Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

11th Edition: Don Mitchell QBE QC


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LOOBY, G - Design of a System of Agricultural Roads for the Proposed Orange Hill Development. (Washington, DC: OAS) 1986. Town and country planning. Agriculture. Public transportation. Roads. Orange Hill Estate. St Vincent. A technical assistance report.


LOOF, PAA – Freshwater Nematodes from Surinam Collected by J van der Land. (Leiden: Rijksmuseuum van Natuurlijke Historie, Zoologische Verhandelingen, No 129) 46 pages pamph, 1973. Zoology. Invertebrates. Freshwater nematodes. Suriname. Com.


LOOK LAI, Walton – Indentured Labour, Caribbean Sugar. Chinese and Indian Migrants to the British West Indies, 1838-1918. (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, Studies in Atlantic History & Culture) xxviii,370 pages 24 cm hb, 8 photos, 5 maps, biblio, index, dj, [ca 1993]. History. Sociology. Immigration. Indenture. Chinese. East Indians. Trinidad. Guyana. Jamaica. BL, Bow, LOC.


LOOK LAI, Walton – [Trinidadian scholar with an MA in jurisprudence and a PhD in history from Oxford U.]


LOOK LAI, Walton, comp – The Chinese in the West Indies, 1806-1995: A Documentary History. (Mona: UWI, The Press) xxxii,338 pages pb, tables, ills, photos, maps, biblio, 1997; (ibidem) xxxii,338 pages 23 cm pb, 30 ills, 5 maps, biblio, 1998. History. Immigration. Chinese. Caribbean area. Foreword by Bridget Brereton. BL, LOC.


LOONEY, Robert E - The Jamaican Economy in the 1980s: Economic Decline and Structural Adjustment. (Boulder, CO: Westview P, Westview Special Studies on Latin America & the Caribbean) xiii,257 pages 23 cm pb, 1987. Economics. Debt. Structural adjustment. Jamaica. By a US economist. BL, LOC.


LÓPEZ, Adalberto – [See: LOPEZ]


LOPEZ, Adalberto, ed - The Puerto Ricans: Their History, Culture, and Society. (Cambridge, MA: Schenkman Books) xi,490 pages 22 cm hb, biblio, [ca 1980]; (ibidem) xi,490 pages 22 cm pb, biblio, [ca 1980]. History. Puerto Rico. A later edition of “Puerto Rico and the Puerto Ricans.” Includes new essays on women, migration, and the Taino Indians. BL, Bow, Cev, Gos, LOC.


LOPEZ, Adalberto, and James PETRAS, ed - Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans: Studies in History and Society. (Cambridge, MA: Schenkman Publishing Co. New York: Halstead P, John Wiley & Sons) xi,499 pages 23 cm hb, 1 map, biblio, 1974 1st ed; (ibidem) xi,499 pages pb, 1 map, biblio, 1974. History. Puerto Rico. Deals with Spanish colonialism, US colonialism, and mainland Puerto Ricans. Presents the radical and nationalist viewpoint. BL, Cev, Gos, LOC.


LÓPEZ, Alfredo – [See: LOPEZ]


LOPEZ, Alfredo - Dona Licha: The History of Puerto Rico. (Boston, MA: South End P) 240 pages, 1985. History. Colonial administration. Dona Licha. Puerto Rico. Bow.


LOPEZ, Alfredo - Dona Licha's Island: Modern Colonialism in Puerto Rico. (Boston, MA: South End P) viii,178 pages 23 cm hb, biblio, [ca 1987]; (ibidem) viii,178 pages 23 cm pb, biblio, 1987. Colonial administration. Economics. Dona Licha. Puerto Rico. BL, Bow, Gos, LOC.


LOPEZ, Alfredo - The Puerto Rican Papers: Notes on the Re-Emergence of a Nation. (Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill Company Inc) xii,383 pages 24 cm, biblio, [1973]. Sociology. Race relations. Racism. Migration. New York City. Puerto Rico. Expresses the anger, frustration, and feelings of many Puerto Ricans. Cev, LOC.


LOPEZ, Alfredo - [NY-born militant PR nationalist (1949-). LOC.]


LOPEZ, Benji – [See: BB Levin.]






LOPEZ, L - Puerto Rico: Success Story of the Caribbean. (New York) 128 pages, 1965. Descriptive. Economics. Puerto Rico. Bay.


LÓPEZ, Lloyd J – [See: LOPEZ]


LOPEZ, Lloyd J – Report Resolutions: Roman Catholic Diocesan Synod I. (Belize City: Diocese of Belize City and Belmopan) 40 pages pamph, 1990. Church. Religion. Roman Catholics. Belize. Considers the synod topics. Wri


LÓPEZ, Mercedes – [See: LOPEZ]


LOPEZ, Mercedes – [Photographer. See: G Holland.]


LÓPEZ, Narcisco – [See: LOPEZ]


LOPEZ, Narcisco - [Cuban patriot (1797-1851). See: RG Caldwell; and S Delapain; and R Hardy; and "Life of General Narcisco Lopez . . .;" and AC Quisenberry; and C Villaverde y de la Paz; and TW Wilson.]


LOPEZ, Suzanne, and Rhona BAPTISTE et al - The 90 Most Prominent Women in Trinidad & Tobago. (Port-of-Spain: Trinidad Express Newspapers, Express Books, No 4) 80 pages 28 cm, many ills, [ca 1991]. Descriptive. Gender studies. Women. Trinidad. Tobago. Collective biography. BL, Gos, LOC.




LOPEZ BARALT, Jose – The Policy of the United States towards its Dependencies, with Special Reference to Puerto Rico. (San Juan: Editorial de la Universidad de Puerto Rico) xii,378 pages 23 cm, 1999. Colonial administration. US dependencies. Puerto Rico. LOC.


LOPEZ BARALT, Jose – Some Aspects of the Constitutional Relations between Puerto Rico and the United States. (Worcester, MA) 105 pages, 1930. Colonial administration. Law. Constitutional. Status. Puerto Rico. Bay.


LOPEZ BARALT, Jose – Some Aspects of the Territorial Policies of Congress with Special Reference to Puerto Rico. (Río Piedras) 1938. Colonial administration. Congress. Puerto Rico. Scarce. Bay.


LOPEZ BARALT, Jose – [PR author (1906-1969). LOC.]






LOPEZ-FRESQUET, Rufo - My Fourteen Months with Castro. (Cleveland, OH: World Publishing Co) xvi,223 pages 22 cm, frontis, [ca 1966]. Descriptive. Fidel Castro. Communist Cuba. By Castro's Minister of the Treasury in the first 14 months of his government (1911-?); subsequently chose exile. Bay, Chi, LOC, Tra.


LOPINOT, Charles Joseph, Compt de – [See: JD Elder.]


LORANT, Stefan, ed – The New World: The First Pictures of America Made by John White and Jacques Le Moyne and Engraved by Theodore de Bry . . . (New York: Duell, Sloan & Pearce) 284 pages, plates, 1946. Discovery. Exploration. John White. Jacques Le Moyne. Theodore de Bry. America. Caribbean area. Includes the WI. My.A, My.R.


LORD, Thomas - [Bishop of Barbados. See: T Parry.]


Lords Committee on the Distressed Condition of the West Indian Colonies . . . [See: “Report of the Lords Committee on the . . .”]


Lords of the Committee of Council Appointed for the Consideration of all Matters . . . [See: “Report of the Lords of the Committee . . .”]


Lords of the Committee of Privy Council, Appointed for all Matters Relating to Trade and Foreign Plantations . . . [See: C Jenkinson.]


LORENZO, Orestes - Wings of the Morning: The Flights of Orestes Lorenzo. (New York: St Martin's P) 320 pages 24 cm, ills, [ca 1994]. International relations. Military. Airforce. Cuba. The memoirs of a Cuban airforce pilot who defected to the US in 1991. Bow, LOC, Stu.


LORGE, Antonio, ed - Cuba: What's Next. (Coral Gables: U of Miami) 32 pages pamph, 1992. International relations. Communist Cuba. Bow.




LORIMER, Joyce, ed - English and Irish Settlement on the River Amazon, 1550-1646. (London: Hakluyt Society, 2nd Series, No 171) xxvi,499 pages 23 cm hb, 5 maps, biblio, index, 1989. History. Settlements. English. Irish. River Amazon. Guyana. Brazil. BL, LOC.


LORIMER, William – Porto Rico. Speech of the Hon William Lorimer . . . (Washington, DC: Gov’t Printer) pamph, 1900. Colonial administration. Taxation. Tariffs. Puerto Rico. A speech. By a US congressman. Scarce. LOC.


LORINZ, L - A Limited Marketing Plan for St Lucia. (Rome: FAO) 1966. Agriculture. Small farming. Marketing. St Lucia. A technical assistance report.


LORINZ, L - Report to the Government of St Lucia on Markets for West Indian Fruits and Vegetables in North America and the European Common Market Countries. (Castries: Gov’t Printer) 1967. Agriculture. Small farming. Tropical fruit. Vegetables. Marketing. St Lucia. An official government report.


LORNE, John Douglas Sutherland Campbell, Marquis of - A Trip to the Tropics and Home through America. By John DSC, Marquis of Lorne . . . (London: Hurst & Blackett) xii,357 pages 23 cm hb, 1867. Travel. Descriptive. Caribbean area. A travelogue. For the 2nd edition see: Duke of Argyll. Scarce. BL, Cu.W, LOC.


LOSCOMBE, AR - The 1st West India Regiment. A Brief Historical Sketch. (London) 20 pages pamph, ills, [1905]. History. Military. Regiments. 1st West India Regiment. Caribbean area. Scarce. RES.


LOSH, James - The Speech of James Losh, Esq, in the Guildhall, Newcastle upon Tyne, on the 31st March, 1824 at a meeting of the inhabitants called by the Right Worshipful the Mayor: For the Purpose of Petitioning Parliament for the Improvement and Gradual Emancipation of the Slave Population in the British Colonies. (Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Printed by T&J Hodgson) 12 pages 8vo pamph, 1824. Colonial administration. Slavery. East/West India produce controversy. Caribbean area. An abolitionist tract. A speech. Favours equalization of the sugar duties. Exceptionally scarce. BL, GL, Rag.


LOSH, James - [British abolitionist (1763-1833).]


LOSH, James, and William KNIBB - Speeches of James Losh, Esq, and the Rev William Knibb on the Immediate Abolition of British Colonial Slavery, Delivered at a Public Meeting . . . (Newcastle-upon-Tyne: T Blackwell & Co) 24 pages 12mo pamph, 1833. Colonial administration. Slavery. Caribbean area. An abolitionist tract. A collection of anti-slavery speeches. Exceptionally scarce. BL, Rag.


Loss of His Majesty's Ship Centaur, of seventy-four guns, the 23d of September, 1782 . . . [See: JN Inglefield.]


LOT, M Mahn – [See: MAHN-LOT]


LOUAT, Frédéric – [See: LOUAT, Frederic]


LOUAT, Frederic, and Margaret GROSH, and Jacques VAN DER GAAG - Welfare Implications of Female Headship in Jamaican Households. (Washington, DC: World Bank) xi,79 pages 28 cm, [ca 1993]. Sociology. Social welfare. Gender studies. Women. Economics. Households. Headship. Jamaica. Bob, LOC.




LOUBRIEL, Oscar – Final Report on the Effectiveness of Two University Courses. (Río Piedras: U of Puerto Rico) 104 pages, tables, 1 map, 1963. Education. Universities. Puerto Rico. Demonstrated the effectiveness of the use of television as a means to broaden the education of teachers. Viv.


LOUGHEED, Vivien – Central America by Chickenbus. (Prince George, BC: Repository P) 257 pages, maps, 1988, 2nd ed. Travel. Descriptive. Central America. Belize. A guidebook for tourists. Includes a brief history of Belize, geography, money, visas, laws, bus routes, car rentals, ferry timetables, places to stay, sights to see. Wri.


LOUISY, Pearlette – [St Lucia-born educator, governor-general of St Lucia.]


LOUISY, Pearlette, and Paule TURMEL-JOHN - A Handbook for Writing Creole. (Castries: Research St Lucia Publications) 11 pages 27 cm pamph, [ca 1983]. Linguistics. Creole. St Lucia. BL, LOC, Mom.


LOUNSBURY, RG – Materials in the National Archives Relating to the Caribbean Region. (Washington, DC) 1942. Archives. National archives. Caribbean area. Tra.




LOURIE, I – Haiti: Land of Handicraft and Masterpieces, Mahogany, Sisal, Palm Leaf. A Short Survey for Businessmen and Tourists. (Port-au-Prince: Impremerie de l’état) 19 pages 24 cm pamph, ills, [ca 1940]. Descriptive. Handicraft. Haiti. A guidebook for businesspersons. Scarce. Lag, LOC.


LOURIE, I – Haiti: The Ally of the Democracies. (Port-au-Prince) 60 pages pamph, 1942. Descriptive. Haiti. A WW II study. Scarce. Bay, Lag, Tra.


LOVE, Robert – [Bahamas-born physician (1835-1914); editor of the ‘Jamaica Advocate’; elected to the Kingston City Council and the Legislative Council; advocated land reform and civil rights; launched the Jamaican branch of the Pan-African Association started in London in 1900 by H Sylvester Williams; his fierce attacks on race and class prejudices were a major influence on Marcus Garvey. See: WA Roberts, “Six Great Jamaicans . . . “]


LOVELL, Harold, ed - Antigua Grammar School, 1884-1984: Centenary Magazine. (St John's: Antigua Printing & Publishing Co) 46 pages pamph, photos, 1984. Education. Antigua Grammar School. Antigua & Barbuda. By an Antiguan barrister and politician. Be.A.


LOVELL, Langford - A Letter to a Friend, Relative to the Present State of the Island of Dominica. (Winchester: Printed by James Robbins) 39 pages 8vo pamph, 1818. Colonial administration. Trade. Blockades. Navigation Act. Dominica. The colonial carrying trade and the blockade of US shipping. Shows the injuries caused by restrictions on the US trade. By a British long-term resident. Very scarce. My.D, My.R, Pos, Rag, Sab 42383.


LOVELL, Trevor OB - Broiler Production: An Investment Study. (Bridgetown: Gov't Printer) 31 pages pamph, 1970. Agriculture. Poultry. Broilers. Economics. Barbados. An official government report. W&D.


LOVÉN, Sven – [See: LOVEN]


LOVEN, Sven - Origins of the Tainan Culture, West Indies. (Göteborg: Elanders boktryckeri aktiebolag) ix,696 pages 25 cm hb, 19 plates, 1 map, biblio, 1935; (New York: AMS Press) 696 pages 23 cm hb, 10 leaves of plates, 1979 rep. Archaeology. Island Caribs. Tainos. Caribbean area. Considered a classic example of solid scholarship. A useful account of the civilization of the aborigines. The English edition of his revised 2nd edition of his 1924 German work. By a Swedish archaeologist (1875-?). BL, Cev, Ch.H, Ch.T, Co.C, Com, Gos, Ing, Lag, LOC, My.A, Viv.


LOVETT, Richard - History of the London Missionary Society, 1795-1895. (London: Henry Frowde) 2 vols, 8vo, plates, maps, 1899; (Palmerston North, NZ: Massey U) xiv,474,797-832 pages 22 cm, 1972. Church. Religion. London Missionary Society. Caribbean area. Includes the WI. By the secretary of the Religious Tract Society (1851-1904). 1st edition very scarce, a limited edition of 250 signed copies. BL, LOC, RES.


LOVING, Henry - Correspondence with the Right Honourable Viscount Goderich . . . on the Subject of the Political Rights of the Free Coloured and Black Inhabitants of the Island of Antigua. (London) pamph, 1832. Colonial administration. Civil rights. Viscount Goderich. Antigua. He had been sent to London to campaign for the removal of civil disabilities of free coloureds. Exceptionally scarce. LOC.


Loving & Hill’s Pocket Almanack for the Year 1824: Bissextile or Leap Year Calculated for the Meridian of Antigua; and, with little or no variation, serving for the other Leeward Islands. (St John’s: Printed and Published at the Office of the Weekly Register) [66] pages 15 cm pamph, [1824]. Colonial administration. Descriptive. Antigua. Leeward Islands. An almanac. Very scarce.


LOVINSKI, Marie Therese Alourdes Macena Champagne – [Haitian-born voodoo priestess (1936-); practising in the USA; more commonly known as Mama Lola. See KM Brown.]


Low's Pocket Companion, and Complete Annual Leeward Island Register, for MDCCXCIV; Being the Second after Bissextile, or leap year. With many additions and Improvements. (Basseterre: Edward Luther Low) [16],17-60,[1] pages pb, [1793]. Descriptive. St Kitts. Antigua. Montserrat. Nevis. Virgin Islands. Leeward Islands. Very rare. Only one copy known, at the Massachusetts Historical Society. Seen in a 2008 sale catalogue of William Reese Company – Americana (New Haven, CT). Probably survived only because it was taken to Burlington, NJ, by its owner William Ridgeway who gave it to Joseph A Duzdale of that city in 1826.


LOW, Edward Luther – [English printer and bookseller in Basseterre; opened a branch of the family printing business in St Eustatia which he sold in 1794 and left the island when the economy of Statia declined; involved in the salt export business with the Turks Islands; also published the St Eustatius Gazette 1790-1794. Thomas writes that “printing was brought to this island as early as 1746, and may have been introduced two or three years sooner.  There were two printing houses established before 1775.  Much of the printing was devoted to publishing newspapers, law, ephemera, and other job printing.  Only four 18th century titles are recorded by the OCLC printed in Basseterre before 1800. See: “An Answer to the Reverend James Ramsay's . . .”; and “Laws of the Island of St Christopher . . . “; and “Low's Pocket Almanac . . . “; and SA Mathews; and J Peterkin. See also T Howe.]


LOW, George Augustus – The Belise Merchants Unmasked; or, a review of their late proceedings against Poyais, Etc. (London) 8vo pamph, 1824. International relations. Abortive colonies. Poyais. Belize. An exposee of the fraud perpetrated by Gregor MacGregor in 1820. Exceptionally scarce. BL.


LOW, Ruth Hull, and Rafael VALS, ed - St John Backtime: Eyewitness Accounts from 1718 to 1956. (Cruz Bay: Eden Hill P) 96 pages 20x26 cm pb, ills, [1] leaf of plates, maps, biblio, [ca 1985]. Descriptive. History. St John. Danish West Indies. A collection of articles on different aspects of the island of St John. BL, Bow, Gos, LOC.


Low Cost Housing in Jamaica: Study and Proposals for the Redevelopment of a Squatter Area in Trench Town, Kingston, Jamaica. (London: Shankland Cox) 104 pages, 1 folding map, biblio, 1971. Town and country planning. Urban housing. Trench Town. Kingston. Jamaica. A technical assistance report. Ing.


LOWE, John, Jr - Liberty or Death, a Tract, by which Is Vindicated the Obvious Practicability of Trading to the Coast of Guinea for its Natural Productions, in Lieu of the Slave Trade. (Manchester) 56 pages 4to pamph, 1789 1st ed; (London) 56 pages pamph, 1790. Slavery. Slave trade. Caribbean area. An abolitionist tract. Argues that other branches of African commerce will be more profitable than the slave trade. 1st edition rare; 2nd edition exceptionally scarce. Sab 42414.


[LOWE, Joseph] - An Enquiry into the State of the British West Indies. (London: C&R Baldwin) xix,160 pages 8vo, 1807 1st ed; (ibidem) xix,160 pages 8vo, 1807 2nd ed; (ibidem) 1807 3rd ed; (ibidem) xix,176 pages 21 cm 12mo, 1808 4th ed. Colonial administration. Slavery. Caribbean area. A work in support of the Caribbean interest. Replied to by W Spence. All issues very scarce. BL, Cu.W, LOC, Rag, RES, Sab 42417.


LOWE, Percy Roycroft - A Naturalist on Desert Islands. (London: Witherby & Co) xii,300 pages 8vo, 32 plates, 3 maps, 1911; (New York: Charles Scribner's) xii,300 pages 22 cm hb, 33 photos, 2 maps, 1 col folding map, 1911. Descriptive. Ornithology. Nature studies. Swan Island, Blanquilla, Hermanos. By a British zoologist (1870-?); assistant keeper, Zoological Dep't, BM. BL, Gos, LOC, RES.


LOWE, Robson - The Codrington Correspondence, 1743-1851 . . . Being a Study of a Recently Discovered Dossier of Letters from the West Indian Islands of Antigua and Barbuda Mostly Addressed to the Codringtons of Dodington with Especial Reference to the History of those Adventurous Times and the Hitherto Unrecorded Postal History of the Antiguan Mail. (London: Robson Lowe) 112,xii pages 4to hb, 41 plates, 1 map, biblio, 1951. History. Plantations. Hobbies. Stamp collecting. Philately. Christopher Codrington. Barbuda. Antigua. A philatelic study. Be.A, BL, Co.C, Com.


LOWE, Robson - Encyclopaedia of British Empire Postage Stamps, 1639-1956. Vol VI. Leeward Islands. (London: Christie's Robson Lowe) 295 pages hb, many ills, dj, [1990]. Hobbies. Stamp collecting. Philately. Antigua. St Kitts. Montserrat. Leeward Islands.


LOWENTHAL, Abraham F - The Dominican Intervention. (Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP) x,246 pages 22 cm, biblio, index, 1972. International relations. US intervention, 1965. United States. Dominican Republic. A critical examination of the causes of the 1965 US intervention. BL, Gos, LOC.


LOWENTHAL, Abraham F, and Pamela K STARR - The United States and the Cuban Revolution, 1958-1960. (Washington, DC: Georgetown U Institute of Diplomacy) 50 pages pamph, 1994. International relations. United States. Cuba. Bow.


LOWENTHAL, David - West Indian Societies. (New York and London: Oxford UP for the IRR/ American Geographical Society, Research Series, No 26) xviii,385 pages 21 cm hb, 1 map, biblio, dj, 1972; (ibidem) xviii,385 pages 21 cm pb, 1 map, biblio, 1981. Sociology. Caribbean area. Accounts for the origin and nature of WI identity and the relationship with external forces; a richly informative volume on the non-Hispanic islands. Be.A, BL, Ch.T, Com, Gos, Ing, Jor, LOC, Mom, My.D, My.R, Pat, Pot, Pri, Viv, W&D.


LOWENTHAL, David - [British geographer (1923-?); professor of geography at U College, London. LOC.]


LOWENTHAL, David, ed - The West Indies Federation: Perspectives on a New Nation. (New York: Columbia UP, American Geographical Research Series, No 23) viii,142 pages 21 cm, tables, 1 map, biblio, 1961 1st ed; (London: Oxford UP) viii,142 pages, tables, 1 map, biblio, 1962; (Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing Group) viii,142 pages 23 cm hb, tables, 1 map, biblio, 1976 rep. Sociology. Politics. Integration. BWI Federation. Caribbean area. A collection of 4 essays on social and political topics concerning the birth of the short-lived BWI Federation; concentrates largely on characteristics that subsequently contributed to its dissolution. Bar, Bay, BL, Bow, Ch.T, Co.C, Com, Gos, Gri, LOC, My.R, Pot, Whi.


LOWENTHAL, David, and Lambros COMITAS, ed - The Aftermath of Sovereignty: West Indian Perspectives. (Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Anchor P) xvii,422 pages 18 cm pb, biblio, 1973. History. Slavery. Emancipation. Caribbean area. Chronicles the transition from slavery to freedom. Focuses on the shared experience of the territories and the common problems they face. A collection of 19 essays. The final volume in a series of 4. See also L Comitas. Ch.T, Com, Gos, Jor, LOC, My.R, New, Pot.


LOWENTHAL, David, and Lambros COMITAS, ed - Consequences of Class and Colour: West Indian Perspectives. (Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Anchor P) xx,334 pages 19 cm pb, biblio, 1973. Sociology. Race relations. Social classes. Caribbean area. A collection of18 articles in the 3rd of a series of 4 volumes. Com, Gos, Ing, LOC, My.R, New.


LOWENTHAL, Ira P – Commercial Activities in Rural Haiti: A Community-Centered Approach. (Port-au-Prince: IICA) 60 pages, 1974. Economics. Business development. Haiti. A technical assistance report. Lag.


LOWERY, J - Cotton Production, Nevis. Statistics and Evaluation. (Charlestown: CARDI) 1982. Agriculture. Cotton. Nevis. A technical assistance report.


LOWNDES, John - The Coffee Planter; or, An Essay On the Cultivation and Manufacturing of that Article of West India Produce. (London: C Lowndes) 76 pages 22 cm 8vo, 6 plates, 1807. Agriculture. Coffee. Plantations. Caribbean area. By a Dominican planter, and originally intended as a guide for his estate manager. Very scarce. LOC, My.R, Rag, Sab 42530.


LOWRY, [?] – [Jamaican (fl 1868); litigant in a case with Thomas Ingram. See: KEN Ingram, “The QC and the Middleman . . .”]


LOWTHER, Robert - [British colonial administrator; governor of Barbados. See: W Gordon; and "Letter from an Apothecary . . .;" and "The Self-Flatterer . . ."]


LOWY, Michael – The Marxism of Che Guevara. (New York and London: Monthly Review P) 127 pages 21 cm, 1973. Politics. Che Guevara. Cuba. Translated from the French by Brian Pearce. BL, Chi.


LOXTON, RF, and GK RUTHERFORD, and J SPECTOR - British Guiana, The Rupununi Savannas. (St Augustine: ICTA, Regional Research Centre, Soil and Land Use Survey No 2) 33 pages pamph, 1958. Agriculture. Soils. Land use. Rupunini Savannas. Guyana. A soil survey. Scarce. Co.C, Com, W&D.


LOZANO, Eduardo – Cuban Periodicals in the University of Pittsburgh Libraries. (Pittsburgh, PA: U of Pittsburgh Libraries) 67 pages pamph, 1971. History. Economics. Politics. Book production. Periodicals. Cuba. A bibliography. Chi.


[LUARD, EC] - The Overseer's Manual. (Georgetown: J Thompson) 308 pages 8vo, 1896 3rd ed. Agriculture. Sugar. Plantations. Overseers. Guyana. For the 1st edition see below. Exceptionally scarce. BL, Cu.W.


LUARD, EC, and FC THORPE, ed - Overseer's Manual. (Georgetown) 1882. Agriculture. Sugar. Plantations. Overseers. Guyana. For later editions see, FC Thorpe, and EC Luard above. Rare.


LUBBOCK, Neville - The Present Position of Our West Indian Colonies: A Paper Read before the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce. (London: The West India Committee) 12 pages pamph, 1890 1st ed; (sl, [Liverpool]: Liverpool Chamber of Commerce) 12 pages pamph, [1900]. Descriptive. Economics. Caribbean area. A speech. By the chairman of the WI Committee (1839-1914). 1st edition very scarce; 2nd edition scarce. My.R, RES, Wilk.


LUCAS, Charles Prestwood - A Historical Geography of the British Colonies. (Oxford: Clarendon P) 8 vols, diagrams, maps, 1888-1890 1st ed; (ibidem) 1905 2nd ed. Geography. British colonies. Caribbean area. Includes the WI, dealt with in Volume 2. By a British civil servant (1853-1931); head of the Dominions Dep't at the Colonial Office. 1st edition scarce. Bar, Bay, BL, Bo.C, Co.C, Com, Cu.W, LOC, My.D, My.R, Rag, RES.


LUCAS, Fielding - A New General Atlas of the West India Islands. (Baltimore: . . . Fielding Lucas, Jr) 4 pages 38 cm 4to, 21 col maps, [ca 1824] 1st ed; (ibidem) 1838. Descriptive. Cartography. Caribbean area. An atlas. Contains 21 maps in considerable detail. By a US cartographer (1781-1854). Very scarce and valuable. LOC, Rag, Sab 42611.


LUCAS, Isidro – Puerto Rican Dropouts in Chicago: Numbers and Motivations. (Washington, DC: US Office of Education) 100 leaves 28 cm, tables, questionnaire, biblio, 1971. Education. Dropouts. Migration. Chicago. Puerto Rico. An official government report. Concludes that 71.2% drop out before graduation. LOC, Viv.


LUCAS, W - Grants of Land in the Settlement of Barbados. (Bridgetown) 1647. Colonial administration. Grants of land. Settlement. Barbados. Exceptionally rare, no copy known. A questionable listing.


LUCE, Reginald William - Report of an Inquiry into the Need to Establish an Employment Service in St Lucia. (Castries: Gov't Printer) 33 pages 25 cm pamph, 1964. Industrial relations. Employment services. St Lucia. An official government report. Author (1893-?). Scarce. LOC, W&D.


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LUCIE-SMITH, Edward – [See: JEM Lucie-Smith]


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LYNN, Bruce G - [Travel writer and photographer (1916-?). LOC.]


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LYON, Danny - Merci Gonaives: A Photographer's Account of Haiti and the February Revolution. (Clintondale, NY: Bleak Beauty Books) 64 pages 28 cm pamph, ills, [ca 1988]; (New York: Distributed Art Publications) 64 pages pamph, 1994. Politics. Gonaives. Haiti. The anti-government demonstrations of 1986. By a US photographer (1942-). Bow, LOC.


LYONS, TL – Matrimonial Causes in Jamaica: Being a Consolidation of Chapter 442 of the Revised Edition of he Laws of Jamaica and Law 23 of 1938. (sl: sn) 100 pages, 1940. Law. Marriage. Jamaica. Very scarce.


LYTTLETON, Thomas – [The unknown addressee of John Duke’s letters of 1787. See: John Duke, Two Letters on the Treatment of Negroes . . .”]


LYTTLETON, W - History of the Cultivation of Sugar Cane, and of the Making of Sugar: Notes of Mr Drake [Drax]. (London: Royal Society) [ca 1667]. Agriculture. Sugar. History. Barbados. Rare.


LYTTON, E Bulwer – [See: Bulwer-Lytton]

Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

11th Edition: Don Mitchell QBE QC


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