Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

11th Edition: Don Mitchell QBE QC


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Johansens Recommended Hotels and Inns: North America, Bermuda, Caribbean. (London: Therese House) 30 cm pb, col ills, col plates, col maps, 2000. Travel. Descriptive. Bermuda. Caribbean area. A guidebook for tourists. Published annually commencing in the 1990s. BL.


JOHN, A Meredith - The Plantation Slaves of Trinidad, 1783-1816: A Mathematical and Demographic Enquiry. (Cambridge and New York: Cambridge UP) 259 pages hb, tables, diagrams, 11 plates, 1 map, biblio, index, 1988 1st ed; (Cambridge: Cambridge Caribbean) 282 pages hb, 38 tables, 34 diagrams, plates, 1 map, biblio, index, 1989. Demography. Statistics. Slavery. Slave trade. Plantations. Trinidad. Examines the plight of plantation slaves. BL, Gos, LOC, Whi.


JOHN, Augustine – Race in the Inner City: A Report on Handsworth, Birmingham. (London: Runnymede Trust) 53 pages pamph, 1970. Sociology. Race relations. Migration. Handsworth. Birmingham. Caribbean area. Com.


JOHN, George - A Political History of Trinidad and Tobago: 50 Years of the Ballot. (Port-of-Spain: Trinidad Express Newspapers, Express Books No 6) 80 pages 28 cm pb, many ills, [ca 1991]. Politics. Elections. Trinidad. Tobago. BL, Gos, LOC.


JOHN, George - Williams: His Life and Politics: September 25, 1911-March 29, 1981. (Port-of-Spain: Trinidad Express Newspapers Ltd) 96 pages, many ills, 1991. Descriptive. Politics. Eric Williams. Trinidad. Tobago. A biography. LOC.


JOHN, I - Farming Development Plan Identifying Land Settlement Scheme, Core Farm, and Private Sector Farm. (Washington, DC: OAS). Agriculture. Small farming. Development planning. St Vincent. A technical assistance report.


JOHN, I - A Study of and Proposals for Soil Conservation of the Watersheds in the North Eastern Section of St Vincent. (Washington, DC: OAS) 1985. Conservation. Town and country planning. Soils. Watersheds. St Vincent. A technical assistance report.


JOHN, I - Sub-division and Land Use Plan of the Core Farms for Rabacca Farm Ltd. (Washington, DC: OAS) 1987. Town and country planning. Land use. Agriculture. Small farming. Rabacca Farm. St Vincent. A technical assistance report.


JOHN, Patrick Roland – The National Independence Address. November 3. (Roseau: PM’s Office) 12 pages pamph, 1978. Politics. Dominica. A speech. An official government publication. My.R.


JOHN, Patrick Roland – The Newtown Statement: A Statement on Government’s Policy after Independence, Made by Premier Patrick Roland John. (Roseau: Gov’t Printer) 7 pages pamph, 1977. Politics. Dominica. A speech. An official government publication. My.R.


JOHN, Patrick Roland – The Salisbury Declaration: A Statement on Independence for Dominica Made by Premier Patrick Roland John. (Roseau: Gov’t Printer) 12 pages pamph, 1976. Politics. Dominica. A speech. An official government publication. My.R.


JOHN, Patrick Roland – Speech from the Throne. (Roseau: PM’s Office) 24 pages pamph, 1978. Politics. Dominica. A speech. An official government publication. My.R.


JOHN, Patrick Roland – [Dominican politician and PM (1938-); subsequently convicted in 1981 for plotting an armed rebellion in Dominica with the help of the KKK. Web page.]


JOHN, Rupert G - Pioneers in Nation-Building in a Caribbean Mini-State. (New York: UN Institute for Training & Research) 193 pages, 1979. Politics. St Vincent. Gos.


JOHN, Rupert G - Racism and its Elimination. (New York: UN Institute for Training & Research) xi,144 pages, biblio, [ca 1981]. Civil rights. Race relations. Caribbean area. Passim WI. BL, LOC.


JOHN, Rupert G - [St Vincent-born economist; UN consultant; later governor of SVG.]


JOHN, Rupert G, and Carol BRERETON – Insight: Age Gracefully and Spread Usefully. (Kingstown: Association of Senior Citizens of St Vincent & the Grenadines) 76 pages, ills, [ca 1985]. Sociology. Age. Elderly persons. Aging gracefully. St Vincent. LOC.


JOHN, SB St – [See: ST JOHN]


John Bull [pseud] – [See: “Common Sense to John Bull . . .”; and "Letter to John Bull . . ."]


John Paul II - [Polish Roman Catholic cleric; bishop of Rome; Pope. See: “Blessed is he . . .”]


JOHNES, ER – the Anglo-Venezuelan Controversy and the Monroe Doctrine. (New York) 1888. International relations. Law. Monroe Doctrine. Border disputes. Venezuela. Guyana. Very scarce. Tra.


JOHNSON, Alfred N - Jamaica: A Review of the Nation's Postal History and Postage. (Pennsylvania: American Philatelic Society) 62 pages, 2 maps, biblio, 1964. History. Post. Hobbies. Stamp collecting. Philately. Jamaica. Ing, Will.


JOHNSON, Anita – A List of West India Newspapers. (Kingston, IOJ, West India Reference Library) 18 pages pamph, 1973. Mass communications. Journalism. Newspapers. Caribbean area. A bibliography. My.R.


JOHNSON, Anthony S - JAG Smith. (Kingston: Kingston Publishers) 205 pages 20 cm pb, biblio, index, [1991]. Descriptive. Politics. JAG Smith. Jamaica. A biography. Ban, BL, LOC.


JOHNSON, CH – Grenada: Report and General Abstracts of the Census of 1891 with Graphic Tables and Notes Thereon. (St George’s: JT Hurley, Gov’t Printer) 40 pages folio pamph, tables, 1891. Demography. Census. Grenada. A census report. Describes the population in terms of increase, parishes, density, housing, sexes, ages, marital status, professions and occupations, and country of birth; contains special notes on the East Indian population, estates, religion, illnesses, and people in institutions. By the compiler to the Governor-in-Chief of the Windward Islands. Exceptionally scarce. LOC, RES.


JOHNSON, Charles – [See: D Defoe.]


JOHNSON, DD – The Sugar Question. (London: Smith, Elder) pamph, 1845. Colonial administration. Economics. Trade. Sugar duties controversy, 1839-1846. Caribbean area. Exceptionally scarce. GL.


JOHNSON, DW – History of Methodism in Eastern British America Including Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Bermuda. (Sackville, NB: Tribune Printing) 454 pages, [ca 1925]. Church. Religion. Methodism. Bermuda. BL.


JOHNSON, David Gale - The Sugar Program: Large Costs and Small Benefits. (Washington, DC: American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research) 90 pages, 1974. Agriculture. Sugar. Economics. Cuba. By a US agricultural economist (1916-2003); professor at the U of Chicago. LOC, Wilk.


JOHNSON, Doris L - The Quiet Revolution in the Bahamas. (Nassau: Family Islands P) 177 pages 23 cm, ills, [1972]. Politics. Bahamas. Concerns the development of the Progressive Liberal Party and the achievement of independence. BL, Gos, LOC.


JOHNSON, EA - Life and Adventures: Captain EA Johnson, Saba, Netherlands Antilles, Known as Twenty-one Knot Johnson. (Willemstad: Dep't van Onderwijs en Volksontwikkeling) 158 pages, [1950]. Descriptive. Naval. Shipping. Saba. Netherlands Antilles. An autobiography. Scarce. Bro.


JOHNSON, Fay Clarke - Soldiers of the Soil. (New York: Vantage P)xii,116 pages 21 cm pb, ills, plates, maps, biblio, [ca 1995]. Industrial relations. Agricultural workers. Migration. United States. Jamaica. The story of the Jamaican workers recruited to work US tobacco fields during WW II. BL, Bow, LOC.


JOHNSON, GA - Travel Tales and other Stories. (Baltimore: Limited Editions) 1930. Travel. Descriptive. Caribbean area. A limited edition and scarce.


JOHNSON, Gyneth - How the Donkeys Came to Haiti, and Other Folk Tales. (New York: Devin-Adair Co) 86 pages, ills, 1949 1st; (Old Greenwich: Devin) 86 pages, ills, [ca 1970] rep. Folklore. Donkeys. Haiti. A children's book. 1st edition scarce. Lag, LOC.


JOHNSON, Haynes Bonner et al – The Bay of Pigs: The Invasion of Cuba by Brigade 2506. (London: Hutchinson) 368 pages 8vo hb, b&w photos, 1964 1st ed. International relations. Cold War. Bay of Pigs. United States. Cuba. The UK title. BL


JOHNSON, Haynes Bonner et al – The Bay of Pigs: The Leader's Story of the Brigade 2506. (New York: WW Norton & Co Inc) 368 pages 8vo hb, b&w photos, 1964 1st ed; (New York: Dell Publishing Co) 352 pages, 1964; (Toronto: George J Mcleod Ltd) 1964. International relations. Cold War. Bay of Pigs. United States. Cuba. The abortive invasion. Bay, BL, Chi, LOC, Stu, Tra.


JOHNSON, Haynes Bonner – [US Pulitzer prize-winning journalist and author (1931-).]


JOHNSON, Hiram W – [US senator; chairman of the Committee on Territories and Insular Possessions. See: “Civil Government of . . . “]


JOHNSON, Howard - The Bahamas from Slavery to Servitude, 1783-1933. (Gainesville: UP of Florida) xvii,218 pages 24 cm, 1 map, biblio, index, [ca 1996]. History. Bahamas. The emancipation period and plantation life. BL, LOC.


JOHNSON, Howard - The Bahamas in Slavery and Freedom. (Kingston: Ian Randle. London: James Currey) viii,184 pages 24 cm hb, maps, index, 1991; (ibidem) 184 pages 24 cm pb, maps, index, 1991. History. Bahamas. Ban, BL, Bow, Gos, LOC.


JOHNSON, Howard - [US academic (1945-); professor of Black American studies and history at the U of Delaware. LOC.]


JOHNSON, Howard, ed - After the Crossing: Immigrants and Minorities in Caribbean Creole Society. (London and Totowa, NJ: Frank Cass) 154 pages hb, ills, index, 1989. History. Immigration. Caribbean area. Author (1945-). BL, Bow, Gos, LOC.


JOHNSON, Howard, and Jim PINES – Reggae: Deep Roots Music. (London: Proteus in Association with Channel 4 Television) 1x,127 pages 28 cm pb, col and b&w ills, 1982. Music. Reggae. Jamaica. BL.


JOHNSON, Howard, and Karl WATSON, ed - The White Minority in the Caribbean. (Kingston: Ian Randle. London: James Currey. New York: Markus Wiener) xvi,180 pages 23 cm hb, biblio, 1998; (ibidem) xvi,180 pages 23 cm pb, biblio, 1998. History. Race relations. Minorities. Caribbean area. A collection of 9 essays by M Craton, HM Beckles, BL Moore, R Romer, and other scholars. BL, LOC.


JOHNSON, J - An Historical and Descriptive Account of Antigua, Illustrated by Numerous Engravings, Coloured in Imitation of Drawings Taken on the Spot, Delineating the Character of the Country, the Costume of the Negroes, Etc. Accompanied by a Map of the Island, Exhibiting the Names and Positions of the Different Estates, and Principal Dwellings, with a List of Proprietors, Number of Slaves &c. and a Chronological Table of Events Connected with the Colony. (London: Printed for the Author) [35] pages oblong folio, 7 col plates, 1 map, 1830. Colonial administration. Descriptive. Antigua. Written on the eve of emancipation. An oversized, unpaginated book. Exceptionally scarce and valuable. Bay, Be.A, Rag, RES.


[JOHNSON, J] - Views in the West Indies: Engraved from Drawings Taken Recently in the Islands, with Letter-press Explanations Made from Actual Observations. (London: Parts I-II published by Messrs Underwood; Part III published by Smith, Elder & Co) oblong folio, 1 hand-coloured engraved map, 11 fine hand-coloured aquatint plates, [1827-1829]. Descriptive. Caribbean area. Engraved by Theodore Henry Fielding, C. Bentley, G. Reeve. Johnson began with 'one of the most ambitious projects in aquatint colonial views' (Abbey). His intention was to publish a large format work in about eight parts (according to one of the 'Advertisement' slips) with each part containing four plates. This plan faltered after the three parts had appeared, and the only other result of Johnson's ambition was a work on the individual island of Antigua which re-used (with the date and publisher's imprint removed) six of the plates found in the present work. Very rare and valuable, only 2 copies of this large sized work known. BL.


JOHNSON, J - [English artist.]


JOHNSON, JTC – A Report to the Public Health Commissioners on the Organization of the Medical and Sanitary Services of the Colony of Barbados, with Recommendations. (Bridgetown: Cole’s Printery) 1926. Health. Sanitation. Barbados. Scarce. An official government report. Com.


JOHNSON, James – The Influence of Tropical Climates, More Especially the Climate of India, on European Constitutions; the Principal Effects and Diseases thereby Induced, their Prevention or Removal, and the Means of Preserving Health in Hot Climates, Rendered Obvious to Europeans of every Capacity. An Essay. (London: JJ Stockdale) xv,534 pages 23 cm, 1813 1st ed; (London: Printed for J Callow, Medical Bookseller; Smith & Davy, Printers) [2],xv,[1],534,[2] pages 21 cm 8vo, 1815 2nd ed. Health. Diseases. Tropics. Europeans. India. Caribbean area. See also JR Martin. 1st edition exceptionally scarce, 2nd edition very scarce. BL.


JOHNSON, James – The Influence of Tropical Climates on European Constitutions; Being a Treatise on the Principal Diseases Incidental to Europeans in the East and West Indies, Mediterranean, and Coast of Africa . . . (London: Thomas & George Underwood) xiv,544 pages 8vo, 1821 3rd ed. Health. Diseases. Tropics. Europeans. Mediterranean. Africa. Caribbean area. The title of the 3rd edition. Very scarce. BL.


JOHNSON, James – The Influence of Tropical Climates on European Constitutions. To which is Added an Essay on Morbid Sensibility of the Stomach and Bowels as the . . . Cause . . . of Indigestion . . . (London: Thomas & George Underwood) viii,680 pages 8vo, 1827 4th ed. Health. Diseases. Stomachs. Bowels. Tropics. Europeans. Caribbean area. Title of the 4th edition. Very scarce. BL


JOHNSON, James – The Influence of Tropical Climates on European Constitutions. To which is Added Tropical Hygiene . . . (London: Privately Printed) viii,464 pages 8vo, 1818 3rd ed; (Philadelphia: From the Third London Edition) 2 vols, 12mo, 1824; (New York: Evert Duychinick, G Long, Etc) viii,416 pages 8vo, 1826; (London: S Higley) viii,678 pages 8vo, 1836, 5th ed; (ibidem) x,693 pages 24 cm, plate, 1841 6th ed. Health. Diseases. Hygiene. Tropics. Europeans. Caribbean area. Title of the 3rd and US editions. All issues scarce. LOC, Sab 36224, 36225


JOHNSON, James – [British physician and naval surgeon (1777-1845).]


JOHNSON, James L, and Jerry LA GRA – The Internal Agricultural Marketing System of Haiti: A Price Analysis. (sl [Port-au-Prince]: Inter-American Institute for Agricultural Services) 30 pages pamph, 1 map, 1975. Agriculture. Small farming. Economics. Marketing. Prices. Haiti. A technical assistance report. Lag, LOC.


JOHNSON, James Weldon – Self-Determining Haiti. (New York: The Nation) 48 pages pamph, 1920. International relations. US occupation, 1915-1934. Haiti. A collection of 4 articles reprinted from ‘The Nation.’ By a Black US civil rights protester, author and poet. Scarce. Lag.


JOHNSON, John Critchlow - [Methodist minister (fl 1873). See: W Cleaver.]


[JOHNSON, John Flude] - Proceedings of the General Anti-Slavery Convention, Called by the Committee of the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society, and Held in London from Tuesday, June 13th to Tuesday, June 20th, 1843. By JF Johnson, Short-hand Writer. (London: John Snow) viii,360 pages 8vo, index, 1843. Slavery. Organization. Conventions. Caribbean area. The 2nd World Anti-slavery Convention. For the 1st Convention see: “Proceedings of the General Anti-Slavery . . .” Exceptionally scarce. GL.


JOHNSON, Kim – Crusoe’s Isle. (Port-of-Spain: Paria Publishing Co) 60 pages pamph, col ills, col maps, [ca 1994]. Descriptive. Robinson Crusoe. Tobago. LOC.


JOHNSON, Kim – The Dialectics of Legal Repression in Neo-colonial Capitalist Societies: Notes on the Caribbean. (St Augustine: UWI, Dep’t of Sociology, Working Papers on Caribbean Society, Series D, No 1) 22 pages pamph, 1980. Law. Sociology. Dialectics. Legal repression. Caribbean area. New.


JOHNSON, Kim – The Fragrance of Gold: Trinidad in the Age of Discovery. (St Augustine: UWI, SCS) ii,171 pages, ills, maps, biblio, index, 1997. Discovery. Exploration. Gold. Trinidad. BL, LOC.


JOHNSON, Leland L – US Business Interests in Cuba and the Rise of Castro. (Santa Monica: Rand Corp) 26 pages pamph, 1964. International relations. Fidel Castro. Cuba. Chi.


JOHNSON, Lyndon Baines – [US politician and President (1908-1973). See: MH Morley.]


JOHNSON, MS - Forestry Inventory in Grenada. (Tolworth, UK) 1985. Forestry. Grenada. A technical assistance report.


JOHNSON, MS, and DR CHAFFEY - A Forest Inventory of Part of the Mountain Pine Ridge, Belize. (Surbiton: FCO/ODA, Land Resource Study, No 13) 120 pages, maps, biblio, 1973. Forestry. Mountain Pine Ridge. Belize. A technical assistance report. An inventory study of one of the principal areas of pine forest in Belize. Com, Woo.


JOHNSON, MS, and DR CHAFFEY - An Inventory of the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, Belize. (Surbiton: FCO/ODA, Land Resources Study, No 14) 87 pages pamph, maps, biblio, 1973. Forestry. Timber. Chiquibul Forest Reserve. Cayo District. Belize. A technical assistance report. Woo.


JOHNSON, MS, and DR CHAFFEY - An Inventory of the Southern Coastal Plain Pine Forests, Belize. (Surbiton: MOD, Land Resource Study, No 15) 55 pages pamph, maps, biblio, 1974. Forestry. Southern Coastal Plain Pine Forests. Belize. A technical assistance report. Assesses the standing volume of wood along the southern coast of Belize. Woo, Wri.


JOHNSON, Merle - Study of the Partner System of Saving in Jamaica. (Kingston: National Savings Committee) 93 pages, biblio, 1975. Banking. Finance. Partner system. Savings. Jamaica. A study of the partner system of saving. Car.


JOHNSON, N et al - Biological Diversity and Tropical Forest Assessment for the Eastern Caribbean. (Bridgetown: USAID) 1988. Forestry. Nature studies. Biological diversity. Caribbean area. A technical assistance report.


JOHNSON, PV - Our Neighbours, the Dominicans. (Winoma Lake, Ind) 142 pages, 1942. Descriptive. Church. Religion. Dominican Republic. Scarce. Bay.


JOHNSON, Robert A – The Theatre of Belize. (North Quincy, MA: The Christopher Publishing House) 96 pages, 1973. Performing arts. Theatre. Belize. Com.


JOHNSON, Roberta Anna - Puerto Rico: Commonwealth or Colony? (New York: Praeger Special Studies) xv,199 pages 25 cm pb, 1 map, biblio, 1980. Colonial administration. Constitutional. Status. Puerto Rico. Critical of US policies. BL, Cev, Gos, LOC.


JOHNSON, Samuel – [English lexicographer (1709-1784); poet, essayist, moralist, literary critic, biographer, and editor; web page. See: “Reflections on recent occurrences . . .”]


JOHNSON, Timothy Hugh - Biodiversity and Conservation in the Caribbean: Profiles of Selected Islands. (Cambridge: International Council for Bird Preservation, Monograph No 1) xvii,144 pages 20 cm, [ca 1988]. Environment. Conservation. Biodiversity. Caribbean area. By a British conservationist (1956-). BL, Gos, LOC.


JOHNSON, Vassel – As I See it: How Cayman Became a Leading Financial Centre. (Sussex: The Book Guild) 2001. Descriptive. Economics. Banking. Offshore finance. Cayman Islands.


JOHNSON, Wallace R - A History of Christianity in Belize, 1776-1838. (Lanham, MD and New York: UP of America) xvii,279 pages pb, ills, maps, biblio, [ca 1985]. Church. Religion. Christians. Anglicans. Baptists. Methodists. Belize. The story of Protestant missionaries; dates the beginning to 1776 when an Anglican clergyman, Robert Shaw, stayed in the colony as chaplain. Author (1923-?). BL, Gos, LOC, Wri.


JOHNSON, Will – For the Love of St Maarten. (New York: Carlton P) 160 pages, biblio, 1987; (London: Macmillan Caribbean) 159 pages pb, 1994. Descriptive. St Maarten. Netherlands Antilles. BL, Sch.


JOHNSON, Will – Saban Lore: Tales from my Grandmother's Pipe. (Saba: By the Author. Amsterdam: Duncan Marcus) 104 pages pb, ills, 1979 1st ed; (Netherlands: Privately printed. Saba: Bureau Marcus) 96 pages pb, many b&w photos, 1983 2nd ed; (Saba: Privately printed) 132 pages, 1989 3rd rev ed. Descriptive. History. Saba. Netherlands Antilles. Inspired by the tales of his grandmother from Hells Gate. BL, Gos, LOC.


JOHNSON, Will – [Saba-born former postal worker, teacher, journalist, politician, and commissioner of education.]


JOHNSON, William R - Bahamian Sailing Craft: Notes, Sketches, and Observations on a Vanishing Breed of Workboats. (Nassau: Explorations Ltd) 1974; (Akron, OH and Fort Lauderdale, FL: Benjamin) 49 pages pamph, 1983 4th ed; (ibidem) 1992 4th rev ed. Descriptive. Naval. Boat design. Sailing craft. Bahamas. LOC.


JOHNSON, Willis Fletcher - The History of Cuba. (New York: BF Buck & Co Ltd) 5 vols, 8vo, ills, plates, 1920. History. Cuba. ‘Reliable though showing no great penetration.’ By a US historian (1857-1931). Bay, BL, Gri, Hum, LOC, Tra.


JOHNSTON, Curtis Payman - A Letter Home from a Jamaican in Cuba. (Kingston: Socialist Party of Jamaica) 10 pages pamph, 1963. Politics. Cuba. By a Jamaican. Will.


JOHNSTON, Elizabeth Lichtenstein - Recollections of a Georgia Loyalist. (New York and London: MF Mansfield & Co) 224 pages 8vo hb, [1901] 1st ed; (Temecula, CA: Reprint Services Corp) 224 pages hb, ills, 1972 rep. Descriptive. American Revolution. Loyalists. Jamaica. An autobiography. By a Loyalist exile (1764-1848); in Jamaica from 1786-1807. Originally written in 1836. 1st edition scarce. BL, Bow, LOC, Rag.


JOHNSTON, Frances Clairborne, ed – Early Colonists of the Bahamas: A Selection of Records: Collected and Translated by F Clairborne Johnston Jr. Edited and Compiled by CFE Hollis Hallett. (Pembroke: Juniperhill P) xi,150 pages 29 cm, 1 map, index, [ca 1996]. History. Records. Bahamas. BL, LOC.


JOHNSTON, GP – [See: J Scott.]


JOHNSTON, Harry Hamilton - The Negro in the New World. (London: Methuen & Co Ltd) xxix,499 pages hb, ills, plates, 2 folding maps, 1910 1st ed; (New York: Johnson Reprint Corp) 499 pages 8vo hb, ills, plates, 2 maps, 1969 rep. Sociology. Race relations. New World. Caribbean area. Includes the WI. A pioneering work. BL, Com, Hig, Ing, Lag, LOC, My.R, Pri, RES.


JOHNSTON, Harry Hamilton - Photos and Phantasms. Harry Johnston’s Photographs of the Caribbean. (London: British Council) 63 pages 25 cm pb, ills, 1998. Descriptive. Caribbean area. A pictorial work; an exhibition brochure. BL.


JOHNSTON, Harry Hamilton - Pioneers in Tropical America. (London: Blackie & Sons Ltd, Pioneers of Empire Series) xiv,320 pages hb, 8 col ills, gilt decorated, 1914; (London: Blackie, Pioneer Library) 320 pages, [nd]. Early voyages. Pioneers. Tropical America. Caribbean area. A children's book. Com, LOC, RES.


JOHNSTON, Harry Hamilton - [Prolific British author (1858-1927); African explorer, special commissioner in Uganda. RES.]


JOHNSTON, JRV - The Stapleton Sugar Plantations in the Leeward Islands. (Manchester: The John Rylands Library) 31 pages 8vo pamph, 1965. History. Plantations. Sugar. William Stapleton. Antigua. Nevis. St Kitts. Montserrat. A reprint from the ‘Bulletin of the John Rylands Library.’ BL, LOC, Wilk.


JOHNSTON, James - Jamaica: The New Riviera: a Pictorial Description of the Island and its Inhabitants. By James Johnston, MD, of Browns Town, Jamaica. (London: Cassell & Co) 105 pages oblong 4to pb, many plates, 1 folding map, [ca 1903] 1st ed; (London) 104 pages, plates, 1 folding map, [ca 1905]; (New York: Gordon P) 105 pages hb, plates, 1 map, 1976 rep. Descriptive. New Riviera. Jamaica. A pictorial book. By a British colonial physician. 1st edition very scarce. BL, Bow, Co.C, Com, LOC, RES.


JOHNSTON, James - Optical Lantern Lecture on Jamaica, “The New Riviera.” (Bristol: “Dunscombe” Optical Lantern & Photographic Stores) 28 pages 8vo pamph, [1902]. Descriptive. Jamaica. An optical lantern lecture. Very scarce. BL.


JOHNSTON, Josiah Stoddard - Speech of JS Johnston of Louisiana on the Bill to Regulate the Commercial Intercourse between the United States and the British Colonies Delivered in the Senate of the United States, February 23, 1827. (Washington, DC: Printed by Gales & Seaton) 32 pages 8vo pamph, 1827. Colonial administration. Trade. Blockades. Navigation Act. British colonies. United States. Caribbean area. The colonial carrying trade and the blockade of US shipping; relating to the admission of US shipping after the blockade. A speech. By a senator from Louisiana (1784-1833). Very scarce. LOC, Rag, Sab 36380.


JOHNSTON, Joyce – Puerto Rico. (Minneapolis, MN: Lerner Group, Hello USA Series) 72 pages hb, col ills, col maps, 1994; (ibidem) 72 pages pb, ills, col maps, [ca 1995]. Descriptive. Puerto Rico. A children's book. Author (1958-). Bow, LOC.


JOHNSTON, Lewis FC - Sentence Pronounced in the Court of Vice-Admiralty, of the Island of Trinidad on 8th October, 1829, in the Matter of SM Clogstoun, versus the Sloop or Vessel Eliza Pratt, and two Slaves, John Wolker, and Hill and Charles Dodds, for Penalties. (Port Spain [sic]) 62 pages pamph, 1829. Law. Slavery. Slave trade. Court of Vice Admiralty. SM Clogstoun. Sloop Eliza Pratt. John Wolker. Charles Dodds. Trinidad. A case report. By a British colonial jurist (?-1852); acting Chief Judge in Trinidad; “one of the unfortunate passengers, on board the Royal Mail steamship Amazon, which was lost on her voyage to Trinidad, January the 4th 1852”. Exceptionally scarce. RES.


JOHNSTON, Lolo Bob - The Theatre of Belize. An Illustrated Study of the Emergence and Growth of a Young Nation's 'Theatrical Impulse.' By Robert A Johnson. (North Quincy, MA: Christopher Publishing House) 96 pages, ills, 1973. Performing arts. Theatre. Belize. Also sometimes listed under RA Johnston. Gos, LOC.


JOHNSTON, Michael C, and James L RADAWSKI - Marine Archaeological Investigations of the Bay Islands and North Coast of Honduras, 1968-1975. (Roatan: Oceanographicos de Honduras) 1975. Archaeology. Oceanography. Roatan. Bay Islands. Belize.




JOHNSTON, Randolph Wardell - Artist on his Island: A Study in Self-Reliance. (Park Ridge, NJ: Noyes) 186 pages, ills, [ca 1975]. Descriptive. Artists. Bahamas. By an Abaco-born artist (1904-1992). See: E Dahlgreen and JA Maggio. LOC.


JOHNSTON, Robert Anthony – [See: LB Johnston.]




[JOHNSTONE, Andrew James Cochrane] - Defence of the Honourable Andrew Cochrane Johnstone; Including a View of the Evidence Produced on his Trial with the Sentence and Varied Comments thereon by the Judge Advocate General, and with a Relative Series of . . . Letters Previous and Subsequent to the Prosecution. To which Is Prefixed a Letter to His Royal Highness the Duke of York, on the Present Administration of Military Law, Etc. (London: J Barfield) cxix,l,280 pages 8vo, 1805; (Edinburgh: Printed by J Ballantyne for Manners & Miller) clxxxiv,179 pages, 1806 2nd ed. Colonial administration. Law. Military. Duke of York. Dominica. A defence by the Governor of Dominica on charges dismissed by the court that he defrauded the troops of their pay. See also, “Proceedings of the General Court-Martial . . .” 1st edition exceptionally scarce; 2nd edition very scarce. BL, Cu.W, LOC, My.R, Rag, RES.


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Joint Committee Appointed by the Board of Council . . . [See: “Report of the Joint Committee . . .”]


Joint Committee Appointed to Consider the Expediency of Establishing a Registry of Slaves . . . [See: “Report of the Joint Committee . . .”]


Joint Committee of the Legislature of Antigua . . . [See: “Report of the Joint Committee . . .”]


Joint Committee of the Two Houses of the Legislature . . . [See: “Report of the Joint Committee . . .”]


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JONES, Jim – [US Baptist preacher; leader of the Peoples Temple cult; ended in mass-suicide at Jonestown in Guyana. See: G Kleinman et al, “The Cult that Died . . .;” and GK Lewis, “Gather with the Saints . . .”]


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JORDAN, Alma Theodora - [Chief librarian at St Augustine, UWI.]


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[JORDAN, Gibbes Walker] - Copies of a Letter Containing Queries Respecting the State of the Silver and Copper Coin in Barbados, and of an Answer Describing the Same, and Recommending Measures . . . for Furnishing a Full Supply to all the Colonies. By the Agent for Barbados. (London) 30 pages 8vo pamph, 1816. Colonial administration. Banking. Finance. Currency. Coin. Silver. Copper. Caribbean area. A study of the coinage; recommends coins of fractions of the dollar for the colonies. Exceptionally scarce. BL Han, Rag, Sab 36648.


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[JORDAN, Gibbes Walker] - The Principles by Which a Currency is Established, a Coinage Formed, and the Money Circulation of this Island may be Restored and Preserved. [Bridgetown] 28 pages pamph, 1791 1st ed; (London) 28 pages pamph, 1792 2nd ed; (London: W Marchant) 28 pages 8vo pamph, [ca 1806]. Banking. Finance. Currency. Coin. Barbados. A study of the coinage. 1st edition rare; 2nd edition exceptionally scarce; 3rd edition very scarce. BL Cu.W, Han.


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JORDAN, Gibbes Walker - [Former member of the Barbados legislature (?-1823); later colonial agent for Barbados in London. Cited by BL as George William Jordan.]


[JORDAN, JW] - An Account of the Management of Certain Estates in the Island of Barbados. (London) 16 pages 8vo pamph, 1824. Slavery. Plantations. Management. Barbados. A pro-slavery work. Counters emancipationist criticisms. Erroneously identified by Sabin as being by Gibbes Walker Jordan. By a Barbadian planter. Exceptionally scarce. Han, Sab 36648.


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JOSA, Fortunato Pietro Luigi - The Tale of a Roaming Catholic. (London: Faith P) x,156 pages 8vo, 1 portrait, 1920. Descriptive. Church. Religion. Anglicans. Guyana. An autobiography. Scarce. BL.


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JOSA, Fortunato Pietro Luigi - [Anglican clergyman (1851-1922); vicar-general of BG. RES.]


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JOSEPH, Edward Lanza - Warner Arundell . . . [A novel, sometimes mistakenly cited as non-fiction.]


JOSEPH, Edward Lanza - [British newspaper editor and author (?-1840); lived in Trinidad,1820-1840.]


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JOSEPH, Hector Archibald – [British colonial jurist (1871-?); served in Jamaica and BG. See: “Jamaica Law Reports . . . “]


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JOSEPH, Richard – [Author (1910-?). LOC.]


JOSEPHS, Hector Archibald – [See: JOSEPH]


JOSHUA, Ebenezer – [St Vincent politician and PM. See: R Gonsalves.]


JOSHUA, Ivy - [Wife of E Joshua above, and a politician in her own right in St Vincent. See: T Daniel.]


JOSIAH, Henry - Tales of Makonaima's Children. (Georgetown: Roraima Publishers) 63 pages 20 cm pb, ills, 1994. Folklore. Amerindians. Makonaima. Guyana. Illustrations by Kathy Thomas. BL, LOC.


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Jottings of a Cruise in the West Indies and Panama . . . [See: A Radford.]


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[JOURDAIN, Silvester] A Plaine Description of the Barmvdas, now Called Sommer Islands. With the Manner of Their Discourerie Anno 1609 by the Shipwrack and Admirable Deliverance of Sir Thomas Gates, and Sir George Sommers . . . with an Addition, or More Ample Relation of Divers other Remarkable Matters Concerning those Islands since then Experienced . . . (London: Printed by W Stansby for W Welby) 51 pages 4to, 1613; (Norwood, NJ: Walter J Johnson) 53 pages, 1971 facs ed; (Amsterdam: Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. New York: Da Capo P, The English Experience, No 394) [3],51 pages 21 cm, 1971 facs ed. Early voyages. Discovery. Bermuda. The first part is a reprint of his “A Discovery of the Barmudas . . .” 1st edition very rare. BL, LOC, Sab 9759, 36681.


JOURDAIN, Silvester [English traveller (?-1650); shipwrecked on Bermuda in 1609 in a voyage to Virginia; his work was once thought to have suggested to Shakespeare his allusion to Bermuda in "The Tempest", but he is now thought to have been influenced by Raleigh's "Discoverie of Guiana." See also W Strachey; and LB Wright. DNB.]


Journal of a Session of the Haitian Council of State, 65th Congress, 2nd Session. (Washington, DC: Gov’t Printer) 3 pages pamph, 1918. International relations. US occupation, 1915-1934. Haiti. A Congressional report. Scarce. Lag.


Journal of a Voyage to the West Indies, on Board the "Economy." [London?] 1796. Travel. Descriptive. Economy. Caribbean area. A cruise narrative. Exceptionally scarce. Cu.W.


Journal of the Commissioners for Trade and Plantations from April 1704 . . . (London: HMSO) 8vo, 1920. Colonial administration. Commissioners for Trade and Plantations. Caribbean area. A parliamentary report. Previous journals will be found in the “Calendars of State Papers, Colonial Series.” BL.


Journal of the Commissioners for Trade and Plantations: From January 1722-3 to December 1728, Preserved in the Public Record Office. (London: HMSO) 481 large pages hb, index, 1928. Colonial administration. Commissioners for Trade and Plantations. Caribbean area. A parliamentary report. A chronological list of papers concerning plantations in America and the WI.


Journal of the Expedition to La Guira and Porto Cavallos in the West Indies, under the Command of Commodore Knowles. In a Letter from an Officer on Board the "Burford" to a Friend in London. (London: Printed for J Robinson) 63 pages 8vo pamph, 1744. Naval. Admiralty. Royal Navy. Expeditions. HMS Burford. Charles Knowles. La Guira. Porto Cavallos. Caribbean area. The author's ship came from St Kitts. Exceptionally scarce. BL, Cu.W, Ha.S, Sab 36722.


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JUDAH, Abraham, and R SWAN, ed - Cases Argued and Decided in the Supreme Court of Judicature, Jamaica, 1839. (Spanish Town) 125 pages, 1839. Law. Supreme Court. Jamaica. A collection of case reports. Very scarce. New, Pat.


[JUDAH, George Fortunatus] – “Old Saint Jago.” By GFJ. (Kingston: Feurtado’s Sons, Printers) 57 pages 8vo pamph, 1894. History. St Jago de la Vega. Spanish Town. Jamaica. Exceptionally scarce. BL, Cu.J, LOC, RES.


[JUDAH, George Fortunatus] – Rock Fort, Fort Castille, Fort Nugent, Jamaica: Their History and Traditions. (Kingston: Times Printery) 20 pages 8vo pamph, [1906]. History. Rock Fort. Fort Castille. Fort Nugent. Jamaica. Very scarce. BL.


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JULES, Didacus – St Lucia Human Settlements. (Washington, DC: OAS) 1987. Town and country planning. Land use. St Lucia. A technical assistance report.


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JULES, Didacus, and Giles ROMULUS - The Need for Integrated Rural Development: A Case Study of the Cacao-Vigie Communities, Vieux Fort, St Lucia. (Castries: ECNAMP) 1984. Town and country planning. Land use. Rural development. Vieux Fort. St Lucia.


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JULIANA, Elis – [Curacaoan poet who writes only in Papiamentu. See: EE Abraham-van der Mark.]


JULIUS, John - [British colonial administrator; governor of the Leeward Islands. See: "Nevis. To His Honour . . ."]


JULIUS B MATZ and Associates – [See: MATZ]


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Just and Modest Vindication of the Scots Design for the Having Established a Colony at Darien . . . [See: R Ferguson.]


JUSTAMOND, J – [See: GTF Raynal.]


Justus [pseud] – [See: RM Beverley; and "Letter Addressed to the Members . . ."]


JUSTUS, Joyce Bennett – The Utmost for the Highest: A Study of Adolescent Aspirations in Dominica, West Indies. (Ann Arbor: U Microfilms) 179 pages, 1973. Anthropology. Young persons. Adolescents. Aspirations. Dominica. A reissue of her Los Angeles U 1971 PhD thesis. Com.


Juvenile Population of Jamaica . . . [See: “Report on the Juvenile Population . . .”]


Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

11th Edition: Don Mitchell QBE QC


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