Ancient Mariner’s P) 441 pages 22 cm, [ca 2000]. History. Military. Politics. Armed forces. Fidel Castro. Cuba. LOC.


MALLIN, Jay, Sr - Ernesto "Che" Guevara: Modern Revolutionary, Guerrilla Theorist. (Charlotteville, NY: SamHar P, Outstanding Personalities Series, No 53) 32 pages 22 cm hb, ills, 1973. Descriptive. Politics. Che Guevara. Cuba. A biography. A children's book. Bow, LOC.


MALLIN, Jay, Sr - Fortress Cuba, Russia's American Base. (Chicago: H Regnerey & Co) 192 pages 17 cm, [1965]. International relations. Cold War. Bases. Russia. Cuba. Bay, Chi, LOC, Tra.


MALLIN, Jay, Sr - [US author and journalist.]


MALONE, Clement - Report of Commission of Inquiry, St Lucia Sugar Strike. (Castries: Gov’t Printer) 1951. Colonial administration. Industrial relations. Sugar. St Lucia. An official government report.


MALONE, Clement - [Antigua-born barrister (1883-1967); C-J of the Leeward Islands and Windward Islands; law commissioner. Web page.]


MALONE, Clement, ed - Revised Laws of Grenada in Force on the 31st day of December 1958. (Castries: Voice Publishing Co) 6 vols, 26 cm, 1962. Law. Statutes. Grenada. A collection of Acts and Ordinances. Scarce. BL, Jor, LOC, New, Pat.


MALONE, Dennis – Report of the Commission of Enquiry into Unsolved Murders. (Bridgetown: PM’s Office) 231 pages, 1980. Law. Crime. Barbados. An official government report. Chairman D Malone. By a St Kitts-born jurist; C-J of the Bahamas; son of Sir Clement Malone. New.


MALONEY, Arnold Hamilton - After England — We: Nationhood for the Caribbean. (Boston, MA: Meador Publishing Co) 183 pages 20 cm, 1 map, index, [ca 1949]. Politics. Integration. Nationhood. Caribbean area. Bay, BL, LOC.


MALONEY, Arnold Hamilton - Amber Gold: An Adventure in Autobiography. (Boston: Meador Publishing Co) 448 pages 21 cm, index, [1946]. Descriptive. Trinidad. An autobiography. BL, Her, LOC.


MALONEY, Arnold Hamilton - [Trinidad-born writer (1886-?). Her, LOC.]


MALONEY, DP – [See: C Donaldson.]


MALONEY, Leland – [Barbadian musician. See: EF Watson.]


MALOOF, Judy, ed – Voices of Resistance: Testimonies of Cuban and Chilean Women. (Lexington: UP of Kentucky) xii,255 pages 24 cm, plates, biblio, index, [ca 1999]. Gender studies. Women. Chile. Cuba. By a US author (1957-). BL.


MALVAL, Fritz J - A Bibliography of Material Published in English in the United States About Haiti . . . (Atlanta, Ga) 98 pages, 1954. History. Economics. Descriptive. Haiti. A bibliography. By a US archivist. Bay, Lag.


MAMINGI, Nlandu – Theoretical and Empirical Exercises in Econometrics. (Kingston: UWI Press) 312 pages hb, 2005. Economics. Econometrics. Caribbean area. An undergraduate textbook.


Man of Destiny. (Kingston: PNP) 83 pages 8vo pamph, plates, [1954]. Politics. Jamaica. Norman Washington Manley. Scarce. BL.


The Man: The Plan. (Kingston: PNP) 26 pages pamph, 1962. Politics. Jamaica. Scarce. Will.


The Man Who Fingered Che Guevara. Confession of a Cuban Double-Agent. (Huntington, WV: Aegina P) 144 pages pb, 1994. Politics. Che Guevara. Cuba.


MAÑACH, Jorgé – [See: MANACH, Jorge]


MANACH, Jorge - Marti, Apostle of Freedom . . . (New York: Devin-Adair) xvi,363 pages 22 cm hb, ills, 1 map, 1950. Politics. Jose Marti. Cuba. Translated from the Spanish by Coley Taylor. By a Cuban author (1898-1961). Bay, Gos, Hum, LOC.


Management of Health Services. [Plymouth: CCRS/PAHO) 1976. Health. Public administration. Montserrat.


Management Services in Government. (Port-of-Spain: Gov't Printer) 12 pages pamph, 1974. Industrial relations. Public administration. Trinidad. An official government report.


Management Study of the Dominica Agricultural Marketing Board. (Toronto: Resources Management Consultants) 1975. Economics. Agriculture. Marketing. Dominica. Car.


Managing Tourism in the Bahamas. (Washington, DC: Checci & Co) 1969. Economics. Tourism. Bahamas.


MANCHESTER, Kathleen D - Historic Heritage of St Kitts, Nevis, Anguilla. (Port-of-Spain: Syncreators) 138 pages pb, many ills, [1971]. History. St Kitts. Nevis. Anguilla. Scarce. BL.


Manchester Society for the Furtherance of the Gradual Abolition . . . [See: “Report of the Committee of the Manchester Society . . .”]


MANDERSON, James - An Examination into the True Cause of the Stream which Runs through the Gulf of Florida into the Atlantic Ocean: With Directions for Sailing to Jamaica through that Passage . . . (London) 1804. Descriptive. Oceanography. Gulf stream. Caribbean area. By a British naval captain. An offprint from D Steel, “Steel’s Atlantic and West Indian Navigator” of 1804. Exceptionally scarce. BL, Rag.


MANDERSON-JONES, RB - The Case for a Republican Constitution of Jamaica. (Kingston: Caricom Publishers) 42 pages 22 cm pamph, [ca 1992]. Politics. Constitutional. Republicanism. Jamaica. Ban, BL.


MANDERSON-JONES, RB - A Failure of Nationhood: Report of the Constitutional Commission of Jamaica. (Kingston: Caricom Publishers) 17 pages 22 cm pamph, [ca 1992]. Politics. Constitutional. Nationhood. Jamaica. An official government report. BL, LOC.


MANDERSON-JONES, RB - Jamaican Foreign Policy in the Caribbean, 1962-1988. (Kingston: Caricom Publishers) 194 pages 24 cm, biblio, index, [ca 1990]. International relations. Jamaica. Ban, BL, LOC.


MANDEVILLE, RGF - A Brief Note on the History of Sugar in Barbados. (Bridgetown: Barbados Sugar Producers' Association) 1963. Agriculture. Sugar. Barbados. Co.C, Com, Wilk.


MANDEVILLE, RGF - The Commonwealth Sugar Agreement: A Brief Explanation of its Provisions. (Bridgetown: Barbados Sugar Producers' Association) 1961. Agriculture. Sugar. Economics. Commonwealth sugar agreement. Caribbean area. Co.C, Com, Wilk.


MANDEVILLE, RGF - International Action to Regulate Sugar Supplies. (Bridgetown: Barbados Sugar Producers' Association) 40 pages pamph, tables, 1961. Agriculture. Sugar. Economics. Caribbean area. Bar, Wilk.


MANDLE, Jay R - Big Revolution, Small Country: The Rise and Fall of the Grenada Revolution. (Lanham, Md: North-South Publishing Co Inc) xi,107 pages 22 cm pb, ills, [ca 1985]. Politics. International relations. US intervention, 1983. Urgent Fury. Grenada. BL, Gos, LOC.


MANDLE, Jay R - Patterns of Caribbean Development: An Interpretive Essay on Economic Change. (New York and London and Paris: Gordon & Breach Science Publishers, Caribbean Studies, Vol 2) xi,156 pages 24 cm hb, biblio, index, [ca 1982]. Economics. Development planning. Caribbean area. BL, Bow, Gos, LOC, New, W&D.


MANDLE, Jay R - Persistent Underdevelopment: Change and Economic Modernization in the West Indies. (Amsterdam and New York: Gordon & Breach Science Publishers, Caribbean Studies, Vol 10) xii,190 pages 24 cm hb, biblio, index, [ca 1996]. Economics. Development planning. Caribbean area. Begun as a revision of his “Patterns . . .” BL, Bow, LOC.


MANDLE, Jay R - The Plantation Economy: Population and Economic Change in Guiana, 1838-1969. (Philadelphia: Temple UP) xv,170 pages 23 cm, ills, biblio, [1973]. History. Agriculture. Sugar. Economics. Guyana. Com, Gos, Jor, LOC, W&D, Wilk.


MANDLE, Jay R - The Recent Decline in Fertility in Trinidad and Tobago. (Berkeley: U of California, International Population & Urban Research, Preliminary Paper No 5) 28 pages pamph, 1973. Fertility. Family planning. Trinidad. Tobago. Com, W&D


MANDLE, Jay R - [US economist; professor of economics at Temple U in Philadelphia.]


MANDLE, Jay R, and Joan D MANDLE - Caribbean Hoops: The Development of West Indian Basketball. (New York: Gordon & Breach Scientific Publications, Caribbean Studies, Vol 8) xiv,121 pages 24 cm hb, biblio, index, [ca 1994]; (ibidem) xiv,121 pages pb, biblio, index, [ca 1994]. Sport. Basketball. Caribbean area. Bow, LOC.


MANDLE, Jay R, and Joan D MANDLE - Grass Roots Commitment: Basketball and Society in Trinidad and Tobago. (Parkersburg, IA: Caribbean Books) 75 pages, 1988. Sport. Basketball. Trinidad. Tobago. Gos.


MANGAL, Rambarran - An Introduction to Company Law in the Commonwealth Caribbean Region. (Mona: UWI, Canoe P) xv,240 pages 23 cm, ills, forms, biblio, index, [ca 1995]. Law. Economics. Companies. Education. Caribbean area. An undergraduate textbook. LOC.


MANGRU, Basdeo - Benevolent Neutrality: Indian Government Policy and Labour Migration to British Guiana, 1854-1884. (London: Hansib Publishing) 267 pages 22 cm, ills, maps, biblio, index, 1987. History. Immigration. East Indians. Colonial administration. Guyana. BL, LOC.


MANGRU, Basdeo - A History of East Indian Resistance on the Guyana Sugar Estates, 1869-1948. (Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen P, Caribbean Studies, Vol 4) xiv,370 pages hb, 1 map, biblio, index, [ca 1996]; (ibidem) xiv,370 pages pb, 1 map, biblio, index, [ca 1996]. History. Immigration. East Indians. History. Guyana. BL, Bow, LOC.


MANGRU, Basdeo - Indenture and Abolition: Sacrifice and Survival on the Guyanese Sugar Plantations. (Toronto: TSAR Publications) xiii,146 pages 23 cm pb, biblio, 1993. History. Immigration. East Indians. Guyana. BL, LOC.


MANGRU, Basdeo - Indians in Guyana: A Concise History from their Arrival to the Present. (Chicago: Adams P) 108 pages 22 cm pb, ills, plates, maps, biblio, index, [ca 1999]. History. Immigration. East Indians. Guyana. BL, LOC.


MANGRU, Basdeo - [Guyana-born US historian; professor at Queens College, CUNY.]


MANHEIM, Uriel L – Puerto Rico Builds: Recent and Future Housing Trends. (San Juan: Housing Investment Corporation) 48 pages 27 cm pamph, tables, graphs, photos, maps, [ca 1968]. Economics. Construction. Housing. Puerto Rico. An official government report. Cev, LOC, Viv.


MANHEIM, Uriel L – Puerto Rico Builds: The Island’s Housing Market in the 1970s. (San Juan: Housing Investment Corporation) 80 pages 28 cm pamph, ills, [1972] 2nd ed. Economics. Construction. Housing. Puerto Rico. An official government report. LOC.


The Maniacs . . . [See: S Estwick.]


MANIGAT, Leslie François - Haiti of the Sixties, Object of International Concern: A Tentative Global Analysis of the Potentially Explosive Situation of a Crisis Country in the Caribbean. (Washington, DC: Washington Center of Foreign Policy Research) xiii,104 pages 22 cm, biblio, [1964]. Politics. Security. Haiti. A study of the crisis of the traditional system in Haiti, the reasons for Duvalier’s rise to power, his techniques of control, and international implications of his regime. Originally a series of lectures. By the Haitian essayist, historian, and lecturer (1937-). Bay, Ch.H, Gri, Her, Lag, LOC.


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Manilus [pseud] – [See: “New Year’s Address . . .”]


MANINGTON, George - The West Indies with British Guiana and British Honduras. (London: Leonard Parsons) xv,304 pages 23 cm hb, plates, 1 folding map, index, [1925]; (New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons) xv,304 pages 23 cm, plates, 1 folding map, index, 1925; (London: Eveleigh Nash & Grayson) xxvi,304 pages hb, 17 photos, 1 folding map, [1930] rev ed. Descriptive. Caribbean area. Guyana. Belize. 1st edition scarce. Bar, Bay, BL, Co.C, Com, Gos, LOC, My.R.


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MANLEY, Michael Norman – “Rebuilding for the Future:” The Party President’s Address in the Closed Session of the 43rd Annual General Conference of the People’s National Party on Saturday, October 10th, 1981. (Kingston: PNP) 28 pages 28 cm pamph, [ca 1981]. Politics. Jamaica. A speech. LOC.


MANLEY, Michael Norman – The Search for Solutions: Selections from the Speeches and Writings of. (Oshawa, Ont: Maple House Publishing) 322 pages 23 cm hb, photos, dj, [ca 1976]. Politics. Jamaica. Deals with a range of subjects. A collection of speeches. Edited by John Hearne with notes. Car, Gos, Ing, LOC.


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MANLEY, Michael Norman – [Jamaican politician (1924-1997); son of Norman and Edna; PM 1972-1980 and 1989-1992. See: M Haufman; and "Jamaica's Michael Manley . . .;" and DE Levi; and R Nettleford; and D Panton.]


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MARKHAM, Edward Archibald - [Montserrat-born poet and playwright (1941-).]


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MARKHAM, Robert - Sympathy in Distress, Recommended in a Sermon, Occasioned by the Heavy Sufferings of our Fellow-subjects in the West-Indian Islands, and Preached in the Parish Church of St Mary, Whitechapel. (London) 15 pages pamph, 1781. Disasters. Meteorology. Hurricanes. Church. Religion. Barbados. St Vincent. St Lucia. Soliciting contributions for the people of the islands affected by the hurricane of 1780. Exceptionally scarce. Ha.S.


[MARKLAND, James Heywood] - British Colonial Slavery, Compared with that of Pagan Antiquity. (London: James Ridgeway) iv,65 pages 21 cm 8vo pamph, 1830. Colonial administration. Slavery. Caribbean area. A pro-slavery tract. Argues that Caribbean slavery is very mild compared with that at the time of Christ, and which He did not condemn. Very scarce. BL, GL, LOC, Rag, RES Sab 8096, 81918.


[MARKLAND, James Heywood] - A Sketch of the Life and Character of George Hibbert, Esq, FRS, SA and LS. (sl, [London]: John W Parker) 21 pages pamph, 1837. Descriptive. Trade. George Hibbert. Jamaica. A biography. The earliest attempt to sanitise the Hibbert family's involvement in the slave trade, widely quoted but somewhat inaccurate. Very scarce. DNB, Rag.


MARKLAND, James Heywood - [London solicitor and antiquary (1788-1864); parliamentary agent to WI planters. RES.]


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Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

11th Edition: Don Mitchell QBE QC


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