Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

11th Edition: Don Mitchell QBE QC


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BROADFIELD, Robin – The Economic Development of Small Islands: A Review of Problems and Policy Options. (Washington, DC: Institute of International Law & Economic Development) 57,5 pages 28 cm pamph, biblio, 1978. Economics. Development planning. Small islands. Caribbean area. Includes the WI. New.


BROBERG, Merle - Let's Visit Barbados. (New York: Chelsea House, Places & Peoples of the World) 96 pages hb, 42 col and b&w ills, 1989. Descriptive. Barbados. A children's book. Bow, LOC, Whi.


BROCHADO, Costa - The Discovery of the Atlantic. (Lisbon: Neogravura) 126 pages pb, ills, 1960. Discovery. Exploration. Atlantic. Caribbean area. The Portuguese achievement. Author (1904-?). LOC


BROCK, Colin - Caribbean Communities: Caribbean World. (London: Macmillan Caribbean) 116 pages pb, ills, biblio, 1978 1st ed; (ibidem) 1980. Descriptive. Social studies. Education. Caribbean area. A secondary school social studies textbook. Whi


BROCK, Colin - Saint Lucia. (London: Macmillan Educational, Caribbean Communities, A Social Studies Series for Secondary Schools) vi,74 pages 19x25 cm pb, ills, plans, maps, biblio, 1976. Descriptive. Social studies. Education. St Lucia. A secondary school social studies textbook. BL, Car, Whi


BROCK, Colin, ed - Caribbean in Europe: Aspects of the West Indian Experience in Britain, France and the Netherlands. (London: Frank Cass, Legacies of WI Slavery Series, No 4) 224 pages hb, tables, maps, 1986. Sociology. Race relations. Britain. France. Netherlands. Caribbean area. BL, Bow, LOC, Whi


BROCK, Colin, and Donald R CARLSON, ed - Education in Central America and the Caribbean. (New York: Routledge) 322 pages, 1990. Education. Central America. Puerto Rico. Jamaica. Tortola. British Virgin Islands. Gos, LOC


BROCK, Esme – An Evacuee in Jamaica, 1940-45. (Petersfield: Titchfield Publishing) 96 pages 22 cm pb, 15 ills, 1990. Descriptive. Evacuees. Jamaica. An autobiography of a British WW II evacuee. BL


BROCK, HG, and Philip S SMITH, and WA TUCKER - The Danish West Indies, Their Resources and Commercial Importance. (Washington, DC: Dep't of Commerce, Special Agents Series, No 129) 68 pages pamph, 1917. Descriptive. St Croix. St Thomas. St John. Danish West Indies. United States Virgin Islands. Scarce. Bay, Co.C, Com, LOC


BROCK, Stan – All the Cowboys Were Indians. (Lenoir City, TN: Synergy South Inc) 1999. Descriptive. Rupununi Savanna. Guyana. LOC


BROCKLEHURST, GJ – Report to the Government of Trinidad and Tobago on Social Security Measures. (Geneva: ILO) 59 pages pamph, tables, 1959. Social welfare. Social security schemes. Trinidad. Tobago. A technical assistance report


BROCKLEHURST, GJ, and FE AMATO GAUCI – Report to the Government of Trinidad and Tobago on a Proposed Social Security Scheme. (Geneva: ILO) 153 pages pb, 1960. Social welfare. Social security schemes. Trinidad. Tobago. A technical assistance report


BRODBELT, Jane Gardner – [Jamaican resident in the UK (fl 1788-1796). See: G Mozley.]


BRODBER, Erna - Abandonment of Children in Jamaica. (Mona: UWI, ISER, Law & Society in the Caribbean, No 3) 104 pages 24 cm pb, 27 tables, 4 graphs, 3 charts, 2 maps, biblio, 1974. Sociology. Young persons. Children. Abandonment. Jamaica. BL, Bob, Com, Dan, Ing, LOC, New.


BRODBER, Erna - Afro-Jamaican Women and Their Men in the Late Nineteenth Century and First Half of the Twentieth Century. (Cave Hill: UWI, ISER) 39 pages, 1982. Sociology. Gender studies. Women. Men. Jamaica. Bob.


BRODBER, Erna - Perceptions of Caribbean Women: Towards a Documentation of Stereotypes. (Cave Hill: UWI, ISER, Women in the Caribbean Project, No 4) xiii,62 pages, biblio, 1982. Sociology. Gender studies. Women. Stereotypes. Caribbean area. A documentation of stereotypes of WI women as gleaned from two sources, the church and the press. BL, Bob, Dan, Gos, LOC, New, Pot.


BRODBER, Erna - Rural Urban Migration and the Jamaican Child. (Santiago: UNESCO) 40 pages pamph, 1 map, 1986. Sociology. Urban migration. Young persons. Children. Jamaica. LOC.


BRODBER, Erna – Woodside, Pear Tree Grove PO. (Kingston: UWI Press) 195 pages pb, 2004. History. Descriptive. Woodside. Jamaica.


BRODBER, Erna - Yards in the City of Kingston. (Mona: UWI, ISER, Working Paper No 9) 87 pages 28 cm, 1 map, biblio, 1975; (ibidem) 94 pages pb, 1 ill, 1 map, 1981 rep. Sociology. Yards. Kingston. Jamaica. BL, Bob, Car, Com, Dan, Ing, LOC, W&D.


BRODBER, Erna - [Jamaica-born Rastafarian, sociologist, novelist and lecturer (1940-). Dan.]


BRODBER, Erna, comp – Social Psychology in the Caribbean: A Bibliography and some Comments on Lacunae and Areas of Saturation. (Mona: UWI, ISER, Working Paper No 35) 33 pages pamph, 1972; (ibidem) 32 pages pamph, [ca 1988] rep. Health. Social psychology. Caribbean area. A bibliography. BL, Com.


BRODBER, Erna, and J Edward GREENE – Reggae and Cultural Identity in Jamaica. (St Augustine: UWI, Dep’t of Sociology) 30 pages pamph, 8 plates, 1981. Sociology. Music. Reggae. Jamaica. LOC.


BRODWIN, Paul - Medicine and Morality in Haiti: The Contest for Healing Power. (Cambridge and New York: Cambridge UP, Studies in Medical Anthropology, No 3) xvi,240 pages hb, ills, 1 map, 1996; (ibidem) 240 pages pb, ills, 1 map, 1996. Health. Ethnology. Anthropology. Voodoo. Haiti. By a US anthropologist; professor at the U of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Bow, LOC.


BRODY, Eugene B - Sex, Contraception and Motherhood in Jamaica. (Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP, A Commonwealth Fund Book) 278 pages hb, ills, index, biblio, 1981. Demography. Fertility. Family planning. Sex. Contraception. Jamaica. Bob, Bow, Gos, Ing, LOC, New, W&D.


BRODY, Robert W, and David I GRIGG, and David M RAUP, and Robert P VAN EEPOEL – A Study of the Effects of Pollutants on the Waters and Sediments of Cruz Bay. (Charlotte Amalie: College of the VI, Caribbean Research Institute) 23 pages pamph, 1969. Ecology. Conservation. Pollution. Cruz Bay. St John. United States Virgin Islands. Com.


BROEK, Aart – [High school teacher at Willemstad. See: BF Berrigan.]


The Broiler Industry in Trinidad and Tobago. (Port-of-Spain: Central Statistical Office) 38 pages pamph, 1974. Agriculture. Poultry. Broilers. Economics. Trinidad. Tobago. W&D.


BROKAW, Nicholas VL, and Trevor L LLOYD-EVANS – The Bladen Branch Wilderness. (Manomet, MA: Manomet Bird Observatory) 44 pages pamph, maps, biblio, 1987. Wildlife. Ornithology. Bladen Branch Wilderness. Belize. Describes the climate, vegetation and geology, and the birds and wildlife which flourish in the area. Wri.


BROMLEY, [?] A Woman’s Wanderings in the Western World: A Series of Letters Addressed to Sir Fitzroy Kelly, MP, by his Daughter. (London) 299 pages hb, 1 plate, 1861. Travel. Descriptive. North America. South America. Mexico. Caribbean area. A travelogue. Illustrated with a litho view of the entrance to Havana. Scarce.


BROMELY, D, and P CROSSON - Land and Water Resources in Dominican Agriculture. (sl) 97 pages, 1978. Land use. Public water supply. Dominican Republic. A technical assistance report. Car.


BRONKHURST, HVP - Among the Hindus and Creoles of British Guiana. (London: T Woolmer) xi,307 pages 8vo, 1888. Colonial administration. Descriptive. East Indians. Guyana. Scarce. BL, Bra, Cu.W, McD.


BRONKHURST, HVP - The Ancestry or Origin of Our East Indian Immigrants, Being an Ethnological and Philological Paper. (Georgetown: Argosy) 80 pages 8vo, 1886. Immigration. East Indians. Guyana. Exceptionally scarce. BL.


BRONKHURST, HVP - The Colony of British Guiana and its Labouring Population; Containing a Short Account of the Colony, and Brief Description of the Black Creole, Portuguese, East Indian and Chinese Coolies . . . collected . . . from sundry articles published . . . at different times, and arranged by Rev HVP Bronkhurst. (London: T Woolmer) xii,479 pages hb, frontis, 1883 1st ed; (ibidem) xii,479 pages, 1888. Colonial administration. Descriptive. Portuguese. East Indians. Chinese. Guyana. Both issues scarce. BL, Cu.W, Gos, LOC.


BRONKHURST, HVP - A Descriptive and Historical Geography of British Guyana and the West India Islands. (London) 1886 1st ed; (Georgetown: Argosy P) viii,140 pages 8vo, 1890. History. Geography. Guyana. Caribbean area. Both issues very scarce. BL, Cu.W.


BRONKHURST, HVP - Historical Geography of British Guiana. (Georgetown) 1890. History. Geography. Guyana. Exceptionally scarce.


BRONKHURST, HVP – The Origin of the Guianian Indians Ascertained: Or, the Aborigines of America, Especially of the Guianas, and the East Indian Coolie Compared . . . (Georgetown: Printed at “The Colonist”) 67 pages pamph, 1881. Anthropology. Amerindians. East Indians. Guyana. Exceptionally scarce. BL, Cu.W.


BRONKHURST, HVP - [Euro-Asian Methodist minister in BG.]


BROOKE, Edward William – Review of Factors Affecting US Diplomatic and Assistance Relations with Haiti. (Washington, DC: US Congress, Senate Committee on Appropriations, Gov't Printer) 133 pages, 1977. Economics. International relations. United States. Haiti. A technical assistance report. A report to the Senate's Committee on Appropriations. By a US Senator (1919-?); Republican senator for Massachusetts. Car, Lag.


BROOKE, John R – Civil Report of Major General John R Brooke, Military Governor, Island of Cuba. (Washington, DC) 1900. Colonial administration. Cuba. A Congressional report. By a US general and colonial administrator; 1st military governor of PR, October 18-December 9, 1898; military governor of Cuba. See: GW Davis. Scarce. Tra.


BROOKE, W Michael, ed Blacks in Bermuda: Historical Perspectives: A Lecture Series of the Bermuda College Extension Programme, February-May, 1980. (sl [Hamilton]: Bermuda College) 82 pages 28 cm pamph, ills, plates, [ca 1980]. Sociology. Descriptive. Race relations. Bermuda. BL.




BROOKS, AA - History of Bedwardism, or the Native Baptist Free Church. (Kingston) 1917. History. Church. Religion. Bedwardism. Native Baptist Free Church. Jamaica. Very scarce.


BROOKS, Archibald Joseph - The Agricultural and Economic Resources of St Lucia. (St Augustine: IDA, Pamphlet Series, No 81) 42 pages pamph, 1916. Agriculture. Economics. St Lucia. Very scarce. Mom, RES.


BROOKS, Archibald Joseph - The Cultivation of Citrus Fruit in the West Indies. (London) 1909. Agriculture. Tropical fruit. Citrus. Caribbean area. Scarce.


BROOKS, Archibald Joseph - The West Indian Lime. (London) 17 pages pamph, 1908. Agriculture. Tropical fruit. Citrus. Caribbean area. Scarce.


BROOKS, Archibald Joseph - [British colonial agronomist (1881-?); director of agriculture in the Gambia. RES.]


BROOKS, DS - Birth and Childhood of Alexander Hamilton. (Charlestown: Gov't House) pamph, 1954. Descriptive. American Revolution. Alexander Hamilton. Nevis. A biography. Scarce.


BROOKS, Dennis – Race and Labour in London Transport. (New York: Oxford UP) xxii,384 pages, 1975. Sociology. Race relations. Migration. Britain. Caribbean area. Based on a sample of 195 immigrants, 91% of whom were from the WI. Bra, LOC, Pot.


BROOKS, Edward P - Free Trade with Cuba. (Washington, DC) 20 pages pamph, 1869. Trade. Taxation. International relations. United States. Cuba. An official government report. Very scarce. Cu.W, LOC.


BROOKS, Graham, ed - Trial of Captain Kidd. (London: William Hodge & Co Ltd, Notable English Trials) x,223 pages, frontis, plates, 1 folding map, 1930. Piracy. Buccaneering. William Kidd. Caribbean area. A case report. BL, LOC.


BROOKS, J – Bermuda Fishing. (Harrisburg: The Stackpole Co) 166 pages hb, many ills, dj, 1957. Sport. Fishing. Bermuda. A well illustrated guide for fishermen


BROOKS, John - The South American Handbook . . . [See: “South American Handbook . . . “]


BROOKS, Patricia, and Lester BROOKS – How to Buy Property Abroad for Vacation, Retirement, Income and Profit. (New York: Doubleday & Co Inc) 563 pages, 1974. Travel. Descriptive. Economics. Property acquisition. Caribbean area. Includes the WI. A guidebook for investors. My.R.


[BROOKS, Ralph St John] - Report on the Sanitary Conditions, Organisation, and Regulations of Antigua. (London) 16 pages pamph, 1913. Colonial administration. Health. Sanitation. Antigua. RES.


BROOKS, Reginald Laing - Forest Types of Trinidad and their principal Species. (Port-of-Spain: Gov't Printer) 1934. Forestry. Trinidad. An official government publication. Scarce.


BROOKS, Reginald Laing - Forestry and the Petroleum Industry of Trinidad. (Oxford) 5 pages 4to pamph, 1937. Forestry. Petroleum. Trinidad. BL.


BROOKS, Reginald Laing - More Important Timber Trees of Trinidad and Tobago. (Port-of-Spain: Gov't Printer) 1936. Forestry. Timbers. Trinidad. Tobago. An official government publication. Scarce.


BROOKS, Reginald Laing - Trees of the West Indies: Their Cultivation and Care. (London: Nelson) 70 pages pb, 18 ills, 1947. Forestry. Silviculture. Caribbean area. BL, Co.C, Com, LOC


BROOKS, Reginald Laing – [British colonial agriculturalist; attached to the colonial forest service; permanent secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources in the Gold Coast; awarded CBE in 1953.]


BROOKS, VW – [See: C Columbus, "Journal of his First Voyage . . ."]


BROOKS, William Keith - On the Lucayan Indians. (Washington, DC) 18 pages pamph, 1887 1st ed; (ibidem) 1899. Archaeology. Anthropology. Island Caribs. Lucayans. Bahamas. By a US biologist (1848-1908); professor at Johns Hopkins U. Both issues scarce. Bay, Cu.W, LOC.


BROOME, Donald Charles - The History and Technology of Trinidad Asphalt. ([place?]: Privately published) 1972. Geology. Asphalt. Pitch lakes. La Brea. Trinidad.


BROOME, Mary Anne - Colonial Memories. By Lady Broome. (London: Smith, Elder & Co) xxii,301 pages 8vo, 1904. Descriptive. Colonial administration. Jamaica. An autobiography. By a Jamaica-born New Zealand author (1831-1911). BL, Cu.W.


BROOMES, Desmond - Sense and Shape of Educational Statistics. (Cave Hill: UWI, Institute of Education) 32 pages pamph, 1966. Education. Statistics. Caribbean area. Com, W&D.


BROOMES, Desmond - A Study of the Mathematics Performances of Students at Teachers’ Colleges in Antigua, Barbados, Grenada, St Lucia and St Vincent during 1966. (Cave Hill: UWI, Institute of Education) 31 pages pamph, 1967. Education. Mathematics. Teacher training. Antigua. Barbados. Grenada. St Lucia. St Vincent. Com.


BROOMS, Horace - Skeletons in the System: The Framework of Democracy in Trinidad and Tobago. (Port-of-Spain) 80 pages, 1992. Politics. Democracy. Trinidad. Tobago.




BROSNAHAN, Tom – La Ruta Maya: Yucatan, Guatemala and Belize, A Travel Survival Kit. (Oakland, CA: Lonely Planet) 530 pages, maps, 1991. Travel. Descriptive. Ruta Maya. Belize. A guidebook for tourists. Focuses on the Maya route through Yucatan, Guatemala, Belize and Northern Honduras. Wri.


BROTHERS, Don - West Indies. (New York: Chelsea House, Places & Peoples of the World Series) 128 pages hb, ills, 1989. Descriptive. Caribbean area. A children's book. Bow.


BROUGH, Anthony - The Importance of the British Colonies in the West Indies; the Danger of a General and Immediate Emancipation of the Negroes; and a sketch of a plan for a safe and gradual emancipation . . . without any loan. (London: Whittaker, Treacher & Arnot) 28 pages 8vo pamph, 1833. Colonial administration. Slavery. Emancipation. Caribbean area. A pro-slavery tract. Opposes emancipation without compensation. Very scarce. BL, Rag.


BROUGHAM, Henry Peter - Appendix to the Concise Statement of the Question regarding the Abolition of the Slave Trade. (London) 28 pages 8vo pamph, 1804. Colonial administration. Slavery. Slave trade. Abolition. Caribbean area. An abolitionist tract. Urges immediate abolition. Exceptionally scarce. Rag, Sab 8404.


[BROUGHAM, Henry Peter] - A Concise Statement of the Question Regarding the Abolition of the Slave Trade. (London: M & S Brooke) 80 pages 8vo pamph, 1804 1st ed; (London: Printed for John Hatchard by M&S Brooke) 79 pages pamph, 1804 2nd ed; (London: Printed for J Hatchard, and TN Longman and O Rees, by M&S Brooke) 108 pages, biblio, 1804 3rd ed. Colonial administration. Slavery. Slave trade. Abolition. Caribbean area. An abolitionist work. 1st edition known in 8 locations, rare; other issues exceptionally scarce. BL, KL, LOC, Rag, Sab 15120, 81934, 90755.


BROUGHAM, Henry Peter – Corrected report of the speech of Mr Brougham in the House of Commons . . . May 13th, 1830, on colonial slavery. (Leeds: E Baines and son) pamph, [1830]. Colonial administration. Slavery. Caribbean area. Exceptionally scarce. An abolitionist work. GL.


BROUGHAM, Henry Peter - An Enquiry into the Colonial Policy . . . [See: “An Inquiry into the Colonial . . . “]


BROUGHAM, Henry Peter - Immediate Emancipation. The Speech of Lord Brougham in the House of Lords, on Tuesday, February 20th, 1838, on Slavery and the Slave Trade: Prepared from the most full and accurate reports, and corrected by his lordship. (London: Printed for the Central Emancipation Committee; J Haddon Printer) 24 pages 16 cm 12mo pamph, [1838]. Colonial administration. Slavery. Emancipation. Caribbean area. An abolitionist tract. A speech. Very scarce. BL, Cu.W, Sab 8408.


BROUGHAM, Henry Peter - An Inquiry into the Colonial Policy of the European Powers . . . (Edinburgh: Printed by D Willison for E Balfour, Hauners & Miller) 2 vols, 588+588 pages 8vo, 1803; (New York: AM Kelly) 2 vols, 1970 rep. Colonial administration. Europe. Caribbean area. Supports the British system in the WI. 1st edition very scarce. BL, Ha.S, LOC, Rag, Sab 8409.


BROUGHAM, Henry Peter - Lord Brougham's Speech in the House of Lords . . . January 29, 1838, upon the slave trade: with an abstract of the discussion which ensued. (Lindfield: Printed at the Schools of Industry) pamph, 1838. Colonial administration. Slavery. Slave trade. Caribbean area. Exceptionally scarce. GL.


BROUGHAM, Henry Peter - Lord Brougham's Speech in the House of Lords on . . . the 20th of February 1838, for the Immediate Emancipation of the Negro Apprentices. (London: J Ridgeway & Sons) 50 pages pamph, 1838 2nd ed. Colonial administration. Slavery. Caribbean area. A speech. The 2nd edition of his "Immediate Emancipation." Exceptionally scarce. BL, GL.


BROUGHAM, Henry Peter - Opinions of Henry Brougham, Esq, upon Negro Slavery: With remarks. (London: Printed for Whitmore & Fenn) 47 pages 8vo pamph, 1826 1st ed; (London: HJ M’Clary) 23 pages 8vo pamph, 1830. Colonial administration. Slavery. Caribbean area. An abolitionist tract. Extracted from “An Inquiry into the Colonial Policy . . .” Very scarce. BL, Cu.W 2539, 2596, GL, Rag, RES, Sab 8412.


BROUGHAM, Henry Peter - [British jurist and statesman (1778-1868); also styled Lord Brougham or Baron Brougham and Vaux; Lord Chancellor of England; supporter of the anti-slavery movement. See: R Bernal; and "Debate upon Colonial Slavery . . .;"and J Denman;  and “Letter to the Lord Chancellor . . .;” and "Missionary Smith: Substance . . .;" and H Otway; and T Roberts; and "Speech Not Spoken . . .;" and "Substance of the Debate . . .;" and R Thorpe, and RJ Wilmot-Horton. DNB. Web page.]


[BROUGHTON, Arthur] - Hortus Castensis: or, A Catalogue of Exotic Plants Cultivated in the Botanic Gardens in the Mountains of Linguanea in the Island of Jamaica . . . (Kingston: Alexander Aikman) vi,32 pages 4to pamph, 1792; (St Jago de la Vega: Alexander Aikman) 35 pages 4to pamph, 1794. Horticulture. Botanic gardens. Jamaica. By a botanist and medical doctor (?-1796). 1st edition rare; 2nd edition exceptionally scarce. BL, Cu.J, DNB, Sab 8422.


BROWN, A, ed - Studies in Caribbean Public Enterprise. (Turkeyen: UG, Institute of Development Studies. Mona: UWI, ISER) 2 vols, 217+67 pages pb, 1983. Economics. Public enterprise. Caribbean area. Ban, LOC.


BROWN, Adam - Report of the Honorary Commissioner Representing Canada at the Jamaica Exhibition, held at Kingston, Jamaica, 1891. (Ottawa: Printed by B Chamberlain) 68 pages pamph, 1891. Colonial administration. Economics. Trade. Canada. Jamaica. Author (1886-1926) . Scarce. LOC, RES.


BROWN, Aggrey – [See: Winston Aggrey Brown]


BROWN, Alexander Campbell - Colony Commerce; or, Reflections on the Commercial System, as it Respects the West-India Islands, our Continental Colonies and the United States of America . . . (London: R Faulder & W&J Strafford) iv,83 pages 8vo pamph, [nd]. Colonial administration. Economics. Trade. Navigation Acts. United States. Caribbean area. The controversy over East/West India sugar, arising out of the scarcity due to the revolution in Haiti. LOC lists this under Mark Leavenworth. Author (1752-1812). Very scarce. BL, LOC, Sab 8439.


BROWN, Andrew Benjamin – [Of Guyana (1857-1939). See: Edith Brown. LOC.]


BROWN, Ann Duncan, comp - British Possessions in the Caribbean Area: A Select List of References. (Washington, DC: US Library of Congress) 192 pages, 1943. History. Colonial administration. British Empire. Caribbean area. A bibliography. A WW II study. Bay, Gri, LOC.


BROWN, Ann Duncan, comp - Puerto Rico: A Selected List of References. (Washington, DC) 44 pages 27 cm pamph, 1943. History. Colonial administration. Puerto Rico. A bibliography. LOC.


BROWN, Anthony, ed - The Laws of the Island of Antigua. (London) 8vo, 1806. Law. Statutes. Antigua. A collection of Acts and Ordinances. See also "Laws of the Island of Antigua . . ." Very scarce. Bay, Sab 8448.


BROWN, Arch - Three Divisions: . . . the two last, on the duty of slaves in reference to their present condition and their respective masters. Preached in St Andrew's Church, Georgetown, Demerara, in consequence of the insurrection which broke out in that colony, . . . [Georgetown] pamph, 1824. Church. Religion. Anglicans. Slavery. Guyana. Declares the Bible supports slavery. Exceptionally scarce. Rag.


BROWN, Beatrice Curtis, ed - Letters of Queen Anne. (New York: Funk & Wagnalls. London: Cassell) xv,451 pages, frontis, 1935 1st ed; (ibidem) xvi,452 pages, plate, tables, 1968. International relations. Queen Anne. Caribbean area. Passim WI. LOC.


BROWN, Beryl M - A Short History of Portland. (Kingston: Ministry of Education) 47 pages pamph, ills, photos, 3 maps, index, 1976. History. Portland. Jamaica. A children's book. Ing, LOC.




BROWN, Charles Barrington - Canoe and Camp Life in British Guiana. (London: Edward Stanford) xii,400 pages hb, 10 col plates, 1 folding map, 1876. Travel. Descriptive. Expeditions. Canoes. Camp life. Guyana. A travelogue; a description of an expedition through the interior with much on natural history and encounters with Amerindians. Illustrated with tinted lithographic plates. Scarce. BL, Cu.W, LOC, RES.


BROWN, Charles Barrington - To the Kaieteur and Back, by HS Brown, with Report on the Kaieteur Waterfall in British Guiana, by CB Brown. (London) 36 pages pamph, photos, 1872. Descriptive. Kaieteur Falls. Guyana. Contains also the diary of C Appun. Very scarce. Guiana. RES.


BROWN, Charles Barrington - [British geologist (1839-1917); appointed to the Geological Survey of the West Indies, 1864-1873, travelled frequently in South America; discoverer of the Kaieteur Falls in 1870.]


BROWN, Charles Barrington, and James G SAWKINS - Reports on the Physical, Descriptive and Economic Policy of British Guiana. (London: HMSO, Sold by Longmans, Green, Memoirs of the Geological Survey of the United Kingdom) iv,297 pages 25 cm, diagrams, ills, folding plates, 1 folding map in pocket, 1875. Colonial administration. Geography. Economics. Guyana. Scarce. BL, LOC, RES.


BROWN, Charles Henry - The Correspondents' War: Journalists in the Spanish-American War. (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons) xi,478 pages hb, b&w plates, maps, biblio, 1967. International relations. Mass communications. Journalism. Propaganda. Spanish-American War. Author (1910-?). LOC.


BROWN, Charles J, and Amando M LAGO - The Politics of Psychiatry in Revolutionary Cuba. (New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers UP, Transaction. Washington, DC: Freedom House of Human Rights. London: Transaction P) 215 pages hb, 1991; (ibidem) 215 pages pb, 1991. Health. Psychiatry. Cuba. Bow, Gos, Stu, Whi.


BROWN, Dennis AV – The Political Economy of Fertility in the British West Indies, 1891-1921. (Kingston: UWI Press) 144 pages pb, 2000. History. Demography. Economics. Fertility. Caribbean area.


BROWN, Deryck R - History of Money and Banking in Trinidad and Tobago. (Port-of-Spain: Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago) xxi,284 pages, ills, 1989. History. Banking. Finance. Money. Trinidad. Tobago. LOC.


BROWN, Deryck R, ed - Evaluation, Learning and Caribbean Development. (Mona: UWI, The Press, CGS Series, Studies in Caribbean Public Policy, Vol 1) xi,492 pages pb, 1998. Politics. Education. Economics. Development planning. Caribbean area. LOC.


BROWN, Deryck R, ed - Selected Issues and Problems in Social Policy. (Mona: UWI, Canoe P) xvi,290 pages, maps, 1998. Sociology. Social policy. Caribbean area. An undergraduate textbook. LOC.


BROWN, Doris R – Puerto Rico: A Selected List of References. (Washington, DC) 50 pages pamph, 1939. History. Travel. Descriptive. Colonial administration. Puerto Rico. A bibliography. Bay.


BROWN, Doris R, and Joanne AKEROYD, and Charity CHANG, and Mohini MUNDKUR - Puerto Rico: A Checklist of Materials in the University of Connecticut Library. (Storrs: U of Connecticut Library) 81 pages 23 cm pamph, 1976. History. Travel. Descriptive.  Puerto Rico. A bibliography. Includes books, journals, and reports. Cev, LOC.


BROWN, E Ethelred - Injustices in the Civil Service of Jamaica. (New York: Jamaica Progressive League of New York) 8 pages pamph, 1937. Politics. Public administration. Industrial relations. Injustice. Jamaica. Scarce. Co.C, Com.


BROWN, Edith - The Life Story of Andrew Benjamin Brown, by his Widow, Edith. (Georgetown) 30 pages pamph, [ca 1924]; (sl: sn) 30 pages pamph, plate, [ca 1963] rep. Descriptive. Andrew Benjamin Brown. Guyana. A biography. 1st edition scarce. BL, LOC.


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Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

11th Edition: Don Mitchell QBE QC


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