Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

11th Edition: Don Mitchell QBE QC


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GACHET, Charles – A History of the Roman Catholic Church in St Lucia. (Port-of-Spain: Key Caribbean Productions) xv,394 pages, ills, plates, 1975. History. Church. Religion. Roman Catholics. St Lucia. BL, LOC.


GADBURY, John – Diarium Astronomicum; or, a West India Almanack for . . . 1675. (London) 8vo, 1675. Descriptive. Jamaica. An almanac. The continuation of “The Jamaica Almanack . . .” Rare. BL.


GADBURY, John – The Jamaica Almanack; or, an Astrological Diary for 1673, with an astrological discourse touching the growing greatness of that island, Etc. (London) 8vo, 1672. Descriptive. Jamaica. An almanac. Published in various years. Rare. BL.


GADBURY, John – The West India, or Jamaica Almanack, [1674] . . . (London) 8vo, [1673]; (ibidem) 1674. Descriptive. Jamaica. An almanac. A continuation of “The Jamaica Almanac . . .” Both issues rare. Sab 102788.


GADBURY, John – [English astrologer (1627-1704). DNB.]


GADSBY, Walter J - On the Shores of the Caribbean Sea: Stories of Far-off British Honduras. (London: Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society) 128 pages, 5 plates, [ca 1905] 1st ed; (London: JW Butcher) 128 pages hb, 5 plates, [ca 1910] 2nd ed; (London: Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society) 128 pages, plates, [ca 1921] 3rd ed. Church. Religion. Methodists. Belize. A children’s book. BL.


GAFAR, John – [Guyana-born academic (1942-); professor of economics at Long Island U. LOC.]


GAFAR, John, and Wallace JOEFIELD-NAPIER - Trends and Patterns of Commonwealth Caribbean Trade, 1954-1970. (Mona: UWI, ISER) ix,179 pages 28 cm, tables, biblio, 1978. Economics. Trade. Caribbean area. Chiefly tables. BL, Car, Ing, LOC, My.R, W&D.


GAFFIN, Pam - St John: Feet, Fins, and Four-Wheel Drive. (St John, USVI: American Paradise Publishing) 140 pages pb, ills, 1994. Travel. Descriptive. St John. United States Virgin Islands. A guidebook for tourists. By a St John-resident US travel writer. Bow.


GAGE, Charles Ellsworth – The Tobacco Industry in Puerto Rico. (Washington, DC: US Dep’t of Agriculture, Circular No 519) 53 pages 8vo pamph, ills, maps, diagrams, 1939. Agriculture. Tobacco. Economics. Puerto Rico. An official government publication. Author (1882-?). Bay, BL, LOC.


GAGE, Thomas - The English-American his Travail by Sea and Land: Or, a New Survey of the West Indias Containing a Journal of Three Thousand and Three Hundred Miles within the Mainland of America. With a Grammar or some Few Rudiments of the Indian Tongue Called Poconehi or Pocoman. (London: Printed by R Cotes) v,220 pages folio, 1648 1st ed; (London: George Routledge, Broadway Travellers Series, Edited by AP Newton) xxxii,407 pages hb, 9 plates, dj, 1928 rep; (Guatemala City: Broadway Travellers) 407 pages, 1946 rep. Discovery. Exploration. Central America. Cuba. The 1st edition exceptionally scarce. Bar, BL, Cu.W, Hum, LOC, My.A, RES, Sab 26298.


GAGE, Thomas - A New Survey of the West India's: or the English American his Travail by Sea and Land: Containing A Journal of Three thousand and Three hundred Miles within the main Land of America . . . (London: Printed by E Cotes; J Sweeting) x,220,xii pages folio, 4 maps, 1655 2nd ed; (London: Printed by A Clarke) viii,477,xviii pages 8vo, 1677 3rd ed; (New York: RM McBride & Co) xxxii,406 pages, 9 plates, 3 maps, 1929. Discovery. Exploration. Central America. Cuba. The 2nd edition of as his "The English American . . ." The 2nd edition rare and considered the best, and the first to contain maps; 3rd edition exceptionally scarce. BL, Cu.W, LOC, RES, Sab 26299, 26300, 26301.


GAGE, Thomas - A New Survey of the West Indies: Being a Journal of 3300 Miles within the Main Land of America: By Thomas Gage, the only Protestant that Was ever Known to have Travel’d those Parts . . . (London: M Clark) viii,477,xviii pages 8vo, 1 folding map, 1699 4th ed. Discovery. Exploration. Central America. Cuba. The title of the 4th edition. Exceptionally scarce. BL.


GAGE, Thomas - A Survey of the Spanish West Indies . . . The Fourth Edition, Enlarged . . . (London: Thomas Horne) 477 pages 8vo, 1 map, 1702 4th ed; (ibidem) 477 pages, 1 map, 1711 4th ed; (London: Printed by B Motte for T Horne) 477 pages, 1 folding map, 1711 4th ed. Discovery. Exploration. Central America. Cuba. The same as his "The English American . . ." 1st issue exceptionally scarce; other issues very scarce. BL, LOC, Sab 26302.


GAGE, Thomas - Thomas Gage’s Travels in the New World. Edited and with an Introduction by J Eric S Thompson. (Westport, CN: Greenwood P) li,379 pages, ills, 4 plates, 1981 rep; (Norman, OK: U of Oklahoma P) lii,379 pages 23 cm pb, ills, [8] pages of plates, 2 maps, biblio, index, 1985. Discovery. Exploration. Central America. Cuba. A reprint of “Thomas Gage: Travels . . . “BL, LOC


GAGE, Thomas - Thomas Gage: Travels in the New World. Edited and with an Introduction by J Eric S Thompson. (Norman: U of Oklahoma P) li,379 pages, ills, 4 plates, 1958; (ibidem) lii,379 pages 24 cm, plates, maps, 1969. Discovery. Exploration. Central America. Cuba. The same as “The English-American . . .” BL, LOC


GAGE, Thomas - [English Roman Catholic (ca 1597-1656); sent to Spain in 1612, he entered the Dominican order; left Spain in 1625 and spent most of the next 12 years as a Dominican missionary among the Amerindians of Central America; returned to England in 1641, renounced Catholicism and became an Anglican priest; published his great work to encourage the English to master the Spanish territories in the New World; died in Jamaica as chaplain to Venables. DNB. Web page.]


GAGNER, Lorraine – Haiti: A Select and Partially Annotated Bibliography. (New York: UN) 5 pages pamph, 1972. History. Economics. Descriptive. Haiti. A bibliography. Lag.


GAHNE, Fred – British Honduras: Her Climate, Soil, and Fruit-Trade. By Dr Fred Gahne. (Belize City: Printed at the Colonial Guardian Office) 17 pages 19 cm pamph, [ca 1900]. Descriptive. Climate. Soil. Land capability. Tropical fruit. Bananas. Coconuts. Pineapples. Belize. Caption title, “The Soil, Climate and Fruit Trade of British Honduras.” BL


GAIRY, Eric Matthew - [Grenadian politician and PM (1922-1997); overthrown in a coup by Maurice Bishop. See: AW Singham. Web page.]


GAISFORD, Stephen - An Essay on the Good Effects which May Be Derived in the British West Indies in Consequence of the Abolition of the African Slave Trade . . . (London: Baldwin, Cradock & Co) 136 pages 8vo, 1811. Colonial administration. Slavery. Slave trade. Caribbean area. Very scarce. Sab 26338.


GAISSEAU, Pierre-Dominique - The Sacred Forest: Magic and Secret Rites in French Guiana. (New York: Alfred A Knopf) viii,247 pages hb, b&w photos, dj, 1954. Descriptive. Religion. Magic. Secret rites. Guyane. French West Indies. By a French documentary film maker (1923-1997); web page. LOC.


GALBANO-ELEPHANTIUS, GT, ed - A Voyage to the New Colony of Berbice in 1735. [London?] pamph, 1736 1st ed; (Georgetown) 12 pages pamph, 1877 rep; (Georgetown: Translated and Privately Printed for M Darnell Davis in Demerara), [ca 1890]. Early voyages. Berbice. Guyana. 1st edition rare. 2nd edition exceptionally scarce. RES, Cu.W 1585c, 1614b.


GALBRAITH, John Kenneth – [US author and economist (1908-?). LOC.]


GALBRAITH, John Kenneth, and Richard H HOLTON - Marketing Efficiency in Puerto Rico. (Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP) 204 pages, diagrams, tables, 1955. Economics. Marketing. Puerto Rico. A comprehensive application of an efficient model for the marketing of food and other products in PR. Bay, Cev, Cor, Gos, LOC, Viv.


GALE, Laurence – Education and Development in Latin America: with Special Reference to Columbia and some Comparison with Guyana, South America. (New York: Frederick A Praeger) xvi,178 pages, 1 map, biblio, 1969; (London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, World Education Series) xiv,178 pages 23 cm, 1 map, biblio, 1969. Education. Development planning. Latin America. Guyana. BL, Com.


GALE, Valence - Sir Conrad Reeves, CJ: A Brief Sketch of his Life and Career. (Bridgetown: Advocate) 16 page pamph, frontis, 1902. Descriptive. Law. Conrad Reeves. Barbados. A biography. Very scarce. Bar.


GALEMBO, Phyllis – Vodou: Visions and Voices of Haiti. (Berkeley: Ten Speed Press) 160 pages, 80 col photos, 1998; (ibidem) 2005 rep. Religion. Voodoo. Manbos. Oungans. Bokos. Haiti. Tells the story of Haitian voodoo.


GALENSON, David W - Traders, Planters and Slaves: Market Behaviour in Early English America. (Cambridge: Cambridge UP) xiv,230 pages 24 cm hb, ills, biblio, index, 1986. History. Slavery. Economics. Markets. English America. Caribbean area. Includes the WI. BL, Bow, LOC.


GALEY, Sherry - Guide to Selected Resources for Gender Sensitive Development Planning, Policy Formulation and Programme Implementation. (Kingston: Bureau of Women's Affairs) 50 pages, 1989. Economics. Development planning. Gender studies. Jamaica. An official government report. Bob.


GALGEY, [?] - [British colonial physician; medical doctor at the Victoria Hospital, St Lucia, 1892-1894. See: "Papers Relating to the Treatment of . . ."]




GALLAGHER, Patrick Lee – The Cuban Exile: A Socio-Political Analysis. (New York: Arno P) xii,220 pages, biblio, 1980. Sociology. Refugees. Exile. Migration. Cuba. Based on his 1975 PhD thesis at St Louis U. BL, Bra, Chi, LOC.


GALLAGHER, Rodney - Report of Mr Rodney Gallagher of the Firm of Coopers and Lybrand on the Survey of Offshore Finance Sectors in the Caribbean Dependent Territories. (London: HMSO) 156 pages pb, 1990. Law. Economics. Offshore finance. Cayman, Turks & Caicos Islands, BVI, Anguilla, and Montserrat. By the senior British intelligence officer in the WI for over 30 years. Gos, Mol.




GALLENGA, Antonio Carlo Napoleone - The Pearl of the Antilles. (London: Chapman & Hall) 202 pages 8vo hb, 1873 1st ed; (Westport, CT: Negro UP, Greenwood Publishing Group) 202 pages hb, [1970] facs ed. Descriptive. Cuba. A description of the insurrection and emancipation of the slaves of Cuba. By an Italian author and journalist in Victorian England (1810-1895). 1st edition scarce. BL, Cu.W, DNB, Gos.


GALLO, Cristino - Language of the Puerto Rican Street: A Slang Dictionary with English Cross-References. (Santurce, PR: Published by the Author) 214 pages, [ca 1980]. Linguistics. Slang. Puerto Rico. Gos, LOC.


GALLOTTI, R - Industrial Development in the British Territories of the Caribbean. (London: Colonial Office) 3 vols, 1948. Economics. Development planning. Caribbean area. LOC, W&D.


[GALLOWAY, Joseph] - Cool Thoughts on the Consequences to Great Britain of American Independence. On the Expence [sic] of Great Britain in the Settlement and Defence of the American Colonies; on the Value and Importance of the American Colonies and the West Indies to the British Empire. (London: Printed for J Wilkie) [4],70 pages 21 cm 8vo pamph, 1780. Colonial administration. Trade. Navigation Acts. Blockades. Caribbean area. The colonial carrying trade and the blockade of US shipping; opposes acknowledging the independence of the American colonies. By a Maryland-born loyalist lawyer (1730-1803). Exceptionally scarce. BL, DNB, LOC, Sab 26425.


GALLWAY, Lionel Payne – [Commissioner in Grenada, ca 1887. See: “Report of the Public Works Commission . . .”]


GALLOWAY, Patricia, and Philip BOUCHER, ed - Proceedings of the 15th Meeting of the French Colonial Historical Society: Martinique and Guadeloupe. (Lanham, MD: UP of America) 240 pages hb, 1991. History. Martinique. Guadeloupe. French West Indies. Bow.


GALPINE, Calvin - Vindication of the Rev Calvin Galpine, Rector of Spanish Town, Jamaica; also an Account of His Trial for Perjury. (London) 8vo pamph, 1742. Church. Religion. Anglicans. Jamaica. Exceptionally scarce. Sab 26451.


GALVIN, Miles Eugene - The Organized Labour Movement in Puerto Rico. (Cranbury, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson UP. London: Associated UP) 248 pages hb, maps, biblio, [ca 1979]. Industrial relations. Trade unions. Puerto Rico. The first comprehensive treatment of organized labour. Sympathetic to the PR working class. By a US academic (1926-1993); a former faculty member of the Labor Relations Institute of the U of PR. Bow, Cev, Gos, LOC.




GAMBLE, Alan - Chante Domnitjen: Folk Songs of Dominica. (Roseau: Dominica Institute) 64 pages, biblio, [ca 1986]. Folklore. Music. Dominica. All 64 pages of music. LOC, My.D.


GAMBLE, GM – Jamaica: Isle of June . . . [A poem.]


GAMBLE, William H - Trinidad: Historical and Descriptive, Being a Narrative of Nine Years' Residence in the Island. With Special Reference to Christian Missions. (London: Printed for the author by Yates & Alexander) 120 pages hb, 1866. Descriptive. Church. Religion. Baptists. Trinidad. A sketchy work, contains chapters on Baptist missionary work on the island from 1843 onwards. By a Baptist missionary. Scarce. Bay, Ch.T, Gri, LOC, Rag, RES.


GAMMAN, John K – A Comparative Analysis of Public Policies Affecting Natural Resources and the Environment: Interest Group Politics in the Eastern Caribbean. (Washington, DC: Developments Alternatives Inc/USAID) 1990. Environment. Interest groups. Caribbean area.


GAMMAN, John K – Report on the St Kitts-Nevis Coastal Resource Management Project. (Castries) 1987. Environment. Coastal resource management. St Kitts & Nevis.


Gan-Eden . . . [See: WH Hurlbut.]


GÁNDARA, Raúl – [See: GANDARA, Raul]


GANDARA, Raul - Land and Liberty. (San Juan: Office of Publicity & Promotion of Tourism, Bureau of Supplies) 44 pages pamph, tables, diagrams, ills, maps, 1943. Politics. Land use. Puerto Rico. A WW II report. Bay, LOC, Viv.


GANDARA, Raul - Report on the 500 Acre Law. (San Juan) 291 pages, 1941. Town and country planning. Land use. Puerto Rico. Bay.


GANGULEE, N – Indians in the Empire Overseas: A Survey. (London: New India Publishing House) 263 pages, 1947. Sociology. Immigration. East Indians. British Empire. Caribbean area. Includes the WI. Com.


Ganja . . . [See: WL Barnett.]


GANN, Thomas William Francis - Ancient Cities and Modern Tribes. (London: Duckworth. New York: Scribner's) 256 pages hb, many photos, 1 map, 1928 1st ed; (Salem, NH: Ayer Co. London: Blom Publications) 256 pages, many photos, 1 map, 1972 rep; (New York: Gordon P) 256 pages, photos, 1 map, 1977 rep. Descriptive. Mayas. Belize. An account of the author's travels to several archaeological sites in the Yucatan peninsula, including Lubaantun in Belize. By a long-time medical officer in Belize. Bow, LOC, Woo.


GANN, Thomas William Francis - Discoveries and Adventures in Central America. (London: Duckworth) 261 pages hb, frontis, plates, plans, 1928. Descriptive. Mayas. Belize. Deals principally with the British Museum archaeological expedition to Chumucha on the Moho River in Southern Belize near the Guatemalan border, much archaeological description and also of the people and customs that he observed on his travels. LOC, Woo.


GANN, Thomas William Francis - Glories of the Maya. (London: Duckworth) xvi,279 pages, frontis, plates, 2 maps, [1938]; (New York: Scribner's) 272 pages hb, many photos, maps, 1939. Descriptive. Mayas. Belize. Another popularized account of his expeditions in Belize and Guatemala, with descriptions of the archaeology, region and people. LOC, Woo.


GANN, Thomas William Francis - Maya Cities, a Record of Exploration and Adventure in Middle America. (London: Duckworth) 256 pages, plan, frontis, ills, plates, [1927]; (New York: Scribner's) 256 pages hb, many photos, 1 map, 1928. Descriptive. Mayas. Belize. Primarily about Guatemala and Mexico, but with much descriptive material on the land and people within Belize. LOC, Woo.


GANN, Thomas William Francis - The Maya Indians of Southern Yucatan and Northern British Honduras. (Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin No 64) 146 pages hb, 84 figures, 28 col and b&w plates, 1918 1st ed; (Temecula, CA: Reprint Services Corp) 146 pages hb, figures, plates, 1988 rep; (ibidem) 146 pages hb, figures, plates, 1995 rep. Archaeology. Mayas. Belize. BL, Bow, Co.C, Com, Gos, LOC, Woo.


GANN, Thomas William Francis - Mystery Cities: Explorations and Adventure in Lubaantun. (London: Duckworth) 252 pages, frontis, plates, plans, [1925]; (New York: Scribner's) 252 pages hb, 52 photos, 1 map, dj, 1925 1st ed; (New York: AMS Press) 252 pages hb, plates, plans, 1977 rep; (ibidem) 252 pages, plates, plans, [1982]; (London: Duckworth. New York: Scribner's) 252 pages, plates, plans, 1982 rep. Archaeology. Mayas. Lubaantun. Belize. Describes in popular terms the ancient ruins of the interior of Belize, the people and customs of the early 20th century. Bow, Co.C, Com, LOC, Woo.


GANN, Thomas William Francis - [British archaeologist (1867-1938); principal medical officer at British Honduras, 1894-1923; later a lecturer on Central American archaeology at Liverpool U. LOC, RES.]


GANN, Thomas William Francis, and Mary GANN - Archaeological Investigations in the Corozal District of British Honduras. (Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution) 66 pages, 11 figs, 10 plates, biblio, 1939. Archaeology. Mayas. Corozal. Belize. A record of 2 seasons of field work. Belize. Woo.


GANN, Thomas William Francis, and J Eric THOMPSON - History of the Maya, from the Earliest Times to the Present Day. (New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons) x,264 pages, frontis, ills, plates, 1931; (London) x,264 pages, frontis, ills, plates, biblio, 1931. Archaeology. Mayas. Belize. LOC, RES.


GANNETT, Henry - A Gazetteer of Cuba. (Washington, DC: GPO) 112 pages, maps, 1902. Descriptive. Cuba. A guidebook for administrators and diplomats. A reference work. Scarce. BL, Gos, LOC.


GANNETT, Henry - A Gazetteer of Porto Rico. (Washington, DC: GPO) 51 pages 8vo pamph, 1901. Descriptive. Puerto Rico. A guidebook for administrators and diplomats. A historically significant work, compiled when PR became a US possession. Scarce. BL, Cev, Gos, LOC.


GANNETT, Henry - [US geographer (1846-1914); chief geographer for the US Census 1890 and 1990; web page.]


[GANNON, JP] – Papers Relating to Captured Negroes; Return to an address of the Honourable House of Commons dated 12th March 1827, for Copy of any further Reports made to His Majesty's Government . . . viz, Mr Gannon's Report on the State and Condition of Apprenticed Africans at Antigua . . . (London: Commons Report) lxi,107 pages folio, 1827. Colonial administration. Slavery. Apprenticeship. Antigua. A parliamentary report. Relates to slaves put in the care of the Crown. By a British colonial administrator in Antigua (fl 1827). Exceptionally scarce. Rag.


GANNON, Joseph C – The USS Oregon and the Battle of Santiago. (New York: Comet Press Books) 1958. International relations. Spanish-American War. Battle of Santiago. USS Oregon. Cuba.


GANNON, Michael R, and Allen KURTA, and Armando RODRIGUEZ-DURAN, and Michael R WILLIG – Bats of Puerto Rico: An Island Focus and a Caribbean Perspective. (Kingston: UWI Press) 224 pages pb, 2005. Zoology. Wildlife. Mammals. Bats. Puerto Rico.


Gaols, West Indies . . . [See: "Correspondence Relative to the State . . ."]


GARAY, Leslie A, and Herman R SWEET - Flora of the Lesser Antilles: Orchidaceae, Leeward and Windward Islands. Vol 1. (Jamaica Plain) ix,235 pages 8vo hb, col frontispiece, 83 figs, 1974. Botany. Orchids. Caribbean area. LOC.


GARBER, James F – Archaeology at Cerros, Belize, Central America, Volume II: An Interim Report. (Dallas, TX: Southern Methodist U) 154 pages, biblio, 1989. Archaeology. Mayas. Cerros. Belize. Discusses trade and patterns of consumption and disposal. For Vol I see: R Robertson, and for Vol III, see: VL Scarborough. Wri.




GARCIA, A - History of the West Indies. (London: George G Harrap & Co) 296 pages hb, 4 photos, 4 maps, 1965 1st ed; (ibidem) 296 pages, 1967; (ibidem) 296 pages, 1969; (ibidem) 296 pages hb, 4 photos, 4 maps, 1971; (ibidem) 296 pages, 1973; (ibidem) 296 pages, 1976; (ibidem) 296 pages, 1978; (ibidem) 296 pages, 1979. History. Education. Caribbean area. A GCE O-level secondary school textbook. Foreword by PM Sherlock. Bay, Com, LOC, Pot.


GARCIA, A - Topics in West Indian History. (London: George G Harrap & Co. Port-of-Spain: Columbus Publishers) 80 pages 20 cm, 1970. History. Education. Caribbean area. A secondary school textbook. BL.


GARCIA, Charles P - Cuba's Challenge in the Nineteen Ninety's: Will the United States and Its American Allies Respond? (New York: Vantage) 1989. International relations. Cuba.


GARCIA, Connie, and Arthur MEDINA – The Travel Guide to Puerto Rico. (Santurce: Puerto Rico Almanacs) vii,336 pages 23 cm, col and b&w ills, [ca 1981]. Travel. Descriptive. Puerto Rico. A guidebook for tourists. LOC.


GARCIA, Cristina – [Cuban-American author and journalist (1958-). LOC. Web page.]


GARCIA, Cristina, and Joshua GREENE - Cars of Cuba. (New York: Harry N Abrams) 64 pages, 53 photos, 1995. Descriptive. Cars. Cuba. A pictorial book. LOC, Stu.




GARCIA, Emilio Pantojas – [See: PANTOJAS-GARCIA]




GARCIA, GL, ed - Laws of Trinidad. Revised Edition, 1832-1882. (London: Waterlow & Sons) 7 vols, 1883-1889. Law. Statutes. Trinidad. A collection of Acts and Ordinances. Replaced by the “Revised Laws of Trinidad . . .” Very scarce. BL, Cu.W, New, Pat.


GARCIA, Jose H – Liborio Speaks in English. (New York: Vantage P) 93 pages, [1968]. Descriptive. Cuba. Chi.






GARCIA, Maria Cristina - Havana USA: Cuban Exiles and Cuban Americans in South Florida, 1959-1994. (Berkeley: U of California P) 306 pages, 1996. Sociology. Refugees. Exile. Migration. South Florida. Cuba. Author (1960-). Bow, LOC.


GARCIA, Raimundo - Christian-Marxist Unity: A Miraculous, Explosive Recipe. (New York: Circus Publications) 150 pages pb, 1989. Church. Religion. Christians. Marxists. Cuba.


GARCIA CARDENAS, Domingo - State Organization in Cuba. (Havana: Editorial Jose Marti) 134 pages 21 cm, biblio, [ca 1986]. Politics. State organization. Cuba. Author (1941-). BL, LOC, Stu.


GARCIA CISNEROS, Florencio – Santos of Puerto Rico and the Americas. (Detroit: Blaine Ethridge) xiii,122 pages 23 cm, 76 b&w plates, biblio, [1979]. Religion. Fine arts. Puerto Rico. The religious woodcarvings. Bilingual text. Translated from the Spanish by Roberta Ward. BL, Cev.


GARCIA de SERRANO, Irma – The Puerto Rico Teachers’ Association and its Relationship to Teacher Personnel Administration. (Río Piedras: U of Puerto Rico) xix,427 pages 24 cm, graphs, tables, ills, biblio, 1971. Education. Puerto Rico. Examines the program developed by the Association for selection, transfer, tenure, remuneration and retirement, and the changes in personnel administration that resulted, 1911-1962. Originally presented as the author’s PhD dissertation at New York U. LOC, Viv.


GARCIA COLL, Cynthia T, and Maria DE LOURDES MATTEI, ed - The Psychosocial Development of Puerto Rican Women. (New York: Praeger) xviii,272 pages 25 cm, biblio, index, 1989. Sociology. Gender studies. Puerto Rico. BL, Gos, LOC.


GARCIA-GALZADILLA, Miguel – The Fidel Castro I Knew: Biographical Fragments on the Cuban Revolution. (New York: Vantage P) 80 pages, [1971]. Politics. Cuban Revolution. Fidel Castro. A biography. Cuba. Chi.


GARCIA MENOCAL, Serafin – The Lesson the United States Can Learn from Cuba. (Princeton, NJ: Princeton UP) 23 pages pamph, 1964; (New York:  MM Wilson) 23 pages pamph, [ca 1964]. International relations. US relations. Cuba. A speech of 3 January 1964. Chi.


GARCIA-MUNIZ, Humberto - Boots, Boots, Boots: Intervention, Regional Security and Militarisation in the Caribbean, 1979-86. (Rio Piedras: Caribbean Project for Justice & Peace) 28 pages pamph, ills, 1986. International relations. Military. Security. Caribbean area. LOC.


GARCIA OLIVERO, Carmen – Study of the Initial Involvement in the Social Services by the Puerto Rican Migrants in Philadelphia. (New York: Vantage P) 316 pages, ills, biblio, [ca 1971]. Sociology. Social welfare. Social services. Migration. Philadelphia. Puerto Rico. Based on her PhD dissertation. Bra, LOC, Viv.


GARCIA-PASSALACQUA, Juan M - Puerto Rico: Equality and Freedom at Issue. (New York: Praeger, Politics in Latin America Series) xiii,175 pages 25 cm, 1 map, biblio, index, 1984. Politics. Colonial administration. Equality. Freedom. Puerto Rico. BL, Bow, Gos, LOC.


GARCIA-ZAMOR, Jean-Claude - The Ecology of Development Administration in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Barbados. (Washington, DC: OAS) 122 pages, biblio, 1977. Economics. Development planning. Jamaica. Trinidad. Tobago. Barbados. A study of national development and public administration; relates the development process to the socio-economic environment in the 3 countries. Car, Ch.T, Gos, Ing, LOC, New, Pot.


GARCIA-ZAMOR, Jean-Claude - Public Administration in Haiti. (New Haven: Yale UP) 1966. Public administration. Haiti.


GARCIA-ZAMOR, Jean-Claude - [US-trained Haitian scholar; Professor of Health and Urban Affairs at Florida International U.]


Garden Book of Barbados. (Bridgetown: Dep't of Science & Agriculture) 153,x pages hb, 1937 1st ed; (ibidem) 160 pages, tables, 1953 2nd ed. Horticulture. Barbados. Bar.


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GARDINER, John - The Argument or Speech of John Gardiner Barrister at Law who stood committed by the pretended assembly on this island, for a pretended contempt delivered in the Court of Kings' Bench and Common Pleas, on Tuesday the 10th day of April last, upon the matter of his own habeas corpus, and wherein our Sovereign Lord the King was party-agent, plaintiff, or prosecutor, and Henry Berkeley, Esq., deputy provost marshall, was defendant. (Basseterre: Printed and sold by Thomas Howe, at his office in Church Street, Basseterre) xii,39,[1] pages 8vo pamph, 1770. Colonial administration. Assembly. Contempt. St Kitts. By a British colonial jurist (1731-1793); A-G of St Kitts during the American Revolution, he later became a member of the State Legislature for Massachusetts. Rare. Cu.W, Rag, RES, Sab 26618.


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Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

11th Edition: Don Mitchell QBE QC


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