Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

11th Edition: Don Mitchell QBE QC


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HASHAM, Macklenan F - Careers Index of the Netherlands Antilles. (Willemstad: St Augustinus) 156 pages, 1978. Economics. Industrial relations. Careers. Aruba. Curacao. Netherlands Antilles. Bro.


HASHAM, Macklenan F - Diversification in Industry and Growth in Employment. (Willemstad: Uitgaven/Hogeschool van de Nederlandse Antillen) 62 pages pamph, [1985]. Economics. Industrial relations. Industrial development. Aruba. Curacao. Netherlands Antilles. Bro, LOC.


HASHAM, Macklenan F - Local Industrial Enterprise in the Netherlands Antilles: A Prerequisite and Warrant for Future Development. The Specific Case of Curacao. (Willemstad: U of the NA) 39 pages pamph, 1983. Economics. Industrial development. Curacao. Netherlands Antilles. Bro.


HASHAM, Macklenan F - Roads to Competitiveness: Human Development with Export Growth: The Caribbean Challenge. (Willemstad: U of the NA) x,206 pages, ills, [1995]. Economics. Industrial relations. Caribbean area. LOC.


HASHAM, Macklenan F, and Dennis V DARE, ed – Free Enterprise in Curacao. (Willemstad: Kamer van Koophandel/Nijverheid) xvi,229 pages, ills, [ca 1992]. Economics. Business development. Curacao. Netherlands Antilles. A collection of essays published by the Chamber of Commerce in co-operation with the U of the NA. LOC, Sch.


HASLAM, John Fearby Campbell - Cancer among East Indians and Blacks in British Guiana: A Preliminary Statistical Enquiry. (Georgetown: Combined Court) 5 pages pamph, 1925. Health. Cancer. Statistics. Guyana. An official government report. Scarce. RES.


HASLAM, John Fearby Campbell - Some Health Problems of British Guiana. (London: London School of Tropical Medicine) 26 pages pamph, ills, 1929. Health. Problems. Guyana. Scarce. RES.


HASLAM, John Fearby Campbell - [British colonial physician (1888-1955). LOC.]


HASLER, RW, comp – Lime Growing Methods Manual. (Roseau: L Rose & Co Ltd) iii,16 pages pamph, 1967. Agriculture. Tropical fruit. Citrus. Limes. Plantations. Dominica. Edited by Maj CR Thompson. My.R.


HASLIP-VIERA, Gabriel, ed – Taino Revival: Critical Perspectives on Puerto Rican Identity and Cultural Politics. (Princeton, NJ: Markus Weiner Publishers) hb, 2001; (ibidem) pb, 2001. Sociology. Identity. Culture. Politics. Puerto Rico.


HASS, Hans - Diving to Adventure: Harpoon and Camera under the Sea. (London: Jarrolds) 236 pages 8vo hb, 67 photos, dj, 1952 1st ed; (ibidem) 236 pages 8vo hb, 67 photos, 1952; (ibidem) 236 pages 8vo hb, 67 photos, 1953; (ibidem) 236 pages 8vo hb, 67 photos, 1953; (ibidem) 236 pages 8vo hb, 67 photos, 1953; (ibidem) 236 pages 8vo hb, 67 photos, 1953; (ibidem) 236 pages 8vo hb, 67 photos, 1954; (London: Arrow Books) 255 pages 8vo, 1963. Descriptive. Nature studies. Diving. Harpoons. Cameras. Caribbean area. Translated from the German by Barrows Mussey. BL.


HASS, Hans - Diving to Adventure: The Daredevil Story of Hunters under the Sea. (Garden City, NY: Doubleday) 280 pages, ills, 1951 1st ed. Descriptive. Nature studies. Diving. Hunting. Caribbean area. LOC.


HASS, Hans - [Austrian marine biologist (1919-); web page.]


HASS, William Herman, ed - The American Empire: A Study of the Outlying Territories of the United States. (Chicago: U of Chicago P) xi,408 pages 8vo, 1940. Colonial administration. Economics. American Empire. United States. Puerto Rico. St Croix. St Thomas. St John. United States Virgin Islands. A collection of essays by various authors. BL.


[HASSALL, Mary] - Secret History; or, the Horrors of St Domingo in a Series of Letters Written by a Lady at Cape Francois, to Colonel Burr, late Vice-President of the United States, Principally during the Command of General Rochambeau. (Philadelphia: Bradford & Inskeep) 255 pages 12mo, 1808 1st ed; (Freeport, NY: Books for Libraries) 255 pages hb, 1971 facs ed; (London: Frank Cass, Source Books on Haiti, No 10) 255 pages hb, [date?] facs ed. Descriptive. Slavery. General Rochambeau. Aaron Burr. Haiti. A collection of letters from Mrs Leonora Mary Hassall Sansay to Aaron Burr in which allusions to the “horrors” of war are mingled with feminine observations about the sentimental life of Cap Francois society. 1st edition very scarce. BL, Ch.H, Gos, Gri, Lag, Sab 30807.


HASSAM, John Tyler - The Bahama Islands: Notes on an Early Attempt at Colonization. (Cambridge, MA: John Wilson & Son, UP) 59 pages 8vo pamph, ills, 1899. History. Bahamas. By a US historian (1841-1903). Reprinted from the ‘Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society.’ Scarce. Bay, BL, Cu.W, LOC.


HASSAN, Dolly Zulakha - VS Naipaul and the West Indies. (New York: P Lang, American U Studies, Series XIX, General Literature, Vol 18) xiv,376 pages 23 cm, biblio, [ca 1989]. Literary criticism. VS Naipaul. Trinidad. A republication of her doctoral dissertation at Howard U. By a Guyana-born US attorney and author (1949-). BL, Gos, LOC.


HASSELL, Frank, and AS HASSEL - Brief Outline of History and Data on the Work of the Anglican Church in Saba, 1777-1977. (sl: sn) 10 pages, 1977. Church. Religion. Anglicans. Saba. Netherlands Antilles. Bro.


HASSANALI, Noor – [President of Trinidad & Tobago. See: A Rampersad.]


HASTIE, James – Narrative of a Voyage in the Ship Kennersley Castle from Leith Roads to Poyais. (sl: sn) [ca 1824]. Colonial administration. Descriptive. Poyais. Exceptionally scarce. By a Scots soldier and carpenter; one of the survivors of an elaborate fraud concerning the imaginary CA country of Poyais; a believer in Sir Gregor’s innocence to the end, he blamed his advisers and publicists for spreading the false information. See: G MacGregor.


HASTINGS, Selvin U, and Basil LaTrobe MACLEAVY - Seedtime and Harvest: A Brief History of the Moravian Church in Jamaica, 1754-1979. (Kingston: Moravian Church) vi,264 pages, plates, 1 map, biblio, 1979. History. Church. Religion. Moravians. Jamaica. Gos, Ing, LOC.




HATCH, Charles E - Virgin Islands National Park, St John Island, 'The Quiet Place.' With Special Reference to Annaberg Estate, Cinnamon Bay Estate. (Washington, DC: National Park Service. Springfield, VA: US Dep’t of Commerce) viii, 175 columns 22x28 cm, ills, [12] leaves of plates, 1972. Conservation. National parks. St John. United States Virgin Islands. LOC, Mol.


HATCH, John - Dwell together in Unity. (London: Fabian Society, Fabian Tract No 313) 40 pages pamph, 1958. Politics. Integration. Constitutional. BWI Federation. Caribbean area. Bay, Co.C, Com.


HATCH, John K, and Aquiles LANO-FLORES, and Rupert W SCOFIELD - Group Farming in the Dominican Republic. (Ann Arbor: Rural Development Services) 54 pages pamph, 1977. Agriculture. Small farming. Co-operatives. Dominican Republic. Car.


HATCHARD, John – Report of the Trial of the King v John Hatchard for a Libel on the Aides-de-Camp of Sir James Leith, Governor and Commander in Chief of the Leeward Islands; and the Grand Jury of the Island of Antigua, as Published in the Tenth Report of the Directors of the African Institution; in the Court of King’s Bench, before Mr Justice Abbott and a Special Jury, February 20, 1817. Together with Mr Justice Bayley’s Address in Pronouncing the Sentence of the Court. Taken in Short-hand, by Mr Gurney. (London: Whitmore & Fenn) 134 pages 8vo, 1817. Law. Slavery. Punishments. Libel. Colonial administration. Justice Abbott. Justice Bayley. Antigua. A case report. Concerns an Antiguan bookseller (fl 1817); fined £100 for a libel in the 10th report of the African Institution concerning the alleged whipping of an Antiguan female slave. Published by the colonial group. See: J Leith, "A Short Account of the African Institution . . .;" and “The Trial of the King . . .”. Scarce. BL, Cu.W, LOC, Rag, RES, Sab 30841.


HATCHWELL, Emily, and Simon CALDER - Cuba: A Guide to the People, Politics and Culture. (London: LAB, In Focus Series) 75 pages 22 cm pb, col and b&w ills, plates, maps, biblio, 1995; (ibidem) 94 pages 22 cm, col and b&w  ills, plates, maps, biblio, [ca 1999] 2nd ed; (New York: Interlink Book) 95 pages 22 cm pb, col and b&w ills, plates, maps, biblio, [ca 1999]. Descriptive. Politics. Economics. Cuba. Spine title, “Cuba in Focus.” See also, S Calder. BL, LOC, Stu.


HATT, Paul Kitchener - Background of Human Fertility in Puerto Rico: A Sociological Survey. (Princeton, NJ: Princeton UP) xxiv,512 pages 8vo, tables, questionnaires, 1952. Sociology. Fertility. Family planning. Demography. Puerto Rico. A report of the findings of a field study regarding basic attitude patterns and life conditions affecting fertility levels. Bay, BL, Cor, LOC, Viv.




HAUBERG, Clifford A – Puerto Rico and the Puerto Ricans: A Study of Puerto Rican History and Immigration to the United States. (New York: Twayne Publishers Inc) 211 pages 21 cm, 1 map, biblio, [1974]; (New York: Hippocrene Books) 211 pages 21 cm, plates, 1 map, [1975]. History. Migration. United States. Puerto Rico. BL, Bra, LOC.


HAUCH, Charles Christian - Educational Trends in the Caribbean: European Affiliated Areas. (Washington, DC: Dep't of Health, Education & Welfare, Bulletin No 26) vi,153 pages, 1 map, biblio, 1960. Education. Colonial administration. Caribbean area. An official government report. By a US educator (1913-?). Bay, Com, Gos, Ing, LOC.




HAUGHTON, John - A Common Sense Look at Education in Jamaica Today. (Kingston: National Union of Democratic Teachers) iv,20 pages pamph, [ca 1979]. Education. Jamaica. Car, LOC.


HAUPTLY, Denis J - Puerto Rico: An Unfinished Story. (New York: Simon & Schuster Children's) 144 pages, ills, 1 map, 1991. History. Colonial administration. Puerto Rico. A children's book. LOC.


Havana, Cuba: The City of Charm. (Havana: sn) [ca 1930]. Travel. Descriptive. Havana. Cuba. A guidebook for tourists. Very scarce.


HAVE, H ten – [See: TEN HAVE]


HAVEN, Gilbert - A Winter in Cuba. (New York) 1875. Travel. Descriptive. Cuba. A travelogue. By a US Methodist minister and author (1821-1880). Scarce. Cu.W.


HAVERS, John Kinglsey – The Laws of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in Force on the 1st January 1991. (Kingstown: Gov’t of St Vincent) 8 vols, [ca 1992]. Law. Statutes. St Vincent & the Grenadines. A collection of Acts and Ordinances. LOC.


HAVERSCHMIDT, Francois – Birds of Surinam. (Edinburgh: Oliver & Boyd) 445 pages, 1968. Wildlife. Ornithology. Suriname. Com.


HAVERSCHMIDT, Francois – List of the Birds of Surinam. (The Hague: Martinus Nijhoff) 153 pages, 1953; (ibidem) 153 pages pb, plates, 1 folding map, 1955; (Edinburgh and London: Oliver & Boyd) xxxi,445 pages, ills, plates, 1968. Wildlife. Ornithology. Suriname. Co.C, Com, LOC.


HAVERSCHMIDT, Francois, and GF MEES – Birds of Surinam. (Paramaribo: Vaco Uitgeversmaatschappij) 584 pages 31 cm, col and b&w ills, col maps, biblio, index, [ca 1994]. Wildlife. Ornithology. Suriname. Illustrations by Paul Barruel and Inge van Noortwijk. BL, LOC.


HAVERSTOCK, Nathan Alfred, and John Page HOOVER – Cuba in Pictures. (London: Dak Tree P) 64 pages, photos, 1974; (New York: Sterling Publishing Co, Visual Geography Series) 64 pages 26 cm, ills, plates, 1 map, index, [1974]; ((Minneapolis, MN: Lerner Publications, Visual Geography Series, 64 pages hb, ills, photos, [ca 1987]; (ibidem) 64 pages hb, 1993 rep. Descriptive. Cuba. A children’s book. An introduction to the country’s geography, history, government, people, and economy. BL, Bow, Chi, LOC, Sut.


HAVERSTOCK, Nathan Alfred, and John Page HOOVER – Dominican Republic in Pictures. (New York: Sterling Publishing Co, Visual Geography Series) 64 pages 26 cm, photos, 1 map, index, [1975]; (Minneapolis: Lerner Publications Co) 64 pages, col ills, [ca 1988]. Descriptive. Dominican Republic. A children's book. An introduction to the country's geography, history, government, people, and economy. BL, Car, LOC.


HAVISER, Jay B - Amerindian Cultural Geography on Curacao. (Amsterdam: Uitgaven Natuurwetenschappelijke studiekring voor Suriname en de Nederlandse Antillen) 211 pages, ills, maps, biblio, 1987. Archaeology. Island Caribs. Curacao. Netherlands Antilles. A large-scale compilation of environmental and archaeological data about Curacao and the application of anthropological insights and geographical models to the compiled data. BL, Bro, LOC, Sch.


HAVISER, Jay B - An Archaeological Excavation at the Cupecoy Bay Site (SM-001), St Maarten, Netherlands Antilles. (Willemstad: AAINA) 60 pages, biblio, 1987. Archaeology. Island Caribs. Cupecoy Bay. St Maarten. Netherlands Antilles. Sch.


HAVISER, Jay B - An Archaeological Survey of Saba, Netherlands Antilles. Phase I Report. (Willemstad: AAINA) 36 pages, 1983; (ibidem) 41 pages, ills, [1985]. Archaeology. Island Caribs. Saba. Netherlands Antilles. Bro, LOC.


HAVISER, Jay B - Archaeological Survey of St Martin-St Maarten. (Willemstad: AAINA, Report No 7) 54 pages, ills, maps, biblio, [1988]. Archaeology. Island Caribs. St Maarten. St Martin. Netherlands Antilles. LOC, Sch.


HAVISER, Jay B - The First Bonaireans. (Willemstad: AAINA, Report No 10) 266 pages, ills, maps, 1991. Archaeology. Island Caribs. Bonaire. Netherlands Antilles. LOC, Sch.


HAVISER, Jay B - In Search of St Martin’s Ancient People: Prehistoric Archaeology. (Philipsburg: House of Nehesi) x,48 pages pamph, ills, 1 map, [ca 1995]. Archaeology. Island Caribs. St Maarten. Netherlands Antilles. LOC.


HAVISER, Jay B - An Inventory of Prehistoric Resources on St Eustatius, Netherlands Antilles. (Montreal: Centre de Recherches Caraibes) 81 pages, biblio, 1985. Archaeology. Island Caribs. St Eustatius. Netherlands Antilles. Bro.


HAVISER, Jay B - [US archaeologist; worked for the NA Central Government since 1982.]


HAVISER, Jay B, ed - African Sites Archaeology in the Caribbean. (Kingston: Ian Randle. New York: Markus Wiener) xiii,364 pages hb, ills, maps, biblio, 1998; (ibidem) xiii,364 pages pb, ills, maps, biblio, 1998. Archaeology. African sites. Caribbean area. A collection of essays. BL, LOC.


HAVISER, Jay B, and Alfredo E FIGUEREDO - An Inventory of Prehistoric Resources on St Eustatius. Saladoid Settlement Patterns in St Eustatius. (Willemstad: AAINA) 61 pages, 1983. Archaeology. Island Caribs. St Eustatius. Netherlands Antilles. 2 papers bound together. Bro.


HAVORD, G - Soil and Land Use Surveys: A Detailed Soil and Land Capability Study of a Cacao Area in Trinidad. (St Augustine: ICTA, Soil Survey No 13) 59 pages pamph, 1 map, 1961. Agriculture. Soils. Cacao. Chocolate. Land use. Trinidad. A soil survey. Co.C, Com, W&D.


HAWEIS, Stephen – [See: HAWYS.]


HAWES, Elizabeth - But Say it Politely. (Boston, MA: Little, Brown) 257 pages hb, 1951. Descriptive. St Croix. United States Virgin Islands. By a US author. Bay, LOC.


HAWKE, Edward George - The British Empire and its History. (London: J Murray, League of Empire Textbooks, No 2) xiii,418 pages, frontis, ills, plates, maps, 1911; (ibidem) 1931. History. British Empire. Caribbean area. The WI are treated at book 3, chapter 3. By a British historian (1869-?). BL, LOC, Rag.


HAWKER, Robert - An Appeal to the Common Feelings of Mankind, in Behalf of the Negroes, in the West India Islands . . . A Letter . . . to which Is Added a Short but Simple Plan . . . for Giving Relief by Gradual Means to this Sorrowful Class of Society, Etc. (London: Printed and Sold by AA Paris) 24 pages pamph, 1823. Colonial administration. Slavery. Caribbean area. Proposes that the Caribbean plantations be purchased with funds raised for that purpose. By an Anglican vicar (1753-1827). Very scarce. BL, Cu.W, DNB, LOC, Rag.


HAWKES, Alex Drum - Illustrated Plants of Jamaica. (sl: Privately published) 96 pages hb, 32 col and b&w plates, 1974. Botany. Jamaica.


HAWKES, Alex Drum - Flavours of the Caribbean and Latin America: A Personal Collection of Recipes. (New York: Viking P) xiv,270 pages, ills, 1978. Food. Nutrition. Latin America. Caribbean area. A cookbook. LOC.


HAWKES, Alex Drum - The Rum Cookbook. (Kingston: William Collins & Sangster Ltd) 64 pages pamph, col ills, 1972. Food. Nutrition. Rum. Caribbean area. A cookbook. Com.


HAWKES, Alex Drum - Wild Flowers of Jamaica. (Kingston: Collins Sangster) 96 pages 23 cm, col plates, 1974. Botany. Wild flowers. Jamaica. Illustrated by Brenda C Sutton. BL, Ing, LOC.


HAWKES, Alex Drum – [US botanist (1927-1977); phytologist and author. LOC.]


HAWKES, John - A Steam Trip to the Tropics; or Description of a Visit to the West Indies; Including Part of Central and South America. (London: J Skeet) vii,164 pages post 8vo, 1864. Travel. Descriptive. Central America. South America. Caribbean area. A cruise narrative. By a British physician. Scarce. BL, Cu.W, LOC, My.R, Sab 30932.


HAWKES, Nicolas – Immigrant Children in British Schools. (London: Pall Mall P for the IRR) 68 pages 21 cm pamph, 1996. Education. Sociology. Race relations. Britain. Caribbean area. BL, Bra, Com, LOC.


HAWKINS, Irene - The Changing Face of the Caribbean. (Bridgetown: Cedar P) xi,271 pages 22 cm pb, ills, 2 maps, biblio, index, 1976; (ibidem) 1977. Descriptive. Economics. Integration. Caribbean area. Endorses regional integration as the only viable strategy. Written after 2 years residence in Barbados. By a German-born economic journalist (1939-). BL, Car, Gos, Ing, Jor, LOC, New, Pot, W&D.


HAWKINS, JC - Report on the Mechanization of Agriculture in the British West Indies. (Port-of-Spain: Federal House) 1960. Agriculture. Sugar. Technology. Mechanization. Caribbean area. An official government report. Wilk.


HAWKINS, James – [British naval captain; lost HMS ‘Deal Castle’ in a hurricane off Puerto Rico in 1780. See: R Young.]


HAWKINS, John - A True Declaration of the Troublesome Voyadge (the second) of Mr John Hawkins to the Parties of Guynea and the West Indies, In the Year of Our Lord 1567 and 1568. (London: printed by Thomas Purfoot for Lucas Harrison) [33] 8vo pamph, 1569; (Mexico: Printed for Private Circulation) [33] pages pamph, 1926 facs ed; (Norwood, NJ: Walter J Johnson Inc, English Experience Series, No 602) 36 pages pamph, 1973 facs ed; (Amsterdam: Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. New York: Da Capo P) [33] pages 15 cm pamph, 1973 facs ed. Privateering. Early voyages. Slave trade. Caribbean area. By an English naval commander (1532-1595); the first Englishman to traffic in African slaves to the WI; made his 1st voyage to the WI in 1562, 2nd in 1564, 3rd in 1567; knighted for his services against the Armada in 1588; died at Puerto Rico on an expedition with his cousin Drake to the Spanish Main. See: P Gosse; and CR Markham; and EJ Payne; and R Southey; and R Unwin; and JA Williamson; and IA Wright. 1st edition very rare; considered by Sabin never to have existed as a separate 8vo pamphlet, but only to be found in Hakluyt; however, BL cites a copy in its collection and from which the 1973 Walter J Johnson edition is copied. BL, Bow, DNB, LOC, Sab 30954.


HAWKINS, K – Barbados 1900-1950. (Bridgetown: Letchworth P) 26 pages pamph, ills, 1986. Descriptive. Barbados. The olden days in pictures and verse. Contains line drawings.


HAWKINS, Richard - The Observations of Sir Richard Hawkins Knight in His Voyage into the South Sea in the Year 1593. (London: Printed by ID for John Jaggard) vi,169 pages folio, 1622 1st ed; (London: Hakluyt Society, Edited by CR Drinkwater Bethune) xvi,246 pages 22 cm 8vo, index, 1847; (London: Argonaut P, edited by James A Williamson) xci,190 pages 8vo hb, 4 maps, slipcase, 1933 facs ed. Privateering. Early voyages. Caribbean area. Deals with the voyage of 1593-94, interesting for its description of the Amerindians of the WI. By an English naval commander (ca 1562-1622); son of Sir John Hawkins; captain in Drake's 1585 WI expedition; admiral of New England in 1619. See: JA Williamson. 1st edition very rare; the 1847 Hakluyt edition scarce; the 1933 Argonaut edition very scarce, a limited edition of 435 copies. BL, DNB, Hum, LOC, Sab 30957, 30958.


HAWKS, D - St Vincent and the Grenadines: A Marketing Plan for North America. (Washington, DC: OAS) 1985. Economics. Development planning. Marketing. St Vincent & the Grenadines. A technical assistance report.


HAWLEY, Amos H - The Population of Aruba, a Report Based on the Census of 1960. (Oranjestad: Office of Vital Statistics & Census) 35 pages pamph, 1960. Demography. Census. Aruba. Netherlands Antilles. A census report. Bro, Co.C, Com.


HAWN, A Carleen – Puerto Rico. (Florence: Bonechi) 93 pages 26 cm, col photos, 1 col map, [ca 1996]. Descriptive. Puerto Rico. Photos by Andrea Pistolesi. LOC.


[HAWTAYNE, George Hammond] - Taxidermic and other Notes. (Georgetown) 62 pages pamph, 1884. Descriptive. Taxidermy. Zoology. Nature studies. Guyana. Exceptionally scarce. RES.


[HAWTAYNE, George Hammond] - West Indian Yarns. By X Beke. (Georgetown: Thomson) 137 pages,1884 1st ed; (Georgetown: J Thompson. London: EA Petherick & Co) 317 pages 8vo, 1890. Descriptive. Folklore. Guyana. Amongst the earliest collections of oral literature from the area. 1st edition exceptionally scarce; 2nd edition very scarce. Bar, BL, Cu.W, Her, LOC, McD.


HAWTAYNE, George Hammond - [British colonial administrator (1832-1902); private secretary to the governor of the Windward Islands, 1869-71; colonial secretary of St Vincent, 1871-74; administrator-general of British Guiana, 1881-99. See also "Colonial and Indian Exhibition . . ." LOC, RES.]


HAWTHORN, Nathaniel, ed – The Yarn of a Yankee Privateer . . . [A novel, sometimes listed as non-fiction. See: B Browne. By a US novelist and short story writer (1850-1904).]


HAWTHORNE, Evelyn J - The Writer in Transition: Roger Mais and the Decolonising of Caribbean Culture. (Switzerland: Verlag Peter Lang. New York: Peter Lang Publishing, American U Studies, General Literature: Series XIX Vol 20) xiv,191 pages 23 cm hb, biblio, 1989. Literary criticism. Roger Mais. Haiti. BL, Bow.


HAWYS, Stephen – Anything about Dominica. (Roseau) pamph, ills, [nd]. Descriptive. Dominica. Her.


HAWYS, Stephen – The Book about the Sea Gardens of Nassau, Bahamas. By Stephen Haweis. (New York: PF Collier & Son) 78 pages 8vo hb, col frontis, ills, [1917]. Marine resources. Sea gardens. Bahamas. Describes the sea life. Contains attractive line drawings and a coloured painting by the author. Scarce. BL, Her, LOC, My.R.


HAWYS, Stephen – Dominica: The Heart of the West Indies. (Roseau: Printed for the Tourist Development Committee at the Bulletin Office) 17pages pamph, 2 photos, [nd]. Travel. Descriptive. Dominica. A guidebook for tourists. Scarce.


HAWYS, Stephen – Mount Joy. By Stephen Hawys. (London: Gerald Duckworth & Co Ltd) xiii,224 pages hb, 12 photos, 1 map, dj, 1968. Descriptive. Dominica. An autobiography. BL, Com, Her, LOC, My.D, My.R, Pos.


HAWYS, Stephen – Rabbits in the West Indies. (Roseau: Bulletin Office) 23 pages pamph, 1948. Agriculture. Livestock. Rabbits. Caribbean area. Scarce. My.R.


HAWYS, Stephen – [UK-born poet, painter, planter, and amateur biologist (1878-1968); settled in Dominica in 1929; changed his name from HAWEIS very late in life. Her.]


[HAY, Andrew Leith] - Memoirs and Services of the Late Lieutenant General Sir James Leith, GCB in the West Indies . . . with a Precis of some of the Most Remarkable Events of the Peninsular War. By a British Officer. (Bridgetown: Printed for the Author) 167,24 pages 8vo, 1817 1st ed; (London: William Stockdale) 163,22 pages 8vo, 1818. Descriptive. Colonial administration. James Leith. Caribbean area. A biography. By a British soldier, colonial administrator, and author (1785-1862); served 1804-14 as aide-de-camp to his uncle Sir James Leith. 1st edition exceptionally scarce; 2nd edition very scarce. BL, Han, Rag, Sab 39942.


HAY, Clarence L, and Samuel LOTHROP et al, ed - The Maya and their Neighbors. (New York: Appleton-Century) 606 pages hb, 20 pages of plates, 1 folding leaf of plates, col and b&w maps, biblio, 1940; (New York: Dover Publications. London: Constable) 606 pages, plates, maps, biblio, 1977 facs ed. Archaeology. Mayas. Belize. A collection of 34 articles on the Maya region with much of interest on the archaeology of Belize. BL, Woo.


HAY, John - A Narrative of the Insurrection in the Island of Grenada which Took Place in 1795. with an Introduction by a Military Man, Resident for nearly 30 Years in the West Indies. (London) 177 pages 8vo, 1823. Colonial administration. Public order. Fedon Rebellion, 1795. Grenada. An account of the Rebellion by a doctor taken prisoner at the beginning of the rebellion and spared execution throughout; as a prisoner at Fedon’s main camp at Belvedere he met Fedon, Victor Hughes, and other leading figures among the rebels and the French instigators; he witnessed the laying out of Fedon’s brother after his death in a skirmish, and the execution of fifty one prisoners shortly after; introduced by an essay on the need for Britain to protect its citizens in the WI from insurrection by blacks such as Fedon’s Rebellion, and insurrections elsewhere in the WI. By a UK physician resident in Grenada; one of three prisoners spared by Fedon. Exceptionally scarce. Bay, BL, Cu.W, Rag, RES, Sab 30999.


HAY, Loraine Geddes - A Handbook of the Colony of Tobago: Being a Brief Historical, Geographic, and General Account of the Island. By LG Hay. (Scarborough: Gov’t Printer) iv,66,xx pages 8vo, 1884; (ibidem) 50,xxxvii pages, 1899. Travel. Descriptive. Tobago. A guidebook for tourists. Both issues exceptionally scarce. BL, Cu.W, LOC, Rag, RES.


HAYDEN, Edward Everett – West Indian Hurricanes and the March Blizzard, 1888. (New York: Forest & Stream Publishing Co) 30 pages 31 cm pamph, ills, col and b&w charts, 1889. Meteorology. Hurricanes. Caribbean area. By a US navy commander and meteorologist (1858-1932). Scarce. LOCu.


HAYDEN, Howard - A Policy for Education. (Bridgetown: Advocate Co) 49 pages pamph, [ca 1945]. Education. Barbados. An official government report. Scarce. Co.C, Com.


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HAYDEN, Howard - [British colonial educator and author (1904-?); director of education in Barbados. LOC.]


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Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

11th Edition: Don Mitchell QBE QC


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