Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

11th Edition: Don Mitchell QBE QC


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GLUBIN, Rose I, and F Webster MC BRYDE – Haiti. (Washington, DC: Census Bureau, 1950 Census of Americas, Urban Area Data, No 5) 4 pages pamph, 1954. Demography. Statistics. Haiti. A census report. Lag.


GMELCH, George - Double Passage: The Lives of Caribbean Migrants Abroad and Back Home. (Ann Arbor, MI: U of Michigan P) 200 pages hb, 1992; (ibidem) 200 pages pb, 1992. Sociology. Migration. Caribbean area. BL, Bow, LOC.


GMELCH, George, and Sharon Bohr GMELCH – The Parish Behind God’s Back: The Changing Culture of Rural Barbados. (Ann Arbor: U of Michigan P) xii,240 pages 24 cm hb, ills, plates, maps, biblio, index, [ca 1997]; (ibidem) xii,240 pages 24 cm pb, ills, plates, maps, biblio, index, [ca 1997]. Sociology. Rural life. Barbados. BL, LOC.


Goat Rearing in Jamaica. (Kingston: Agricultural Information Service) 55 pages pamph, ills, photos, biblio, 1970; (ibidem) 56 pages pamph, ills, 1979. Agriculture. Livestock. Goats. Jamaica. An official government publication. Ing.


GOCKING, CV - Participatory Democracy: A Constitutional Imperative. (Port-of-Spain: Tapia House Publishing Co) 15 pages pamph, 1975. Politics. Constitutional. Trinidad. Car, LOC.


GODDARD, Dennis E - A Junior Geography of Barbados. (London and Glasgow: Collins) 80 pages pb, ills, 1966 1st ed; (ibidem) 1968. Geography. Education. Barbados. A primary school textbook. BL, Com, LOC.


GODDARD, George - Forty Years in the Steelbands, 1939-1979. (London: Karia P) 249 pages pb, ills, 1991. Music. Steelbands. Trinidad. By a Trinidadian musician (1924-1988). LOC.


GODDARD, John Douglas Claude – [Barbados cricketer (1919-1987). See: KAP Sandiford. BL.]


GODERICH, Frederick John Robinson, Viscount - Despatch Addressed by Viscount Goderich to the Governors of West Indian Colonies . . . and . . . Proclamation Enclosed Therein, to be Issued . . . in the Event of any Excitement Being Observed amongst the Slaves . . . Despatches from the Governor of Jamaica .. Conveying Information to the Latest Period of the Recent Insurrection amongst the Slaves of that Colony, Etc. (London: Colonial Office) 60 pages pamph, 1832. Colonial administration. Slavery. Public order. Christmas Rebellion, 1831. Jamaica. A parliamentary report. Replied to by, “Remarks on . . . Viscount Goderich’s . . .” Exceptionally scarce. RES.


GODERICH, Frederick John Robinson, Viscount - Memorandum Communicated by Viscount Goderich to the West India Body, February 4, 1833. (sl, [London]) pamph, [1833]. Colonial administration. Slavery. Caribbean area. Urges consultation with the West Indians before proposing legislation. Exceptionally scarce. Rag.


GODERICH, Frederick John Robinson, Viscount - Substance of the Speech of the Right Honourable Frederick Robinson on Moving the Resolution to Bring in Two Bills for Regulating the Intercourse between the West Indies and Other Parts of the World. (London: John Hatchard & Son) 24 pages 8vo pamph, 1822. Colonial administration. Trade. Taxation. Slavery. Navigation Acts. Caribbean area. A speech. Urges moderate duties on goods imported. Exceptionally scarce. Rag, Sab 72072.


GODERICH, Frederick John Robinson, Viscount - [British statesman (1782-1859); also styled the Earl of Ripon; secretary for war and the colonies. See: H Loving; and "Remarks on Viscount Goderich's Dispatch . . ." DNB.]


GODET, Nan, and Edward HARRIS – Pillars of the Bridge: The Establishment of the United States Bases on Bermuda during the Second World War. (Mangrove Bay: Bermuda Maritime Museum P) 30 pages 23 cm pamph, ills, maps, 1991. Descriptive. Military. Bases. United States. Bermuda. BL.


GODET, Theodore L - Bermuda: Its History, Geology, Climate, Products, Agriculture, Commerce, and Government, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time. (London: Smith, Elder & Co) xv,271 pages 8vo, 1860. History. Geology. Climate. Agriculture. Commerce. Bermuda. Scarce. BL, LOC, RES, Sab 27653.


GODFREY, Glen D – Ambergris Caye: Paradise with a Past. (Belize City: Cubola Publications) 71 pages 23 cm pamph, col and b&w ills, 1983. History. Ambergris Caye. Belize. A brief popular chronicle of the past and present in San Pedro. LOC, Wri.


GODFREY, Paul J et al - Natural History of Northeastern San Salvador Island: A "New World" Where the New World Began. (Fort Lauderdale, FL: Bahamian Field Station) 28 pages pamph, ills, 1994. Nature studies. Flora. Fauna. San Salvador. Bahamas. Bow.


GODING, Francis - [Member of the Barbados Assembly. See: "Desultory Sketches . . ."]


GODO, P - Diagnosis, Proposal, Strategies and Recommendations for the Production of Ruminants in Antigua and Barbuda. (Washington, DC: OAS) 1983. Agriculture. Livestock. Cattle. Antigua & Barbuda. A technical assistance report.


GODWIN, Benjamin - Lectures on Slavery. (Boston: James B Dow) 258 pages 12mo, biblio, 1836; (New York: Negro UP) 258 pages, [1969]. Colonial administration. Slavery. Caribbean area. An abolitionist work. The American edition of his "Substance of a Course . . ." 1st edition very scarce. LOC, Rag.


GODWIN, Benjamin - The Substance of a Course of Lectures, on British Colonial Slavery, Delivered in Bradford, York and Scarborough. (London: Printed by Ellerton & Henderson, published by J Hatchard & Son) xi,171 pages 8vo, 1 leaf of plates, 1 folding chart, biblio, 1830 1st ed. Colonial administration. Slavery. Caribbean area. An abolitionist work. Four lectures on the evil of slavery. Scarce. BL, Cu.W, GL, LOC, Rag, Sab 27671.


GODWIN, Benjamin - [British Baptist clergyman and abolitionist (1785-1871). LOC.]


GODWIN, Morgan - The Negro's and Indians Advocate, Suing for their Admission into the Church: or a Persuasive to the Instructing and Baptizing of the Negroes and Indians in our Plantations; shewing that as the Compliance therewith can prejudice no Mans just Interest, so the wilful neglecting and opposing of it is no less than a manifest Apostacy from the Christian Faith. To which is added, A brief Account of Religion in Virginia. (London: Printed for the Author by JD) 174 pages 4to, 1680. Church. Religion. Anglicans. Barbados. Caribbean area. A direct rebuttal to George Fox's 1672 attack on the Anglican Ministers of Barbados, "To the Ministers . . ." Rare. BL, Han, Sab 27677.


[GODWIN, Morgan] - A Supplement to the Negro's and Indian's Advocate: or Some Further Considerations and Proposals for the Effectual and Speedy Carrying Out of the Negro's Christianity in our Plantations. (Notwithstanding the Late Pretended Impossibilities). Without any Prejudice to their Owners. By MG a Presbyter of the Church of England. (London: Printed for the Author by J D[unton]) 12 pages 4to pamph, 1681. Church. Religion. Anglicans. Caribbean area. Rare. BL, Han, Sab 27678.


[GODWIN, Morgan] - [Anglican priest in Virginia. DNB.]


GODWYN, Morgan – [See: GODWIN]




GOILO, ER – Papiamentu Textbook. (Willemstad: De Witt Inc) 152 pages, 1972 6th ed. Linguistics. Papiamentu. Aruba. Curacao. Netherlands Antilles. Contains 20 lessons for English-speaking visitors who would like to learn the language. Sch.


Going for Growth: The Medium Term Economic Programme. (Kingston: Gov’t Printer) iv,54 pages pamph, [1988]. Economics. Development planning. Jamaica. An official government report. LOC.


Going for the Iceberg: A Blueprint from Growth and Development in the Export of Information Services. (Kingston: Jamaica Exporter's Association, Exporters of Information Services) 1989. Economics. Information services. Development planning. Jamaica.


GOIZUETA-MIMO, Felix - Bitter Cuban Sugar: Monoculture and Economic Dependence from 1825-1899. (New York and London: Garland, SA & LA Economic History Series) xvii,287 pages 24 cm, biblio, 1987 rep. Agriculture. Sugar. Economics. History. Cuba. The same as his "Effects of Sugar . . ." BL, Gos, LOC, Stu.


GOIZUETA-MIMO, Felix - Effects of Sugar Monoculture upon Colonial Cuba. (Philadelphia: sn) 287 pages, biblio, [ca 1972]. Agriculture. Sugar. Economics. History. Cuba. A revision of the author’s 1971 thesis at Pennsylvania U. Gos, LOC.


GOLD, Edgar, ed - A New Law of the Sea for the Caribbean: An Examination of Marine Law and Policy issues in the Lesser Antilles. (New York: Springer-Verlag) 276 pages pb, 1988. Law. Marine resources. Caribbean area. BL, Bow, Gos, LOC.


GOLD, Edgar, and Norman C LETALIK, and Carlyle L MITCHELL, ed - Problems of Development and Ocean Management in the Eastern Caribbean: Economic, Legal, Environmental and Planning Aspects. Proceedings of an International Seminar Held in Kingstown, St Vincent, May 11-13, 1981. (Halifax, NS: Dalhousie U, Dalhousie Ocean Studies Program) xvii,184 pages, 1982. Marine resources. Caribbean area. A collection of conference papers. BL, LOC, New.


GOLD, Edgar et al, ed – Ocean Use and Resource Development and Management in the Eastern Caribbean: Proceedings of a Seminar Held in Basseterre, St Kitts, West Indies, 7-9 June 1983. (Halifax, NS: Dalhousie U, Dalhousie Ocean Studies Programme) 1984. Marine resources. Conservation. Caribbean area. A collection of conference papers.


GOLD, Herbert - The Best Nightmare on Earth: A Life in Haiti. (London: Harper Collins, Grafton Books. New York: Prentice Hall, A Destinations Book) xiii,303 pages 25 cm, 1 map, [ca 1991]; (New York: Simon & Schuster, Touchstone Books) 320 pages pb, 1992; (London: Flamingo) xi,303 pages 20 cm pb, 1 plate, 1994; (New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers) 2000 rep. Descriptive. Haiti. BL, Gos, LOC, Whi.


GOLD, Herbert - Haiti. (New York: Prentice Hall) pb, 1992. Descriptive. Haiti. Bow.


GOLD, Herbert - The Magic Will. (New York) 304 pages, 1971. Descriptive. Haiti. Lag.


GOLD, Herbert - [US novelist and essayist (1924-?). LOC. Web page.]


GOLDBERG, Ben Zion - The Sacred Fire: The Story of Sex in Religion. (New York: H Liveright) xv,386 pages, diagrams, ills, biblio, 1930; (London: Jarrolds) 287 pages 8vo, ills, 1931; (Garden City, NY: Garden City Publishing Co) xv,386 pages, ills, [ca 1933]; (New York: University Books) 288 pages hb, 1958. Religion. Sex. Voodoo. Haiti. Author (1895-?). Bay, BL, LOC.


GOLDBERG, Mark H - "Going Bananas:" 100 Years of American Fruit Ships in the Caribbean. (Kings Point, NY: American Merchant Marine Museum Foundation) 606 pages pb, ills, 1993. History. Agriculture. Tropical fruit. Bananas. Caribbean area. Bow, LOC.


GOLDEN, JH – [See: “Hurricane Hugo . . . “]


GOLDENBERG, Boris - The Cuban Revolution and Latin America. (New York: Frederick A Praeger) 376 pages hb, 1965; (London: George Allen & Unwin, Library of International Studies, Vol 5) 376 pages 8vo, [1965]. Politics. Latin America. Cuba. Bay, BL, Gos, LOC, Stu.


GOLDENBERG, Boris - Cuba’s Road to Communism. (Washington, DC: Gov’t Printer) 8 pages pamph, 1961. Politics. Communism. Cuba. An official government document. Chi.


GOLDENBERG, H Carl – Report of the Board of Enquiry into a Trade Dispute in the Sugar Industry. (Port-of-Spain: Gov't Printer) 34 pages pamph, 1961. Industrial relations. Trade unions. Sugar. Trinidad. An official government report. Chairman H Carl Goldenberg. W&D, Wilk.


GOLDENBERG, H Carl et al – Report of the Commission of Enquiry on the Sugar Industry of Jamaica, 1955-1960. (Kingston: Gov't Printer, The Commission of Enquiry) 150 pages, 1960. Agriculture. Economics. Sugar. Jamaica. An official government report. Chairman H Carl Goldenberg. Co.C, Com, W&D, Will, Wilk.


GOLDING, EW – The Investigations of Wind Power Possibilities in Haiti. (New York) 19 pages pamph, 1956. Energy resources. Wind power. Haiti. Lag.


GOLDING, John SR - Ascent to Mona: As Illustrated by a Short History of Jamaican Medical Care. (Mona: UWI, Canoe P) ix,117 pages pb, b&w photos, 1994. History. Health. Jamaica. A study of medical care services in Jamaica in the 18th and 19th centuries. BL, LOC.


GOLDING, Morton J - A Short History of Puerto Rico. (New York: New American Library Inc) 174 pages, ills, 1 map, biblio, [1973]. History. Puerto Rico. A popular history for the general reader. Cev, Gos, LOC.


GOLDISH, Meish - Crisis in Haiti. (Brookfield, CT: Millbrook P, Headliners Series) 64 pages hb, ills, 1995. Descriptive. Economics. Haiti. A children's book. Bow, LOC.


GOLDSMITH, Arthur Austin – [US economist (1949-). LOC.]


GOLDSMITH, Arthur Austin, and Harvey S BLUSTAIN - Local Organizations and Participation in Integrated Rural Development in Jamaica. (Ithaca: Cornell UP) 144 pages, 1980. Agriculture. Town and country planning. Rural development. Land use. Public administration. Organizations. Jamaica. BL, Car, Gos, Ing.




GOLDSTEIN, Gerald – Basic Data on the Economy of Trinidad and Tobago. (Washington, DC: World Trade Economic Reports) 12 pages pamph, 1961. Descriptive. Economics. Trinidad. Tobago. Com.


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GOLDSTRAW, Irma E - Derek Walcott: A Bibliography of Published Poems with Dates of Publication and Variant Versions, 1944-1979. (Port-of-Spain: Research & Publication Committee) vii,43 pages 22 cm pamph, 1979. Literature. Poetry. Derek Walcott. St Lucia. A bibliography. BL, LOC.


GOLDSTRAW, Irma E - [Author (1923-?). LOC.]


GOLDSWORTHY, David - Colonial Issues in British Politics, 1945-1961: From ‘Colonial Development’ to ‘Wind of Change.’ (Oxford: Clarendon P) xiii,425 pages 23 cm, biblio, 1971. Colonial administration. British politics. Caribbean area. By a British political scientist. BL, LOC.


GOLDWERT, Marvin - The Constabulary in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua: Progeny and Legacy of United States Intervention. (Gainesville, FL: U of Florida P) vii,55 pages pamph, 1962; (New York: Kraus Reprint Co, Latin American Monographs, No 17) vii,53 pages, biblio, 1972 rep. Public administration. Constabulary. International relations. US intervention. Constabulary. Nicaragua. Dominican Republic. BL, LOC.




GOLUB, Fred T – The Puerto Rican Worker in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. (New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers U, Institute of Management & Labor Relations, Occasional Studies, No 2) 18 pages pamph, tables, biblio, 1956. Industrial relations. Migration. Perth Amboy. Puerto Rico. Bra, LOC, Viv.




GOMES, Albert Maria - All Papa's Children . . . [A novel, sometimes mistakenly listed as non-fiction.]


GOMES, Albert Maria - Through a Maze of Colour. (Port-of-Spain: Key Caribbean Publications Ltd) xvii,251 pages pb, 6 leaves of b&w photos, biblio, index, [ca 1974]. Descriptive. Politics. Trinidad. An autobiography. ‘A frank discussion of life and labour in the Byzantine politics of the Trinidadian picaroon society over the last 40 years,’ per GK Lewis. BL, Ch.T, Com, Her, LOC.


GOMES, Albert Maria - [Trinidad-born poet, novelist, politician (1911-1978). Her.]


GOMES, Peter I - Barbados: The Post-Independence Period, 1966-1976. (St Augustine: UWI, Dep’t of Sociology, Working Papers on Caribbean Society) 60 pages pb, biblio, [1980]. Politics. Independence. Barbados. LOC.


GOMES, Peter I, ed - Rural Development in the Caribbean. (London: C Hurst & Co. New York: St Martin's P. Kingston: Heinemann Educational Books) xxi,246 pages hb, tables, charts, maps, 1985; (ibidem) 246 pages pb, tables, charts, maps, 1985. Sociology. Economics. Rural development. Caribbean area. Considers rural development strategies in the WI. Urges the need for an ‘integrated approach.’ Bow, Gos, LOC, Mom, Pot.


GOMES, WI – British Guiana. (Georgetown: sn) 106 pages, ills, [1937]. Travel. Descriptive. Guyana. A guidebook for tourists. Scarce. LOC.


GOMEZ, Maximo – [Cuban revolutionary leader alongside Antonio Maceo during the War for Independence, 1895-1898.]




GOMEZ-CANEDO, Fray L - Guide to the Historical Archives of Puerto Rico. (New York: Gordon P, PR Series) hb, 1979. Archives. Puerto Rico. Bow.


GOMEZ DE AVELLANEDA, Gertrude – [See: EB Williams]




GOMEZ-GOMEZ, Fernando, and James E HEISEL – Summary of the Nation’s Ground-water Resources – Caribbean Region. (Washington, DC: Gov’t Printer, Geological Survey Professional Paper No 813-U) 32 pages pamph, maps, biblio, 1980. Public water supply. Puerto Rico. St Croix. St Thomas. St John. United States Virgin Islands. An official government report. Cev.




GOMEZ TRETO, Raul - The Church and Socialism in Cuba. (Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books) 151 pages pb, [ca 1988]. Religion. Politics. Socialism. Cuba. Translated by Phillip Berryman. BL, Gos, LOC, Stu, Whi.


GOMM, William Maynard - The Story of Newcastle, Jamaica. (London) 1863. Descriptive. Military. Newcastle. Jamaica. By a British army officer; styled Field Marshal Sir William Maynard Gomm GCB. Very scarce; printed for private circulation. BL




GONSALVES, Ralph E – Authority in the Police Force: Its Uses and Abuses. (Kingstown: Movement for National Unity) 45 pages pamph, 1986. Politics. Public administration. Police force. St Vincent & the Grenadines.


GONSALVES, Ralph E – Banana in Trouble: Its Present and Future. (Kingstown: Movement for National Unity) 22 pages 36cm pamph, 1989. Agriculture. Tropical fruit. Bananas. St Vincent.


GONSALVES, Ralph E – Controls and Influences on the Civil Service and Statutory Bodies in the Commonwealth Caribbean: A Preliminary Discussion. (Mona: UWI, Working Paper Series, No 17) I,67 pages 28 cm pamph, biblio, 1977. Public administration. Statutory corporations. Caribbean area. Name of author mis-cited in the work as “Gonsavles.” . Ban, BL, Jor, LOC, New.


GONSALVES, Ralph E – The Development and Class Character of the Bourgeois State: The Case of St Vincent. (Kingstown: UWI) 15 pages pamph, 1976. Politics. Sociology. Social classes. St Vincent & the Grenadines.


GONSALVES, Ralph E – The Development of the Labour Movement in St Vincent: A Public Lecture Delivered at the Extra Mural Centre, Kingstown, St Vincent, in August 1975, under the Sponsorship of Mr Henry Williams, Extra Mural Tutor. (sl, [Kingstown]) 37 pages pamph, 1977. Politics. Industrial relations. St Vincent. A speech. New.


GONSALVES, Ralph E – Ebenezer Joshua: His Ideology and Style. (Kingstown: Movement for National Unity) 39 pages pamph, 1984. Politics. Ebenezer Joshua. St Vincent.


GONSALVES, Ralph E – History and the Future: A Caribbean Perspective. (Kingstown: Printed by Quik-Print) xii,169 pages 22 cm pb, biblio, 1994. Politics. St Vincent. BL.


GONSALVES, Ralph E – The Non-Capitalist Path of Development: Africa and the Caribbean. (London: One Caribbean Publishers) 1981. Politics. Economics. Africa. Caribbean area.


GONSALVES, Ralph E – Notes on some Basic Ideas in Marxism-Leninism. Specially Compiled by Dr Ralph Gonsalves for the Students in Introduction to Politics. (Cave Hill: UWI) 56 pages, [nd]. Politics. Marxist-Leninism. Caribbean area. An undergraduate textbook.


GONSALVES, Ralph E – On the Political Economy of Barbados. (Bridgetown: One Caribbean (OC) Publishers) 49 pages pamph, [1981]. Economics. Politics. Barbados. New.


GONSALVES, Ralph E – The Rodney Affair and its Aftermath. (Kingstown: UWI) 21 pages pamph, 1975. Politics. Walter Rodney. Caribbean area.


GONSALVES, Ralph E – The Spectre of Imperialism: The Case of the Caribbean. (Cave Hill: UWI, Dep’t of Gov’t) 128 pages pb, 1976. Politics. Imperialism. Caribbean area. New.


GONSALVES, Ralph E – The Trade Union Movement in St Vincent and the Grenadines. (Kingstown: Movement for National Unity) 64 pages pamph, 1983. Politics. Industrial relations. Trade unions. St Vincent & the Grenadines.


GONSALVES, Ralph E – Who Killed Sugar in St Vincent? With a Note on its Reintroduction. (Kingstown: United Liberation Movement) 21 pages pamph, 1977. Agriculture. Sugar. Politics. St Vincent.


GONSALVES, Ralph E – [St Vincent-born lawyer (1946-); UWI lecturer, politician; two-time PM of St Vincent and the Grenadines, 2001-.]


GONSALVES, Ralph E, ed - The Trial of George McIntosh. (Kingstown) pamph, 1985 1st ed; (New York: Caribbean Diaspora P) 80 pages pb, 1996 2nd ed. Colonial administration. History. Politics. George McIntosh. St Vincent.


GONSALVES-SABOLA, JC – Presentation Address Delivered by the Hon Mr Justice JC Gonsalves-Sabola, Justice of Appeal, Court of Appeal, Guyana on the Occasion of the Presentation of Graduates of the Hugh Wooding Law School at the John F Kennedy Auditorium, University of the West Indies, St Augustine, Trinidad. (St Augustine: CLE) 26 pages pamph, 1981. Law. Education. Guyana. Trinidad. A speech. New.






GONZALES, Jose Luis - Puerto Rico: The Four Storied Country. (Maplewood, NJ: Waterfront P) 135 pages, 1990; (New York: Markus Wiener Publications Inc) 164 pages pb, 1993 rep. History. Sociology. Culture. Puerto Rico. When published, this work provoked considerable debate about PR culture. By a DR-born novelist, scholar and social critic (1926-1996); spent most of his childhood in PR; unable to teach in PR because of his politics he moved to Mexico in 1955 and took Mexican citizenship. Translated from the 1987 Spanish edition by Gerald Guinness. Gos.


GONZALES, Manuel Pedro, ed - Jose Marti: Epic Chronicler of the United States in the Eighties. (Chapel Hill: U of North Carolina P) 79 pages, 1953. History. Jose Marti. Cuba. A translation of articles on US events by the great Cuban patriot in the 15 years he lived in the US. Bay.


GONZALES, Narcisco - In Darkest Cuba: Two Months Service under Gomez along the Trocha from the Caribbean to the Bahama Channel. (Columbia, SC: The State Co) 455 pages hb, b&w photos, 1922. History. Descriptive. Trocha. Cuba. Bay, LOC.


GONZALES, Nancie London Solien - Black Carib Household Structure: A Study of Migration and Modernization. By Nancie L Solien. (Seattle and London: U of Washington P, Monographs of the American Ethnological Society, No 48) xxiii,163 pages 22 cm hb, [2] pages of plates, 1 map, biblio, index, 1969. Sociology. Gender studies. Immigration. Black Caribs. Garifuna. Belize. Investigates the historical development of migratory wage labour among the Black Caribs of St Vincent in Guatemala and its effects on the social structure of their home villages. BL, Bra, Com, LOC, Woo.


GONZALES, Nancie London Solien - Sojourners of the Caribbean: Ethnogenesis and Ethnohistory of the Garifuna. (Urbana and Chicago: U of Illinois P) xv,253 pages hb, ills, [16] pages of plates, biblio, index, [ca 1988]. History. Black Caribs. Garifuna. Belize. The descendent of the Black Caribs of St Vincent in Belize. BL, Bow, Gos, LOC


GONZALES, Nancie London Solien - [Sociologist (1929-). LOC.]


GONZALES CARRANZA, Domingo – [Spanish naval pilot (fl 1718). See: C Smith.]


GONZALEZ, Anson, ed - Trinidad and Tobago Literature: On Air. (Port-of-Spain: National Cultural Council of Trinidad & Tobago) 120 pages 25 cm, biblio, 1974. Literary criticism. Trinidad. Tobago. LOC.




GONZALEZ, Edward – Castro, Cuba, and the World: Executive Summary. (Santa Monica, CA: Rand Corp) pb, 1986. International relations. Fidel Castro. Cuba. BL.


GONZALEZ, Edward – Cuba: Clearing Perilous Waters? (Santa Monica, CA: Rand Corp) xix,122 pages 23 cm pb, biblio, 1996. International relations. Cuba. BL.


GONZALEZ, Edward – Cuba under Castro: The Limits of Charisma. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co) 241 pages pb, 1974. Politics. Fidel Castro. Cuba. Chi, Gos, LOC.


GONZALEZ, Edward – The Cuban Revolution and the Soviet Union, 1959-1960. (Los Angeles: U of California) 659 leaves, biblio, 1966. International relations. Soviet Union. Cuba. BL.


GONZALEZ, Edward – Partners in Deadlock: The United States and Castro, 1959-1972. (sl: Southern California Arms Control & Foreign Policy Seminar, Working Group US Relations with Leftist Regimes) 43 pages pamph, 1972. International relations. Cold War. Fidel Castro. United States. Cuba. Chi.


GONZALEZ, Edward – A Strategy for Dealing with Cuba in the 1980s. (Santa Monica: Rand Corp) 1982. International relations. United States. Cuba.


GONZALEZ, Edward – [Author (1947-). LOC.]


GONZALEZ, Edward, ed - Jose Marti and the Cuban Revolution Retraced. (Los Angeles: U of California) 160 pages pb, 1986. History. Jose Marti. Cuba.


GONZALEZ, Edward, and David RONFELDT - Post Revolutionary Cuba in a Changing World. (Santa Monica, CA: Rand Corp) 78 pages pamph, 1975. Politics. International relations. Cuba. Chi.


GONZALEZ, Jaime – Puerto Rican Counterstamp. (New York: The American Numismatic Society) 21 pages 17 cm pamph, 2 plates, 1940. Hobbies. Coin collecting. Numismatics. Counterstamps. Puerto Rico. LOC.




GONZALEZ, Jose Luis – Puerto Rico: The Four-storeyed Country and other Essays. (Princeton, NJ: Marcus Wiener Publishing) xvii,135 pages 23 cm, biblio, [ca 1993]. Descriptive. Puerto Rico. Translated by Gerald Guinness. Author (1926-?). BL, LOC.




GONZALEZ, Luis J, and Gustavo A SANCHEZ SALAZAR – The Great Rebel: Che Guevara in Bolivia. (New York: Grove P Inc) 254 pages, 1969. Politics. Ernesto Che Guevara in Bolivia. Cuba. Chi.






GONZALEZ BLANCO, Pedro - Trujillo: The Rebirth of a Nation. (Ciudad Trujillo: Editoria del Caribe) 137 pages, ills, 1953. Politics. Ciudad Trujillo. Dominican Republic. Scarce. Bay, LOC.




GONZALEZ-CRUZ, Luis F - Cuban Theatre in the United States: A Critical Anthology. (Tempe, AZ: Arizona State U, Bilingual P) 186 pages pb, 1993. Literary criticism. Performing arts. Theatre. Migration. United States of America. Cuba. Author (1943-). LOC, Whi.




GONZALEZ ECHEVARRIA, Roberto - Alejo Carpentier: The Pilgrim at Home. (Ithaca, NY: Cornell UP) 307 pages, biblio, 1977. Literary criticism. Alejo Carpentier. Cuba. The first book length study in English on his life and work. LOC, Stu.


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Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

11th Edition: Don Mitchell QBE QC


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