Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

11th Edition: Don Mitchell QBE QC


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Hildebrand's Travel Guide . . . [See: H Rann.]


HILDRETH, Richard - The "Ruin" of Jamaica. (sl, [New York]: New York Anti-slavery Society) 12 pages pamph, [1855]. Colonial administration. Economics. Slavery. Emancipation. Jamaica. By a US journalist and author (1807-1865). See also, “Local Guide to . . .” Very scarce. LOC.


[HILDYARD, GG] - Notes on a Voyage to the West Indies on the Steam Yacht Argonaut in the Winter of 1902-3. (Stamford: By the Author) 56 pages 8vo pamph, 1903. Travel. Descriptive. Steam yachts. SY Argonaut. Caribbean area. A cruise narrative. Very scarce; printed for private circulation. BL, Cu.W.


HILHOUSE, William - Indian Notices, or Sketches of the Habits, Characters, Languages, Superstitions, and Climate of the Several Nations, with Remarks on their Capacity for Colonization, Present Government, and Suggestions for Future Improvement and Civilization, Etc. Also the Ichthyology of the Fresh Waters of the Interior. (sl, [Georgetown]: Printed for the Author for Private Circulation) 132 pages 8vo, 1825 1st ed; (Georgetown: National Commission for Research Materials on Guyana, Edited by MN Menezes) xiii,153 pages, 1978 facs ed. Colonial administration. Descriptive. Amerindians. Slavery. Guyana. 1st edition exceptionally scarce. Author (?-1840). BL, Cu.W, LOC, McD, RES.


Hill Coolies . . . [See: John Scoble.]


HILL, Anthony – After baptizatus: or, the Negro turn'd Christian. Being a short and plain discourse, shewing 1. The necessity of instructing and baptizing slaves in English plantations. 2. The folly of that vulgar opinion, that slaves do cease to be slaves when once baptized. Delivered (most of it) in a sermon preach'd at Stratford-le-Bow in Middlesex, March the 15th, 1701/2. (London: Printed for C Brome & E Evett) pamph, 1702. Colonial administration. Slavery. Religion. Christianity. Baptism. Caribbean area. A sermon. Exceptionally scarce. GL.


HILL, Arthur William - A Visit to the West Indies. (London: HMSO, Kew Bulletin) 22 pages pamph, 1912. Descriptive. Botany. Caribbean area. By a British botanist (1875-1941). Scarce. LOC.


HILL, Barbara - Historic Churches of Barbados. (Bridgetown: Art Heritage Publications) 128 pages 30 cm, 60 col and b&w ills, 14 col plates, 1 map, biblio, index, 1984. Architecture. Church. Religion. Conservation. Barbados. By an architect (?-1983); lived and worked in Barbados 1958-82. BL, Gos, Pot.




HILL, Carol E, ed – Symbols and Society: Essays on Belief Systems in Action. (Athens: U of Georgia P, Proceedings of the Southern Anthropological Society, No 9) 140 pages, 1975. Anthropology. Belief systems. Symbols. Barbados. Trinidad. Com.


HILL, Clifford Stanley Horace - Black and White in Harmony: The Drama of West Indians in the Big City from a London Minister's Notebook. (London: Hodder & Stoughton) 119 pages hb, [1958]; (New York: Negro UP) 119 pages, 1969 rep. Sociology. Race relations. Church. Religion. London. Britain. Caribbean area. BL, Co.C, Com, LOC.


HILL, Clifford Stanley Horace - Black Churches: West Indian and African Sects in Britain. (London: Community and Race Relations Unit of the British Council of Churches) 23 pages 21 cm pamph, 1 ill, 1971. Sociology. Race relations. Church. Religion. Sects. Britain. Caribbean area. BL, Com.


HILL, Clifford Stanley Horace - How Colour Prejudiced is Britain? (London: Victor Gollancz) 266 pages 8vo, 1965; (London: Panther Books) 286 pages 8vo pb, 1967. Sociology. Race relations. Prejudice. Britain. Caribbean area. BL, Bra, Com, LOC.


HILL, Clifford Stanley Horace - Immigrants and Integration: A Study of the Settlement of Coloured Minorities in Britain. (London: Pergamon P Ltd) ix,214 pages 19 cm, plates, biblio, 1970. Sociology. Race relations. Minorities. Britain. Caribbean area. BL, Bra, Com, LOC.


HILL, Clifford Stanley Horace - West Indian Migrants and the London Churches. (London: Oxford UP for the Institute of Race Relations) 89 pages 8vo, tables, 1963. Sociology. Race relations. Church. Religion. Britain. London. Caribbean area. BL, Bra, Co.C, Com, LOC.


HILL, Clifford Stanley Horace - [British minister of religion.]


HILL, David O, and Charles H HARTWELL, and Jitrendra KOHLI - Report of the Commission of Enquiry on a Review of the Public Service in Belize, 1973. (Belize City: Gov't Printer) 289 pages, 1974. Public administration. Belize. An official government report. Woo.


HILL, Donald Raymond - Calypso Calaloo: Early Carnival Music in Trinidad. (Gainesville: UP of Florida) xvi,342 pages hb, 61 ills, CD, 1993; (ibidem) xvi,342 pages pb, 61 ills, CD, 1993. Music. Calypso. Performing arts. Carnival. Trinidad. Bow, LOC, Whi.


HILL, Donald Raymond - The Impact of Migration on the Metropolitan and Folk Society of Carriacou, Grenada. (New York: American Museum of Natural History) 200 pages, 1977. Immigration. Carriacou. Grenada. Car, LOC, W&D.


HILL, EB, and Sos Luis DESCARTES - An Economic Background for Agricultural Research in Puerto Rico. (Rio Piedras) pamph, 1939. Agriculture. Economics. Puerto Rico.


HILL, EB, and Jose R NOGUERA – The Food Supply of Puerto Rico. (Rio Piedras: Agricultural Experiment Station, Bulletin No 55) 32 pages pamph, biblio, 1940. Agriculture. Food. Nutrition. Puerto Rico. A WW II study. Analyses how the island can attain greater self-sufficiency. Viv.


HILL, Errol - The Jamaican Stage, 1655-1900: Profile of a Colonial Theatre. (Amherst, MA: U of Massachusetts P) xiv,346 pages hb, 19 ills, dj, [ca 1992]. Performing arts. Theatre. Jamaica. Describes slave performances, theatre production, and use of Creole language. BL, Bow, Gos, LOC, Whi.


HILL, Errol - The Trinidad Carnival: Mandate for a National Theatre. (Austin: U of Texas P) 139 pages 29 cm, plates, biblio, [1972]; (London: New Beacon Books) xxiv,139 pages 28 cm pb, col and b&w ills, [28] pages of plates, biblio, index, 1997 rep. Performing arts. Dance. Carnival. Trinidad. The first attempt to place carnival within the context of the development of the T&T personality. Based on his 1966 Yale U PhD dissertation. BL, Ch.T, Com, Gos, Jor, LOC.


HILL, Errol - [Trinidad-born playwright, editor, teacher (1921-?); professor of drama at Dartmouth. Her.]


HILL, Errol, ed - The Artist in West Indian Society: A Symposium. (Mona: UWI, Dep't of Extra Mural Studies) 79 pages 21 cm pb, [ca 1963]. Visual arts. Caribbean area. A collection of conference papers. BL, Co.C, Com, Gos, LOC.


HILL, Eustace, and Kate IRVINE, and Candida WILLIAMS - Environmental Issues with Special Reference to Antigua-Barbuda: Including Environmental Education Activities. (Cave Hill: UWI, Centre for Resource Management & Environmental Studies) 79 pages, ills, maps, 1991. Environment. Education. Antigua & Barbuda. Gos, LOC.


HILL, Frank - Bustamante and his Letters. (Kingston: Kingston Publishers) 126 pages 22 cm pb, plates, 1976. Descriptive. Politics. Alexander Bustamante. Jamaica. A biography. BL, Car, Com, Ing, LOC.


HILL, Frank - Caribbean. (Albuquerque, NM: Travel Science Co, Pocket Pac Series) 1986; (ibidem) 1992 rev ed. Travel. Descriptive. Caribbean area. A guidebook for tourists. Bow.


HILL, Frank - [Jamaica-born playwright, journalist and commentator (1910-?). Her.]


HILL, George Fitzgerald - Address of His Excellency the Right Honourable Sir George Fitzgerald Hill, Bart, to the two houses of Legislature of this island, on Tuesday, January 18, 1831. (sl, [Kingstown]) pamph, [1831]. Colonial administration. St Vincent. A speech. The successor as governor to the late Sir Charles Brisbane meets the Legislature for the first time. By a British colonial administrator; governor of St Vincent. Exceptionally scarce. Rag.


HILL, Howard Copeland - Roosevelt and the Caribbean. (Chicago: U of Chicago P) ix,232 pages 8vo hb, biblio, maps, 1927 1st ed; (New York: Russell & Russell) ix,232 pages hb, 1965 rep; (Temecula, CA: Reprint Services Corp, History of the US Series) 232 pages hb, 1992 rep. International relations. Theodore Roosevelt. United States. Caribbean area. A good preliminary survey of US attitudes. Originally presented as his 1925 U of Chicago thesis. Author (1878-1940). 1st edition scarce. Bay, BL, Bow, Gos, Hum, Lag, LOC, Tra.


HILL, ID - Soil and Land Use Surveys: Antigua and Barbuda. (St Augustine: UWI, ICTA, Soil Surveys No 19A and 19B) 59 pages pamph, maps, biblio, 1966. Agriculture. Soils. Land use. Antigua & Barbuda. A soil survey. Be.A, W&D.


HILL, John Louis – When Black Meets White. (Cleveland: The Argyle Publishing Co) 149 pages, 1924. History. Haiti. Lag.


HILL, Levi Clement - Report on the Reform of Local Government in Jamaica. (Kingston: Gov't Printer) 49 pages 34cm pamph, 1943 1st ed; (ibidem) 49 pages 34 cm pamph, 1950 rep. Public administration. Local government. Jamaica. An official government report; also known as the Hill Report. Scarce. Co.C, Com, LOC.


HILL, Levi Clement - Report on the Training of Local Government Officers in Jamaica. (Kingston: Gov’t Printer) 18 pages 34 cm pamph, 1945. Public administration. Jamaica. An official government report. Cover title. Mon.


HILL, Luke Mullock - Nomenclature of Georgetown. (Georgetown) 19 pages pamph, 1910. Geography. Guyana. By a British colonial engineer (1849-1921); the municipal engineer of Georgetown, BG. Scarce. RES.


HILL, Marnesba D, and Harold B SCHLEIFER - Puerto Rican Authors: A Bibliographic Handbook. (Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow P) x,267 pages, 1974. Literature. History. Economics. Puerto Rico. A bibliography. Cev, Gos, LOC.


HILL, N - Building Materials for St Kitts and Nevis, Raw Material, Manufacture and Some Market Information. (Vienna: UNIDO) 1981. Economics. Construction. Building materials. St Kitts & Nevis. A technical assistance report.


HILL, Piers - Criminal Procedure in the Cayman Islands. (Oxford: Law Reports International) xxv,230 pages 22 cm pb, index, 1992. Law. Crime. Cayman Islands. A text book for law students. BL, Bo.C, LOC.


HILL, Reuben Lorenzo – [US academic (1912-1985); professor of sociology at the U of Minnesota. LOC.]


HILL, Reuben Lorenzo, Joseph Mayone STYCOS, and Kurt Wolfgang BACK - The Family and Population Control: A Puerto Rican Experiment in Social Change. (Chapel Hill, NC: U of North Carolina P) xxvi,481 pages 8vo, tables, questionnaires, ills, biblio, [1959]. Demography. Fertility. Family planning. Puerto Rico. Aimed at depicting the workings of the family in fertility control. Bay, BL, Cor, LOC, Viv.


HILL, Richard - Address Delivered at the Baptist Jubilee on Tuesday, the 19th July, 1864, at the Baptist Chapel, St Jago de la Vega. [Kingston] 1864. Church. Religion. Baptists. Jamaica. Rare.


HILL, Richard - Book of Moses, How Say You, True or Not True? Being a Consideration of the Critical Objections in Dr Colenso's Review of the Books of Moses and Joshua. (Kingston) 1863. Church. Religion. Baptists. Jamaica. Rare.


[HILL, Richard] - Contributions to the Natural History of the Shark. (Spanish Town) pamph, 1850. Marine resources. Fishes. Shark. Jamaica. Rare. Cu.J.


[HILL, Richard] - Correspondence Relating to a Sermon Preached in the Cathedral Church, Saint Jago de la Vega on the Evening before Good Friday, April 8th, 1852. [St Jago de la Vega] 1852. Church. Religion. Anglicans. Jamaica. Rare.


[HILL, Richard] - Eight Chapters in the History of Jamaica, from AD 1508 to AD 1680, illustrating the settlement of the Jews in the Island. By Richard Hill. Published in aid of the funds of the Hebrew Benevolent Society. (Kingston) hb, 1868. Religion. Judaica. Jamaica. Very rare, only two copies known to have survived, one being in the Bodleian Library the other in the US in the library of the Jewish Historical Society. Cu.J.


HILL, Richard - Haiti and Spain: A Memorial . . . Dedicated to the Hon WH Seward . . . (Kingston: De Cordova & Co, Printers) 14 pages 8vo pamph, 1862. International relations. Span. Haiti. Exceptionally scarce. Cu.W, Sab 31856.


HILL, Richard - Lights and Shadows of Jamaica History; Being Three Lectures Delivered in and of the Mission Schools of the Colony. (Kingston: Ford & Gall) 164 pages 8vo, 1 map, 1859. Church. Religion. Baptists. Jamaica. Of slight interest, stresses Christian influences. Exceptionally scarce. BL, Cu.J, Rag.


HILL, Richard - Manuscript Diary of a Journey to Cuba, America and Canada in 1826. [London?] 1826. Travel. Descriptive. America. Canada. Cuba. A travelogue. Rare. Cu.W.


HILL, Richard - The Picaroons; or, One Hundred and Fifty Years ago: Being a History of Commerce and Navigation in the West Indian Seas. (Dublin: J Falconer) 80 pages 8vo pamph, 1869; (New York: Books for Libraries P) 80 pages pamph, 1971. History. Trade. Jamaica. 1st edition exceptionally scarce. BL, Com


HILL, Richard - A Week at Port Royal. (Montego Bay: Cornwall Chronicle Office) 109 pages 12mo, 1855. Descriptive. Port Royal. Jamaica. Exceptionally scarce. Cu.J, LOC, Sab 31857


HILL, Richard - [Baptist minister at Spanish Town in Jamaica (1795-1872). LOC.]


HILL, Robert A, ed - The Marcus Garvey and Universal Negro Improvement Association Papers. (Berkeley: U of California P) 9 vols, 1983-?. Civil rights. Race relations. Marcus Garvey. Jamaica. Vol 1: 1826-1919; Vol 2: 1919-1920; Vol 3: 1920-1921; Vol 4: 1921-1922; Vol 5: 1922-1924; Vol 6: 1924-1927; Vol 7: 1927-1940; Vol 9: 1921-1922. The archives of the Association. Be.A, BL, LOC.


HILL, Robert A, ed - Catalogue of the West India Reference Library; The Caribbean: Historical and Cultural Perspectives. (Millwood, NY: Kraus International) 6 vols, 1980. Catalogues. Libraries. History. Sociology. Caribbean area. A bibliography. Car.


HILL, Robert A - [Author (1943-). LOC.]


HILL, Robert A, and Barbara BAIR, ed - Marcus Garvey: Life and Lessons (A Centennial Companion to the Marcus Garvey and Universal Negro Improvement Association Papers). (Los Angeles: UCLA Press) lxix,350 pages 22 cm hb, 1 portrait, [ca 1987]; (ibidem) 350 pages 22 cm pb, 1 portrait, [ca 1987]. Descriptive. Law. Civil rights. Race relations. Marcus Garvey. Jamaica. A biography. BL, Bow, LOC.


HILL, Robert Thomas - Cuba and Porto Rico with the Other Islands of the West Indies. Their Topography, Climate, Flora, Products, Industries, Cities, People, Political Conditions, etc. (New York: The Century Co) xxviii,429 pages hb, ills, maps, 1898 1st ed; (London: T Fisher Unwin) xxviii,429 pages 8vo, frontis, plates, maps, 1898 1st ed; (New York: Century) 447 pages hb, 87 photos, maps, 1899 2nd rev ed; (ibidem) 1909; (London: T Fisher Unwin) 429 pages, plates, maps, 1932. Descriptive. Geography. Cuba. Puerto Rico. Jamaica. Dominican Republic. Haiti. Bahamas. Caribbean area. Both issues of the 1st edition scarce. Bay, BL, Cor, Cu.W, Gos, Lag, LOC, My.R, RES.


HILL, Robert Thomas - The Geology and Physical Geography of Jamaica: A Study of a Type of Antillean Development. Based upon Surveys Made for Alexander Agassiz . . . with an Appendix on some Cretaceous and Eocene Corals from Jamaica. By TW Vaughan (Cambridge, MA: Harvard U) 256 pages, 41 plates, 1899. Geology. Geography. Alexander Agassiz. Jamaica. Scarce. Bay, BL.


HILL, Robert Thomas - Notes on the Forest Conditions of Porto Rico. (Washington, DC: Dep’t of Agriculture, Division of Forestry, Bulletin No 25) 48 pages pamph, ills, 1899. Forestry. Puerto Rico. An official government report. Very scarce. Cu.W, Viv.


HILL, Robert Thomas - [US geological surveyor (1858-1941). LOC, RES.]


HILL, Roger – Melvin H Evans: Famous Virgin Islanders for Young Readers. (Christiansted: CRIC Productions) 20 pages, ills, [ca 1987]. Descriptive. Melvin H Evans. St Croix. St Thomas. St John. United States Virgin Islands. A biography. A children’s book. LOC.


HILL, Rolla B, and Claire Mc Dowell HILL - The Mosquitoes of Jamaica. (Kingston: IOJ, Science Series, No 4) 60 pages pamph, 1949. Wildlife. Entomology. Mosquitoes. Health. Jamaica. Scarce. LOC.


HILL, Roscoe R - Descriptive Catalogue of the Documents Relating to the History of the United States in the Papales Procedentes de Cuba Deposited in the Archivo General de Indias at Seville. (Washington, DC: Carnegie Institution) xliii,549 pages, 1916. Archives. Archivo General de Indias. United States. Spain. Cuba. By a US archivist (1880-1960). LOC, RES.


HILL, Rowland – [Minister of religion, engaged in exchange of pamphlets with B Moseley over the value of cow-pox vaccinations. Query whether he was in any way connected to the West Indies.]


HILL, Stephen A, ed – Who’s Who in Jamaica . . . [See: “Who’s Who . . .”]


HILL, Valdemar A – A Golden Jubilee: Virgin Islanders on the Go under the American Flag. (New York: Carlton P) 174 pages hb, [1967]. Descriptive. Colonial administration. St Croix. St Thomas. United States Virgin Islands. Com, LOC.


HILL, Valdemar A – Rise to Recognition: An Account of Virgin Islanders from Slavery to Self-Government. (Charlotte Amalie: Privately printed, St Thomas Graphics) vi,180 pages, [1971]; (ibidem) 1975. History. St Croix. St Thomas. United States Virgin Islands. LOC


HILL, Valdemar A – [St Thomas-born public servant and politician (1914-1976); poet and historian. Her.]


HILLARY, William - Observations on the Changes of the Air and the Concomitant Epidemical Diseases in the Island of Barbados and Other West India Islands. (London: C Hitch & L Hawkes) xiii,360 pages, 1759 1st ed; (London: Printed for L Hawes, W Clarke, and R Collins) xiii,360 pages 8vo, 1766 2nd ed; (Philadelphia: B&T Kite) xiii,260 pages 8vo, 1811 3rd ed. Health. Epidemics. Diseases. Barbados. Caribbean area. One of the best known early treatises on WI diseases. By a British physician (1697-1763); practised in Barbados, 1751-1758. Sabin erroneously lists a 1st edition of 1754, while Cundall lists a nonexistent 1752 1st edition. 1st edition exceptionally scarce; other editions very scarce. BL, Cu.W, DNB, Han, Ha.S, LOC, Rag, RES, Sab 31876, 31877.


HILLERY, John - An Approach to the Question of Emancipation from the Points of Logic and Justice. (London) pamph, 1824. Colonial administration. Slavery. Caribbean area. An abolitionist tract. Argues that an Act of Parliament is the best measure. Exceptionally scarce. Rag.


HILLHOUSE, W – [An occasional mis-listing for Hilhouse.]


HILLIER, [?] - [Methodist missionary. See: [?] Jones.]


HILLIER, Richard - A Vindication of the Address to the People of Great Britain on the Use of West India Produce, with Some Observations and Facts Relative to the Situation of the Slaves. (London: Sold by M Gurney & T Knott) 24 pages pamph, [1791]. Colonial administration. Slavery. Slave trade. Caribbean area. An abolitionist tract. The first boycott of WI produce. Supports Fox's famous pamphlet. Exceptionally scarce. LOC, Rag.


HILLIS, John D - Leprosy in British Guiana: An Account of West Indian Leprosy . . . with Plates, Coloured and Plain . . . (London: J&A Churchill) xi,264 pages 8vo, col and b&w plates, 1881. Health. Leprosy. Guyana. By a British colonial physician; medical superintendent of the leper asylums of BG. Very scarce. BL, Cu.W, RES.


HILLMAN, Richard S, and Thomas J D'AGOSTINO - Distant Neighbors in the Caribbean: The Dominican Republic and Jamaica in Comparative Perspective. (Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing Group. New York: Praeger) xiv,197 pages 22 cm hb, biblio, index, 1992. Politics. Dominican Republic. Jamaica. Author (1943-). BL, Bow, Gos, LOC.


HILLS, Theo L, ed - Caribbean Topics: Theses in Canadian University Libraries. (Montreal: McGill U, Centre for Developing Areas Studies) 11 pages pamph, 1967; (ibidem) 13 pages pamph, 1969; (ibidem) 21 pages pamph, [ca 1971] 3rd ed; (ibidem) v,25 pages, 1973 4th ed. Education. Theses. Canada. Caribbean area. A bibliography. Com, Lag, LOC, Mom, My.R.


HILLS, Theo L, ed - The Interior of British Guiana and the Myth of El Dorado. (place?) 1961. Descriptive. Myths. El Dorado. Guyana. McD.


HILLS, Theo L, ed - Resource Development in the Caribbean. (Montréal: McGill U, Centre for Developing Areas Studies) 337 pages, biblio, 1972. Economics. Development planning. Caribbean area. The edited proceedings of a multidisciplinary seminar held in the 1970-71 academic session at McGill bringing together researchers on WI development. Pot.


HILLSBOROUGH, Wills Hill, Earl of - [British statesman (1718-1793); secretary of state for the colonies, 1768-72. See: "Grenada, Island of . . .;" and "Letter to the Right Honourable . . .;" and "Letters to the Earl of . . ." DNB.]


Hillside Farming Technology: Intensive Short Course. (Kingston: Inter-American Institute of Agricultural Sciences/Ministry of Agriculture) 2 vols, 1978. Agriculture. Small farming. Technology. Education. Jamaica. A technical assistance report. Car.


HILSMAN, Roger - The Cuban Missile Crisis: The Struggle over Policy. (New York: Praeger) x,162 pages 25 cm hb, ills, [9] pages of plates, maps, biblio, index, 1996. International relations. Missile Crisis. United States. Cuba. BL, Bow, LOC.




HILTON, Ronald - A Bibliography of Latin America and the Caribbean: The Hilton Library. (Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow P) iv,679 pages 23 cm hb, 1980. History. Economics. Descriptive. Libraries. Hilton Library. Latin America. Caribbean area. A bibliography. A catalogue of the author’s private collection. By a British-born US academic (1911-2007); specialist in Castro's Cuba; web page. BL, Bow, Gos, LOC.


HILTY, Hiram H – Report of a Visit to Cuba. (Philadelphia: American Friends Service Committee) 7 pages pamph, 1960. Travel. Descriptive. Religion. Quakers. Cuba. A travelogue. Chi.


HILTY, RD - Hydrological Studies of the Ground Water Resources for Aquin, Les Cayes, Port-de-Paix, Jeremie, and Hinche. (Washington, DC: PAHO) 1977. Public water supply. Ground water. Haiti. A technical assistance report. Car.


HIMAN, Hugh K - Tourism and Economic Development: The British Honduras Case. (Winston-Salem: Wake Forest U, Overseas Research Center, Developing Nations Monograph Series) 1969. Economics. Tourism. Belize. Com, W&D.


HINCHCLIFFE, Henry J - Some Rules of Practice for the Vice-Admiralty Court of Jamaica . . . (London) 93 pages 8vo, 1813. Law. Practice. Rules. Courts. Admiralty. Jamaica. By a Judge of the High Court of Admiralty. Exceptionally scarce. Pat, Sab 31926.


HINCKLE, Warren – [US journalist, the founding editor of “Ramparts.”]


HINCKLE, Warren, and William W TURNER - The Fish is Red: The Story of the Secret War against Castro. (New York: Harper & Row) x,373 pages, plates, ills, 1981. International relations. Cold War. John Fitzgerald Kennedy. United States. Cuba. A history of the anti-Castro Cuban community and their CIA and Mafia sponsors. The product of over 10 years of research. Gos, LOC.


HINCKLE, Warren, and William W TURNER - Deadly Secrets: The CIA-Mafia War Against Castro and the Assassination of JFK. (New York: HarperCollins, Thunder's Mouth P) lxiii,464 pages 23 cm, ills, [8] pages of plates, biblio, index, [ca 1992]. International relations. Cold War. Assassinations. John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Cuba. A revised edition of “The Fish is Red.” BL, Bow, LOC.


HINCKS, [?] - [British minister of religion at Killileagh in Northern Ireland (fl 1831). See: C Stuart.]


HINCKS, Francis - Observations on a Letter Addressed by GW Des Voeux (Late Stipendiary Magistrate in Guiana) to the Right Honourable Earl Granville, KG. (Ottawa: IB Taylor) 21 pages pamph, 1870. Colonial administration. Magistrates. George William Des Voeux. Guyana. Exceptionally scarce. BL, RES.


HINCKS, Francis - The Results of Negro Emancipation. A Speech Delivered at a Public Meeting Held in London, August 1st 1859, the 25th Anniversary of the Abolition of Slavery by the Parliament of Great Britain, the Right Honourable Lord Brougham in the Chair. (London: sn) 28 pages 8vo pamph, 1859. Colonial administration. Slavery. Emancipation. Lord Brougham. Caribbean area. A speech. Exceptionally scarce. BL, Cu.W, DNB.


HINCKS, Francis - [Canadian statesman and British colonial administrator (1807-1885); governor of Barbados and the Windward Islands, 1855-62, of BG 1862-9. RES.]


HINDEN, Rita, ed - Local Government and the Colonies: A Report to the Fabian Colonial Bureau. (London: George Allen & Unwin) vii,255 pages 8vo, maps, [1950]. Public administration. Law. Local government. British Colonies. Caribbean area. Passim WI. Bay, BL, LOC.


HINDEN, Rita et al – Labour in the Colonies. 1: Some Current Problems. (London: Victor Gollancz, Fabian Society, Research Series No 61) 48 pages pamph, 1942. Industrial relations. British colonies. Caribbean area. Includes the WI. A WW II study. Scarce. Com.


HINDMARSH, L, Jr - Thoughts on British Colonial Slavery and the Necessity of its Immediate Abolition. (Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Charnley & Finlay) 20 pages 12mo pamph, 1833. Colonial administration. Slavery. Caribbean area. An abolitionist tract. Urges immediate emancipation by Act of Parliament. Very scarce. BL, Rag.


HINDS, Donald - Journey to an Illusion: The West Indian in Britain. (London: Heinemann) xi,208 pages 22.5 cm hb, 1966. Sociology. Race relations. Migration. Britain. Caribbean area. By a Jamaican storywriter (1934-). BL, Com, Her, LOC, Will.




HINDS, Suzette, comp - Jamaican Government Publications: a Bibliography. Compiled from the Periodicals Collection in the West India Reference Library. (Kingston: IOJ) 13 pages pamph, 1971. Book production. Official publications. Jamaica. A bibliography. Ing, LOC.


HINDS, WH - Souvenir of Emancipation, 1838-1908. (Georgetown) 1908. Descriptive. History. Emancipation. Guyana. Very scarce. Cu.W.


HINDS, Yvonne, and Christopher David KNEE - Industrial Development in Guyana: A Preliminary Bibliography. (Georgetown: National Science Research Council) 10 pages pamph, 1978. Economics. Industrial development. Guyana. A bibliography. Car.


HINGSTON, Charlotte, comp – Jill Walker’s Cooking in Barbados. (St Thomas: Best of Barbados Ltd) 98 pages 25 cm, 52 ills, index, 1983; (ibidem) 98 pages, 1984; (Auchterarder: Hingston Associates) 124 pages 25 cm, ills, index, 1990. Food. Nutrition. Barbados. A cookbook. Illustrations by Jill Walker. Compiled by the daughter, illustrated by the mother, and published by the father. BL, Pot.


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Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

11th Edition: Don Mitchell QBE QC


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