Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

11th Edition: Don Mitchell QBE QC


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EDWARDS, Adolph - Marcus Garvey, 1887-1940. (London and Port-of-Spain: New Beacon Publications) 43 pages 22 cm pamph, biblio, 1967 1st ed; (ibidem) 45 pages pamph, 1972. Descriptive. Politics. Civil rights. Race relations. Marcus Garvey. Jamaica. A biography. Author (1940-). BL, Com, Ing, LOC, Will.


EDWARDS, Bryan - An Abridgement of Mr Edward's Civil and Commercial History of the British West Indies. (London: J Parsons) 2 vols, vii,334+vii,335-665 pages 8vo, 1 map, 1794. History. Caribbean area. Very scarce. Cu.W, Rag, Sab 21904.


EDWARDS, Bryan - An Historical Survey of the French Colony in the Island of St Domingo: Comprehending a Short Account of its Ancient Government, Political State, Population, Productions, and Exports; a Narrative of the Calamities Which Have Desolated the Country Ever Since the Year 1789, With Some Reflections on Their Causes and probable Consequences; and detailing of the Military Transactions of the British Army in that Island to the end of 1794 . . . also a tour through the several islands of Barbados, St Vincent, Antigua, Tobago, and Grenada in the years 1791 and 1792, by Sir William Young. (London: Printed for John Stockdale) 247,vi,xxvii pages 4to, 1 folding map, 1797 1st ed; (ibidem) xix,443 pages, 3 plates, 2 maps, 1801; (Philadelphia) xxiii,241 pages, 1 folding table, plates, maps, 1806; (London: John Stockdale) 1807. History. Haiti. Condemns the French settlers for their treatment of the slaves, elicited angry responses. See also Venault De Charmilly. 1st edition very scarce; other issues scarce. Bay, Cu.W, Gos, LOC, Rag, Sab 21894.


EDWARDS, Bryan - An Historical Survey of the Island of Saint Domingo, together with an Account of the Maroon Negroes in the Island of Jamaica and a History of the War in the West Indies, in 1793 and 1794 . . . (London: John Stockdale) xix,443 pages 4to, 1797 1st ed; (ibidem) xix,443 pages, frontis, plates, maps, 1801 2nd ed. History. Haiti. Subsequently, Vol 3 of "The History . . ." 1st edition very scarce; 2nd edition scarce. LOC, Sab 21895.


EDWARDS, Bryan - The History, Civil and Commercial of the British Colonies in the British West Indies. (London: John Stockdale) 2 vols, 494+502 pages 4to, plates, maps, 1793 1st ed; (Dublin: Luke White) 2 vols, xxiv,491+x,474 pages 8vo, 1793; (London: John Stockdale) 2 vols, liv,494+520 pages 4to, 7 plates, 9 maps, 1794 2nd ed; (ibidem) 2 vols, 2 frontis, 5 plates, 10 maps, 1794 2nd ed; (London: Printed for B Crosby . . . for Mundell & Son . . . and J Mundell) xvi,373 pages 22 cm, maps, 1798; (London: John Stockdale) 3 vols, xxiv,xxiii, 576+viii,617+xxxiii,477 pages 24 cm 8vo, plates, 9 maps, 1801 3rd ed; (Philadelphia: James Humphries) 4 vols, xxxix,398+406+352+xxiv,403 pages 8vo, 1805-1806; (London: John Stockdale) 3 vols, xlviii,576+viii,616+xxx,477 pages 8vo, 1 portrait, plates, maps, 1807 4th ed; (Philadelphia: Levis & Wever) 4 vols, plates, maps, 1810 4th ed; (Baltimore: Coale & Thomas) 4 vols, 8vo, plates, maps, 1810 4th ed; (Charleston: E Morford, Willington & Co) 4 vols, plates, maps, 1810 4th ed; (London: Printed by T Miller for G&WB Whittaker) 5 vols, 8vo, plates, maps, 1819 5th ed; (Edinburgh) 6 vols, plates, maps, 1819 5th ed; (Dublin) 5 vols, plates, maps, 1819 5th ed; (Dublin: Printed by Miller for Whittaker) 5 vols, xlviii,579+vii,616+xxxii,477+xii,496+vii,207+287 pages 28 cm, plates, maps, 1819 5th ed; (New York: AMS Press) 5 vols, 1966 facs ed; (New York: Arno P. Salem, NH: Ayer Co, Research Library of Colonial Americana) 2 vols, 491+474 pages hb, ills, 7 folding plates, 1972 facs ed. History. Caribbean area. A first-hand account of conditions after the American War and before the abolition of the slave trade; a general description of the natural history and inhabitants of the islands, the slave trade, agriculture, sugar, cotton, coffee, etc; deals mainly with the Haitian slave revolts of the early 1790s and the condition of the local Blacks; condemns the French settlers’ treatment of the negroes and of the English who came to their aid from Jamaica in 1793; opposed to the island passing under British control and thus competing with the old sugar colonies in the home market. A classic in BWI history. The 1st edition exceptionally scarce; the 2nd edition very scarce. The 1819 5th edition is the most complete. The Humphries 1805 and the Whittaker 1819 editions should be accompanied by an 1806 atlas of maps in 4to. The AMS 1966 is a reprint of the London 1819 5th edition, while the 1972 Arno is a reprint of the 1793 Stockdale edition. Bar, Bay, Be.A, BL, Bow, Ch.H, Com, Cu.W, Gos, Gri, Han, Ing, LOC, Mol, My.A, My.D, My.R, Pat, Pot, Rag, RES, Sab 21901.


EDWARDS, Bryan - The History Civil and Commercial, of the British Colonies in the West Indies. To which is added, an Historical Survey of the French Colony in the Island of St Domingo. Abridged from the History Written by Bryan Edwards Esq. (London: B Crosby) xvi,373 pages, 1 map, 1798. History. Caribbean area. Very scarce. LOC, Sab 21905.


EDWARDS, Bryan - The History of the Island of St Domingo. Abridged from the History of Bryan Edwards Esq . . . (Edinburgh: T Brown & W Laing) vi,164 pages 16mo, 1 map, 1802. History. Haiti. Scarce. BL, LOC, Sab 21900.


EDWARDS, Bryan - A New Atlas of the British West Indies, with a Whole Sheet General Map of the West India Islands, and a Whole Sheet Map of the Island of Hispaniola, or St Domingo. (Charleston, SC: E Morford) 1 page 28 cm, 8 maps, 3 folding maps, 1810; (Philadelphia: I Riley) 8 maps, 3 folding maps, 1818. Descriptive. Cartography. An atlas. Caribbean area. Prepared to accompany the Philadelphia edition of his “History . . .” Both editions very scarce and valuable. LOC, Rag.


EDWARDS, Bryan - Observations on the Disposition, Character, Manners, and Habits of Life, of the Maroons, and a detail of the origin, progress, and termination of the late war . . . (London) 1796; (ibidem) 57 pages pamph, 1801. History. Maroons. Jamaica. Originally intended as a preface to his "Proceedings of the Governor . . ." Both issues exceptionally scarce. BL, LOC, Rag.


EDWARDS, Bryan - Poyais. An Account of the British Settlements on the Mosquito Shore. (London) 8vo, 1823. International relations. Abortive colonies. Poyais. Mosquito Coast. Belize. Very scarce. Cu.W, Sab 21907.


EDWARDS, Bryan - A Speech delivered at a Free Conference between the Honourable the Council and Assembly of Jamaica, Held the 19th November, 1789, on the Subject of Mr Wilberforce's Propositions in the House of Commons Concerning the Slave Trade. (Kingston: Printed by Alexander Aikman) 82,xvi pages 8vo pamph, 1789 1st ed; (London: Reprinted for  J Debrett) 59,xiii pages 8vo pamph, 1790 2nd ed. Colonial administration. Slavery. Slave trade. William Wilberforce. Caribbean area. A speech. Recognizes the evil of the trade but replies to Wilberforce's propositions in a temperate and rational manner. Edwards at his best as a parliamentarian. 1st edition rare; 2nd edition very scarce. BL, Cu.J, GL, Rag, RES, Sab 21909.


EDWARDS, Bryan - Thoughts on the late Proceedings of Government, respecting the Trade of the West India Islands with the United States of America. (London: Printed for T Cadell) vi,55 pages 8vo pamph, 1784 1st ed; (ibidem) iv,91 pages 8vo pamph, 1784 2nd ed; (Boston) 32 pages 8vo pamph, 1784. Colonial administration. Trade. Blockades. Navigation Acts. Caribbean area. The colonial carrying trade and the blockade of US shipping. Favours commercial intercourse with the US in this his first published work. Written in reply to Lord Sheffield's "Observations on the Commerce of the American States." Replied to by J Stevenson, "Address to Brian Edwards . . ." First name printed as Brian. 1st edition rare; other issues exceptionally scarce. BL, LOC, Rag, RES, Sab 21910.


EDWARDS, Bryan - [British-born merchant (1743-1800); inherited from his uncle a plantation in Jamaica where he arrived in 1759; member of the Assembly of Jamaica; returned to England in 1792 as a successful merchant and banker; and was elected to Parliament in 1796; held strong anti-abolitionist views. See: W Preston. DNB.]


[EDWARDS, Bryan], ed - An Account of the Proceedings of the Governor and Affembly of Jamaica in Regard to the Maroon Negroes, Published by Order of the Assembly . . . (London: John Stockdale) 200 pages 8vo, frontis, 1796; (Westport, CT: Negro UP, Greenwood Publishing Group) iv,79,109 pages 8vo, 1970 facs ed. Colonial administration. Maroons. Slavery. Rebellions. Jamaica. House of Assembly proceedings. Introduction signed by Bryan Edwards. An enlarged edition of the Jamaican work of the same year. 1st edition very scarce. Cu.J, Gos, Sab 21893, Whi.


[EDWARDS, Bryan], ed - The Proceedings of the Governor and Assembly of Jamaica in Regard to the Maroon Negroes Published by Order of the Assembly. To which is prefixed an introductory account . . . of the Maroons, and a detail of the origin, progress, and termination of the late war between those people and the white inhabitants. (London: John Stockdale) lxxxix,109 pages, plate, 1796. Colonial administration. Maroons. Slavery. Rebellions. Jamaica. House of Assembly proceedings. Another edition of his "An Account of the Proceedings . . ." Very scarce. LOC, RES, Rag.


[EDWARDS, Bryan], ed - Proceedings of the Honourable House of Assembly Relative to the Maroons; Including the Correspondence between the Right Honourable Earl Balcarres and the Honourable Major-General Walpole, during the Maroon Rebellion, with the Report of the Joint Special Secret Committee, to whom those papers were referred. (St Jago de la Vega: Alexander Aikman) iv,57,[1] pages 4to, pamph 1796. Colonial administration. Maroons. Slavery. Rebellions. Earl Balcarres. George Walpole. Jamaica. House of Assembly proceedings. The official island account of the action taken against the Maroons in the second Maroon War of 1795-6, and proposals for their removal to Nova Scotia, opposed by the General as being a breach of faith. Copies only at the Leicester Central Library and the National Archives in the UK, and Brown, Library Company of Philadelphia, New York Public Library, and the Library of Congress only in the USA. Rare. Cu.J, LOC, Rag, Sab 21908.


EDWARDS, Charles Lincoln - Bahama Songs and Stories: A Contribution to Folk-lore. (Boston and New York: Houghton, Mifflin & Co) x,111 pages, 1895 1st ed; (ibidem) 1896; (New York: GE Stechert & Co) 111 pages, 1942 rep; (Millwood, NY: Kraus Reprint) 111 pages, 1976 facs ed. Folklore. Music. Songs. Bahamas. By a US folklorist and natural historian (1867-1937). 1st edition scarce. Bay, BL, Com, Cu.W, Gos, LOC.


EDWARDS, David Telfy - Report on an Economic Study of Small Farming in Jamaica. (Mona: UWI, ISER) 370 pages, 17 plates, 2 maps, biblio, 1961. Agriculture. Small farming. Economics. Land use. Land tenure. Labour. Expenditure. Income. Jamaica. Supplemented by CS Mc Morris. Bay, Co.C, Com, Ing, Jor, W&D.


EDWARDS, David Telfy - Small Farmers and the Protection of the Watersheds: The Experience of Jamaica since the 1950s. (Mona: UWI, Canoe P) xx,100 pages pb, tables, photos, 1 map, biblio, 1995. Agriculture. Small farming. Conservation. Environment. Jamaica. On encouraging farmers with small resources to conserve scarce water supplies. LOC.


EDWARDS, David Telfy, ed - Proceedings of the Fourth West Indian Agricultural . . . [See: “West Indian Agricultural Economics . . .”]


EDWARDS, David Telfy et al - An Evaluation of a Beef and Dairy Production Project Based on Sugar Cane and its Derivatives. (St Augustine: UWI, DAEFM, Occasional Series, No 10) 63 pages pamph, 1975. Agriculture. Livestock. Beef. Dairy. Sugar. Economics. Evaluation. Trinidad. An evaluation of a beef and dairy production project based on sugar cane by-products. W&D.


EDWARDS, David Telfy, and L CAMPBELL - Agriculture in Antigua's Economy: Possibilities and Problems of Adjustment. ([St Augustine]: UWI, ISER) 50 pages pamph, maps, 1965. Agriculture. Small farming. Economics. Antigua.


EDWARDS, David Telfy, and JM EXETER - Import Substitution in Agriculture: A Case Study of the Pig Industry in Trinidad and Tobago. (St Augustine: UWI, DAEFM) 29 pages pamph, 1972. Agriculture. Livestock. Pigs. Economics. Import substitution. Trinidad. Tobago. W&D.


EDWARDS, David Tefly, and OM STRACHAN - The Future of Small Farming in the Commonwealth Caribbean: A Preliminary Consideration of some of the Issues. (St Augustine: UWI) 10 pages, 1970. Agriculture. Small farming. Caribbean area.


EDWARDS, David Telfy - [Economist (1929-). LOC.]


EDWARDS, Joel – Jamaican Diaspora: A People of Pain and Purpose. (Kingston: Morgan Ministries International) 32 pages pamph, [ca 1998]. Politics. West Indians abroad. Jamaica. LOC.


EDWARDS, Jorge - Persona Non Grata: An Envoy in Castro's Cuba. (London: The Bodley Head) 275 pages 23 cm, 1977. Descriptive. International relations. Cuba. An autobiography. By a Chilean writer and career diplomat (1931-). Translated from the Spanish edition of 1973 by Colin Harding. BL, LOC.


EDWARDS, Joseph – Unions versus Management. (sl [Kingston]: New Beginning Movement, Abeng Pamphlet, No 1) 34 pages pamph, 1971. Industrial relations. Trade unions. Jamaica. New.


EDWARDS, Marie-Jose, and Deborah DUNN – Forests of Dominica. (Roseau: National Park Service) 23 pages pamph, ills, photos, 1 map, 1978. Forestry. National parks. Dominica. An official government report. My.R.


EDWARDS, Melvin Romeo - Jamaican Higglers: Their Significance and Potential. (Swansea, Wales: UC Swansea) 58 pages pamph, biblio, 1980; (Norwich: Geo Abstracts) iii,58 pages pamph, [ca 1980]. Economics. Retail services. Street peddlers. Higglers. Jamaica. An historical and socio-cultural study. BL, Bob, Car, Ing, LOC, W&D, Whi.


EDWARDS, Michael M - The Growth of the British Cotton Trade, 1780-1815. (Manchester: Manchester UP) viii,276 pages 8vo, tables, biblio, [1967]; (New York: AM Kelly) viii,276 pages, ills, 1967. Economics. Trade. Cotton. A revision of the author’s thesis. BL, LOC.


EDWARDS, PA - Education for Development in the Caribbean. (Bridgetown: CADEC, Study Paper, No 3) 15 pages pamph, [1971]. Education. Development planning. Caribbean area. Com, LOC, W&D.


EDWARDS, Paul, ed - Equiano's Travels. His Autobiography . . . [See: O Equiano.]


EDWARDS, Paul L - Economic Conditions in Cuba. (Washington, DC: US Dep't of Commerce) ii,11 pages pamph, tables, 1923. Economics. Cuba. An official government publication. LOC.


EDWARDS, RPF – Economic Conditions in the Dominican Republic to October 1929 Reported by A de Comeau, and in the Republic of Hayti for the Fiscal Year Ended September 30th, 1928. (London: HMSO, Dep’t of Overseas Trade) 36 pages pamph, 1929. Descriptive. Economics. A de Comeau. Haiti. Dominican Republic. An official government publication. Lag.




EDWARDS, Viv K – West Indian Language: Attitudes and the School. (sl [Slough]: National Association for Multiracial Education) [2],14 pages 21 cm pamph, 1976. Linguistics. Education. Migration. Britain. Caribbean area. An official government report. BL, LOC.


EDWARDS, Viv K – The West Indian Language Issue in British Schools: Challenges and Responses. (London and Boston: Routledge & Kegan Paul) vii,168 pages 23 cm, biblio, 1979. Linguistics. Education. Migration. Britain. Caribbean area. BL, Bra, Jor, LOC.


EDWARDS, Wilfred Henry - Report on an Agricultural Survey in the Cayman Islands. (Kingston: Gov't Printer, Dep't of Science & Agriculture Bulletin, New Series No 13) 40 pages pamph, 1938. Agriculture. Vegetables. Entomology. Plant pests. Cayman Islands. An official government report. Mainly a study of insect fauna in relation to crops. By a government entomologist in Jamaica. Scarce. Bay, Bo.C, Co.C, Com.


EDWARDS, Walter F, ed - An Annotated Glossary of Folk Medicines Used by Some Amerindians in Guyana. (Georgetown: UG, Amerindian Languages Project) v,96 pages, 1978. Health. Ethnobotany. Folk medicines. Amerindians. Guyana. Car, LOC.


EDWARDS, Walter F, ed - Focus on Amerindians: Adapted from a Series of Programmes Broadcast on Radio Demerara. (Georgetown: UG) xii,94 pages 22 cm, 1980. Descriptive. Amerindians. Radio. Guyana. BL, Car.


EDWARDS, Walter F, ed - An Introduction to the Akawaio and Arekuna Peoples. (Georgetown: UG, Amerindian Language Project) iv,103 pages 28 cm, 1977. Descriptive. Amerindians. Akawaio. Arekuna. Guyana. BL.


EDWARDS, Walter F, and Elizabeth CHARETTE, ed A Short Dictionary of the Warau Language of Guyana. (sl [Georgetown]: UG, Amerindian Languages Project) 167 pages, [1980]. Linguistics. Amerindians. Warau language. Guyana. LOC.


EDWARDS, Walter F, and K GIBSON et al, ed - A Short Grammar and Dictionary of the Akawaio and Arekuna Languages of Guyana. (sl [Georgetown]: UG, Amerindian Languages Project) v,351 pages pb, [ca 1980]. Linguistics. Amerindians. Akawaio. Arekuna. Guyana. LOC.


EDWARDS, Walter F, and HR HUBBARD, ed - Folk Tales and Legends of some Guyana Amerindians. (Georgetown) 96 pages pb, ills, 1979. Folklore. Legends. Amerindians. Guyana.


EDWARDS, Walter F - [Guyanese linguist and educator (1940-). LOC.]


EELENS, Frank – The Population of Aruba: A Demographic Profile. (The Hague: Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute) 98 pages, ills, 1994. Demography. Aruba. Netherlands Antilles. By a Dutch demographer and author (1954-). LOC.




The Effect of the Missile Crisis upon the Cuban and Soviet Positions in Latin America. (Washington, DC: sn) 9 pages pamph, 1963. International relations. Cold War. Missile Crisis. Soviet Union. United States. Latin America. Cuba. Chi.


Effects of the Late Colonial Policy of Great Britain . . . [See: A Barclay.]


The Effects of the Cuban Reciprocity Treaty of 1902. (Washington, DC: Tariff Commission) 436 pages, 1929. International relations. Cuban Reciprocity Treaty, 1902. Trade. Tariffs. United States. Cuba. Bay, Tra.


EGAN, Anne - Jamaica in Pictures. Visual Geography Series. (New York: Stirling Publishing Co Inc. London and Sydney: Oak Tree P, Visual Geography Series) 64 pages hb, ills, 1 map, dj, 1967 1st ed; (New York: Stirling Publishing) 64 pages 26 cm, ills, 1 map, [ca 1970]; (ibidem) 64 pages, ills, 1 map, [1974]; (ibidem) 64 pages hb, ills, 1 map, 1975; (ibidem) 64 pages hb, ills, 1 map, 1977; (ibidem) 64 pages hb, ills, 1 map, 1979; (Minneapolis: Lerner Publications Co, Geography Dep’t) 64 pages, col ills, 1 map, [ca 1987]. Descriptive. Jamaica. A children's book. BL, Car, Com, Ing, LOC, Will.


EGAN, Maurice F - Ten Years Near the German Frontier: A Retrospect and a Warning. (New York: George H Doran) xiii,364 pages, plates, ills, [1919]; (London: Hodder & Stoughton) x,291 pages 8vo, [1919]. International relations. St Croix. St Thomas. Danish West Indies. A study of the DWI and WW I propaganda. By a US educator, author, editor and diplomat (1852-1924); ambassador to Denmark, 1907-18. BL, LOC.


EGERTON, Hugh Edward - Origin and Growth of the English Colonies and of their System of Government. An Introduction to Mr CP Lucas's Historical Geography of the British Colonies. (Oxford: The Clarendon P) vi,223 pages, 8 maps, 1903; (ibidem) vi,235 pages, 8 maps, 1904; (ibidem) vi,241 pages 8vo, 1920; (New York: Negro UP) vi,223 pages, [1969]. Colonial administration. English colonies. British Empire. Caribbean area. A new edition of CP Lucas, “Introduction to a Historical Geography of the British Colonies . . .” 1st edition scarce. BL, LOC, Rag.


EGERTON, Hugh Edward - A Short History of British Colonial Policy. (London: Methuen & Co) xv,503 pages, biblio, 1897 1st ed; (ibidem) xv,579 pages 8vo, 1908 2nd ed; (ibidem) xv,579 pages, 1910 3rd ed; (ibidem) xv,579 pages 8vo, 1913 4th ed. Colonial administration. British colonial policy. British Empire. Caribbean area. 1st edition scarce. BL, LOC, Rag.


EGERTON, Hugh Edward - [British historian (1855-1927). LOC.]


EGGERS, Heinrich Franz Alexander, Baron von – [See: VON EGGERS]


EGGINTON, Joyce – They Seek a Living. (London: Hutchinsons) 192 pages 8vo, plates, 1957. Sociology. Race relations. Migration. Britain. Caribbean area. BL, Com.


EGGLESTON, George Teeple - Orchids on The Calabash Tree. (New York: GP Putnam’s Sons) 255 pages hb, 63 photos, 1 map, dj, [1962] 1st ed; (London and Worcester, MA: Frederick Muller) 255 pages hb, photos, 1 map, 1963; (New York: Putnam’s) 255 pages, plates, 1 map, 1970 rep. Descriptive. Caribbean area. An emphasis on nautical matters. BL, Co.C, Com, Gos, LOC, Mom, Pot.


EGGLESTON, George Teeple - Virgin Islands: Wherein Is Described in Detail the Islands, Harbours, People, History, Weather, Passages and Facilities, together with Many Beautiful Pictures and some Charts. (Princeton, NJ: D Van Nostrand Co) xii,208 pages 4to hb, 53 ills, 1 folding map, dj, 1959 1st ed; (Huntington: RE Krieger) 210 pages hb, ills, 1 folding map, 1973 rev ed. Travel. Descriptive. St Croix. St Thomas. St John. United States Virgin Islands. Tortola. Virgin Gorda. British Virgin Islands. A cruise narrative. Bay, BL, Co.C, Com, Gos, LOC, Mol.


EGGLESTON, George Teeple - [US businessman and yachtsman (1906-?); as anti-interventionist editor of “Scribner’s Commentator” worked hard to try to keep the US out of WW II; recuperating from a slipped disc and urged by his doctor to rest in the WI; retired to St Lucia. LOC.]


EGGLESTON, Hazel - St Lucia Diary: A Caribbean Memoir. (Old Greenwich, CT: Devin-Adair Co) vii,168 pages 21 cm hb, ills, 1977. Descriptive. St Lucia. An autobiography. BL, Car, Gos, LOC.


EHLE, John – Shepherd of the Streets: The Story of the Reverend James A Gusweller and his Crusade on the New York West Side. (New York: William Sloan Associates) 239 pages, ills, 1960. Descriptive. Church. Religion. Migration. James A Gusweller. New York City. West Side. Puerto Rico. A biography. Viv.


EHRENFIELD, Rachel - Narco-Terrorism and the Cuban Connection. (Washington, DC: Cuban American National Foundation) 14 pages pamph, 1988. International relations. Crime. Narcotics. Drugs trafficking. Cuba. Bow.


EHRMANN, Jacques, comp - Literature and Revolucion. [place?] 1967 1st ed; (Boston: Beacon P) 243 pages, ills, biblio, 1970 2nd ed. Politics. Education. Literacy. Revolution. Cuba. A bibliography. By a French author. LOC.


EICKELMANN, Christine, and David SMALL – Pero: The Life of a Slave in Eighteenth-Century Bristol. (Bristol: Redcliffe P) 64 pages 22 cm pb, 37 b&w and col ills, 2004. Descriptive. Slavery. Bristol. Nevis. A biography; the story of Pero a slave of John Pinney taken in 1783 to live in Bristol; worked as a servant at the Pinney home now the Georgian House Museum; in 1999 a footbridge in Bristol’s Harbourside was named after him in commemoration of the Africans and West Indians enslaved by Bristol’s merchants.


EIGENMANN, Carl H - The Freshwater Fishes of British Guiana, Including a Study of the Ecological Groupings of Species, and the Relation of the Fauna of the Plateau to that of the Lowlands. (Pittsburgh: Carnegie Institute, Memoirs of the Carnegie Museum Vol 8) xx,578 pages, biblio, 1912. Wildlife. Freshwater fishes. Guyana. By a US zoologist (1863-1927). Jor, LOC.


Eight Practical Treatises on the Cultivation of the Sugar Cane, Written in Consequence of the Earl of Elgin's Offer of a Prize of £100 in the Latter Part of 1842. (Kingston: Jordon & Osborne) iii,185 pages 8vo, 1843. Agriculture. Sugar. Plantation management. Technology. Jamaica. By Thomas Henney of St Catherines; Raynes W Smith of St Elizabeth's; WF Whitehouse of St Mary's; WA Clements of Metcalf; James Sullivan of Clarendon; and GW Gordon of St Andrew's. Exceptionally scarce. BL, RES, Sab 22081. Web page.


Eight Years in British Guiana Being the Journal of a Residence in that Province from 1840 to 1848, With Anecdotes and Incidents Illustrating the Social Condition of its Inhabitants and State and Prospects of the Sugar Colonies . . . By Barton Premium . . . (London: Longman, Brown, Green, & Longmans) xiii,305 pages 8vo hb, 1850. Descriptive. Guyana. Very scarce. Cu.W, McD, RES, Sab 22082, 65050.


Eighteenth-Century Florida and the Caribbean . . . [See: S Proctor.]


The 18th West Indian Agricultural Economics Conference . . . [See: F Alleyne.]


Eighth Census of Jamaica and its Dependencies, 1943: Population, Housing and Agriculture. (Kingston: Gov't Printer, Central Bureau of Statistics) 28,cii,571 pages folio pb, ills, 2 folding maps, 1945. Demography. Population. Housing. Agriculture. Jamaica. A census report. Scarce. LOC, W&D.


Eighth Empire and Commonwealth Games, 1966. Souvenir Programme. (Kingston: United Printers Ltd) 128 pages, 1966. Sport. Athletics. Empire and Commonwealth Games. Caribbean area. A souvenir programme. Will.


EIGLAND, Tom – [See: “Isles of the Caribbean . . . “]


EIMAN, William J, ed - St Maarten/St Martin Area . . . Cruising Guide. (Philadelphia) 192 pages, many ills, 1980 1st ed; (ibidem) 192 pages pb, 1983 2nd ed. Travel. Descriptive. St Maarten. St Martin. French West Indies. Netherlands Antilles. A guidebook for yachtspersons.


EISENBERG, Joyce - Let's Visit Grenada. (New York: Chelsea House, Places & People of the World Series) 88 pages hb, 42 col and b&w ills, 1988. Descriptive. Grenada. A children's book. Bow, LOC, Whi.


EISENHOWER, Dwight D – [US army general; US president. See: T Higgins.]


EISENHOWER, Milton Stover – The Wine Is Bitter: The United States and Latin America. (Garden City, NY: Doubleday) 342 pages, 1963. International relations. United States. Latin America. Cuba. By a US newspaper editor and public servant (1899-1985); president of Pennsylvania State U; brother of Dwight D Eisenhower; served as close adviser to his brother on foreign affairs; US ambassador for Latin American affairs, 1957-60, the basis of this work. Chi.


EISENLOEFFEL, A – Report on a Technical Assistance Mission for the Essential Oils Sector of Economy of Republic of Haiti. (Port-au-Prince) 113 pages, 1970. Agriculture. Vegetable oil. Essential oils. Haiti. A technical assistance report. Lag.


EISNER, Gisela - Jamaica, 1830-1930: A Study in Economic Growth. (Manchester: Manchester UP) xxiii,399 pages 8vo hb, many tables, biblio, dj, [1961] 1st ed; (Westport, CT: Greenwood P) 399 pages hb, 1974 rep. History. Economics. Jamaica. A very able application of the techniques of national income accounting to the study of economic development of Jamaica over a period of 100 years. A republication of her dissertation at Manchester U. Bay, BL, Bow, Co.C, Com, Gos, Gri, Ing, Jor, LOC, New, Pat, W&D, Whi, Will.


EKINS, Charles - Naval Battles from 1744 to the Peace of 1814, Critically Reviewed and Illustrated. (London: Baldwin, Craddock & Joy) xxix,425 pages 8vo, ills, plates, 1824. History. Naval. Admiralty. Battles. Caribbean area. Includes the WI. Very scarce. LOC, Rag, Sab 22091.


EKINS, Charles - Naval Battles of Great Britain, from the Accession of the Illustrious House of Hanover to the Throne to the Battle of Navarin. (London: Baldwin & Craddock) xxx,355 pages, ills, charts, folding maps, 1828. History. Naval. Admiralty. Battles. Caribbean area. The 2nd edition of his “Naval Battles . . . Scarce. LOC.


EKINS, Charles - [British naval historian (1768-1855); wounded in the WI in 1801 while a naval lieutenant, made an admiral in 1841. See: T White.]


ELBERT, Virginie Fowler – [Author (1916-?). LOC.]


ELBERT, Virginie Fowler, and George ELBERT - Down-Island Caribbean Cookery. (New York: Simon & Schuster) 364 pages hb, dj, 1991. Food. Nutrition. Caribbean area. A cookbook. LOC.


ELDER, Jacob D - From Congo Drum to Steelband: A Socio-Historical Account of the Emergence and Evolution of the Trinidad Steel Orchestra. (St Augustine: UWI) 47 pages 28 cm pamph, 1969. Descriptive. Performing arts. Music. Steelband. Trinidad. BL, Ch.T, Com, Her, LOC.


ELDER, Jacob D - Lopinot: A Historical Account. (Pleasantville: Printed by the Unique Services for National Cultural Council) 8 pages pamph, plate, [ca 1973]. Descriptive. CJ Compt de Lopinot. Trinidad. A biography. LOC.


ELDER, Jacob D - Song-Games of Trinidad and Tobago. (Delaware, Oh: Cooperative Recreation Service) 15 pages pamph, 1961 1st ed; (sl [Boston]: American Folklore Society) 119 pages pb, 1965; (Port-of-Spain: National Cultural Council Publications) 127 pages, b&w photos, musical scores, 1973 2nd rev ed. Folklore. Music. Songs. Games. Trinidad. Tobago. BL, Co.C, Com, LOC.


ELDER, Jacob D - The Yoruba Ancestor Cult in Gasparillo. (St Augustine: UWI) 19 pages pamph, 1969. Religion. Ancestor cults. Yoruba. Gasparillo. Trinidad. LOC


ELDER, Jacob D - [Trinidadian anthropologist (1913-?). LOC.]


ELDER, John D - African Survivals in Trinidad and Tobago. (London) 110 pages, 1988. Folklore. African survivals. Trinidad. Tobago.


ELDER, John D - Folk song and Folk Life in Charlotteville: Aspects of Village Life as Dynamics of Acculturation in a Tobago Folk Song Tradition. (Port-of-Spain: National Cultural Council of Trinidad and Tobago) 62 pages pamph, ills, 1972. Folklore. Music. Charlotteville. Tobago. A paper presented at the 21st Conference of the International Music Council, Kingston, Jamaica, August 27-September 3, 1971. Com.


ELDER, John D - Folksongs of Tobago. (Chicago: Karnah House) 1 vol, 1995. Folklore. Music. Tobago. LOC.


ELDER, John D - National Cultural Council Art and Culture. (Port-of-Spain) 1972. Sociology. National Cultural Council of Art and Culture. Trinidad. Her.


ELDER, John D, ed - Ma Rose Point: An Anthology of Rare and Strange Legends and Myths from Trinidad & Tobago. (Port-of-Spain: National Cultural Council) 79 pages A4 pamph, 1972. Folklore. Legends. Myths. Trinidad. Tobago. Ch.T, Com, Gos, LOC.


ELDER, John D - [Tobago-born storywriter and folklorist (ca 1932-). Her.]


ELDER, Thomas C, and Ann R ELDER - A Thesis on Cayman. (Hamilton, IN: The Authors) 67 pages, 8 col photos, biblio, 1975. History. Cayman Islands. Bo.C, Com, LOC.


ELDON, John Scott, Earl of – Slavery in the West Indies: The substance of the speech of the Lord Chancellor, delivered in the House of Lords, March 7, 1826, on Lord Bathurst's motion for adopting the resolutions of the House of Commons of the 15th May, 1823. (London: Printed for Whitmore & Fenn, and Smith Elder & Co) pamph, 1826. Colonial administration. Slavery. Lord Bathurst. Caribbean area. By a British barrister and politician (1751-1838); served as Lord Chancellor, 1801-1806, and again from 1807-1827. Exceptionally scarce. GL.


The Elected Members of the Combined Court of British Guiana in Reply to the Report of the British Guiana Commission together with Comments by the British Guiana Commission . . . [See: “Memorandum Prepared by the Elected Members . . .”]


Electoral District Boundaries Commission to the Legislative Council . . . [See: “Report of the Electoral District . . .”]


Electric Power. (Wildey: CDB) 13 pages pamph, 1981. Energy resources. Electricity. Caribbean area. A technical assistance report. W&D.


Electrical Supplies and Equipment, Importers and Dealers, Haiti. (Washington, DC: US Bureau of Foreign & Domestic Commerce, Gov’t Printer) 3 pages pamph, 1943. Trade. Electrical supplies. Haiti. An official government report. Lag.


Electrical Industries of Porto Rico. (Washington, DC: Bureau of the Census) 29 pages 32x25 cm pamph, 1909. Economics. Electrical industries. Puerto Rico. A census report. LOC.


The Electronics Industry in Puerto Rico. (New York and San Juan: Economic Development Administration, Dep’t of Industrial Development) 33 pages pamph, 1 map, 1980. Economics. Electronics. Puerto Rico. Intended for the businessman thinking of relocating. Cev.


An Elegy Occasioned by the Rejection of Mr Wilberforce's Motion for the Abolition of the African Slave Trade. (London: Hughes & Walsh) 10 pages 4to pamph, 1791. Colonial administration. Slavery. Slave trade. William Wilberforce. Caribbean area. An abolitionist tract. Favours abolition of the trade. Exceptionally scarce. Rag, Sab 22111.


Elementary Data Collection Approaches for Measuring the Use of New and Renewable Sources of Energy in the Eastern Caribbean. (Washington, DC: OAS) 1987. Environment. Energy resources. Caribbean area. A technical assistance report.


Elementary Education in Jamaica. (Kingston: Gov't Printer) 1905. Education. Elementary schools. Jamaica. An official government report.




ELGERSMAN, Maureen G – Unyielding Spirits: Black Women and Slavery in Early Canada and Jamaica. (New York: Garland Publishers, Crosscurrents in African American History, Vol 6) xvi,188 pages, biblio, index, 1999. History. Sociology. Gender studies. Black women. Slavery. Canada. Jamaica. LOC.


ELGIN, [?] Earl of – [See: "Eight Practical Treatises . . ."]


ELGIN, James Bruce, 8th Earl of - [British colonial administrator and diplomat (1811-1863); governor of Jamaica in 1842, governor-general of Canada, viceroy of India. See: T Walrond. DNB.]


ELIAS, Marie Louise – Barbados. (New York: Marshall Cavendish) 128 pages, col ills, col maps, [ca 2000]. Descriptive. Barbados. A children’s book. LOC.


ELIAS, Taslim Olawale - British Colonial Law: A Comparative Study of the Interactions between English and Local Laws in the British Dependencies. (London: Stevens & Sons) xxvi,323 pages 8vo hb, 1962. Law. British colonial law. Caribbean area. Passim WI. Bay, BL, Pat.


ELIAS, Taslim Olawale - Federation vs Confederation and the Nigerian Federation. (Port-of-Spain: Office of the Premier) 50 pages 25 cm pamph, 1960. Politics. BWI Federation. Integration. Nigeria. Caribbean area. An official government publication. Bay, BL, Co.C, Com, LOC.


ELIAS, Taslim Olawale - [Nigerian jurist.]


ELIBANK, Charles Gideon Murray, 2nd Viscount - Scheme for the Federation of Certain of the West Indian Colonies. (London) 64 pages pamph, [1911]. Colonial administration. Law. Constitutional. Integration. Federation proposals. Caribbean area. RES.


ELIBANK, Charles Gideon Murray, 2nd Viscount - A United West Indies. (London: West Strand Publishing Co) 127 pages 8vo, 1 map, 1912. Colonial administration. Law. Constitutional. Integration. Federation proposals. Caribbean area. BL, RES.


ELIBANK, Charles Gideon Murray, 2nd Viscount - [British colonial administrator (1877-1951); administrator of St Vincent, 1909-1914. RES.]


ELIBANK, Ermine Mary Katherine Murray, Viscountess - Guide Book to St Vincent. (Kingstown) 28 pages pamph, 1 map, 1910; (ibidem) 1932 7th ed. Travel. Descriptive. St Vincent. A guidebook for settlers. Early issues scarce. By the wife of the Administrator (?-1955). RES.


ELIM, Raja S – [See: “Caribbean Seminar on . . . ]


ELIOT, Charles – [British colonial administrator (1801-1875). Com.]


ELIOT, Edward - Christian Responsibilities Arising out of the Recent Change in our West Indian Colonies, in Five Discourses. (London) 12mo, 1836. Church. Religion. Anglicans. Slavery. Barbados. Very scarce. BL, Han.


ELIOT, Edward - Christianity and Slavery; in a Course of Lectures Preached at the Cathedral and Parish Church of St Michael, Barbados. (London) 232 pages 12mo, 1833. Church. Religion. Anglicans. Slavery. Barbados. Useful on the institutional aspect of slavery. Very scarce. BL, Cu.W, Han, Rag.


ELIOT, Edward - [British Anglican clergyman; archdeacon of Barbados.]


ELIOT, Edward Carlyon – Broken Atoms. (London: Geoffrey Bles) 254 pages 8vo, 1938. Descriptive. Colonial administration. Guyana. Tobago. Dominica. An autobiography. By a British colonial administrator (1879-1940); civil servant in Guyana and Tobago, and administrator of Dominica, 1923-1931. BL, My.D, My.R.


ELIOT, Joshua - Caribbean Islands Handbook. (Lincolnwood, IL: NTC Publishing Group, Passport Books) 816 pages pb, 1994. Travel. Descriptive. Caribbean area. A guidebook for tourists. By a US travel writer. Bow.


ELKINS, WF - Black Power in the Caribbean: The Beginnings of the Modern National Movement. (Brooklyn, NY: Revisionist P) 93 pages hb, 1977. Politics. Black power. Marcus Garvey. Caribbean area. Bow, Gos, LOC.


ELKINS, WF - Street Preachers, Faith Healers and Herb Doctors in Jamaica, 1890-1925. (New York: Revisionist P, Caribbean Studies Series) 99 pages hb, 1976; (ibidem) 1977. Religion. Faith healers. Ethnobotany. Herbs. Jamaica. Bow, Car, Ing, LOC.


ELLAM, Patrick - The Sportsman's Guide to the Caribbean. (New York: AS Barnes & Co) 130 pages 8vo hb, col plates, dj, [1957]. Descriptive. Sport. Yachting. Fishing. Hunting. Caribbean area. BL, Co.C, Com, LOC.


ELLETSON, Roger Hope - Monday, December 21, 1767. The Speech of His Honour Roger Hope Elletson, Esq, Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief in and over this His Majesty's Island of Jamaica . . . (sl, [St Jago de la Vega]) pamph, [1767]. Colonial administration. Taxation. Jamaica. A speech. Concerns the refusal of the Council to pass an additional duty bill. Rare. Rag.


ELLETSON, Roger Hope - The Speech of His Honour Roger Hope Elletson, Esq, Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Island of Jamaica . . . (sl, [St Jago de la Vega]) pamph, [1766]. Colonial administration. Jamaica. A speech. Rare. Rag.


ELLETSON, Roger Hope - [Jamaican planter and British colonial administrator (?-1775); resident of Westmoreland; governor of Jamaica, 1766-67. See: "To His Honour Roger Hope Elletson . . ." 200 acres of his Hope Estate were purchased in 1881 to set up the famous botanical garden.]


ELLFFRYTH, Daniel – [English travel writer (fl 1631). See: S Pargellis and RL Butler.]


ELLIOT, David Giraud - Check List of Mammals of the North American Continent, the West Indies and the Neighbouring Seas. (Chicago) iv,761 pages, frontis, 1905. Wildlife. Mammals. North America. Caribbean area. Cu.W.


ELLIOT, David Giraud - Land and Sea Mammals of Middle America and the West Indies. (Chicago) 1904. Wildlife. Zoology. Mammals. Central America. Caribbean area. Cu.W


ELLIOT, David Giraud - [US zoologist (1835-1915). LOC.]


ELLIOT, Jeffrey M – [See: Fidel CASTRO RUZ]


ELLIOTT, Albert Randle - European Colonies in the Western Hemisphere. (New York: Foreign Policy Association) 11 pages pamph, 1 map, 1940. Descriptive. Sociology. Economic. European colonies. Western Hemisphere. Caribbean area. Includes the WI. A WW II study. Author (1914-?). LOC.


ELLIOTT, Charles Wyllis – St Domingo, its Revolution and its Hero, Toussaint Louverture. An Historical Discourse Condensed for the New York Library Association. (New York: JA Dix) 83 pages 19 cm, 1855. Descriptive. Haitian Revolution. Toussaint L’Ouverture. Haiti. A biography. By a US historian (1817-1883). LOC.


ELLIOTT, David Giraud – [An occasional mis-spelling for ELLIOT]


ELLIOTT, John Huxtable - The Old World and the New, 1492-1650. (Cambridge: Cambridge UP) x,118 pages, frontis, 1970; (ibidem) xiii,120 pages 22 cm pb, ills, biblio, index, 1992. Discovery. Exploration. New World. Caribbean area. Includes the WI. BL, LOC.


ELLIOTT, Lilian Elwyn - Central America: New Paths in Ancient Lands . . . (London: Methuen & Co) xii,280 pages 8vo, 31 ills, 1 map, 1924. Descriptive. Central America. Caribbean area. Includes the WI. By a British historian (1930-). BL.


ELLIS, [?], and [?] PERCH - Cursory Observations on the Last Debates of the Assembly. (Bridgetown) 1784. Colonial administration. Barbados. House of Assembly proceedings. Ellis and Perch were a printing firm in the 1780s. Exceptionally rare, no copy known. Ha.S.


ELLIS, Alfred Burdon - The History of the First West India Regiment. (London: Chapman & Hall) xii,366 pages 8vo hb, col frontis, 14 maps, 1885. History. Military. 1st West India Regiment. Caribbean area. A detailed history of the Regiment through the Ashanti expedition of 1881. See also AR Loscombe. By a British soldier and writer (1852-1894); lieutenant in the 1st West Indian Regiment. Scarce. Bar, BL, Cu.J, DNB, LOC, Rag, RES.


ELLIS, Charles – [Jamaican absentee planter and British MP of the 1740s. See: CR Ellis.]


ELLIS, Charles Rose - Speech of . . . in the Debate in the House of Commons on the papers in explanation of the measures adopted by His Majesty's Government for the amelioration of the condition of the slave population in His Majesty's Dominions in the West Indies on March 16, 1824. (London) 18 pages pamph, 1824. Colonial administration. Slavery. Amelioration. Caribbean area. A pro-slavery tract. A speech. Vigorously opposes compulsory manumission; centres on the Trinidad Order in Council. Very scarce. Rag.


ELLIS, Charles Rose - Substance of the Speech of Charles Ellis, Esq, in the debate in the House of Commons upon a Motion on 19th May, 1826, upon Mr Brougham’s Motion “For Taking into Consideration of Measures Touching Slaves. (London) 18 pages 8vo pamph, 1826. Colonial administration. Slavery. Henry Peter Brougham. Caribbean area. A speech. Very scarce. BL, Sab 22290.


ELLIS, Charles Rose - [Jamaican absentee planter and British MP (1771-1845); head of the WI Interest in London; son of Sir Charles Ellis. See: S Turner. DNB.]


ELLIS, Clarence Frederick - The Urgency for very Small States to Articulate Specific Strategies for Globalisation. (St Augustine: Caribbean Centre for Monetary Studies) 23 pages pamph, 1997. Economics. Finance. Globalisation. Caribbean area. The 13th Adlith Brown Memorial Lecture. LOC.


ELLIS, Guy - St Lucia: Helen of the West Indies. (Basingstoke: Macmillan Caribbean Guide) v,72 pages 22 cm pb, many col photos, 1986; (ibidem) 73 pages, maps, col photos, 1988 2nd ed; (ibidem) 80 pages, 1992; (ibidem) vi,84 pages 22 cm pb, col ills, col plates, maps, 1994 3rd ed. Travel. Descriptive. St Lucia. A guidebook for tourists. Bow, Mom, Whi.


ELLIS, Guy, ed St Lucia Handbook, 1997 . . . [See: “St Lucia Handbook . . .”]


ELLIS, Guy, and Lis BHAJAN - Sir Arthur Lewis. (Port-of-Spain: Inprint Caribbean) 32 pages comic book, [nd]. Descriptive. Economics. Arthur Lewis. St Lucia. A biography. A children's work.


ELLIS, Guy, and Christian ZUBER - Saint Lucia: Helen of the West Indies. ([place?]: Editions Delroisse) 132 pages hb, many col photos, dj, [ca 1980]. Descriptive. St Lucia. A pictorial book.


ELLIS, Guy - [Editor of the St Lucia newspaper, 'The Voice,' the oldest newspaper in the Eastern Caribbean.]


ELLIS, John - A Description of the Mangostan and the Bread-fruit: The First, Esteemed one of the Most Delicious; the other, the Most Useful of all the Fruits of the East Indies. To which Are Added Directions to Voyagers for Bringing over These and Other Vegetable Productions, which Would be Extremely Beneficial to the Inhabitants of our West India Islands. (London: Edward & Charles Dilly) iv,47 pages 4to pamph, 4 plates, 1775. Agriculture. Botany. Vegetables. Mangostan. Breadfruit. Caribbean area. It was decided to bring breadfruit to the WI after he published this booklet. Exceptionally scarce. BL, My.R, Rag.


ELLIS, John - Directions for Bringing over Seeds and Plants from the East Indies and other Distant Countries, in a State of Vegetation; together with a Catalog of . . . Foreign Plants . . . as Are Worthy of Being Encouraged in our American Colonies. (London) 41 pages 4to pamph, plates, 1770. Agriculture. Botany. Caribbean area. This became the guide for experimental botanists in the WI. Exceptionally scarce. BL, Rag, Sab 22319.


ELLIS, John - An Historical Account of Coffee. With an Engraving and Botanical Description of the Tree. To which are added sundry papers relative to its culture and use as an article of diet and of commerce. (London: Edward and Charles Dilly) iv,71 pages 4to, plate, 1774. Agriculture. Coffee. Botany. Caribbean area. Written to encourage its cultivation in the WI, especially in Dominica. Exceptionally scarce. BL, My.R, Rag, Sab 22317.


ELLIS, John - Some Additional Observations on the Method of Preserving Seeds from Foreign Parts, for the Benefit of our American Colonies, with an Account of the Garden at St Vincent under the Care of Dr George Young. (London: Bowyer) 15 pages 4to pamph, 1773. Agriculture. Botany. George Young. Caribbean area. A continuation of his "Directions . . ." Exceptionally scarce. LOC, Rag, Sab 22319.


ELLIS, John - [Irish-born naturalist (ca 1705-1776); merchant in London; fellow of the Royal Societies of London and Upsala; King’s agent for West Florida and Dominica, 1771-1784, first encouraged the introduction of fruit trees from Asia to the WI. DNB.]


ELLIS, John, and Daniel Carlson SOLANDER – The Natural History of Many Curious and Uncommon Zoophytes, Collected from various Parts of the Globe by the Late John Ellis, Esq, FRS, Soc Reg, Upsala Soc, Author of the Natural History of English Corallines, and other Works. Systematically Arranged and Described by the Late Daniel Solander, MD, FRS, etc, with 62 Plates Engraven by Principal Artists. (London: Benjamin White & Son) xii,208 pages, 63 plates, 1786. Wildlife. Marine resources. Sponges. Corals. Sea fans. Sea feathers. Caribbean area. Many of the specimens had been sent by John Gregg of Dominica to the Earl of Hillsboro. Includes the WI. Very scarce. BL, My.R.


ELLIS, John Bourne - The Diocese of Jamaica. A Short Account of its Growth and Organization. (London: SPCK) 238 pages 8vo, ills, 1 map, 1913. Church. Religion. Anglicans. Jamaica. An enlargement of his "A Short Sketch . . ." Scarce. Bay, BL, Co.C, Com, Rag, RES.


ELLIS, John Bourne - A Short Sketch of the History of the Church of England in Jamaica. (Kingston: Aston W Gardener & Co) viii,136 pages 8vo, 1891. Church. Religion. Anglicans. Jamaica. Very scarce. BL, Cu.J, Rag.


ELLIS, Keith - Cuba's Nicolas Guillen: Poetry and Ideology. (Buffalo, NY: U of Toronto P) x,251 pages, 1 plate, biblio, index, 1983. Literary criticism. Nicolas Guillen. Cuba. By a Jamaica-born academic (1935-); professor of literature in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the U of Toronto. BL, Gos, LOC.


ELLIS, N Lechmere - Jamaica: In connection with the proposed inter-oceanic ship canal. A Lecture delivered in Kingston, Jamaica. (Kingston) 24 pages pamph, 1897. Public transportation. Panama Canal. Jamaica. Exceptionally scarce. RES.


ELLIS, Pat, ed - Women of the Caribbean. (London: Zed Books. Kingston: Kingston Publishers) 165 pages hb, biblio, index, 1986; (ibidem) 165 pages pb, biblio, index, 1986. Sociology. Gender studies. Caribbean area. A collection of articles from the English-speaking region. Author (1938-). BL, Bob, Gos.


ELLIS, Royston – Trinidad. (Milwaukee: Gareth Steven Publications) 32 pages 27 cm hb, col ills, col maps, biblio, index, 1999. Descriptive. Sociology. Trinidad. Describes how the culture of Trinidad is reflected in its many festivals, including Carnival, Phagwa, Hosay, and Parang. A children’s book. Author (1941-). LOC.


[ELLMS, Charles, comp] - The Pirates Own Book, or Authentic Narratives of the Lives, Exploits, and Executions of the Most Celebrated Sea Robbers. With Historical Sketches of the Joassamee, Spanish, Ladrone, West India, Malay, and Algerine Pirates. (Portland: Sanborn & Carter) 12mo, 1837; (New York: A&CB Edwards. Philadelphia: Thomas Cowperthwaite & Co) xii,432 pages 19 cm, ills, plates, 1842; (Portland: Francis Blake) xii,432 pages 20 cm, woodcuts, 1855; (ibidem) xii,432 pages 20 cm, ills, plates, 1859; (Salem: Marine Research Society, Publication No 4) xiv,469 pages 21 cm, frontis, plates, 1924; (Glorietta, NM: Rio Grande P, A Rio Grande Classic) xiv,477 pages 23 cm, ills, 1 map, index, [ca 1993]; (New York: Dover Publications) xiv,469 pages 22 cm pb, ills, 1993; (Avenel, NJ: Gramercy Books) viii,291 pages 24 cm, index, 1996. Piracy. Buccaneering. Joassamee. Ladrone. Malaya. Algeria. Caribbean area. Includes the WI. 1st edition very scarce; other early editions scarce. BL, LOC.


ELLMS, Charles, comp - The Pirates: Authentic Narratives of the Lives . . . [The title of the 1996 Gramercy edition.]


ELLSWORTH, Mary – Health Care Practices among the Rural Poor in Barbados: Modern or Traditional? (sl [Bridgetown]: The Author) 65 pages pamph, 1981. Health. Rural poor. Barbados. An investigation of health care practices among the rural poor. New.


Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

11th Edition: Don Mitchell QBE QC


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