Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

Caribbean Books and Pamphlets

11th Edition: Don Mitchell CBE QC

From 1492 to the Present

English-language Non-Fiction of the West Indies

From the Foreword:

Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography has been a labour of love. In its earlier stages I sometimes saw its compiler walking around with stacks of computer-generated paper the full significance of which I did not guess, and I wrote him off as a somewhat nutty collector of printed works. I still suspect that things began that way.

But here we have an immensely valuable product for which all who work or play with West Indian non-fiction will be deeply grateful, even the academics who might wish in some respects it were yet larger. There is no equivalent publication which is less than twenty years out of date, and none at all which is still in print.

From the Preface:

The 11th (and final) edition is a completely revised version of the 10th. All links were examined to ensure they work and were replaced, where necessary, mainly thanks to

You may be wondering why this is the final edition. With the massive amount of information now available on the internet at the click of a mouse, it is not likely that there will be any continuing demand for this study. Therefore, this is likely to be the last edition that I shall publish.

Don Mitchell CBE QC

August 2012

Table of Contents

Aa-Ad   Ae-Am   An-Arb   Arc-Az   Baa-Barb   Barc-Baz   Bb-Bem   Ben-Bim   Bin-Bon   Boo-Brh   Bri-Brn   Bro-Brt   Bru-Buq   Bur-Bz   Caa-Caq   Car   Cas-Cd   Ce-Chaq   Char-Claq   Clar-Cok   Col   Com   Con-Cor   Cos-Ct   Cu-Cz   Daa-Dam   Dan-Dau   Dav-Dd   De A-De L   De M-De Z   Dea-Dek   Del-Deq   Der-Dom   Don-Dz   Ea-Edv   Edw-Ell   Elm-Ez   Fa-Fet   Feu-Fon   Foo-Frd   Fre-Fz   Ga-Gh   Gi-Glt   Glu-Gor   Gos-Grh   Gri-Gz   Haa-Ham   Han-Haq   Har   Has-Hem   Hen-Hik   Hil-Hol   Hom-Ht   Hu-Hz   Ia-Inr   Ins-Iz   Jaa-Jamd   Jame-Jog   Joh-Jz   Ka-Kim   Kin-Knn   Kno-Kz   Laa-Lat   Lau-Lee   Lef-Lev   Lew-Lir   Lis-Lon   Loo-Lz   Maa-Mak   Mal-Mark   Marl-Marz   Mas-McC   McD-Mem   Men-Mil   Mim-Mon   Moo-Mos   Mot-Mz   Na-Nex   Ney-Nz   Oa-Ol   Om-Oz   Paa-Par   Pas-Pes   Pet-Pid   Pie-Pos   Pot-Proc   Prod-Pz   Q   Raa-Rax   Ray-Repn   Repo 1   Repo 2   Repp-Rid   Rie-Rob   Roc-Ror   Ros-Rz   Saa-Sam   San-Sch   Sci-Sel   Sem-Sh   Si-Sl   Sm   Sn-Stao   Stap-Stn   Sto-Sub   Suc-Sz   Ta-Thn   Tho   Thp-Tq   Tr-Tz   U   Va-Veq   Ver-Vz   Waa-Wat   Wau-Wes   Wet-Wik   Wil   Wim-Wz   Y   Z  

Entries are sorted alphabetically by author, or by title of the work where the author is unknown.

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