Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

11th Edition: Don Mitchell QBE QC


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KINAS, Rosan – Barbados . . . [See: “Insight Pocket Guide: Barbados . . .”]


KINCAID, Jamaica - A Small Place. (New York: Farrar Straus Giroux) 81 pages hb, dj, 1988 1st ed; (New York: Penguin Books) 81 pages pb, 1989. Descriptive. Antigua. A Swiftian essay about 1980's Antigua. By an Antigua-born US novelist (1949-?). See: V Burrows; and B Edlmair; and M Ferguson; and DE Simmons. Be.A, Dan, LOC.


Kindling of the Flame: Published for the Methodist Bicentenary Celebrations in the Western Areas. (Georgetown: BG District) 87 pages pamph, 1960. Church. Religion. Methodists. Guyana.


KING, Bruce Alvin – Derek Walcott: A Caribbean Life. (Oxford: Oxford UP) xvi,714 pages 24 cm, ills, 24 plates, 2000. Descriptive. Literary criticism. Derek Walcott. St Lucia. Trinidad. Reg.


KING, Bruce Alvin – Derek Walcott and West Indian Drama: Not only a Playwright but a Company. The Trinidad Theatre Workshop, 1959-1963. (Oxford: Clarendon P. New York: Oxford P) 1 vol, 1995. Literary criticism. Drama. Derek Walcott. Trinidad. LOC.


KING, Bruce Alvin – VS Naipaul. (Hamden, CT: Archon Books) 1979; (New York: St Martin’s P) viii,170 pages, biblio, 1997 rep. Literary criticism. VS Naipaul. Trinidad. Dan, LOC.


KING, Bruce Alvin – [Author (1933-).]


KING, Bruce Alvin, ed - West Indian Literature. (London: Macmillan) 247 pages, biblio, 1979; (Hamden, CT: Archon Books) 247 pages, biblio, 1979; (London: Macmillan) viii,248 pages pb, biblio, 1995 2nd rev ed. Literary criticism. Caribbean area. Presents the historical development of WI literature and literary criticism. A collection of 14 essays. Car, Gos, Ing, LOC, Pot.


KING, Cheryl LA – Michael Manley and Democratic Socialism: Political Leadership and Ideology in Jamaica. (Eugene, Or: Resource Publications) 72 pages pamph, 2003. Politics. Democratic socialism. Michael Manley. Jamaica. Focuses on the leadership of Michael Manley from 1972 when he  was appointed PM to 1980 when he was voted out of office. By a St Vincent-born author.


KING, David - The State and Prospects of Jamaica with Appended Remarks on its Advantages for the Cure of Pulmonary diseases, and Suggestions for Invalids and others Going to that Colony. (London: Johnstone & Hunter. Glasgow: Theobald) xii,235 pages, 1850. Descriptive. Health. Pulmonary disease. Jamaica. By a Scottish United Presbyterian Church founder (1806-1883); visited Jamaica in 1848. Very scarce. Bay, DNB, LOC, RES, Sab 37795.


KING, Emory – A Diary of St George’s Caye. (Belize City: Tropical Books) 28 pages pamph, maps, [ca 1994]. Descriptive. St George’s Caye. Belize. LOC.


KING, Emory – Hey Dad, This Is Belize. (Belize City: Tropical Books) 167 pages, 1977; (San Jose: Trejos Hermanos Sucesores) 121 pages pb, [ca 1985]. Descriptive. Belize. His first book on Belize; a collection of humourous and entertaining essays dealing with various aspects of life. LOC, Woo.


KING, Emory – How to Visit, Invest, or Retire in Belize. (Belize City: Tropical Books) 34 pages pamph, [ca 1996]. Descriptive. Belize. A guidebook for retirees. LOC.


KING, Emory – I Spent it all in Belize. (Belize City: Tropical Books) 182 pages, ills, 1986. Descriptive. Belize. A humorous dialogue. Includes plays, letters, and miscellaneous writings. LOC, Wri.


KING, Emory – The Little World of Danny Vasquez: Memoirs of Old San Pedro. (Belize City: Tropical Books) 112 pages, 1989. Descriptive. Danny Vasquez. Old San Pedro. Belize. A good example of oral history. Wri.


KING, Emory – 1988 Driver’s Guide to Beautiful Belize. (Belize City: Tropical Books) 58 pages pamph, ills, maps, [1988]. Travel. Descriptive. Belize. A guidebook for tourists. Covers vehicle preparation, insurance, sleeping policemen, historical spots, road conditions, where to find accommodation, telephones. Advice in his usual tongue-in-cheek manner. Wri.


KING, Emory – One Hundred Years of Brodies in Belize. (Belize City: James Brodie & Co) 76 pages, 1987. Descriptive. Brodies. Belize. A commemorative illustrated history of a general merchant’s business established in 1887 by a native of Scotland who arrived in BH in 1872 and became a member of the Legislative Council before he returned to the UK. Wri.


KING, Emory – Slavery in Belize: A Family Affair. (Belize City: Tropical Books) 50 pages pamph, biblio, [ca 1999]. History. Slavery. Belize. LOC.


KING, Emory – [US-born journalist, businessperson and author; resident in Belize since 1953 when he was shipwrecked there.]


KING, Eric W - A Postal History of Belize. (Belmopan: Gov’t Printer) ix,58 pages pamph, ills, 38 pages of plates, 1981. Hobbies. Stamp collecting. Philately. Belize. LOC, Wri.


KING, Euclid S - Directory of Caribbean Tertiary Institutions. (Mona: Association of Caribbean Tertiary Institutions) 128 pages, 1992. Education. Universities. Caribbean area. A reference work. Gos.


KING, GS – Report of the Commission of Enquiry into the Organization and Cost, etc, of the Public Service of Trinidad and Tobago, 1957-1958. (Port-of-Spain: Gov’t Printer) 96 pages, 1958. Public administration. Organization. Cost. Trinidad. Tobago. Chairman GS King. Scarce. New.


KING, George H - Brimstone Hill: The Gibraltar of the West Indies. (Basseterre: St Kitts Printery) 22 pages 20 cm pamph, photos, [ca 1926] 1st ed; (ibidem) 11 pages pamph, 1954 5th ed. History. Brimstone Hill Fortress. St Kitts. The siege and capture of Brimstone Hill in 1782. Reprinted many times. 1st edition very scarce. Com, LOC.


KING, H Barty – [See: BARTY-KING]


KING, JC – Report of the Committee Appointed by the Ministry of Communications and Works to Enquire into the Transport System for the Island and to make Recommendations. (Bridgetown: Ministry of Communications & Works) 28 pages pamph, 1973. Public transportation. Barbados. An official government report. W&D.


KING, Jacqueline A - The Bi-centennial Handbook, 1779-1979. (Kingston: Jamaica Chamber of Commerce) 210 pages, 1979. Descriptive. Jamaica. A guidebook for businesspersons. Ing.


KING, Johannes - Life at Maripaston. Edited by HF de Ziel. (The Hague: Martinus Nijhoff, Verhandelingen van het Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde, No 64) vi,142 pages, ills, maps, 1973. Descriptive. Amerindians. Matawi tribe. Maripaston. Suriname. Text in Sranan, summary in English. By a Moravian missionary among the Maroons (1830-1898). Bro, Com, LOC.


KING, John – [Barbadian musician. See: EF Watson.]


KING, Jonathan CH - Ethnographic Notes on the Maya of Belize, Central America. (Cambridge: U of Cambridge) 43 pages pamph, ills, 3 leaves of plates, biblio, [1975]. Descriptive. Mayas. Kekchi. Mopan. Belize. BL cites this item as published by duplication. BL, Car, LOC, Woo.


KING, Joseph - [St Kitts Assembly member. See: "St Christopher. The Humble Petition . . ."]


KING, Kenneth Fitzgerald Stanislaus – A Great Future together: The Development and Employment Plan. (La Penitence: Design & Graphics) 28 pages pamph, 1973. Politics. Intra-regional issues. Caribbean area. Com.


KING, Kenneth Fitzgerald Stanislaus – Land and People in Guyana. (Oxford: U of Oxford, Commonwealth Forestry Institute Papers, No 39) 150 pages, maps, 1968. Geography. Guyana. Com, LOC, W&D.


KING, Kenneth Fitzgerald Stanislaus – [Guyanese politician (1929-2008); minister of economic development in the Forbes Burnham administration.]


KING, Lloyd - Autobiography of a Cuban Slave . . . [See: JF Manzano.]


KING, Lloyd - Towards a Caribbean Literary Tradition. (St Augustine: UWI, Dep't of French & Spanish Literature) 98 pages pb, ills, b&w photos, maps, [ca 1993]. Literary criticism. A collection of essays. The main theme is the WI condition. LOC.


KING, Lloyd - [Senior lecturer in Spanish at UWI.]


KING, Margaret Lumpkin - Education in the British West Indies. (Washington, DC: Dep’t of Health, Education, and Welfare) 21 pages pamph, ills, 1 col folding map, 1955. Education. By a US educator (1908-?). Bay, LOC.


KING, Martin Luther, Jr - Address at Valedictory Service, University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica, June 20, 1965. (Mona: UWI) 12 pages pamph, 1965. Education. A speech. By the US clergyman and civil rights campaigner (1929-1968). Will.


KING, Maurice – 350 Years of Parliamentary Government: Statements. By the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Barbados. (Bridgetown: Gov’t Printer) 43 pages pamph, ills, 1990. History. Elections. Parliament. Politics. Barbados. By a Barbados-born politician (1936-). LOC.


KING, RB – Land Resource Assessment of Stann Creek District, Belize. (London: Overseas Development Natural Resources Institute, Bulletin No 19) pb, 4 maps in pocket at back, 1989. Town and country planning. Stann Creek. Belize. A technical assistance report. BL.


KING, RB – Land Resource Survey of Toledo District, Belize. (Surbiton: Land Resources Development Centre, Vol 177) 1986. Town and country planning. Toledo. Belize. A technical assistance report. BL.


KING, Ruby Hope – [Senior lecturer in social studies at the Institute of Education, Mona.]


KING, Ruby Hope, ed - Education in the Caribbean: Historical Perspectives. (Mona: UWI, Faculty of Education) 195 pages, 1987. Education. Caribbean area. Gos.


KING, Ruby Hope, and P MORRIS, and Michael MORRISSEY, and P ROBINSON – Social Studies through Discovery. (London: Harlow) 124 pages, 1983; (Mona: UWI, The Chalkboard P, Educational Materials Unit) 138 pages, 2000 2nd ed. Education. Social studies. Caribbean area.


KING, Ruby Hope, and P MORRIS, and Michael MORRISSEY, and P ROBINSON – Teaching Social Studies the Enquiry Way. (Mona: UWI, School of Education) 151 pages, 1979. Education. Social Studies. Caribbean area.


KING, Ruby Hope, and Michael MORRISSEY - Images in Print: Bias and Prejudice in Caribbean Textbooks. (Mona: UWI, ISER) 65 pages pamph, 3 tables, 1988 1st ed; (ibidem) 65 pages pamph, 1990 rep. Education. Race relations. Bias. Prejudice. Caribbean area. Ban, LOC.


KING, St Clair et al – Report of the Working Party on Education. (Port-of-Spain: Gov’t Printer) 154 pages, 1976. Education. Trinidad. Tobago. An official government report. Com.


KING, WK, and Roland SOPER, and S Tyrell SMITH – Caribbean Biology: An Integrated Approach. (London: Macmillan Caribbean) 313 pages, 1983 2nd ed. Biology. Education. Caribbean area. A textbook for secondary schools. Pot.


KING, Washington - The Changes of Time and Things. (Bristol: Typing Facilities, printer) 112 pages, [1972]. Sociology. Jamaica. LOC, Will.


KING, Washington - In Our Opinion. (Bristol: The Author) 94 pages, [1966]. Descriptive. Jamaica. LOC, Will.


KING, William - Useful Transactions in Philosophy, and other Sorts of Learning, for the months of January, . . . May, June, July, August and September, 1709. Containing a voyage to the Island of Jamaica in America. Giving a brief account of the natural Rarities, Inhabitants and Diseases of the country; together with their cures after the method used by Jasper Van Slonenbergh . . . (London: Printed for B Linott) 3 vols in 1, [ca 1725]. Descriptive. Jamaica. Includes Sir Hans Sloan. By a British poet and author (1663-1712). Very scarce. BL, Cu.J, LOC.


KING, William Francis Henry - Addington Venables, Bishop of Nassau. A Sketch of his Life and Labours for the Church of God. (London: Wells Gardner) 123 pages 8vo, 6 engravings, [1877]. Descriptive. Church. Religion. Addington Venables. Bahamas. A biography. Author (1843-1909). Scarce. BL.


KING, William Henry – The Situation in Cuba. (Washington, DC: Gov’t Printer) 50 pages 23 cm pamph, 1898. International relations. Spanish-American War. Cuba. By a US lawyer, politician and jurist (1863-1949). Scarce. LOC.


KING, Winston M – Guyana’s Cabinet Sub-committee on Economic Matters. (New York: UNESCO) 12 pages pamph, 1967. Economics. Politics. Development planning. Guyana. Com.


King Sugar and the New World. (sl, [Kingston: New World Group]) [1968]. Agriculture. Sugar. Economics. Jamaica. Wilk.


KINGDOM, Donald, ed - Laws of British Guiana in Force on the 1st Day of July 1953. (London: Printed by Waterlow & Sons) 11 vols, 1954. Law. Statutes. Guyana. A collection of Acts and Ordinances. Replaced in 1973 by a loose-leaf edition. Scarce. Bay, LOC, Pat.


KINGDOM, William, Jr - America and the British Colonies. An Abstract of all the Most Useful Information Relative to the United States of America and the British Colonies of Canada, the Cape of Good Hope, New South Wales, and Van Diemen’s Island, Exhibiting at one View the Comparative Advantages and Disadvantages each Country Offers for Emigration: Collected from the Most Reliable and Recent Publications to Which Are Added a few Notes and Observations. (London: G&WB Whittaker) 359 pages 8vo, 1820 1st ed; (ibidem) 359 pages, 1820 2nd ed. Colonial administration. Immigration. Canada. Cape of Good Hope. New South Wales. Van Diemen’s Island. Caribbean area. Recommends emigration to British colonies generally in preference to the US; does not concern the WI. Both issues very scarce. BL, LOC, Sab 37865.


KINGDON, Alfred – British West Indian Conference on Quarantine. (Georgetown: C.K. Jardine, printer to the government of British Guiana) 239 pages 1888. Health. Communicable diseases. Quarantine. Caribbean area. Very scarce. Cu.W.


KINGHORN, Marion, ed - Bibliography of Jamaican Geology. (Norwich: U of East Anglia, Geo Abstracts) 150 pages, 1977. Geology. Jamaica. A bibliography. Car, Ing, Jor.


KINGSBURY, John Merriam - 200 Conspicuous, Unusual or Economically Important Tropical Plants of the Caribbean. (Ithaca, NY: Bullbrier P) [222] pages, col plates, 1988. Botany. Tropical plants. Caribbean area. By a US botanist (1928-?). LOC.


KINGSBURY, Robert C - Commercial Geography of the British Virgin Islands. (Bloomington: Indiana U, Office of Naval Research, Technical Report No 2) 25 pages pamph, maps, 1960. Geography. Economics. Tortola. British Virgin Islands. Bay, Co.C, Com.


KINGSBURY, Robert C - Commercial Geography of Grenada. (Bloomington: Indiana U, Office of Naval Research, Technical Report No 3) 26 pages pamph, maps, 1960. Geography. Economics. Grenada. Co.C, Com.


KINGSBURY, Robert C - Commercial Geography of the Grenadines. (Bloomington: Indiana U, Office of Naval Research, Technical Report No 1) 39 pages pamph, maps, 1960. Geography. Economics. Grenadines. Bay, Co.C, Com.


KINGSBURY, Robert C - Commercial Geography of Trinidad and Tobago. (Bloomington: Indiana U, Office of Naval Research, Technical Report No 4) 44 pages pamph, maps, 1960. Geography. Economics. Trinidad. Tobago. A short report on economic conditions and commerce. Bay, Ch.T, Co.C, Com.


KINGSBURY, Robert C, and Patricia KINGSBURY - The Virgin Islands. (Garden City, NY: Nelson Doubleday, Around the World Program) 64 pages pamph, many photos, ills, 1958 1st ed; (ibidem) 64 pages, ills, 1963. Descriptive. St Croix. St John. St Thomas. United States Virgin Islands. A children's book. Bay, Co.C, Com, LOC.


KINGSLEY, A – The Rural Code of Hayti . . . [See: NA Ware.]


KINGSLEY, Charles - At Last: A Christmas in the West Indies. (London: Macmillan & Co) 2 vols, 316+315 pages hb, 21+19 ills, 1871 1st ed; (ibidem) xii,401 pages hb, 1871 2nd ed; (ibidem) xii,401, pages hb, frontis, ill, [date?] 3rd ed; (ibidem) xii,401,lvi pages hb, frontis, ills, plates, 1874 4th ed; (ibidem) 401 pages hb, 41 ills, 1878 5th ed; (ibidem, 9th thousand) 401 pages hb, ills, 1879 6th ed; (ibidem) 401 pages hb, 41 ills, 1885 7th ed; (ibidem) x,334 pages hb, ills, 1889 new ed; (ibidem) x,334 pages, hb, ills, 1890; (ibidem) 334,lvi pages hb, 41 ills, 1896; (ibidem) 465 pages hb, 1900; (London and New York: Macmillan) 418 pages hb, 1903; (ibidem) 334 pages hb, 41 ills, 1910; (Plymouth: Writers & Readers P) 352 pages, 1987 rep. Descriptive. Caribbean area. Much natural description, appreciative of the lush beauty of the islands, but little appreciation for the non-English aspects of colonial life; otherwise generally a sympathetic treatment. By a British clergyman, historian, and prolific author (1819-1875); professor of modern history at Cambridge; visited the WI in 1869. 1st edition very scarce; 2nd edition scarce. Bay, Ch.T, Co.C, Com, Cu.W, Gos, LOC, My.R, RES.


[KINGSLEY, Vine Wright] - Spain, Cuba and the United States. Recognition and the Monroe Doctrine. By Americus . . . (New York: Printed by CA Alvord) 34 pages 8vo pamph, 1870. International relations. Spain. United States of America. Cuba. Opposes intervention. By a NY lawyer and author. Bay, Sab 88854, Tra.


Kingston Harbour Study. (Iowa: Stanley Consultants) 4 vols, 1968. Environment. Ports. Harbours. Kingston. Jamaica. A survey with recommendations. Ing.


Kingston Metropolitan Regional Plan. (Kingston: Town Planning Dep't) 2 vols, 36 maps, 1978. Town and country planning. Kingston. Jamaica. An official government report. Car, Ing.


Kingston Stock Market. (Kingston: Bank of Jamaica) 1964 1st ed; (ibidem) 113 pages, 1966 2nd ed. Economics. Finance. Markets. Stocks. Jamaica. Basic information on government securities, shares, etc. Ing, Will.


Kingston Waterfront Redevelopment: A Report Commissioned by the Ministry of Overseas Development . . . (Kingston: Shankland Cox) 43 pages pamph, 1968. Town and country planning. Urban redevelopment. Ports. Harbours. Kingston. Jamaica. A technical assistance report. Ing.


KINMAN, Charles Franklin - Cover Crops for Porto Rico. (Washington, DC: PR Agricultural Experimental Station, Bulletin No 19) 32 pages pamph, ills, 8 plates on 4 leaves, 1916. Agriculture. Livestock. Puerto Rico. Scarce. LOC, RES.


KINMAN, Charles Franklin - Experiments in the Supposed Deterioration of Varieties of Vegetables in Porto Rico. (Washington, DC: Gov’t Printer) 30 pages 23 cm pamph, tables, diagrams, 1916. Agriculture. Vegetables. Puerto Rico. Studies the effects of climate. Scarce. LOC.


KINMAN, Charles Franklin - The Mango in Porto Rico. (Washington, DC: Porto Rico Agricultural Experiment Station, Bulletin No 24) 30 pages pamph, 11 plates on 6 leaves, ills, 1918. Agriculture. Tropical fruit. Mangos. Puerto Rico. Scarce. LOC, RES.


KINMAN, Charles Franklin - Yam Culture in Puerto Rico. (Washington, DC: Gov’t Printer) 22 pages pamph, 6 plates on 3 leaves, 1921. Agriculture. Vegetables. Yams. Puerto Rico. Scarce. LOC.


KINMAN, Charles Franklin - [US agriculturalist (1880-?). LOC.]


KINMAN, CF, and TB MC CLELLAND - Experiments on the Supposed Deterioration of Varieties of Vegetables in Porto Rico, with Suggestions for seed Preservation. (Washington, DC: Porto Rico Agricultural Experiment Station, Bulletin No 20) 30 pages pamph, diagrams, 1916. Agriculture. Vegetables. Puerto Rico. Scarce. RES.


KINSBRUNER, Jay - Not of Pure Blood: The Free People of Color and Racial Prejudice in Nineteenth-Century Puerto Rico. (Durham, NC: Duke UP) xiv,176 pages hb, ills, maps, 1996; (ibidem) xiv,176 pages pb, ills, maps, 1996. Sociology. History. Race relations. Puerto Rico. Bow, LOC.


KIPLE, Kenneth F - Blacks in Colonial Cuba, 1774-1899. (Gainesville: UP of Florida) x,115 pages, biblio, 1976. History. Slavery. Slave trade. Cuba. Chi, Gos, LOC, Stu.


KIPLE, Kenneth F - The Caribbean Slave: A Biological History. (New York and Cambridge: Cambridge UP, Studies in Environment & History) xiii,274 pages hb, 1984. History. Slavery. Slave trade. Caribbean area. Bow, Gos, LOC.


KIPLE, Kenneth F, ed - The African Exchange: Toward a Biological History of Black People. (Durham, NC: Duke UP) vi,280 pages, biblio, 1987. Health. History. Africa. Caribbean area. Be.A, LOC.


KIPPIS, Andrew – [English non-conformist clergyman and biographer (1725-1796); web page. See: "Interesting Account of the Early Voyages . . ."]


KIRBY, AH - Hints for School Gardens. (London: IDA) pamph, ca 1906; (ibidem) ca 1907 rev ed. Agriculture. Education. School gardens. Caribbean area. A secondary school textbook. See also WG Freeman. Both issues scarce. Cu.W.


KIRBY, IA Earl - Guide to Selected Attractions on the Island of St Vincent. (Washington, DC: OAS) 31 pages pamph, ills, 1987. Travel. Descriptive. St Vincent. A guidebook for tourists. LOC.


KIRBY, IA Earl - Pre-Columbian Indians in St Vincent, West Indies. (Kingstown: St Vincent Archaeological & Historical Society) 6 pages pamph, 1971. Archaeology. Island Caribs. St Vincent. My.A.


KIRBY, IA Earl - Pre-Columbian Monuments in Stone. (Kingstown: St Vincent Archaeological & Historical Society) 8 pages pamph, 1969 1st ed; (ibidem) 12 pages pamph, 1977 2nd ed. Archaeology. Island Caribs. St Vincent. My.A.


KIRBY, IA Earl - The Sugar Mills of St Vincent. Their Sites. (Kingstown: St Vincent Archaeological & Historical Society) 46 pages pamph, 1973. Archaeology. Sugar mills. St Vincent.


KIRBY, IA Earl - [St Vincent-born veterinarian and historian.]


KIRBY, IA Earl, and CI MARTIN – The Rise and Fall of the Black Caribs of St Vincent. (Kingstown: Cybercom Publishing) 65 pages pamph, 1972; (ibidem) pamph, 2004 4th rev ed. Archaeology. Island Caribs. Black Caribs. St Vincent. My.A.


KIRBY, John – Essequibo Islands: Analysis of Land Use Patterns. (Georgetown: U of Guyana, Dep’t of Geography, Occasional Paper No 3) 86 pages, 1973. Agriculture. Land use. Economics. Essequibo. Guyana. Com.


KIRK, John M - Between God and the Party: Religion and Politics in Revolutionary Cuba. (Tampa: U of South Florida P) xxi,231 pages hb, [ca 1989]; (ibidem) xxi,231 pages pb, [ca 1989]. Politics. Church. Religion. Cuba. Charts the historical rise, decline and resurgence of the Catholic Church. Bow, Gos, LOC, Stu, Whi.


KIRK, John M - Jose Marti: Mentor of the Cuban Nation. (Tampa: UP of Florida) xi,201 pages 23.6 cm hb, biblio, [ca 1983]. History. Politics. Cuba. A comprehensive examination of his works. Chi, Gos, LOC, Stu.


KIRK, John M - [US political scientist (1951-). LOC.]


KIRD, John M, and Leonardo Padura FUENTES – Culture and the Cuban Revolution: Conversations in Havana. (Gainesville: UP of Florida) 1 vol, 2001. Politics. Sociology. Culture. Cuba. LOC


KIRK, John M, and Peter MCKENNA – Canada-Cuba Relations: The other Good Neighbor Policy. (Gainesville: UP of Florida) xiv,207 pages, [ca 1997]. International relations. Trade. Canada. Cuba. LOC.


KIRK, John M, and Peter MCKENNA, and Julia SAGEBIEN - Back in Business: Canada-Cuba Relations after 50 Years. (Ottawa: Canadian Foundation for the Americas) 30 pages pamph, 1995. Economics. International relations. Canada. Cuba. LOC, Stu.


KIRKALDY, S George - Industrial Relations Law and Practice in Jamaica. (Kingston: Ian Randle) 312 pages pb, 1998. Law. Industrial relations. Jamaica. An undergraduate college textbook. LOC.


KIRKALDY, S George - An Introduction to Industrial Relations and Labour Law in Jamaica. (Mona: UWI, SCS, Trade Union Education Institute) 97 pages pb, tables, 1979. Law. Industrial relations. Jamaica. An undergraduate textbook. Ban, Car, Ing, LOC, New.


KIRKALDY, S George - [Executive director of the Jamaica Employers' Federation.]


KIRKBY, Richard - [Captain in the English navy (?-1703); second in command in the WI when he disobeyed his superior's signals to engage the French in 1701, subsequently court-martialled and shot. See: "A True Account of the Arraignments . . ." DNB.]


[KIRKE, Henry] - Report of the Commissioner Appointed to Report on Certain Matters Connected with Primary Education, together with Minutes of Sittings and Evidence of Witnesses. (Georgetown: CK Jardine, Printer to the Gov’t) xxxix,167 pages, 1897. Education. Guyana. An official government report. Henry Kirke Chairman. Very scarce. LOC.


[KIRKE, Henry] - Report of the Commissioner Appointed to Enquire into the East Demerara Water Supply Scheme, together with Minutes of Sittings, and Evidence of Witnesses. (Georgetown: CK Jardine, Printer to the Gov’t) xiii,72 pages pamph, 1894. Public water supply. Guyana. An government report. Henry Kirke Chairman. Exceptionally scarce. LOC.


KIRKE, Henry - Twenty Five Years in British Guiana, 1872-1897. (London: Sampson Low & Co) xi,364 pages hb, 20 photos, 1 col folding map, 1898 1st ed; (Georgetown: Daily Chronicle, Edited by Vincent Roth) 255,viii,xxii, pages, ills, 1 map, 1948; (Westport, CT: Negro UP, Greenwood Publishing Group) x,364 pages hb, ills, 1 map, [1970] rep. Descriptive. Colonial administration. Guyana. An autobiography. 1st edition scarce; 2nd edition scarce. Bay, BL, Co.C, Com, Cu.W, Gos, LOC, McD, RES.


KIRKE, Henry - [British barrister and colonial administrator (1842-1925); magistrate and from 1874 judge in BG; Sheriff of Essequibo, 1877; A-G of Jamaica.]


KIRKPATRICK, Elizabeth Kreitler - Labor Law and Practice in Jamaica. (Washington, DC: US Dep't of Labor Statistics, No 320) 57 pages pamph, 1 map, biblio, 1967. Law. Industrial relations. Jamaica. Com, Ing, LOC.


KIRKPATRICK, Frederick Alexander - The Spanish Conquistadores. (Cleveland: World Publishing Co, Meridian Books) 366 pages, ills, maps, [1962] rep; (New York: Barnes & Noble, Pioneer Histories) xiii,366 pages, ills, maps, [1967]; (London) 367 pages pb, ills, maps, 1988. Discovery and exploration. Caribbean area. By a US historian (1861-1953). LOC.


KIRKPATRICK, Margery - From the Middle Kingdom to the New World: Aspects of Chinese experience in migration to British Guiana. Vol 1. (Georgetown: By the Author) 201 pages 21 cm, ills, plates, maps, 1993. Immigration. Chinese. Guyana. Author (1938-). BL, LOC.


KIRKPATRICK, W - A Short History of over One Hundred Years of the Public Water Supply in the Kingston and Liguanea Area, 1849-1961. (Kingston: Water Commission) 1961 1st ed; (ibidem) 66 pages, photos, 1961 2nd ed. History. Public water supply. Jamaica. Will.


KIRKWOOD, Robert - A Farm Production Policy for Jamaica. By Sir Robert Kirkwood. (Kingston: The Sugar Manufacturers' Association) 39 pages pamph, ills, [ca 1968]. Agriculture. Small farming. Jamaica. By a Tate & Lyle manager in Jamaica (1904-?); appointed a member of the Legislative Assembly. Com, LOC, Will.


KIRPALANI, M et al - Indian Centenary Review. One Hundred Years of Progress, 1845-1945. (Port-of-Spain: Guardian Commercial Printery) 1945. Descriptive. Immigration. East Indians. Trinidad. Tobago.


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KISSINGER, Henry – [German-born US political scientist, diplomat and businessman (1923-); born Heinz Alfred Kissinger; Secretary of State under Ronald Reagan. See: “35 Years of Service . . .”]


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KNIBB, William - [British Baptist missionary (1803-1845); served in Jamaica from 1824 till his death; the Baptist missionaries having been charged by the Jamaican planters with inciting the Christmas Rebellion of 1831 he was sent to England to explain the missionaries' case; his eloquence was a powerful factor in the passing of the Emancipation Act in 1833. See: GA Catherall; and "Colonial Slavery. Defence of the Baptist Missionaries . . .;" and JH Hinton; and J Hoby; and J Losh and W Knibb; and FC Lusty; and "Religious Persecution in Jamaica . . .;" and GE Sargent; and IK Sibley; and JJ Smith; and P Wright. DNB.]




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Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

11th Edition: Don Mitchell QBE QC


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