Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

11th Edition: Don Mitchell QBE QC


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KADT, E de – [See: DE KADT]


KAHL, Joseph A – A Cuban Diary. (St Louis: Washington U, Dep’t of Sociology) 105 pages, 1969. Descriptive. Cuba. Chi.


KAHN, Morton Charles - Djuka: The Bush Negroes of Dutch Guiana. (New York: Viking P) xxiv,233 pages hb, ills, plates, 1 folding map, biblio, 1931; (New York: AMS Press) xxiv,233 pages hb, ills, 44 leaves of plates, 1 map, 1979 rep. Sociology. Maroons. Djukas. Suriname. Author (1894-?). 1st edition scarce. Bay, Bro, Co.C, Com, LOC, Pri.


KAHN, W Yin – [See: YIN-KAHN]


KAIDEN, Nina N, and Pedro Juan SOTO, and Andrew VLADIMIR, ed – Puerto Rico: La Nueva Vida: The New Life. (New York: Renaissance Editions) 1 vol, [np] 26 cm, 16 col and 15 b&w plates, 1966. Descriptive. Visual arts. Puerto Rico. A pictorial book. The works of some of PR’s most noted artists, accompanied by selections from well-known poets and writers. LOC, Viv.


KALMER, CE - The Island of St Croix: As a Winter Residence for Invalids from Northern Climes, Plus a Few Remarks on Bulow's Minde. (Christiansted: The Avis) 62 pages pamph, 1874. Descriptive. St Croix. Danish West Indies. Exceptionally scarce.


KAMARA, Kasala – Foreign Direct Investment in Trinidad and Tobago during the Period of the 1990s: Trends, Benefits, Costs, and Prospects. (San Fernando: By the Author) 92 pages pamph, 1998. Economics. Foreign investment. Trinidad. Tobago. LOC.


KAMARA, Kasala – The IMF Threat to Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean. (Belmont: Pegasus Publishing) 76 pages pamph, 1986; (ibidem) 107 pages, 1988 rev ed. Economics. Development planning. Debt. IMF. Trinidad. Tobago. Gos.


KAMARCK, Andrew M - The Tropics and Economic Development: A Provocative Inquiry into the Poverty of Nations. (Baltimore and London: Published for the World Bank by The Johns Hopkins UP) xiv,113 pages hb, maps, [ca 1976]. Economics. Development planning. Agronomy. Pharmacology. Mineralogy. Meteorology. Tropics. Caribbean area. Includes the WI. LOC.


KAMBON, Khafra - For Bread, Justice and Freedom: A Political Biography of George Weeks. (London and Port-of-Spain: New Beacon Books) xi,353 pages hb, b&w photos, 1988 1st ed; (ibidem) 353 pages pb, b&w photos, 1988. Descriptive. Politics. Industrial relations. Trade unions. George Weeks. Trinidad. A biography. LOC.


KAMINKOW, Jack, and Marion KAMINKOW - A List of Emigrants from England to America, 1718-1759. (Baltimore: Magna Carta Book Co) 288 pages, 1964; (ibidem) xxviii,292 pages, 1981; (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co) xxviii,292 pages, [ca 1988]. Colonial administration. Immigration. Genealogy. America. Caribbean area. Transcribed from the original records at the Guildhall, London. Han, LOC.


KAMINKOW, Jack, and Marion KAMINKOW - Original Lists of Emigrants in Bondage from London to the American Colonies, 1719-1744. (Baltimore: Magna Carta Book Co) xviii,211 pages, 1967. Colonial administration. Immigration. Genealogy. America. Caribbean area. Includes the WI. Transcribed from the Treasury Money Books in the PRO. Han, LOC.


KANAZAWA, Robert H – More New Species and New Records of Fishes from Bermuda. (Chicago: Natural History Museum, Fieldiana, Zoology, Vol 34, No 7) 1952. Wildlife. Marine resources. Bermuda. BL.


KANBAR, Elliott – The Caribbean on 5 and 10 Dollars . . . [See: “Frommer’s The Caribbean on 5 . . .”]


KANDEL, IL et al - Report of the Committee Appointed to Enquire into the System of Secondary Education in Jamaica. (Kingston: Gov't Printer) 26 pages pamph, [ca 1943]. Colonial administration. Education. Jamaica. An official government report. By a US educator (1881-1965). Scarce. Co.C, Com.


KANHAI, Rohan Babulal – Blasting for Runs. (London: Souvenir P) 128 pages, 12 plates, 1966; (Calcutta: Rupa) 118 pages, ills, 1969. Sport. Cricket. Caribbean area. LOC.


KANHAI, Rosanne – Matikor: The Politics of Identity for Indo-Caribbean Women. (St Augustine: UWI, SCS) 289 pages pb, col ills, plates, [ca 1999]. Sociology. Identity. Gender studies. Women. East Indians. Trinidad. By the program director of the Women Studies Program at the Western Washington University. LOC.


KANN, W Yin – [See: YIN-KANN]


KAPCIA, Antoni - Political Change in Cuba: Before and After the Exodus. (London: U of London, Institute of LA Studies, Occasional Paper No 9) 33 pages pamph, 1995. Politics. Migration. Cuba. Stu.


KAPLAN, Eugene Herbert - A Field Guide to Coral Reefs: Caribbean and Florida. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co, Peterson Field Guide Series) 289 pages, 37 b&w and col photos, 1 map, biblio, 1988 rep. Wildlife. Marine resources. Coral reefs. Florida. Caribbean area. A reprint of the below 1982 edition. Bo.C, Bow, Gos.


KAPLAN, Eugene Herbert - A Field Guide to Coral Reefs of the Caribbean and Florida: A Guide to the Common Invertebrates and Fishes of Bermuda, the Bahamas, Southern Florida, the West Indies, and the Caribbean Coast of Central and South America. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co) xv,289 pages, col ills, 75 pages of plates, 1982 1st ed. Wildlife. Marine resources. Coral reefs. Florida. Caribbean area. For a later edition see: EH Kaplan and SL Kaplan. BL, Gos, LOC.


KAPLAN, Eugene Herbert - A Field Guide to Southeastern and Caribbean Seashores: Cape Hatteras to the Gulf Coast, Florida, and the Caribbean. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co, Peterson Field Guide Series) col ills, col plates, 1982; (ibidem) xiii,425 pages, col ills, 132 pages of plates, 1988. Nature studies. Wildlife. Seashores. Florida. Caribbean area. A guidebook for naturalists. Drawings by Susan L Kaplan. Bow, Gos, LOC.


KAPLAN, Eugene Herbert - [US ichthyologist (1932-). LOC.]


KAPLAN, Eugene Herbert, and Susan L KAPLAN - A Field Guide to Coral Reefs: Caribbean and Florida. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co) 1999. Wildlife. Marine resources. Coral reefs. Florida. Caribbean area. For the 1st edition see EH Kaplan.


KAPLAN, Eugene Herbert, and Susan L KAPLAN – Southeastern and Caribbean Seashores. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co) 1999 2nd ed. Descriptive. Wildlife. Botany. Zoology. Caribbean area.


KAPLAN, Irving – [US travel writer (1923-2010). LOC.]


KAPLAN, Irving, and Howard I BLUTSTEIN, and Kathryn T JOHNSTON, and David S MC MORRIS - Area Handbook for Jamaica. (Washington, DC: US Gov't Printing Office, American UP) xii,332 pages hb, 3 maps, biblio, 1976. Descriptive. Jamaica. A guidebook for administrators and diplomats. Designed for use by government officers. Car, Gos, Ing, Jor, LOC.


KAPLOWITZ, Donna Rich – Anatomy of a Failed Embargo: US Sanctions against Cuba. (Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers) x,247 pages, 1 map, 1998. Economics. Trade. Embargos. International relations. United States. Cuba. LOC.


KAPLOWITZ, Donna Rich – [US political scientist and author (1962-). LOC.]


KAPLOWITZ, Donna Rich, ed - Cuba's Ties to a Changing World. (Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner) xii,261 pages hb, ills, maps, 1993. International relations. Economics. Cuba. Bow, LOC, Stu, Whi.


KAPLOWITZ, Donna Rich, and Michael KAPLOWITZ - New Opportunities for US-Cuban Trade. (Washington, DC: Johns Hopkins UP) 81 pages, 1992. Economics. Trade. United States. Cuba. Stu.


Kapo. The Larry Wirth Collection. (Kingston: National Gallery of Art) 48 pages pamph, 1982. Visual arts. Jamaica.


KAPP, Kit S - The Printed Maps of Jamaica upto 1825. (Kingston: The Bolivar P, Map Collectors' Series No 42) 36 pages pamph, 33 maps, 1968. Cartography. Geography. Jamaica. Com, Ing, Jor, LOC, Will.


KAPPEL, Philip - Jamaica Gallery: A Documentary of the Island of Jamaica, West Indies. (Boston and Toronto: Little, Brown & Co) [56] large pages, slip case, 1960; (London: Macmillan) [56] pages, 25 b&w etchings, dj, 1961. Descriptive. Jamaica. A pictorial book. Contains 25 full page etchings depicting social life and customs. 1st edition scarce, a limited edition of 1000 copies in a blue slip case. Com, Ing, LOC, Will.


KARANJIA, Rustom Khurshedji, and Ramesh SAGHVI – Castro-Storm over Latin America. (Bombay: Perennial P) 159 pages, 1961. International relations. Fidel Castro. Latin America. Cuba. Chi.


KARCH, Cecilia Ann - The Rise of the Phoenix: The Barbados Mutual Life Assurance Society in Caribbean Economy and Society, 1840-1990. (Kingston: Ian Randle) xx,396 pages hb, tables, photos, biblio, index, 1997 1st ed; (ibidem) xx,396 pages pb, tables, photos, biblio, index, 1997. Economics. Insurance. Life assurance. Organizations. Corporations. Barbados. A history of the oldest surviving indigenous insurance company in the WI. By a senior lecturer in sociology at Cave Hill, UWI. LOC.


KARNER, Frances P - The Sephardics of Curacao: A Study of Sociocultural Patterns in Flux. (Assen: Van Gorcum & Co NV) 94 pages, biblio, 1969. Religion. Judaica. Sephardics. Curacao. Netherlands Antilles. The author was herself born and raised in the community, one of the oldest Jewish communities in the WI. Bro, Com, Coo, Gos, LOC, Sch.


KAROL, KS - Guerrillas in Power: The Course of the Cuban Revolution. (New York: Hill & Wang) x,624 pages, [1970]; (London: Jonathan Cape) x,624 pages hb, 1971. Politics. Guerillas. Cuba. Translated from the French by Arnold Pomerans. Chi, Gos, LOC, Stu.


KARRAKER, Cyrus Harreld - The Hispaniola Treasure. (Philadelphia: U of Pennsylvania P) viii,122 pages, plates, 1 map, 1934. Piracy. Buccaneering. Treasure. Hispaniola. Haiti. Dominican Republic. Lag, LOC.


KARRAKER, Cyrus Harreld - Piracy was a Business. (Ringe, NH: RR Smith) 244 pages hb, ills, biblio, 1953. Piracy. Buccaneering. Caribbean area. Bay, LOC.


KARRAN, Kampta - Bridging the Racial Divide in Guyana: Problems and Proposals. (West Bank: Offerings Publications) 21 pages pamph, 1995. Sociology. Race relations. Guyana.


KARRAS, Alan L - Sojourners in the Sun: Scottish Migrants in Jamaica and the Chesapeake, 1740-1800. (Ithaca, NY: Cornell UP) xiii,231 pages, ills, maps, 1992. Immigration. Scots. Chesapeake. Jamaica. Bow, Gos, LOC.


KARY, W - An Economic Simulation Model of the Cacao Industry of the Dominican Republic. (College Station: Texas A&M U) 113 pages, 1977. Agriculture. Cacao. Chocolate. Economics. Development planning. Dominican Republic. Car.


KASAHARA, H, and CP IDYLL – UN Special Fund Caribbean Fishery Mission: Report to the Managing Director. (New York: UN) 134 pages, 1962. Marine resources. Fisheries. Caribbean area. A technical assistance report. Lag.


KASASIAN, Levon - Common Weeds of Trinidad. (sl, [St Augustine]: UWI) 1964. Botany. Weeds. Trinidad.


KASASIAN, Levon, and J SEEYAVE – Weedkillers for Caribbean Agriculture. (St Augustine: UWI, Regional Research Centre) 44 pages pamph, 1968. Agriculture. Crop control. Herbicides. Caribbean area. Com.


KASINITZ, Philip - Caribbean New York: Black Immigrants and the Politics of Race. (Ithaca, NY: Cornell UP, Anthropology of Contemporary Issues Series) xiv,280 pages hb, ills, 1992; (ibidem) xiv,280 pages pb, ills, 1992. Sociology. Civil rights. Race relations. Migration. New York. Caribbean area. Author (1967-). Bow, LOC.


KASTARLAK, Bulent - Tourism and Its Development Potential in Grenada. (St Georges: UN Physical Planning Unit) 1976. Economics. Tourism. Development planning. Grenada. A technical assistance report. Car.




KATZNELSON, Ira – Black Men, White Cities: Race, Politics, and Migration in the United States, 1900-30, and Britain, 1948-68. (London: Oxford UP) 219 pages, 1973. Sociology. Race relations. Migration. United States. Britain. Caribbean area. Com.


KAUFMAN, Michael - Jamaica Under Manley: Dilemmas of Socialism and Democracy. (sl: Lawrence Hill. London: Zed Books) xvi,282 pages pb, ills, 1985. Politics. Socialism. Michael Manley. Jamaica. Author (1951-). Gos, LOC, Whi.


KAUFMANN, William W – British Policy and the Independence of Latin America, 1804-1828. (Hamden, CT: Archon Books) 238 pages, 1967. International relations. South America. Central America. Latin America. Caribbean area. Includes the WI. Com.


KAWALEY, Ian RC – The Implications of the Exclusive Economic Zone and EEZ Management for Small Mid-ocean Island Commonwealth Territories. (London: U of London) 1999. Law. Legal regimes. Treaties. Exclusive economic zones. Bermuda. Bahamas. BL.


KAY, Cristobal - New Developments in Cuban Agriculture: Economic Reforms and Collectivization. (Glasgow: U of Glasgow, Centre for Dev't Studies, Occasional Paper No 1) 1987. Agriculture. Reform. Collectives. Cuba.


KAY, Ernest, ed - Dictionary of Caribbean Biography. (London: Melrose P Ltd) 335 pages, 1969 1st ed. Descriptive. Caribbean area. Collective biography. Approximately 3000 entries, based on replies to questionnaires. Com, Gos, Mom, My.R, Pot.


KAY, Ernest, ed - Dictionary of Latin American and Caribbean Biography. (London: Melrose P Ltd) 458 pages, 1971 2nd ed. Descriptive. Latin America. Caribbean area. Collective biography. The 2nd edition of his “Dictionary of Caribbean Biography . . . “ LOC.


KAY, Frances - This - is Grenada. (Port-of-Spain: Privately published, Caribbean Printers) 134 pages pb, ills, maps, [ca 1966] 1st ed; (ibidem) 134 pages pb, ills, maps, 1967; (St Georges: Carenage P) 182 pages pb, ills, maps, 1971 2nd ed. Travel. Descriptive. Grenada. A guidebook for tourists. See also FK Brinkley. Com, LOC.


KAY, Frederick George - The Shameful Trade. (London: Frederick Muller) 218 pages, 8 plates, biblio, 1967 1st ed; (South Brunswick, NJ: AS Barnes) 218 pages, ills, 1968; (London: White Lion) 218 pages hb, 16 ills, dj, 1976. History. Colonial administration. Slavery. Slave trade. Caribbean area. A history of the trade and its abolition. Author (1911-?). LOC.


KAYE, John William - The Life and Correspondence of Charles Lord Metcalfe, Late Governor-General of India, Governor of Jamaica and Governor General of Canada . . . (London: Richard Bentley) 2 vols, 516+654 pages 8vo hb, 1854 1st ed; (London: Smith, Elder & Co) 2 vols, 454+480 pages 16mo hb, 1858 rev ed. Descriptive. Colonial administration. Charles Metcalfe. Jamaica. A biography. 1st edition very scarce, 2nd edition scarce. Cu.J, LOC, Sab 37123.


KAYE, John William – [British military historian (1814-1876); succeeded John Stuart Mill as secretary of the political and secret department of the India office. LOC.]


KAYE, John William, ed - Selections from the Papers of Lord Metcalfe, Late Governor-General of India, Governor of Jamaica and Governor-General of Canada. (London: Smith, Elder & Co) xiv,476 pages 8vo, 1855. Colonial administration. Charles Metcalfe. Jamaica. Very scarce. LOC, Sab 48168.




KAYE, Percy Lewis - The Colonial Executive Prior to the Restoration. (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins U) 84 pages, 1900; (ibidem) 84 pages, 1906; (New York: Johnson Reprint Corp) 84 pages, [1973]. Colonial administration. Executive. Restoration. Caribbean area. Passim WI. LOC, RES.


KAYE, Percy Lewis - English Colonial Administration under Clarendon, 1660-1667. (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins U) 150 pages, 1905. History. Colonial administration. Edward Hyde Clarendon. Caribbean area. Passim WI. LOC, RES.


KEANE, Augustus Henry - Central America and the West Indies. (London) 1901. Descriptive. Central America. Caribbean area. A reference work. The title of Vol 2 of his "Central and South America." Cu.W, RES.


KEANE, Augustus Henry - Central and South America. (London: E Stanford) 2 vols, ills, 1 folding map, 1901; (ibidem) 2 vols, 1909. Descriptive. Central America. South America. Caribbean area. A reference work. The WI are dealt with in Vol 2. LOC, Rag, RES


KEANE, Augustus Henry - [British ethnologist (1833-1912); professor of Hindustani at UC London. RES.]


KEANE, John - [British lieutenant general (1781-1844); present at the 1809 reduction of Martinique; commander of troops in Jamaica, 1823-30. See: J Franklin. DNB.]


KEAR, Averil – Bermuda Dick: The True Story of Forest of Dean Convicts. (Sydney: Lightmore P) viii,160 pages 23 cm, ills, plates, maps, [ca 2002]. Colonial administration. History. Law. Crime. Punishments. Convicts. Prisoners. Rapists. Bermuda. BL.


KEATING, Frank - Another Bloody Day in Paradise! (London: Deutsch) 177 pages 24 cm, [13] pages of plates, 1 map, 1981. Sport. Cricket. Caribbean area. By a sportswriter (1937-). BL.


KEATING, Maurice - [Pirate. See: "Genuine Narrative of the Life of . . ."]


KEATINGE, Richard – [See: "Life and Adventures in the West Indies."]


KEEGAN, William F - The People Who Discovered Columbus: The Prehistory of the Bahamas. (Gainesville: UP of Florida, Ripley P Bullen Series) xx,279 pages hb, ills, [ca 1992]. Discovery. Exploration. Archaeology. Island Caribs. Tainos. Christopher Columbus. Bahamas. Bow, Gos, LOC.


KEEGAN, William F, ed - Earliest Hispanic-Native American Interactions in the Caribbean. (New York: Garland Publishing, Spanish Borderlands Sourcebooks Series, Vol 13) xlv,383 pages hb, ills, maps, biblio, 1991. Discovery. Exploration. Archaeology. Island Caribs. Caribbean area. Bow, Gos, LOC.


KEELER, Mary Frear, ed - Sir Francis Drake's West Indian Voyage, 1585-1586. (London: Hakluyt Society, 2nd Series, No 148) xiv,358 pages demy 8vo hb, 11 plates, 3 maps, dj, 1981. Privateering. Early voyages. Francis Drake. Caribbean area. LOC.


KEELING, Joseph - The Case of Joseph Keeling, Esq; Relative to his Claim to a Large Estate in the Island of Barbados. (sl, [London]) 4 pages folio pamph, 1768. Colonial administration. Barbados. Relates to the estate called Rawdon’s Rents otherwise Rawdon’s Plantation in St Michael. Exceptionally scarce. BL, Ha.S.


KEEN, Benjamin, ed - The Life of the Admiral Christopher Columbus, by his Son Ferdinand . . . [See: F Columbus.]


KEENAGH, Peter - Mosquito Coast: An Account of a Journey through the Jungles of Honduras. (London: Chatto & Windus) xi,286 pages, ills, 17 leaves of plates, maps, 1937 1st ed; (ibidem) 286 pages, ills, plates, maps, 1938. Travel. Descriptive. Nicaragua. Honduras. Mosquito Coast. Belize. A travelogue. Mainly Nicaragua and Honduras. LOC.


KEENAN, Patrick Joseph - Report upon the State of Education in the Island of Trinidad. (London: HMSO) 1869 1st ed; (Dublin: Alexander Thom) 1869; [Port-of-Spain] 1988 rep. Colonial administration. Education. Trinidad. A parliamentary report. By an Irish-born British colonial administrator; Commissioner of National Education in Ireland. The 1988 is a reprint of the Thom edition. 1st edition scarce. See also, “Papers on the state of education . . .”


KEIJZER, Frans Gaspard - Outline of Geology of the Eastern Part of the Province of Oriente, Cuba . . . (Utrecht: Uitgeverij “De Vliegende Hollander”) 238 pages, ills, profiles, folding map in pocket, [1945]. Geology. Oriente Province. Cuba. Scarce. Bay, LOC.


KEIM, DR – San Domingo. [The Trask citation for Keim, DR, “Santo Domingo . . .”]


KEIM, De Bonniville Randolph - Santo Domingo, Pen Pictures and Leaves of Travel, Romance and History, from the portfolio of a correspondent in the American Tropics. By Keim. (Philadelphia) 1871. Travel. Descriptive. Dominican Republic. A travelogue. Commissioned by the Editor of the 'New York Herald Newspaper' to create a public sentiment friendly to US expansion in the West Indies. Scarce. Cu.W, Tra.


[KEIMER, Samuel] - Caribbeana: Containing Letters and Dissertations, together with Political Essays on Various Subjects and Occasions . . . Chiefly Wrote by Several Hands in the West Indies . . . In two volumes; wherein are also comprised, divers papers relating to trade, government, and laws in general; but more especially to those of the British Sugar Colonies, and of Barbadoes in Particular. (London: Printed for T Osborne, J Clarke, S Austin, G Hawkins, R Dodsley, W Lewis) 2 vols, 404+358 pages 4to, index, 1741 1st ed; (Millwood: Kraus Reprint) 2 vols, 404+358 pages hb, index, 1978 facs ed. Colonial administration. History. Caribbean area. Lengthy and informative vols containing poems, addresses to grand juries, speeches in the House of Assembly, letters and other items that appeared in the 'Barbados Gazette' between 1731 and 1738. By an early printer of Barbados (fl 1688-1742); successor to David Harry; originally from Philadelphia where he had been an associate of Benjamin Franklin; succeeded as printer by William Beeby; published the ‘Barbados Gazette;’ reputed a notorious glutton. See: Douglas McMurtrie. 1st edition very scarce. Bar, BL, Cu.W, Gos, Gri, Han, LOC, RES, Sab 37174.


KEIRSTEAD, Burton Seely – [Canadian economist (1907-?). LOC.]


KEIRSTEAD, Burton Seely, and Kari LEVITT - Inter-Territorial Freight Rates and the Federal Shipping Service. (Mona: UWI, ISER) 91 pages pb, tables, [ca 1963]. Public transportation. Shipping. Freight rates. Caribbean area. Co.C, Com, W&D, Will.


KEITH, Arthur Berriedale - Constitutional History of the First British Empire. (Oxford: Clarendon P) xi,443 pages hb, 1930. Colonial administration. British Empire. Caribbean area. Passim WI. A UK history dealing with the period 1578-1776. Bay, LOC.


KEITH, Arthur Berriedale - Governments of the British Empire. (London: The Macmillan Co) xxvii,646 pages hb, 1935. Law. Colonial administration. British Empire. Caribbean area. Includes the WI. Bay, LOC.


KEITH, Arthur Berriedale - [British writer on constitutional law (1879-1944); professor of Sanskrit at U of Edinburgh. RES.]


KEITH, Nelson W, and Novella Z KEITH - The Social Origins of Democratic Socialism in Jamaica. (Philadelphia: Temple UP) xxiv,320 pages, 1992. Politics. Democratic socialism. Jamaica. Bow, LOC.


KELLER, Allan – The Spanish-American War: A Compact History. (New York: Hawthorn Books Inc) 1969. History. International relations. Spanish-American War. Cuba.


KELLER, Bob, and Charlotte KELLER - Diving and Snorkeling Guide to the Bahamas: Family Islands and Grand Bahama. (Houston, TX: Pisces Diving & Snorkeling Guides, Coral Marine) 96 pages pb, 61 col ills, 4 maps, [ca 1988]; (Houston, TX: Gulf Publishing Co) iv,92 pages pb, col ills, col maps, [ca 1995] 2nd ed. Travel. Descriptive. Family Islands. Grand Bahama. Bahamas. A guidebook for divers. Bow, LOC.


KELLY, Deirdre M - Hard Work, Hard Choices: A Survey of Women in St Lucia's Export-Oriented Electronics Factories. (Cave Hill: UWI, ISER, Occasional Paper No 20) xiii,127 pages pb, [ca 1987]. Sociology. Gender studies. Women. Economics. Electronics. Factories. St Lucia. By a US educator and author. LOC, Mom.


KELLY, James - Jamaica in 1831: Being a Narrative of Seventeen Years' Residence in that Island. (Belfast) 60 pages pamph, 1838 1st ed. Descriptive. Jamaica. An autobiography. Exceptionally scarce. Han, RES.


KELLY, James - Voyage to Jamaica, and Seventeen Years Residence in that Island: Chiefly Written with a View to Exhibit Negro Life and Habits; with Extracts from Sturge and Harvey’s “West Indies in 1837” . . . (Belfast: J Wilson) viii,72 pages 12mo, 1838 2nd ed. Descriptive. Joseph Sturge. Thomas Harvey. Jamaica. An autobiography. The title of the 2nd edition. Very scarce. BL.


KELLY, James - [British merchant of Jamaica.]


KELLY, Percy James - Memorandum on the Medical Service of British Guiana, July 1922-May 1926. (Georgetown: Combined Court) 22 pages pamph, 1926. Colonial administration. Health. Medical services. Guyana. An official government report. By a British colonial administrator; surgeon-general and registrar general of BG. Scarce. RES.


KELLY, Ras Carlisle A - Revelation of God's Throne, Dedicated to the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah Who Hath Prevailed. (Kingston: The Author) 34 pages pamph, 1969. Religion. Rastafarians. Jamaica. Will.




KELSEY, Carl - The American Intervention in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. (Philadelphia) pamph, 1922. International relations. US intervention. Haiti. Dominican Republic. By a US political scientist (1870-1953). Hum, LOC.


KELSEY, DM – Wild Heroes of the Seas. The Lives and Thrilling Exploits of the Pirates, Buccaneers, Marooners, Corsairs, Sea-Rovers, Mutineers, Filibusters, Ocean-Robbers, and other Freebooters, Daring Rogues and Plunderers of the Seas Over the Whole World, The Monarchs of the Black Flag: Captain Kidd, Blackbeard, Drake, Hawkins, Brasiliano, Lolonnois the Cruel, Montbars, Roberts, Morgan the King of the Buccaneers, Avery, Walker the Filibuster, Lafitte, Davis, Tew, La Basque, Mary Read and Anne Bonny, the Female Pirates, the Algerine, Mohammedan, Malay and Chinese Pirates, and Many Others. (London: Buckland Publishing Co) 718 pages, nearly 200 ills, 1892. Piracy. Buccaneering. Descriptive. History. William Kidd. Edward Teach. Francis Drake. John Hawkins. Henry Morgan. William Avery. Mary Read. Anne Bonny. Caribbean area.


KELSHALL, Gaylord TM – History of Aviation in Trinidad and Tobago, 1913-1962. (Port-of-Spain: Airport Authority of Trinidad & Tobago) xxv,159 pages, 35 ills, 1987. History. Public transportation. Aviation. Trinidad. Tobago. LOC.


KELSHALL, Gaylord TM – The U-Boat War in the Caribbean. (Port-of-Spain: Paria Publishing Co) xviii,496 pages, ills, 35 plates, 1988; (Annapolis: Naval Institute P) xviii,514 pages, ills, 30 plates, maps, [ca 1992]. Naval. Submarines. U-boats. Caribbean area. A WW II study. LOC.


KELVAN, Miriam – [An occasional misprint for: KLEVAN]


KEMBON, Kafra, and Richard Hart – Independence and Culture Sovereignty: I Caribbean Conference of Intellectual Workers, Grenada, November 20-22, 1982. (La Habana: Palacio de las Concenciones de Cuba) 38 pages pamph, [1984]. Politics. International relations. Intellectuals. Caribbean area. LOC.


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KIMME, Louise – Resurrection to Dance. (Port-of-Spain: Prospect P) 60 pages hb, photos, 2003. Visual arts. Sculpture. Tobago. A pictorial book. Photos by Stefan Falke of large-scale wood sculptures and other art, with commentary by the artist. A companion volume to “Halcyon Days.”


KIMME, Louise – [German artist residing in Tobago.]

Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

11th Edition: Don Mitchell QBE QC


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